Saturday, January 31, 2009

January 31st Photo

So I was going to go up the hill to get some more pictures but instead we spent the time cleaning up the flat so we had room for these :) From Mr.Fuzzy's grandmother. They are at least 30 years old but there is nothing wrong with them (and the price tag was in one of the drawers. £215, no idea what that would be now)

So now we have room to put the lead crystal glasses that we got for the wedding without them being broken. They are really nice and we just didn't want them to get dropped or hit.

We actually have more room in the living room now that things are either on these shelves or in the cupboards underneath.

We also got some nice wine glasses and a wine decanter, neither of us drink alcohol, but we can put anything in them and they are really nice and I think if I want to try to draw a few glass still lifes they would work well.

So this month posting pictures I only missed 2 days which isn't bad :) Was nice seeing everyone's photos and finding new blogs to read

Friday, January 30, 2009

January 30th Photos

Desperate Dawg and Desperate Dan in Dundee.

Was out for a walk today but didn't have the camera which was a good thing because by the time I did get home I was soaked to the bone from the sleet. So these are photos taken in Dundee. Hasn't really stopped since. And I managed to fall onto our rose hedge and got a thorn (about an inch long prickly bastard) into the side of my hand :/ where my sixth finger was.

Journal my mom sent me. Really nice. Almost too nice to use.

So to continue the photo fun a bunch of us are going to post a photo once a week, posted on Monday :)

Mr Fuzzy here, to brighten your day and to make you all go "Awwww!" here is a photo of Mrs Fuzzy aged just under 2 years old on her favourite holiday in 1982....blast from the past!!

Yes I am evil >:) (no proper devil icon sadly), but she has seen some worse photos of me (worse as in you DONT want to see them if you want to keep your lunch :P )

Isnt she cute and ickle? ;-) All together now Awwwwwwwwwww

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

January 28th Photos

I'm not a religious person, only been to church for a wedding (not ours) and a few funerals. Don't believe in god (but don't have a problem with people that do unless they start preaching at me. hmm I think next time they come to the door I will just do what the old guy did upstairs. Open the door and as soon as they start preaching close the door. ok so he slammed the door but I think he might have gotten his point across. Mr.Fuzzy just told them never to come back :p loudly. We've tried being nice, but they are not listening) But I do like looking at churches. Not all, but a few of them just have such a calming feeling to them and are nice to look at.

I would love to live in a converted church but I can't imagine that one would be cheap to heat. There was one for sale in Dundee but not in the best area (had a operational graveyard in the back. Which would have been cool. People asked if I would be worried about ghosts. Only if they egged the glass :p)

St.Margaret's church

Its little details like this that I like about some of the churches.

A furniture place in a church :)

Almost finished :) I'm going to have to put a few of the candy pieces next to this so people can see the size difference. Its not a huge size difference, but big enough if they were actual candy you wouldn't want to eat too many :p

And Mr.Fuzzy's dad ditched his car in a field. He is all right but the car is still in the field :/

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

January 27th Photo

Upside Down Luka
Originally uploaded by fuzzydragons

Just one of Luka that I think I have posted before but it makes me smile because he was just being a big goof :p Miss him :( Now I'm off to bed

Monday, January 26, 2009

January 26th Photos

There is some work being done down town. To make the side walks bigger and to get rid of the garden bed to replace it with benches, plus a few other things.

Hey maybe next Xmas the Xmas tree lights might not suck because they might actually get around the back of the tree. Lots of people did complain about the lights, because they were such an embarrassment.

Access office. I really like the round build.

Good to know? :p Well at least nothing is spelt wrong. Even though what there would be to misspelt I have no idea, but wouldn't be surprised :p

This weeks Scottish word:

1. byke

Answer to the last word:

1. joco means to be happy

Sunday, January 25, 2009

January 25th Photos

Another rainy cold day. The birds look fed up with it too :p

Not much food left on the table now lol

I have to try to remember there are shelves above my desk now or you might be getting a blog post from the hospital :p hmm haven't had stitches in my head yet. Stitches in my thumb though when I cut it with a mat comb for dogs. That hurt and with having von willebrands it took a few hours to stop bleeding before we thought I should go get stitches. All I really remember is mom's partner taking the stitches out for me in the bar :p Its odd that I can remember that it was a black miniature poodle's tail I was trying to de-mat but can't seem to remember what I did this morning :p

Saturday, January 24, 2009

January 24th Photos

Really icy today so more past pictures to post (sorry again). Here are some pictures from around Forfar. Even though I haven't taken that many photos, I am trying really hard to keep taking & posting photos of this area so people can get an idea of what things look like :)

Steeple in town taken from the one of many graveyards in town. I really like this graveyard. Its very small, and there are a lot of old stones. Even though it is pretty much right down town, its very quiet. Steeple was erected by the people of the town and it is attached to the East & Old church (an amalgamation of the East Church and the Old church (which it was previously long ago) Interestingly and some might say typically, when the Steeple Bell arrived from Sweden (a gift from ex-pats) Dundee tried to claim, saying it was "too good for Forfar", threw the silver bell tongue in the River Tay (thus robbing the bell of its intended sound) anyways read more here (Mr Fuzzy says Forfar should have burnt Dundee to the ground and improved the place majorly instead of purchasing the land Forfar Road sits on :-P (Why don't people who live on Forfar Road pay Angus Council Tax then if Forfar owns it?? ) )< he stole my blog :P

1645 There were a lot of these little skulls on a lot of the stones. Reminded me a lot of the carvings and drawings I have seen made for Día de los Muertos.

And a picture where you can see how sloped the land is now. People are not buried there anymore, not enough space.

Reid hall that was donated to the town from Peter Reid. There are book sales, concerts and plays there among other things.

Red phone box :) Like the red double deckers, they are disappearing because people have cell phones (the boxes, not the buses :p they disappeared because of their age, but they are coming back).

Puffin crossing. I had no idea why it was called that so had to look it up. They make noise when its green to cross. First time I heard that was in NZ and I thought it was odd then. Makes sense to make a noise, but the ones in Canada don't (or didn't) or rather I didn't notice, till Mr Fuzzy pointed it out. NZ and Canuck one buzz, British ones beep at a highish pitch , plus they have ridged tiles at the crossing to mark it for visually impaired people.

Post box. There was a post office next to this but it was shut down. So now we all have to go to the main post office and deal with the *!^*! down there. I swear I have never met a group of people more unwilling to help anyone then the women that work there. hmm no big surprise the people delievering the mail were involved with a mail scandal and were not delivering mail and stealing it too.

Pet store, brewing store and some council building to the right of that behind the sign. There are flats down that little alley which I can't imagine living in as there are so many pubs in the area.

(I think Mrs Fuzzy needs a dictionary, given the amount of edits I had to make :-P, yet she denies she is dyslexic -> Mr Fuzzy)

January Virtual Sketch 2009

January Virtual Sketch Date
Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
ACEO coloured pencil on Canson Mi-Tientes

This month on the virtual sketch date the reference picture has been provided by Jeanette Jobson.

This was a quick little card to do. I completely forgot about this, so while I would have liked to maybe spend an extra few hours on it, I'm happy with the way it turned out. Didn't do a lot of detail. Just wanted to try to focus on the colours in the Clementine.

Friday, January 23, 2009

January 23th Photos

I wish the sky was this blue today, but the weather was really odd. Lots of rain and fog in the hills. No snow though.

The blue sky was seen in Arbroath Abbey in 2005. Was a gorgeous day, lots of sun and the sky was blue all day.
The graveyard is huge, there is more to the right and left. Some of the tombstones have really detailed engravings on them. Mr.Fuzzy went up some stairs and took this. Mild fear of heights so I wasn't going up there :p

Towards more of the ruins. There is more beyond this area, but its in even rougher shape. But the place is really old so I'm surprised its in this good of shape

Inside one of the buildings, but I can't remember which one though.

And the cliffs in Arbroath which people do fall down occasionally. Can get pretty windy around there, but on a good day its a nice walk :)

Hopefully go for a walk tomorrow and actually take a picture instead of using ones I already have taken. The weather has just been really wet, too wet for the camera :/

Thursday, January 22, 2009

January 22th Photo

Candle holder holding a blue (dyed probably), crystal. It just fits in my hand so its a pretty nice size. I use to have a huge clear quartz crystal but I left it in Canada. Mom stole it from a time share meeting :p so she can have it back. She figured it was all right to take after sitting there for hours listening to them prattle on :p

And Mr.Fuzzy thinks that a shrink would lock me up for laughing at a person getting ripped apart and eaten. But really its funny! How can you not laugh when its a sheep doing the eating? :p (made us both really miss NZ though :/)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We're Under Attack!! (again, and its not fireworks this time)

Fell asleep last night before I put a picture up yesterday, sorry.

Took a picture of this pigeon who is still stealing the peanuts (and eating them whole, pig :p), but at least he is getting fed, and not just eating garbage.

And never turn your eyes away to get a look at what I think was a female goldfinch because as soon as your guard is down, the pigeons will take advantage and attack. I swear the finch and the pigeon are partners in crime. Quick distract her with a bit of colour and than BAM!

See how fast it moves! Kinda like the scene in Jaws. Sneaks up on you and before you know it your missing a leg (and have to wash all the bird crap out of your hair. worse then blood :p)

Unititled Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

Almost finished the coloured Allsorts. hmmm, I'm torn. I like how big the candies are but wish the yellows were a bit brighter. They might look brighter once the black is darkened. The candies do look a little odd floating in mid-air, once the container is finished that should be fixed.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Snow on Palm Trees

The weathermen were right 2 days in a row. Rain, sleet and then snow today. The reflections on the palm fronds are the snow settling. It didn't last long, but it was pretty while it did.

Little bird trying to stay out of the snow and stuff his face. There was probably more then 2 dozen birds on the table and ground at one point but they were moving around too fast for me to get a good count. A few squabbles with the Black Birds trying to steal the peanuts from the Sparrows but everyone took off when the pigeon showed up again :p

This weeks Scottish word:

1. joco

Answer to last weeks word:

1. tassie is a cup which B.T.Bear (esq.) guessed correctly

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Mystery Of the Driveshaft

Ok so its not really a mystery but I do wonder how it ended up in a hedge. Not that hedge, the one that was by the kitchen window but is now gone. When Mr.Fuzzy's grandfather was trimming the hedge, this was in the middle of it. Was very odd to find.

Either some one tossed it in the back or they lugged the car parts through the building (my bet is on the neds chucking it).

So now it sits in the ground infront of the huge hole that the brats on the street made *angry face* I think it will stop most people from climbing through the hole :p But thankfully the brats haven't been back after more then a month yelling at them to "piss off"

The problem was since this flat had been empty for 3 months there was no one here to tell them to get off the lawn. The cops were called on them once (wasn't us, it happened before we moved in). They think they can do what ever they want because their parents tell them that they are "special" and can do no wrong. Yeah they are special but not in the way their parents think :p Everyone here has said to me don't stop yelling at them :p, the kids are hardly around now. At least we aren't sitting in the window with a water pistol aiming it at the kids :p

And before anyone says "kids will be kids", these kids are miniature neds, who if they could, would glass someone :/

But now that there is usually some one here, they haven't been back for months. But there is a house across from us that has been empty for a few months and the kids have gone from our lawn to that lawn :/ I feel sorry for the people that buy that house having to deal with the mess the kids have made. (they want too much for that house anyway. Not worth that in this neighbourhood)

The day started out so sunny, but within 10 minutes of me taking that pic, it poured :/ hmm the weathermen were right :p

Saturday, January 17, 2009

January 17th Photo

We are supposed to get sleet or snow tomorrow, so that might be why the clouds were going around in circles. But at least it didn't rain today :p

Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm Singing in the Rain, I'm Singing....

After spending the last 3 days inside because the weather was crap I thought screw it I'm going for a walk. It didn't look like it was raining that hard, a light mist at most. Yeah well by the time I got to Mr.Fuzzy's work I was soaked :p Whats an umbrella? :p

I would love for it to snow because at least then it looks pretty for awhile. The wet roads just look dirty, muddy and oily (and would it kill people to clean up after their dogs?!?!).

Normally you can see the hills in the distance but the fog (haar. I sound like a pirate when I say this lol) is hiding the view. I'm waiting for a clear day to go back up the hill to try to get some more picture up there and some of the dyke for Leslie. But if it doesn't look likes its going to be a nice day, I'll just have to go up one day its not raining. I would def. fall down the muddy hill in the rain :p It is really cool when you see the fog rolling down the hills and mountains. Like it has a mind of its own.

I think its the name of the house behind this wall. There are a few houses around here that have names. Either the house had a name when it was built years ago (I'm talking like 100 years), or was given a name to make it look/sound more posh. Can't see this house, I'm too short to see over the wall :p

Untitled Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

Very small update on the Allsorts. I don't actually think I have ever eaten those blue and pink sprinkled covered ones. I think the next candy still life that I will do will be Polos. Just no guarentee that the subject will last that long after I take the photos :p

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Creative Space january15th

Creative Space january15th
Originally uploaded by fuzzydragons

My desk on a good day :p I should take the time to put them back in the jars but when I'm drawing I kinda get lazy and its so much easier to just put them on the desk. Of course that means they fall off the desks more, but really they can't get much worse :/

I'm not shy about saying how much the quality of Prismas has gone down the last few years. I have a set that I have had since I was 13, that has been back and forth between provinces, multiple plane flights and I never have any breakage issues with them. The newer sets have been babied but they are always breaking :/

So I'm trying to go through them all and replace them with Derwents for the reasons I hardly have a breakage problem and they are so much easier to get here.

At least I'm not a painter that would have to deal with paint having exploded in luggage and walk around with spotted pants (trousers, not underwear. That is still getting me odd looks :p I always forget pants are underwear here)

Finished 3 more things on my 101 list:
65.Learn how to work Linux properly (its on my laptop now)
69.Figure out how to use all the settings on my phone (way too much phone for me, but it is useful to have I'm afraid to drop it)
71.Learn how to use Gimp properly

only 92 left to go :p

More creative spaces here

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Peanutbutter, white strawberry chocolate, milk chocolate muffins :D Diet be damned! (these plates are starting to show a bit of wear, but they have lasted a long time before we got them and have lasted longer then the new plates we bought. Next set of plates we get, def. going to try to go to a charity shop to get)

Untitled Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

Small update on the Allsorts. I'm going to have to go over the whole of the black background with a purple and black pencil to try to get rid of that scratch. Which is only problem because the paper won't match the other 2.

Short blog post today :/

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January 13th Photos

View towards the steeple downtown. The sun was going down and it was getting a bit cold. We were going to take some pictures in the graveyard by the steeple as lots of the tombstones are a hundred years old (or more), hopefully some time this month.

I think now that I'm trying to find things to take pictures of I am noticing a bit more around town. That and this door is usually closed :p

Different door step. There is another mosaic step by where those glass paviers are but its covered with a matt to protect it. Not sure what people might say if I lift it up to take a picture :p

Tina sent me this lovely card and keychain for my birthday. Thanks! :D