Sunday, May 31, 2009

Everyday in May #31

Forfar Loch May 31
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Gorgeous day today so went down to the Loch hoping to see some ducklings or goslings, but no luck :/ Maybe later on in the week.

There is what looks like a black rhododendron growing in the backyard. Mr.F says once it flowers it will probably be a purple colour but I hope to get a picture of it tomorrow as its so odd to me to see a black one. So crosses fingers for no rain tomorrow :)

"Everyday in May #31"
Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

I really need to think up a title for this. Pissed off bird doesn't seem to work :p Did about 45 minutes worth of work on this today, my back is really hurting for some reason so drawing is a little sore at the moment. I wish we had room for a drafting table, but I will have one someday :) (I could always build one myself. Which is a great idea because then it would be exactly how I want it to be). Put in the lines for more feathers and started on the back of the head. Still need to darken the back of the head and then decide if I am going to include the body on the left side of the piece as it is in the picture we took but not sure how it will look here. Photoshop to the rescue! to figure out if it will work lol

So today is the last day in May. I think that doing this project has helped a lot. Yes I didn't manage to get an ACEO drawn everyday, I came close, but I do think I got in the habit of drawing everyday which was what I wanted to get out of participating. I proved to myself that I am able to get art done even when I feel horrible, that it is possible to find even 5 minutes to draw when I think I don't have the time. And that not everything I draw has to actually turn out. There will be duds, and while I don't have to show people I like posting them as it shows people that not everything works the way you wanted it to. And its nice getting comments and emails from people saying they like seeing the messed up cards lol :D

I might go back and do art for the days that I missed, but not until I finish the coloured pencil eagles :)

I'm thinking of changing the comment system again. I've said it before the comment system is really my only big complaint about blogger and I wish it was different (or easy to code yourself). So this will probably be the one I use. I do know sometimes some people are not getting replies to the comments they leave (I'm one of them lol), but on the whole people really don't seem to be having problems with it. So if in the next few days the comment boxs change that is why and if anyone has any problems with it if I do change it, please let me know :) Of course my luck something will go wrong to drive me (or Mr.F my tech guru) crazy :p

Eye Spy ...

My morning ritual....a shower :p (themed picked this week by Angie) I don't really have anything special I do in the morning but if I don't have a hot shower in the morning I am dead the rest of the day (hot as in boiling. Mr.F has no idea why I don't have third degrees burns on me by the time I am done :p). I honestly don't really have a rituals in the morning as we don't have any dogs to let out, any kids to deal with and I work from home so can start work whenever I want lol

Mr.F's grandfather did the lovely tile job in the bathroom :) which goes really nice with the paint colour and the tiles didn't cost us a thing as we had won £96 on the lotto the week before :) I love the electric shower. If someone flushes the loo the temperature never changes,well it does for a second if the washer kicks on which can be a little shocking. Boiling hot water to freezing cold :p bit of cursing coming from the bathroom when that happens.

For more Eye spy head over here :)

I was asked to pick next weeks theme and I had thought of one a few weeks ago but of course didn't write it down so I've been racking my brain trying to think of something. So the only things I could think of where "Eye Spy a scar" because I have a lot of visible scars that tell a story (and ones that are not in embarressing places :p) and hearing other people's stories about how they ended up with that particular scar can be interesting (but I'm a little morbid that way:p) And "Eye Spy something blooming" which would probably be the better theme idea as not everyone would feel comfortable showing or talking about scars. hmmm not sure what to pick lol (and really the blooming theme could go very wrong if someone decides to take a picture of their bloomers :p)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Just a Minute in May

First rose bloom
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Another month that has flown by :)

Reading: I managed to finish 3 books this month same amount as last month but I would really like to read a few more. Gone are the days its seems where I have time to read a book a day lol

Labyrinth by Kate Mosse
The Stake by Richard Laymon
Casino Royale by Ian Fleming

I am reading Sepulchre by Kate Mosse at the moment. Only a few chapters in but so far so good :)

Art: So the plans this month was to participate in Everyday in May by drawing one ACEO a day. Sort of worked. Missed a few days but on the whole managed pretty well. Didn't manage to get one done today as we are busy moving things around in the living room (we have a lot of stuff....) I started on another Eagle drawing but haven't managed to get a lot done on it :/

Music: Great Big Sea still. I need new music but nothing that has come out recently has made me want to go and buy it

School: Got into the portfolio course at the college :) Time will tell if I learn anything but I should get a lot of drawing done. At the end I am either going to be completely sick of art and think that I should have done the animal course, never want to draw again :p, or use what I draw to try to get into Uni.

Health: Much better then last month. The ear problems became worse but went to the docs yesterday and now I've been told the problems are due to a build up of wax. Put some almond oil drops in your ear and if its still not cleared up come back in 2 weeks and we will have to syringe your ear o.0 ugh Stopped the steroids because my neurologist said I should not have been given another dose which is the reason more then likely I ended up looking like a fat puffed up version of Popeye :p Gave myself a mild concussion hitting the window pane :/ Thankfully that has gotten better quickly and only have a mild headache now :) On the plus side I lost 5 pounds :p Have only really been trying for 2 weeks so I don't think that is too bad.

Gardening: I was wrong about the tomatoes. We have dozens again :p The onions are doing really well, the peas that haven't been eaten by the birds seem to be growing tall, and the strawberry plant while it hasn't flowered, has grown probably more then 3 inches the last few days due to the rain. No signs of any triffids yet :p

I know there is more that happened in May but can't remember lol oh I took photos all day last Friday of my day. Still need to get them shrunk and in order but hopefully I get that done this weekend.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Creative Space May 28, 2009

Creative Space May 28, 2009
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My creative space this week :) one messy desk lol. Pencils for the eagles on the right and the inked bird on the left. I really need to finish the curtains for the kitchen. Then we can walk around naked*. I need a bigger desk :p (some notes on the picture if you click on it/)

I wanted to get more done on the dotted bird today, which was supposed to be a Goshawk but looks more like an Eagle now hmph.

"Everyday in May #28"
Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

Need to darken some areas and work on the neck area still but I do really like how this is turning out. Too bad it takes so long lol I had to stop and think about how to suggest feathers, its sort of worked, maybe leave a bit more lighter or white space next time to help pick out the feathers. I really want to use some Inktense pencils to colour the eye on this but not sure if it would be too much colour against the black dots. It would be probably just a bit of yellow and orange but I'm not sure. Any thoughts?

*joking about the naked thing! no really I am lol*

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I am Such a Clutz

"Everyday in May #25"
Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

I'm accident prone. Yesterday evening I was trying to look in the front yard to see why all the birds flew away all of a sudden, thinking I had to scare away a cat. The window was closed and I must have misjudged the distance because I whacked my head on the pane. Didn't really hurt at the time, but woke up today with a horrible headache that got worse as the day went on. Was feeling dizzy and my head was throbbing where I hit it. Mr.F phoned the docs and he said "yep sounds like you have a mild concussion". of course :/ great.

So I did try to finish this card but all the dots were really giving me a headache. Tried working on the eagles but the same happened. I'm hoping tomorrow things are better and I can at least get some more done on this card, even if its not finished. Kind of puts a damper on trying to get 31 ACEOs done for Everyday in May, but can't do much if I can't concentrate on things (I keep forgetting simple things, more so then I usually do :p)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Pea Thief!

Mr.F thought that the drunk pigeon was eating his peas but no. Its this little bird :/ and his pushy buddies (I swear its like a scene out of a Hitchcock movie when they all show up). They leave the peas in this photo alone but I guess the ones to the left are fair game. Well better them then the slugs (last year the slugs were HUGE! and everywhere)

Some buildings for this weeks Monday photos :)

Mcmanus art gallery in Dundee. Its been having work done for the last few months, and the fences are still up so not done yet.

A church in Arbroath when I went to the college the other day.

And the train station, notice the top of the building. It says 1911 :)

Arbroath abbey from the crossing bridge over some train tracks. You can't really see it walking around but the bridge was up pretty high so could get a view of it :)

On the top of the building I went in to :) Love old buildings and love finding these little signs on them. Since I've been taking the camera with us everywhere I have noticed them more.

"Everyday in May #25"
Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
Ink on Bristol

Another one to drive me insane :p I'm not 100% sure if I will scrap this one and try again as I don't really like how the eye looks at the moment but I really like how the beak is coming along. I thought I should maybe try a smaller bird piece with pointillism before I tackled a bigger one and not have any idea about how to render feathers. 6 left! (well maybe 8 to make up for posting 2 WIP cards)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Everyday in May #24

"Everyday in May #24"
Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

I still have the allsorts in a container from the still life I did a few months ago. I think its probably time to chuck them :p They are not going mouldy but the colours have faded so much its hard to figure out which colour they were originally lol Another quick little card as I spent all day cleaning :/ but its done so now I can spend all day tomorrow working on the eagles and hopefully get a fair amount done on them. Of course if its really nice tomorrow I might just say "screw it" and go down to the loch to look for ducklings :p Baby birds are so cute :D

This is in the neighbours side of the yard, I didn't realize what it was. I thought it was just a plain ole tree. Nope, but I wonder how long it will live now that the new neighbour is moved in :/ Not sure if the women upstairs is going to still take care of it now that the person who lives in the bottom flat is able bodied enough to do it himself.

And people are probably getting sick of seeing these flower but more of them blossomed today :) Really hoping that the red ones come up soon this year (they didn't even live an hour last year before the rain ripped them to shreds).

Scottish Words of the week:

1. gean
2. tarry-fingert

Answer to the last word:

1. snash is cheeky talk

Eye Spy ...

My karaoke song. I listen to a lot of music so picking one song that I would sing is hard. And I don't drink so would never be drunk enough to get up on stage and sing lol but if I had to I would probably sing this and get tongued tied doing it :p

And of course this song lol I really like this cover version of this song, hard to match the original though but I think Pink comes close sometimes :)

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Everday in May #23

Took the day off from drawing but did manage another small experiment with the Yupo paper. Took the last card done with watercolour pencils and used Neocolors on top of that.

I actually thought that the crayons were not going to "stick" to the paper. They didn't pick up the underlying pigment, but the Neocolors just slid off the watercolors. I had to press really hard to get any of the crayon to adhere to the paper but once an initial layer was put down there was no problems getting the crayons onto the paper. The crayons seemed to blend pretty well over the watercolors.

And wetted down:

Big problems with this :/ The underlying watercolours were picked up and washed off when I wetted the Neocolors. This had not happened on the other 2 cards I did. So this really ended up as a card done with Neocolors only as there is no evidence of the watercolor pencils except in the shadow.

And finished and scanned:


The actual card is somewhere between these 2. White paper, but the apple looks more like the one in the photo.

I have decided that I do like this paper, but really only for useing the Neocolors on it as the colours seem to stay closer to what they should be and are easy to munipulate on the paper. So 2 sheets left, just need to figure out what to draw on them now :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Everyday in May #22

Another Yupo experiment.This time done with watercolour pencils. The pencils went down pretty easily. Felt again more like I was using markers to colour with, didn't have any issues with the pencils picking up any under laying colours. Blending wasn't a problem but I was using a light touch so that might have had something to do with it.

And wetted down. I tried not to use as much water as I did last time but I still had a problem with the water pooling into one area and the colours just blended right together loosing any of the shadows I had tried to put down.

And the scanned drawing. Once again the scanner really doesn't seem to like this paper :/ If I use watercolour pencils on Yupo again I need to put done twice as much or more pigment down as it dried very light. You can still see the pencil marks on the paper, but it actually looks neat and adds more to it, helps with the shading. I'd probably use these over the Inktense pencils mostly because when putting the pigment down there is no problem with previous colour being picked up or the ends of the pencils getting waxy (thats the only way to discribe it. Its like the Inktense build up a layer of wax after 3 or 4 passes over the paper). The experiments will continue. Probably try Neocolors next over this one and then need to think of something to draw for a card that isn't an experiment :)
Went to Arbroath today to go for an interview at the college to get into the portfolio course so spent the afternoon walking around in the gorgeous weather :D We also took pictures of everything today to make up A Day in My Life post on Livejournal so will be posting that some time this week. Lots of pointless pictures of the day lol Will be pictures from the time I get up, until the time I go to bed.

Driving there. Mr.F's grandfather and grandmother were going anyway so we asked for a lift (really didn't want to take the bus). The sky was so blue and clear, perfect day to walk around town.

awww We saw a lot of puppies being walked by volunteers for the Guide Dogs today, and it was a perfect day to do it because:

A marching band. Great thing to get the puppies use to loud noises. It was a parade for the Marines (45 Commando). Lots of people there showing support. I had completly forgot about the parade, nice that we saw it :)

And the building I had to go to today :) Got into the course, but the man doing the interview said I probably wouldn't learn anything from the course as I can already draw pretty well. He said some other things to that were a nice ego boost :D He asked what I wanted from the course and when I said that I want to be able to get feedback, to work on producing backgrounds on my work he said that the course should help with that. He gave me some good pointers about my sketchbook and some suggestions about some of the art in my portfolio (and now I know what was bugging me so much about that candy all sorts piece I did. The circles are really off in it). So I think it went well. Should know more in the next few coming weeks exactly what is going on. I'm just happy that I got in :) And they have printmaking facilties which I fully intend on taking full advantage of :D If I do decide to reapply to Uni taking this course might help me. So not that the blog is going to change awhole lot, but I probably will be talking about school more. But that also means I will probably have lots of art to show :D

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Everyday in May #21

yellow dragon drawing"Everyday in May #21"
Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
Graphite on Coloured Stonehenge

Quick little dragon today :) When I don't have a lot of time to draw, I fall back to doodling dragons. Spent most of the day working on this:

eagle drawing WIP Copyright Jennifer Rose PhillipCopyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

I decided that I liked the background as it is so didn't need to add any more colour to it. 3 hours later and all I have to show for it are 2 eyes lol Still need to darken some parts of the eyes, but I am going to wait to do that until I have started in on the rest of the face before I do. That right eye just looks so odd. I think its because of the slight tilt to the head and the lack of colour on the rest of the head. At least I hope it is lol :p

Creative Space May, 21, 2009

Creative Space May, 21, 2009
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Working on the eagles today. I hope to at least get the eyes done and everything after that is a bonus :)

This might take a while as I want to try to go back to realism. Trying to do all those feathers is going to drive me insane :p surprisingly I would rather be making hundreds of dots on the paper then colouring all those feathers.

hmmm I could do a bird piece in pointillism! That would look really nice and I would be certifiable in the end so would get locked up and never have to do laundry again :p (I swear for it just being the two of use we go through a lot of laundry :/)

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Everyday in May #20

"Everyday in May #20" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
Coloured Pencils
Canson Mi-Tientes paper
For Sale Here

11 more to go :) I don't think I have actually ever drawn a kiwi before, don't like the fruit so never have them around.

For once I can think of nothing to write about lol I'm speechless which for me is a shock :p I could very well try to think up some drivel (thats a great word) to fill space but I'm going to go to bed instead :p

*note to self* Just because the strawberry body butter smells like the real thing, doesn't mean it tastes like the real thing. It tastes like feet :p (or how I would imagine feet to taste, not that I have any desire to taste feet)

Good night online world :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Everyday in May #19

"Everyday in May #19"
Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
Coloured Pencil on watercolour paper

Little colour study :) I want to do a bigger piece of art of the Anemones but it needs more purple if I do. I would probably do a base coat with the Neocolors to try to help get the slight colour variations these flowers have.

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

The eagle transferred onto Fabriano paper (I think I spelt that right). I know I should be doing more detailed backgrounds but I just really like the colourful backgrounds that I can get with the Neocolors. Not that this one is going to be really colourful, just lots of yellows and greens. This has a layer of Neocolour scribbled on it. One could say I'm being lazy by just scribbling onto the paper and not taking the time to draw out a background or have an even distrubution of colour. But hey this is the only time I can act like a 5 year old and get away with it :p

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

And the first layer still wet. I might put another layer of colour on this depending on how bright the colours are when they dry. Right now the greens are a little too neon for me.

Today was one of those days where time just flies by. I know I did things today, but for the life of me I can't remember what lol

If it doesn't stop raining soon we will have to start building a boat :p Good thing I know how to swim because if I helped build the boat, it would probably sink :p

Monday, May 18, 2009

Everyday in May #18

"Everyday in May #18"
Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

For someone who loves snakes I don't draw them enough :p hmm the angle on this is a little off so he looks a little crooked. Practice, practice, practice :) I have a lot of ref. pictures of my Ball Python that I had, so I will probably do a few more practice pieces of him and then I want to try to do a coloured pencil piece. The colours that his scales gave off when the sun hit them was just gorgeous and its the colours you don't think would be there. Lots of blues, purples and greens :) (even pink lol)

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

This looks so odd right now. The eagle facing the viewer is at an odd angle that looks really wrong when its not shaded. I think everything is where it should be, but I will have another look at it tomorrow to make sure before I transfer it onto the watercolour paper. I made the bird in the backs head a little bigger then it probably should be but, but with a small head his/her eyes, looked like saucer plates :p (I'll go with her for the back eagle. As females are generally bigger then the males)

I am actually shocked that I have pretty much been able to draw everyday for May and haven't run out of things to draw yet. Proves to myself I can draw everyday if I set up a schedule, which seems to be working well so far, Who needs to sleep anyway? ;)

Monday Photos of the Week May 18, 2009

Who in their right mind would go swimming in the loch? o.0 Does not look clean enough to swim in, but I guess it is cleaner then it use to be. The loch use to cover quite a lot of town before it was drained in the 18th-century.

And if you ever get lost in Forfar here is a map :p I think they need to replace this one. Its looking a little old. (the map images are pretty large so you can read the text, just a warning for people on slower connections)

And a close up of the right side.

And a close up of the left.

Art later :D

Everyday in May #17

everyday in may 17
Originally uploaded by fuzzydragons

Managed to get some art done. Not much, buts its better then nothing :D The other Eagle is going to be looking at the viewer. Going to be about 10 by 15 inches. I'm debating on what to do with the background. I could either use the Neocolors or just use different coloured pencils. The Neos would save a lot of time though and this is going to take a while due to its size lol

Another tiled store front :) We get the oddest looks from people when we are taking pictures of random things. People stop and stare at what we are taking a photo of trying to figure out why we are taking the photo, what could be so interesting that we stopped. They either shake their head and move on, or keep looking looking long after we are gone still trying to figure out what was worth taking a pic of :p or yell "Take my picture! Take my picture!" I don't think people want to see a picture of a ned. Once you've seen one, you've seen them all (the tracksuits are a dead give away :p)

1891 :D I only noticed this last week. Since I have been doing the Monday photo a week thing I have been noticing a lot more things around town. More pictures tomorrow :D (well ok so today is Monday with the time lapse between writing this and posting it. I will have more pictures later Monday then :p)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Eye Spy...

Originally uploaded by fuzzydragons

Something green :) Mr.F's little veggie patch is growing well. He put some stakes in the ground for the beans (yuck!) and the peas to help them. The strawberry plants are growing new leaves and the onions are growing like weeds :p

There is a Dahlia bulb in the ground before those stakes in the front. I don't know if it will get as big as the one last year, but it might as the soil is deeper here and its full of all kinds of plant food (bone meal stinks :/)

The little veggie patch looked like this at the end of April but with all the rain we have had this past week everything has grown A LOT.

The rain last night was insane! A river of water flowing down the street. Really neat to see, but its shredded a lot of the flowers that came early this year :/

These were all right as they are right beside the house so were protected.

See that bundle of sticks in the top of the picture? Thats what I tripped over last week. Don't ask me how I missed it, one stick must have been sticking out and caught my foot. I'm actually shocked I don't trip over it more often :p

I really wanted to get one thing done each day in May but its looking like I will not get anything done today *sobs* Going to try my best though :)

More Eye Spy here (eventually I think ;) )

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Everday in May #16

"Everyday in May #16"
Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
Coloured Pencil on Murano paper

Todays Everyday in May piece :) Trying to get more practise with doing landscape type pieces. I do actually enjoy drawing landscapes, I just need to draw them more.

More Yupo experiments :)

So here is a scan of the finished cards from yesterday:

Kind of a pain to scan as the light just reflects on the shiny smooth paper so washes all the colours out. Neocolors on the left, Inktense on the right.

On the left the card with Neocolors down first and then I went over that with the Inktense pencils. On the right the card with the Inktense down first and then I put Neocolors over those. I had no problems with either of the mediums going over each other. The colour actually laid down better it seemed with a base of pigment to work with. I really liked the way the card on the right looked dry. The colours were really vibrant and the various crayon colours really blended together well over the Inktense layer.

Right card- Inktense over Neocolors. Really splotchy, and the colours did not blend well together.

Left card- Neocolors over Inktense pencil.. I wish I had of left his dry actually lol The colours did blend well together, and didn't seem to streak or get spotty. The colours are not as vibrant as they were before the card was wetted down, but that might be fixed by an addition of another layer of crayon.

I have some watercolour pencils I want to try out on this paper and maybe some acrylic paint as well. I don't have any watercolours to use but will see what else I can try out before I make a final one :)

Hopefully I will have started a bigger coloured pencil piece tomorrow and will have more to show people besides another ACEO :)

oh and I got a letter from the college to go in for an interview for one of the art courses there. So fingers crossed that goes well. There are 2 more courses that I have applied for that I haven't gotten a letter for yet but am supposed to be getting to set up interviews I think. hmmm then the question needs to be asked, which one do I choose :p Animals care or go the art route? :D