Sunday, August 22, 2010

It wasn't me! It was the one armed man!!

number three
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If I was actually on the run, I wouldn't hide in the park..or keep dog treats in my bag :p

Taking a bit longer then I thought it was going to. Going to have to get some more pens, as my tool box of art supplies has gone missing in the move :/ Its around somewhere, just need to keep looking for it I guess. Really hope I find it as most of my brushes and pens are in it.

hmm I guess I could look on the bright side of possibly losing my tools. Shopping spree for new art stuff :D


2paw said...

Hope you find your missing things.
Isn't Sky an excellent tracker?? She could work with Skippy and Flipper!!
Hmm, the One Armed Man was G'kar from Babylon 5 in the most recent film!!

Serena said...

Good girl, Sky! lol

Boxes seem to go missing every time we have contained a lot of photos which we were really upset about. :(

Michelle (artscapes) said...

I couldn't stand to lose my brushes! Hope you find them...

Jennifer Rose said...

cindy, sky will track anything as long as they have a gravy bone in their pocket :p

serena, still haven't found it :/ no one has seen it since it left the flat. its very odd

michelle, thanks :) no sign yet :/