Monday, October 11, 2010

Stop with the Camera!

shy sky
Originally uploaded by fuzzydragons

And she attacked shortly after :p

A close up of the owl. It looks so simple close up like this, very deceptive. I really have to stop listening to Shakira and doing this, really hard not to dance in the chair :p (also, I need to relearn Spanish, so much better when she sings in Spanish, doesn't sound so much like a goat :p)


Artoholic said...

Oh that owl is AMAZING! It's appearing out of the mists like magic.

I admit that I am a real sucker for stippling as shading, even though it takes a month of Sundays to complete!

I look at old turn of the century illos and am always amazed at the minute stipples. What patience!

Looking forward to seeing the completed piece.



Chrissy said...

Crazy lady....but it is looking great!