Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring has Sprung

There is still snow in the mountains, but finally colour is starting to show up everywhere :D Its so nice feeling the sun on my face, if it gets any hotter, we need to bring out the sunscreen. One freckle removed a year is enough for me, as is 5 itchy stitches :/. The dog is loving running everywhere, and still manages to find the one puddle of mud in the whole of the park to dig in :p She has a visit to the vet tomorrow for x-rays on her back leg, so we are crossing our fingers the problem is something simple and will not hurt her forever.

I am still taking 365 pics of being 30, I manage to take a pic everyday, but I've gotten so far behind in uploading them I've forgotten what number I am on :p Todays pic, my eye :D Kinda creepy, but I love seeing all of the colours.
And a small update on the tiger.The angle of the nose is way off, but meh :p even if I don't like the way the final piece looks, I can always crop the paper to that eye as I love how the eye looks :)


Perpetual Chocoholic said...

I can't wait for our first blooms. The snows almost all gone now but the mud is everywhere!

2paw said...

Spring has sprung, but it could spring back again!! Poor Sky, I hope her leg is OK.
We have a hole in our ozone layer so I have to try and get lots of sun before 10am and then sunscreen up. We have one of the highest MS rates in the world because of our lack of Sun and covering up in the Summer.
It's a right pain, but it's better than having melanomas cut out.
Nice eyes by the way and not weird at all!!!

Artoholic said...

I remember 30....just!

Tiger is looking good.

Enjoy the spring!

Michelle Basic Hendry said...

I can't wait for blooms.... :-)

Jennifer Rose said...

sandi, i can't decide which is worse. the mud or the snow

cindy, sky is now on pretty strict rest. and trying to tell a border collie that they can't run is pretty hard. covering up is a lot better than getting a melanoma, pain in the butt when you have both tho lol

thanks cindy, i remember being 20, sort of lol

michelle, hopefully it doesn't snow there again!