Friday, May 27, 2011


So I'm going back to college. Yeah I feel like getting up at an insanely early time again and risking the crazy bus system (and hope the bus doesn't catch on fire). I did apply for 2 courses, was accepted into one and am on the waiting list for the other.

The course I did get into was the same course I was on last time when I went crazy and had to stop going. I am determined this time to finish it, I was so close that when I stop and think about it I was stupid for not going. OK so I was crazy, so thats a bit of an excuse but it still bugs me that I didn't finish the course.I think now that I am on meds for the depression and anxiety that I should be able to finish it; and that we also seem to have figured out what works the best with the MS, I should finish.

I did have to paint my butt off for a portfolio tho because I didn't really have that many paintings to put in it, lots of drawings just not a lot of paintings. Decided I had nothing to lose by experimenting and put ink to canvas. I think its a neat effect, not overly realistic but you can still tell what it is.

The duck is ink on canvas, and I just let the colours bleed together when they wanted. I think this would work really well on a huge canvas, the colours might blend together in more interesting ways.
The lily is inktense pencils on canvas. It was much easier to control the ink using the pencils but the ink didn't blend together as much as just using the ink itself.

The course doesn't start until the end of August, so expect more nekkid people then :p I have noticed that I am spending more time simplifying things since I took the course before, not sure yet if thats a good or bad thing :p


Ann said...

I really like these. The colors just glow and I do like the simplified look. Congrats on going back to school! I know you will do great!

2paw said...

Congratulations on being accepted into your course. I shall brace myself for nekkid people on your blog!!

Michelle Basic Hendry said...

Good luck with the course and have fun!

Macpurp said...

good luck with the new course! I am glad your health is under better control this time around.
I adore both pieces. The second one is my fave.

Love teen x

Shashi Nayagam said...

I am so glad that you decided to finish the course. It would have been a shame to let if pass by again. So best of luck with it. You have so much of talent that you will do well.

Serena said...

Good luck with completing your course this time around. Lovely ink pieces!

Chrissy said...

I am glad you are back to college, it seems sad not to finish it. I have enjoyed catching up with your art old and new....:)