Thursday, July 28, 2011

Creative Space July 28, 2011

Today's creative space is actually Mr.F's. I have had this really pretty fabric for ages, and need a new bag for my big sketchbook, so he is going to make me another bag. I think its official. He has used my sewing machine more than I have lol :p (he is ill, hence the vicks :p)

I did manage to work a bit on my dragons after having to wait around for the cooker repair man to show up to tell us what we already knew. Its broken. No shit. *roll eyes* At least this guy actually ran the tests properly and took the time to see if there was anything wrong with it, so I will give him that (the last guy was a joke). Only a few weeks old and it has never worked properly :/ So another new stove (exchange this one).

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Teresa Mallen said...

Ooohhh, nice fabric for a soon to be very nice bag. Any decisions on the pumpkin title? Something so unique seems to demand a special title, no pressure and sorry no ideas! LOL

sue said...

No cooker? Are you being taken out every night then .... or living on BBQ meals :o)

Hope Mr F recovers from his man-flu soon and look forward to seeing his finished needlework.

Halina said...

Love your artwork :)

Serena said...

That fabric is beautiful! You have a handy hubby there...hope he feels better soon.