Monday, October 03, 2011

Blogtober Day 3

Third day and I am out of title ideas :p

Did this for the Virtual Paintout blog using my ink pens and water. I like the effect, will have to try it again later on a bigger scale when I get the time :)

Buying art supplies can be painful, but at least I will have lots of lino to play around with when it shows up :D Now, to draw and maybe try to figure out relief printing (looks complicated)


2paw said...

Oh, that's lovely!! Do you buy in person, or online? I prefer sometimes to actually touch and feel what I am buying.

Cindy Lane said...

Just lovely! Looks like a scene from UK telly called "Escape to the Country".

I'll have the cottage on the waterfront thank you. And a gardener to maintain everything. And a pool boy.

Ann said...

That's a wonderful drawing!
I used to do relief printing, back in another lifetime. It is fun, and not too difficult. Just be careful you don't slice your fingers :-) Enjoy your lino blocks and ink!

Сергей said...

Beautiful! Good luck in your endeavors!

kaslkaos said...

Did I hear lino? Have fun. Easy peasy. Transfer your lovely pencil drawing by rubbing. Then carve away all the unpencilled bits.