Saturday, October 05, 2013



A painting idea for college. Well that depends on whether you think using coloured pencil is painting. I think its drawing using pencils that are coloured, but a lot of people consider it painting. People do call pastel works paintings, so I guess you could say the same with a work created with coloured pencils.


Screaming Feline said...

I think the same way, to the point I shy away from anything that says 'paint with' colored pencils.
Cute subject, would make a lovely colored drawing.

kaslkaos said...

I love this sketch. It has SOOOOO much character. Yes, I think coloured pencil can be a painting, a drawing or a sketch depending on the final result. Pastel artists started using the term long ago, and I'm glad to hear that cp's are getting the same designation. Most of your finished cp's I would class as paintings.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thanks :)

when i use solvents with pencils, i sometimes call it painting, but reluctantly lol

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thanks ingrid :)
to me, its all art and thats all that matters, but drawing seems to get a bad rap for some reason :/