Friday, July 31, 2015

Flower Friday

Duthie Park in Aberdeen is a nice place to spend an afternoon, well maybe not on a day like today tho. Anyone have a boat we can borrow?

Lots of pretty plants and flowers to see and lots of green space to have a picnic if you want, but again not on a rainy day like today unless you want your tea to float away...

I have no idea what most of these plants are, just know they are pretty. Start with the cacti, some in flower, some not but I do remember they had all kinds of different ones to look at.



I should know what these are, did plant some a few years ago but can't remember what they are called. (John says they are Zinnias)
More pretty flowers, love the patterns on them. (petunias?)

And Koi! big ones too.


We need some nice weather so we can go back there an take some new photos and see what is flowering now.


Sue Clinker said...

Lovely photos .... I'm sure you can do something with that Koi picture! Suex

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

I did think of doing something with the Koi pic and there are a few more I could use and combine with it if needed :)

helena said...

I grew up in Aberdeen and loved going to the greenhouses in Duthie Park on cold days.

You were wondering about the Escher exhibition in Edinburgh - it has 4 big rooms of images spanning his entire creative years and covering the different subject matters and when I was there (weekday) there was room to get up close to each image

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

it is pretty warm in the green houses, great to visit in the winter I would think :)

Thank you for the info about the Escher exhibit, really should make the trip down there soon :)

Maya Harrison said...

Beautiful shots and the colors are pretty. I love the fish as well... This is a very cheerful post. Thank you.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

your welcome :) thank you for your comment :)

bettyl-NZ said...

I have given up on specific names of flowers--if they look like a daisy, then I calls it a daisy! You flower are so pretty, especially the flowering cacti.

Taj Katt said...

wow- never would have expected cactus in Scotland lol... (am In cactus country myself )
am thinking the first is a barrel cactus of some variety

the second a prickly pear (the 'pear' when it develops is often made into jam) & some varieties the 'leaves' are eaten as well)

the daisy look a lot like what we call a shasta daisy but am not certain of that. (its a perennial if it is) am no botanist sorry :)

great pictures but what caught my attention was the name of the park. is it named for some Person?? in my family research we have Duthies from the Aberdeen area if i remember correctly.. how very cool
have a great day

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

the cacti are in a big green house, pretty warm in it
the park land was apparently was given to the council in 1881 by Lady Elizabeth Duthie of Ruthrieston in memory of some of her family members, had to go look it up since I had no idea lol :)