Thursday, November 19, 2015

30 Days of Dragons #19

My teeth are going to end up looking like this guy's teeth soon. So 4 teeth possibly broken, 1 really hurting and from looking at the photo, it looks cracked right down the middle. Its not the best time of year to take a day off to try to get seen by a dentist since things are due next week, but this really hurts and pain killers are doing nothing. 2 were chipped/broken today eating small fruit gummies,  a back molar broke somehow, and I think the really painful one was possibly damaged when I had a root canal a few weeks ago. Been sort of hurting all week, but now, its effecting talking and giving me a headache from hell.

jeeze, been complaining a lot on here about my teeth. Blame the lack of reasonably priced dental care in Canada :p


2paw said...

Oh I understand your pain, I had the dental thing happening a few months ago. Dental work isn't covered by the Government here either, so you have to save up. Healthy gums and teeth are so important, their wellness affects so many other areas of health. Hope you are smiling again soon.

Studio at the Farm said...

In my other life, I still do a bit of dental hygiene work ... GET TO A DENTIST!!! You may have to go on antibiotics. Honestly, Jen, don't ignore it.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

its covered here for some people, thankfully I fall into that group but in Canada, dental work is not cheap :/ even if it wasn't free for me, its not horribly expensive thankfully. dad had horrible teeth that infected his heart so he had to get all of them pulled out, probably the best thing to have done and still eats apples without teeth :p

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

no antibiotics yet since I just finished a course of them, but still might end up having to take some, time will tell :/