Thursday, February 09, 2017

Another Tooth Gone

Drew this in the waiting room at the dentist while I waited for the blood from a pulled tooth to stop. It did sort of stop, no major bleeding, just a big hole in my jaw lol

I went home at lunch on Tuesday from uni as my jaw was aching. Yesterday was spent feeling like I was being punched in the face, so phoned the dentist today to get seen, since I didn't sleep and couldn't eat.

Long story short, the molar top left had to go. Cracked right threw and an exposed nerve, so thats why it hurt so much. The tooth had 3 roots, was odd to see since they were pretty big. But it is gone now, so no more throbbing pain, just pain from the hole in my jaw. 6 teeth pulled, 10 if you count the wisdom teeth.

My usual dentist, (who really really knows his stuff), is on holiday so I saw his boss since I have limited mouth opening due to the jaw surgery. He did a great job getting the tooth out, took no time at all.

And I have Friday off from uni now, told me not to go, just sleep lol


Jo Castillo said...

Oh,my, Jennifer. Hope you are better by now. I do have so much empathy for you. Dental is the last thing on my to do list.

Jo Castillo said...

Ah, cute dragon by the way.

RH Carpenter said...

Just reading this made my teeth ache and I was clenching my teeth = not a fan of teeth problems at all!! Hope you heal and feel better soon. Try to keep as many of those teeth as you can as long as you can - I lost a lot when I was younger but now have settled down to keeping what I have (have a good dentist for the first time in my life, finally!).

Chris Lally said...

Surprised the dragon doesn't look scarier... (haha)
So sorry about the teeth. Good thing the throbbing pain is gone. Hoping you have a comfortable weekend.

Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Jennifer,
What a painful odyssey you've been through. Glad to know the pro took good care of you and you'll now be able to get some decent rest and maybe even eat again.
Keep fighting!

Serena Lewis said...

LOVE your dragon sketch! Nerve pain, especially in the mouth, sucks! I'm glad the pain has gone now. I had a double molar pulled a few years back and I remember how strange it felt to have a big hole where a tooth should have been. I hope you won't have any more teeth issues, you poor thing. How is the arm pain now? Eased any?

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

Jo, better now the tooth is gone :) Not a fan of dental stuff either, but thankfully I have a good dentist and thanks

dont clench your teeth too hard Rhonda! dont want to crack them. having a good dentist makes a huge difference, and he is trying to save as many teeth as possible lol

Chris, I try so hard to draw scary dragons but it never happens lol going to have a lazy weekend of reading :)

Hi Gary, finally slept after 2 nights of not sleeping so that good :) I'm going to cry when my dentist retires lol

thanks Serena :) it is a big hole, feels really odd. The arm pain thankfully has gone away, rest seems to help, thank you for asking :)

2paw said...

Better out than in, though it is so painful. I am off to the dentist tomorrow. Glad you had some productive drawing time!!