Thursday, May 31, 2007


Rained until 6 yesterday evening so didn't get any pictures of the dolphins, I'm hoping that we can on Sunday, but now that I have said that its probably going to pour. So what else does a person do on a rainy day? Play computer games. The light show playing Command and Conquer 3 when you have 40 tanks and get attacked is very pretty. ;)

Here is a photo of the little black fuzzy visitor trying to figure out how to get at the birds in the bird box. The cats would climb and sit on the top of the box, so John's dad put a piece of flexible board on the base and now the cats can't sit on the top. They climb the pole still, but either can't get their paws around it or fall off because the board can't take any weight. I'v seen 4 cats sit around the base scheming to try to get at the birds, each taking turns to try to climb to the top and failing. You can just see the frustration on their faces.

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