Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Somethings Lurking!

I finally managed to get some good pictures of her, usually its a black blur of fur. She has been coming back on and off since she first showed up. I don't even have to call her, if I am hanging out the laundry she sneaks up behind me and rubs against the back of my legs. She runs away when other people are outside but as soon as she sees me she comes running. Which is a bad thing considering she climbs on top of the bird box so is probably going to eat any bird that lives there.

The only reason I was outside with a camera so early in the morning was to get pictures of my daises that seem to be thriving :) Got a little carried away with the rest of the seeds but they should still grow. So I am really happy that I have managed to actually grow something (with John's help)

Ok back to drawing :)

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