Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Flickr Favourites

One of my favourite flowers :) but sadly they make Mr.F sneeze like there is no tomorrow :/ ACHOO!!!
1. Foxgloves, 2. Foxglove (Blue), 3. Coastal Foxglove, 4. Foxglove Detail

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Sketchy Sketchy Sketchy

I am still working on that drawing of Sky, but I couldn't seem to make anything work so thought sketching might help. It did, but now I want to work on something other then the drawing of Sky lol
This probably just looks like a bunch of lines, but its enough so that I remember what the basic idea was, for when I come to do a refined sketch.

And another scarab :D Still needs work and I can see a few areas that I will need to change before I scan it and the work on colouring.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Too Red?

New hair colour :) I really like it, just hope it doesn't fade too fast. *crosses fingers*

Had a dentist appointment the other day (third time the charm for this filling? last time it fell out was almost 5 years ago tho), remembered to bring my camera hoping that something interesting would happen. Nope. Nothing interesting :p Where are the cops and druggies when you need them? :p

But here is a view towards the steeple looking the other way. Really not much up here but my dentist so don't have any reason to walk to this part of town (then again, I might be missing something).

I did think about going around and taking pictures of all of these signs and the places they are representing, but thats a lot of signs (and I can't find a list of them right now,my googlefu has failed me :p). hmm maybe I could fix a sled to Sky and she can pull me to all of the sites? :p (the power that little dog has for pulling things is amazing, but would never hook her up to a sled. Maybe make her a jacket to help carry around water when I take her for walks tho)
Confused? I was ill the first time I had to deal with what this sign means, very dizzy o.0
I have no idea what kind of flowers these are? They are pretty tho. These are not ours, we are not doing anything with the yard this year other then mowing it. Too hard for me to deal with flowers and deal with the crazy one right now.
About $1.80 Canadian for regular. Not sure how much gas is there right now, but gas is not cheap here :/ Here ends the pointless photo update, figured I should post something other then pics of Sky lol

Monday, June 21, 2010

Adventure Time?

new hat
Originally uploaded by fuzzydragons

New hat :D Time to go exploring? Anyone have a plane? Or a hunky explorer to go exploring with? :p

Was a gorgeous day today, had a bill to pay in town so took the camera but didn't find much to take pictures of :/ but here are 2 shots of downtown with the blue sky :)

NOM NOM NOM foot :p she was trying to chase her tail, in the kennel of all places. odd little dog.

And a small art update :) Really small lol hmm its amazing how little art I get down with the dog and actually getting out of the house (ack! sun! I'm melting!)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Flickr Favourites

1. COEN @ WORK, 2. IMG_7174a, 3. The Sheep Herder, 4. IMG_7990

What Sky should be probably doing lol She is determined to catch a car :/ Not really a good thing

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Or as the rest of us would say "Banzai!", One of many Jennisms ;-)

And Sky trying a pickle, sadly I just missed the chance to film her flipping it in the air and toying with it in various ways, including using her head to try and smush it into the carpet....*rolls eyes* The point of that I do not know..so yeah video :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Burn Baby Burn

creative space june 10 2010
Originally uploaded by fuzzydragons

number of times blood was shed: once (mr.f's :p)
number of times the air was turned blue: 4
number of times the store of evil was cursed at: can't remember :p
number of times it took to light: 2 (after a hell of a lot of lighter fluid :p, (Seems Mrs F's too much was not enough :-P >> MrF BBQ Chef Extraordinaire :p)
number of times I ran in fear over the lighting of said BBQ: only twice, but even Mr.F took a few steps back the second time just in case there was indeed too much lighter fluid this time :p)

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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Sky Drawing WIP

The start of a portrait of Sky :) Lines and shapes put in loosely...

and then refined. Still need to work on the basic shapes before I can start shading. Just really need to make sure everything is in the right place before I get too far into it and I can't change it.

Monday, June 07, 2010


The line art for a graphite drawing :) I really would like this to resemble an old stone statue when finished, partly because I love the old horse statues. They look so full of power in the photos I have seen of them. This is from a stock photo, but I can't right now remember where I found it, will have to have a look through some sites for it so I can credit properly. Hopefully this doesn't take too long since it isn't coloured pencil (but I have to resist the urge to do this in colour :p) Looks really odd with just an outline for an eye lol creepy evil zombie horse will eat your brains

Sky the terrible :P

For Wendy, proof that Ryder is not the only dog in the world who finds amusement in playing with and making a mess with their bedding.
Its almost as if Sky thinks that by laying down and grinning that we won't notice that the once neatly folded blankets are now across the floor in a large heap...no never, we are that unobservant and its not like she makes a noise while making a mess either :-P...

I think MrsF should draw a web comic called "Sky the terrible" or simply "Sky"..with the subjects drawn from things Sky has done....what does everyone think?

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Flower Power

So a few weeks ago Mitsy was giving away a flower that she had made with the end product of spool knitting. You know that stuff that most kids make, but in the end are usually left with hundreds of feet of the stuff but no idea what to do with it all?

I got this in the mail today and opened it to not only find the flower but....

More things to put on my bag :D Please go check out her blog, its full of a lot of great posts and she makes the most wonderful things :)

And we had Sky spayed yesterday....not that you would realize it lol with all the jumping she is doing. I laughed when the vet nurse said to keep her calm, she laughed too tho :p We are trying very hard to stop her from jumping in and out of the tub and from running around too much, but she is a collie. I don't think they stop until they are dead :p She's like the bloody energizer bunny.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Road Trip!

ooh where we going?
sand! can i eat it?

hmmm whats over here?
ack! it moves!
ok, not too bad
but i've had enough
he he he he :D
ok lets go!
*she did eventually go in after she realized it wouldn't kill her :p

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

yum cars

yum cars
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I swear this hasn't turned into a dog blog lol I started a horse drawing and a portrait of Sky so should have some art to show soon *crosses fingers* The blog has been a little neglected lately, but I have been so busy with the dog (walk walk walk walk Stop barking! walk walk walk No don't chase the car, walk walk walk good girl bringing the ball back....ugh slimy).