Friday, June 27, 2008

Contest Winner

So to get the winner I gave a number to every name that was given and used a random number generator to get the winner (thought it would be better than pulling a name out of a hat).

Sadly my cacti did not grow *sob* but I started 6 more plants in the hope that at least one of them will grow *crosses fingers*

So the name of my cacti (if one ever does decide to grow) is: *drum roll*


So can Leslie email me when you want to with an address and I will get the prize out to you

I want to try to have a contest every few months. I think it would be a nice thing to do and really not many people pass up the chance to win free stuff

New Zealand Part 2

So I left the last post with me getting to Whitianga in the afternoon. Um can't really say much about the hostel other than it was clean (didn't really like the way the people that ran it treated the people staying there, so I wont mention the name).

Of course it was raining so we couldn't really do much, and Mr.Fuzzy had just got out of bed anyway (1 in the afternoon. lazy :P). And because he had just gotten out of bed he of course needed to have breakfast and that included toast with Vegemite spread on it. Offered me a piece and I should have just nodded "thanks no", but I was possibly still a zombie from the jet leg and said "yeah ok". Ok the smell alone should have warned me but I have never tasted anything so vile before and I don't think I will ever again (I know there are lots of people that love it, but I will never be one. John says that eating it he doesn't get bitten by bugs, which might be true). But there is a plus to the Vegemite, whenever he eats it I can't help but think of this moment. :)

And because it was pouring, I didn't really get to see much of Whitianga. We did go for a walk to get something to eat and bought sausages which turned out to be a cheap staple food for us the whole trip (and pasta because it also was cheap and light). I really wanted to see the hot pools but there is always next time :)

John managed to get some pictures the day before, but not many. Its another beach photo but it does give you an idea of what a nice day can look like.

So after we left Whitianga we headed towards Tauranga and after spending a bit of time phoning around we found a hostel to stay at. It was a new hostel that was actually still in the process of being finished but was very nice. Had a really nice open balcony:

And to the right:

Yes a train did go by at 4 in the morning and wake us up *grumble* The builders that were working on this place had the oddest hairstyles (and a hair style has to be very very odd for me to call it odd). Looked like the batteries in the clippers died half way through, or they could have been extras in a Mad Max movie. And one would think that if you were with another guy, even in just a friend capacity they wouldn't keep trying to hit on me.

This was also the hostel where Mr Fuzzy helped the women with her computer problems and we got a discount on the room because of this. Also the place where as I was bringing a box with the tea bags and the washing powder in it down the staircase (the hostel/hotel had a very art deco look to it. Nice big staircase), I fell down a few steps. So the powder ended up in the tea box but it wasn't too bad that we chucked the tea. Just took the ones on the top off and Mr Fuzzy finished taking the box down the stairs. (remember this for later)

We spent 3 lazy days walking around enjoying the sun which had decided to show up, and then it was on to Rotorua

No its not some distant alien planet, its in Rotorua, Lake Rotorua to be precise[its a big frikkin lake >> Mr Fuzzy] (I do remember though that Mr Fuzzy's shoes had started to melt in certain spots :P). Like it says in every guide book that ever mentions Rotorua, you smell it before you see it. Now I knew this before we decided to go there, but somehow Mr Fuzzy didn't see it in the guide book, and it wasn't until I showed him the passage that says the same as the above that he believed me it was actually in the book (2 different ones). Now you do get use to the smell, but he has a really good sense of smell and it was making him ill :/ So we only stayed for one day and if it wasn't for the fact the smell made him ill we would have stayed longer as there is lots to see and do.

Waterworks on the grounds of the Rotorua Museum of Art & History Te Whare Taonga o Te Arawa. There were a lot of great carvings all over and it was a gorgeous day. Once again the smell was making Mr Fuzzy ill, not ill enough he didn't want to eat though and he thought that if we bought a pizza and ate it in the room it would help with the smell. Well it did help with the smell, didn't smell like sulphur. Clothes smelt like melted cheese though. :P [again another weird takeout place, where kids took someone else's pizza and the staff watched them eat it and denied any knowledge when the person came in to collect it, also central rottenrua looks like south central LA, with lots of teens who look like wannabe gangstas roaming the area....not surprising given the probation service is downtown and right across from where we were staying >> Mr Fuzzy...ARRRRR once again I be stealin this here blog of thar 7 intarwebz] << yes he is nuts :p

Next time.....Whakatane (potentially with photos if we can find the album they are in), Whanarua Bay and the trip there, Gisbourne and if I feel like writing a lot.....Napier :)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Last Day of Contest

So today is the last day I will take names for my little contest over on the right :) send me either an email or leave a comment to have your name put in the draw :D

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Zealand Part 1

Ok I apologise to people that are still on dial-up as there are a lot of photos in this post :) Since almost all of my art supplies are packed away I thought I would do a post of our travels in New Zealand.

So the above picture of the Sky Tower in Auckland is the only picture I took in Auckland that turned out. After 22+ hours getting to NZ I was pretty out of it. So I flew from Toronto to L.A. and spent 7 hours before my flight to NZ trying not to fall asleep or get mugged (no wasn't scared of that actually, was more afraid of falling asleep and missing my flight). By the time I got to Auckland I was so sleep deprived I had no idea where I was going.

No really, I had no idea where I was staying. I chose Base as a place to stay as it was the last place I read about before I left and it was the first place that came to my mind when the scary immigration officer asked where I was going to be. He didn't look very happy when I said I had no idea where I was staying and as I really did not want to get into another tin can and return to Canada, I just blurted out Base. I had no set time to go anywhere. Was just going to where the wind blows me as they say (who?).

Not a bad place to stay, but of course there was the typical foreigner who likes to walk around in the skimpiest underwear they can get away with wearing, while strutting back and forth around the small room. I saw a little bit more than I wanted to :-0 (and heard a lot more than I wanted to [trust me, I'm not a prude, but even I have my limits])

I honestly spent most of the 2 days I was in Auckland sleeping. I got jet leg so bad I was a zombie. Another person in the room asked me if I was all right or if I needed a doctor. I was pretty green looking.
Arrr!! Kiwi pirates!!

Mount Eden. Mr.Fuzzy went out here and took some pictures before we met. Dead volcano crater that you are not supposed to go down in, but people do :/

So I left Auckland in the direction of Coromandel. Because I don't drive I took the bus and my bus driver on the leg between Thames and Coromandel was crazy. He spent almost the whole trip pointing out landmarks (which was nice and helpful), but hardly looked at the road (which was bad [very bad]). I had visions of us falling off the side of the road into the water, the bus got so close to the edge. Death by bus driver is not something I want on my tombstone. (or eaten by a shark)

So this is where I stayed when there. Highly recommended. Nice dog there named Bella :) This also happened to be the place that Mr.Fuzzy was staying at.

And he was only there because he had cut the bottom of his feet on Oyster beds going for a swim.

So yeah if you get to an area like the above, don't go swimming!! He still has bits of shell in his feet. (I still wish that we had of taken pictures of his feet. Most people cringe when we tell them, but I think photographic evidence would have been nice[if not a little bloody])

The room where people were sleeping. I had the top bunk. And let me say there really is no graceful way to get out of the top bunk. You always look like an idiot. If the person on the bottom bunk had still been sleeping, they would have gotten squished :p (death by Canadian zombie?)

So it wasn't like he used some cheesy pick up line on me (what's your sign?). And I was really thinking it was such a good thing that I watched a lot of Coronation Street or I would have been completely screwed trying to understand him lol (I still have a hard time with some Scots words). I honestly can't remember what he said the first time, just that he kept putting wood into this:

It was a little chilly. He almost set himself on fire twice :P (joke, actually no. He almost did :p) hmm so he did get around to asking if I wanted to drive to the next town with him, but because I wanted to look around, we made plans to meet up in Whitianga (Fitianga).

Ok having a car was a plus, but I thought it would be a good thing to see the sites with someone else. And I had have many people ask me wasn't I scared to get in a car with someone I had only known for 2 days. No. Not at all. Trust me, Mr.Fuzzy isn't scary :p

The car

But back to Coromandel. We ate at this fish and chip place that was like a free-for-all. The place was packed and the orders were always getting mixed up. We got someone else's fries and they probably didn't get the right order either. But they were good fries lol so really that is all that mattered.

I had to stop and ask this guy if I could take his picture because my dad's nickname is Hippy and he rides motorcycles. So I had to see if I could get a picture of even just the bike. But he was more than happy to let me take a picture of him and his bike, especially after I told him it was also my father's nickname. So hello to random guy who's real name I didn't get.

So Mr.Fuzzy went on to Whitianga and I stayed behind to look around. I climbed up some stairs to a look out area. Puffing and wheezing, probably just as attractive as seeing me climb out of the top bunk. But I managed to make it to the top and was glad I did. Gorgeous views (but it made me more scared of getting on a bus because I had a better view of how close the road actually was to the edge :p)

So the next morning I got on a bus on my way to the next town. Thankfully this bus driver kept his eyes on the road, and dropped me right off at the next hostel I was going to stay at.

So next post: rain, rain and more rain, more scenery pictures, cheap food, lots of tea, crazy hairstyles, and did I mention the rain?

Monday, June 23, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

So the original plan for the flat bathroom was just to paint it white, but we were just looking around tile shops (cause really what does one do on a Sunday with nothing to do and no money to buy anything?), and a lot of the walls were painted dark solid colours. So after seeing how well that looked we decided that white would be too light and we needed some colour in the bathroom. Now pink and purple were out, everyone did not just spend the last 2 weeks getting rid of the ugly lavender colour so that we could put more up. Yellow and orange were too bright (even though I still say that the colours would have looked good in the bathroom, it might have been a little sore on the eyes to go from the blue living room to a room of solid yellow though). So how about Aqua? YES! :P

So once the undercoat dries on the walls, they are going to be painted a nice aqua colour. Which should be fine; tan/brown for the hall, blue for the living room, white for the kitchen and maybe white for the bedroom. There is white wallpaper up now, but there is a brown mark in one corner that wasn't there last night but has started to fade since it was noticed this morning, so we are hoping it fades more. If not, the bedroom is going to be painted a light blue colour to to try to cover the mark up.

The Clematis in all its glory above. The bottom just looks like it is going to die any moment, which is odd because the rest is so healthy looking.

The killer squash on the left and Mr.Fuzzy's pumpkins on the right. I have no idea how the pumpkins are going to grow. He planted 2 seeds just in case one decided not to grow, but as seems the case this year, almost everything we planted has decided to grow so we have things growing everywhere! More daises then last year, and if people remember that was a lot of daises lol

I cleaned out the little garden that was in the front lawn today with help from Mr.Fuzzy's mom, (and squished a slug! ugh It was an accident but still not very pleasant. I hate slugs *shiver*). So once we get some more compost in it we are going to plant some of the daises there. Maybe put my Foxglove in the front too, but I don't know if it will grow any more :( Think I waited too late to start them.

And mutant neon green tomatoes! Actually not this bright, its cause of the flash lol

And kill me now, I've gone all emo :P I actually tried my hardest to not listen to Fall Out Boy (I have my reasons), but I like their music (don't kill me :P).

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Virtual Sketch Finished

My rose has started to bloom. It is a lot redder than it looks in the pictures. I am just shocked that it hasn't died lol hmmm maybe the curse of the black thumb of death is broken? (nah probably not considering John has been taking care of this most of the time ;) )

And I did get time today to draw a sketch for the virtual sketch. I wish I had have had more time to work on this, but been so busy cleaning up the flat. Just a quick simple sketch on plain sketchbook paper. I would have loved to use my Inktense pencil as the colours are so bright. I have dozens of pictures of these lilies so I can always use the pencils in the future. Go look at the other sketches that people have done :D

The hedge that was in the backyard of the flat has been cut so that its less than a foot tall. We now have a lot of light getting into the kitchen. Just need to put up a simple fence now. The neighbours seems like nice people. So things are going well with that and the decorating is really starting to change the whole place. We took pictures almost everyday we were all working on the flat so once we are done I will post a few so people can see how much work John's family has helped us with. We really need to think of something to do for all of them to thank them for the help.

Pouring down rain right now, so can't really do any gardening. Guess I should be packing :p

Friday, June 20, 2008

From Killer Tomatoes to Killer Bees!!

Another picture of the Clematis. :D *sob* I really want to draw some of the pictures I took of this now. But I think maybe I should start on the Virtual Sketch before I do. I have been so busy with the flat and trying to get things done and not be in the way that I really haven't had time to work on it. So it more than likely will be a very simple sketch.

And 5 minutes later I was stung. No not really, I have only been stung twice. Once on the shoulder and the other...on my breast. That hurt. A lot. (yeah TMI :P) Was playing baseball in the dreaded gym class and felt what I thought was a mosquito and swatted at it only to be stung. ouch. (I was horrible at baseball. Could never hit the ball. Could throw a nice fast ball, just couldn't hit the damn thing :P I loved playing rugby because I could tackle people I didn't like ;) )

We have no idea if this is a plant a weed or a bulb. There were 3 Dahlia bulbs in this pot but we don't think this is one of them. So now we have 2 plants that we have no idea what they are.

See :) The lawn was cut back. Still needs to be cut again and neatened up so we can at least put the dozens of daises that I have in the ground. Should look nice with all the different colours.

And I found my little Scottish dictionary! (ack still need to pack a lot!)

So here is a word for this week:

1) mowdie

Answers to the previous words:

1. sugarollie is a liquorice

2. syboes are spring onions

3. stammygaster means shock or suprise

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Gorgeous Flowers

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The yard at the flat was cut by the Council with a trimmer, so all it needs now is for the grass to be raked up and some holes filled in. So at least now Mr.Fuzzy will not stop breathing trying to cut the lawn again (ok it wasn't that bad, but not exactly a pretty sight either [the joys of hayfever])

Been busy with packing and filling out immigration forms so have not had time to do anything else. But now the immigration form are all filled out and sent away (*crosses fingers everything goes well*), I just have packing to do and might have some spare time to actually draw something soon. But until than have some flowers :)

All of these are in Mr.Fuzzy's parent's back yard.

Clematis that are growing in the back corner. I love this plant this time of year. There are so many purple/blue (burple ?) flowers on it that its gorgeous and its taller than me :)

This is the Tiger Lily flowers that is huge. Almost as tall as me. Its been red and yellow so its a toss up on what colour it will be this year but there will be dozens of lilies on it. This container gets so heavy its sometimes falls over :p

White and pink Fuchsia and a red and purple Fuchsia. I had never seen these flowers before and I think they are gorgeous. I think the reference pictures I took will make really nice drawings. :)

Monday, June 16, 2008

In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle....

So our front yard needs a lot of work. You can almost get lost in the grass :p


Sorry for the large image, blogger is not letting me upload any pictures

Mr.Fuzzy did manage to cut about 3/4 of the front lawn and use weed killer to try to get rid of the weeds that are almost as tall as I am in some places (well maybe not that tall, but they are still a good size), before his allergies got the better of him and he had to stop.


The drying green in the back is going to need a lot of work too. There is no huge rush to get the yard cut, but it would definitely make the place look better and get rid of the kids (hopefully).

It does actually seem like one thing after another keeps going wrong with this flat. The new discovery is that the bathroom light is not wired properly. So back to the council tomorrow as no one thinks it is safe to use the bathroom light.

And I decided that I need to design an image to use on a packaging header to staple to my bags that hold prints and stuffed dragons. I think it will make the packaging look a bit more professional.


I would fold it down the middle, (so things would not be upside down on the print out) and than staple or glue it together to the packaging. I wanted to use the dragon image as it is in a lot of my layouts for my website and banners for other art sites. I still have the original and it would be very hard to part with (but hey I do need to free up some space. The flat isn't that big lol)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

More Food to Rot My Teeth

So I loved these kind of cookies/biscuits that I could eat in Canada. The jam ones are the best :) Some food I can get here, and other stuff can't find at all and refuse to pay £7 to get a small box of cereal shipped here. But Mr Fuzzy bought these;

Picture found somewhere online (I like this towel though :) )

Tea cakes, these are Tunnocks Tea cakes but you can get different brands. They taste almost the same. The marshmallow is a little sweeter and I can only eat one. But it is another food that is close enough to something I am use to eating in Canada.

And I had thought I knew the difference between a biscuit and a cookie but now I am more confused then ever :p

Wagon Wheels taste different here (or maybe they always tasted like that and I have just forgotten), and you can't get Jos. Louis here which is a shame, but chocolate on the whole does taste better. And why after 2 years of being in Scotland I had never had a tea cake before I have no idea lol

The cleaning of the flat is pretty much finished. But there is another problem. The parts of the ceiling that were fixed are fine, but my FIL went to put paint on the ceiling and more parts starting to bubble, crack and fall off the ceiling. So we have to go back to the Council office and report that. Every other room is ready to be wall papered so we can get those rooms finished, just once again can't do anything in the living room.

The plan tomorrow is to try to get the lawn trimmed down, and the garden beds at least straightened up. Just hope it doesn't rain. Poured today, hail at one point. But there was a gorgeous view of the mountains after the rain stopped.

Mr Fuzzy let down the killer squash of doom from its stakes due to the high winds and now it looks like its been slain (I stepped on it and almost assassinated it) Its very trifid like....Mr Fuzzy blames the bone meal fertiliser and the tomato fertiliser he used...(no solyent green though :-( )

Friday, June 13, 2008

Rose Hedge

The rose hedge at the flat that is in need of some serious trimming. Going to wait to trim it when it goes dormant. This is only a small section of it.

Close up of a rose. They are starting to die now, but next year they should be a little healthier. (If we can keep the kids out of the yard....are bear traps too much? [jk])

Another Virtual Sketch Date. A really interesting thing to participate in. Its neat to see how different people draw the same picture. And it never hurts to sketch things you normally don't :)

My little Scottish dictionary has been packed away in a box, so next week it will hopefully be back ):

Another Step to Being Finished

So here we have a "bad" corner. Its not a weak corner, I just sewed over the piping by accident. When I make bags for other people and this happens, (doesn't happen that often. Piping is easy to sew. Just a pain on the fingers :p) I undue the stitches and do it again.

An example of a neat proper looking corner. Now I am thinking that I should have maybe used purple or even a light yellow piping so it stands out more. Next time I will remember to take a fabric sample with me when I go get piping.

Here we have the inner pockets sewn to the lining. If people want me to make a pocket tut, just let me know. Its not hard :) I used a straight stitch to keep it in place and than I used a stronger stitch as this pocket will probably be used to keep change or my cell phone in and I don't want it ripping away from the lining.

This is putting the finished lining onto the outer layer of the bag. The lining is just fabric cut to the same sizes of the pattern of the outer layer. I forgot to photograph that sorry.

For this type of bag make sure when sewing the lining to the outer layer that the "good" sides of the fabric are facing each other as they are above. It is kind of hard to see, but you place the outside lining into the inside lining, good sides touching. Sew around the edges leaving at least a quarter inch seam allowance, but leave a section so you can turn the bag inside out (well right side out I guess...thats confusing :p)

The inside of the bag when the lining is pulled through the opening that was left. To close the opening I just use a ladder stitch as it works very well and most of the time you can not see the stitches.

An overview of the bag with the zipper. You could sew the zipper when you put the lining on but I wanted this to look a certain way so it is going on separately. And I broke down and used an iron to get the fabric flat for the zipper :p I still need to put the straps on this and than fill it with books :) Bags always look better when they are full :) I didn't use interfacing with this fabric, I could have but wanted a floppy look to it, and the only interfacing I have right now is pretty heavy.

I might redo these posts on the bag and word them all like a tutorial. Might help some people one day.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

SPT June 12, 2008

SPT June 12, 2008
Originally uploaded by fuzzydragons

I did a SPT last week, but didn't think that people wanted to see a picture of my bruises (which are finally gone), so made it friends only on flickr. Little Horton stuffie that came with a tea package. I don't think I have actually ever read Horton Hears a Who. Read everything else Dr.Seuss wrote though.

The messy shelf in the background is now taken down and the things on it put in boxes that I remembered to label this time. So its not going to be a huge mystery what is in them, even though that is half the fun of moving :p

Made a Twitter account that you can see to the left, where I can put more random pointless things that I do here :p. hmmm maybe the blog is getting to crowded?

Unicorns Live!

This is so cool! Maybe another reason people thought that unicorns lived besides Narwhal tusks :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Sore Bleeding Fingers

Worked on my new bag today. Added the pocket to the inside panel (it really is not as crooked in person :p) Than I pinned piping all around the edge of the fabric. Make sure that when using piping that you place it properly, good side usually away from the edge of the fabric. Try to get the piping as even as possible around corners, or you could just not have round corners which makes things easier lol
I had already sewed the sides of the bag together yesterday, so I pinned this good sides facing in so it lined up with the piping. At this point the ends of my fingers were getting pretty sore from getting pricked by pins, I was feeling weak from blood loss :p Now I remember why I only used piping if I really have to :p It does give a really neat edge to bags and pillows though.

I just used your basic straight stitch to join the pieces together, going slowly so that I had the needle as flush with the piping as I could get it. Still quicker than doing it by hand.

You don't have to sew the sides before hand. but I find it easier to have them put together instead of trying to sew them once they are attached to the bag.

And this is where I should have used an iron to flatten the corners so they both laid in the same direction. I ended up sewing the left corner so that it opened the wrong way on itself. oops easily fixed with a seam ripper (which also leaves a few good holes in my finger tips). Its not the neatest corner, but as this bag is pretty much for me, I can live with it. If I do make any bags for other people I will definitely use an iron to keep things neater.

So its started to look more like a messenger bag now. Most of my bags are pretty big as I do carry a lot of stuff with me. Never saw the point of those little itty really girly bags that couldn't hold a lot. The other side panel to add, the 2 pieces of the top flap, the lining bag, and than the straps. Which have to be long enough for both me and Mr.Fuzzy in case he has to carry my bag (manly stars and moons :p)