Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 16

"a song that you used to hate but now love" I think I hated it before because it was on the radio so much and I just got sick of hearing it. Guess a few years of not hearing a song can change a feeling towards it.

A gorgeous sunny day and what do I do?

Go to a graveyard to take photos and make some grave rubbings. I wish I had of taken more pictures of this place last year as a lot of the stones have really not done well over the last year. Ones that I could read a year ago, the fronts have completely crumbled away on them now.

I haven't made any rubbings off of graves for a long time, really like the effects you can get. Used some coloured pencil sticks that I really have no use for so decided to try them. hmm they worked all right, I think crayons might have worked better tho.


2paw said...

We used to do that, not go to speakeasies, but do rubbings of brass plaques in churches etc.

Serena said...

i don't think i've heard that song before.

i've never gone to a graveyard specifically to do rubbings but i think it would be interesting for sure.