Wednesday, December 30, 2009


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I think I went a little bit over board with this design again :p Way too complicated for a logo design, but if I simplify this it might work for some logo in the future.

suggested my avatar for a logo, which is a good idea. Might have to simplify it as well so its usable for stationary etc.

hmm maybe stick with tribal designs. I tend to keep tribal designs simple (usually....)

A bit of Canadian pride eh?

We both thought this was really funny, kinda makes us miss Canada :/

Monday, December 28, 2009

Roses in December

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And still budding but whether or not they will flower after the frost we have had is debatable.

Its very odd having this much snow on the ground for so long. Its not feet and feet of snow, but the most I've ever seen here and makes a nice change from the bright neon green grass from the last 2 winters.

The mountains look gorgeous with all the snow on them :) Going to try to remember to get some photos tomorrow. As much as I want to go up and get some pictures up close, I don't want to take the chance the car would break down and then we would be stuck eating the crumbs that have fallen into the seats (yes I guess cannibalism could be an option, but with all the crap we have eaten the last few days, its not an appealing one :p)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Killer Attack Goose

We had a bit more snow last night so went down to the loch which was pretty much empty except for a killer goose :p Glad we went down tho as the snow had at the time started to melt, I think its pretty cold out right now so the snow is probably sticking around for another day but I'm not going outside to check if it is cold lol brrrr

And as we were leaving, we caught this bird out of the corner of our eyes. Not the best photo as it was taken from the window of the car and I didn't want to open the door and scare it away. I have a rough idea what it is but honestly not that sure. And ideas?

* Elizabeth suggested a Moor Hen, which I thought it might be but wasn't sure :)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Logo Design #???

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

One of 4 logo designs for design class in college. I had originally wanted to do a more art nouveau looking design and while the other 3 have some ideas in that vein, this is my favourite which doesn't really go with the theme/brief. Might have to re-write my brief to go with this design more.

I now need to draw the detailed roughs for this and transfer it to better paper, then work on the other 3. And then on to mixed media, which means I get to finger paint :p :D (one can never be too old to finger paint :D :)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays

drunk cow?
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Happy holidays for which ever ones you might celebrate from myself, Mr.F and a possibly drunk cow (where did he get the booze? we will never know.....)(Hmm maybe he made moonshine, would explain that funny smell in the kitchen :-p...>> MR F)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I've been trying to figure out what Irn Bru reminds me of ever since I first tried it in New Zealand. I still don't really like it, but at least now I know why I thought I had tasted something like it when I was younger. It reminds me of those huge gumballs you could get out of quarter machines. A short burst of flavour and then you are left with a bland taste. At least with the Irn Bru, you could dye your hair orange, much better then getting the gum stuck in your hair :p

Been making paper snowflakes to put in my sketchbook. I forgot how much fun they can be to make, but the floor needs a vacuum now :p

Is it just me or does this piece of pastry look like a whale?

Still thinking about goals, if only to have a few things to focus on next year :)


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hmm trying to write a post with goals I want to try to achieve next year. Harder then I thought to think of things that are achievable. Hopefully have it written before my birthday (ack! I'm old ;) )

Longer post later I promise! (which is actually a good idea for a goal. Longer blog posts that are more focused rather then me talking about everything, confusing people....)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Left Hand

When I lost almost all the feeling in my hands a few weeks ago for some odd reason I had more feeling in my left hand, enough control that I wasn't dropping a pencil every 2 seconds. One of the teachers said draw with your left then. And while I still need practice with my left, it does show its possible for me to draw with my left hand and improve quickly with it. (I know I've posted one of these before but not sure if I posted them all)

This was the first try and the one that the teacher liked the most and the one I like the least :p

The second attempt and third which is my favourite :)

And the fourth. All drawn in about half an hour. I want to keep practising with my left just in case something ever happens with my right hand, you never know what might happen, and it does make me pretty happy that I can at least sketch with my left now :) Now if only I still had that extra finger on my left, could help to hold pencils lol

And more snow on the ground, just too cold to take pictures. I've become a wimp to the cold living here :p

Thursday, December 17, 2009


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Finally a good amount of snow on the ground. Maybe not enough to make a tall snowman but enough that if I wanted to freeze by backside off I could make snow angels :) But I have more common sense then that.... ok maybe not lol

The little Robin bully of the yard eyeing up the bird table by the window. Its always funny when he chases away birds 3 times his size.

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

And here is a pink cow skull (moo) done in oil pastels and turps. I normally cannot stand oil pastels, but really like using them with turps. The pastels get pushed around the paper and the colours blend so much easier. There are defining marks made with a key in this but I don't think they show up very well in a photo. I swear most of the class was as high as a kite after using the turps even with the fan on and the window open :p

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

I had completely forgotten that I had drawn this so it was a nice surprise to find amongst the rest of the life drawing images. You can def. tell which ones where done at the beginning of class and the ones I am drawing now. So while I know that I need a lot of practice in drawing the human form still, its nice seeing that I am managing to improve even a little bit :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Don't fall in the Water....

Yes I almost fell in there :p Good thing I know how to swim! (then again probably not that deep). And fishes! Kind of cute little things.

So Monday the photography class went to the dundee botanic gardens to take some photos. I had planned on just taking pictures around the college but was told I could go, which was really nice :D

It was pretty dark in the greenhouses but its a nice walk (even if the humid green house did me in and I was limping after). Managed to get a few pictures that were not blurry but I can always use the blurry ones for reference photos. I got the coolest idea after looking at one tree, just need to sketch it out :)

Wasn't 100% sure what the weather was going to do so only stepped outside to get this photo and it was pretty chilly out (of course I forgot my gloves :/), me and stina retreated inside after this photo.

And a few nice tall cacti. Why can't I seem to grow one dammit!? :p Actually forgetting to water the seeds probably has something to do with it lol

I get to lug home tomorrow all of the art from my drawer, so I promise to have some more art from college to show. It all weighs a ton, could drop it on someone and kill them (paper cuts are another option :p)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Baby its cold outside...

No snow but lots of frost everywhere.

Which can make for some interesting photos. Frozen water on a spider web, sort of looks like a thin waterfall.

Friday, December 11, 2009

More Messy Writing :p

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

I know I am not the only one that can sometimes have problems starting the first page in a sketchbook. I've tried just skipping ahead a few pages which for some reason seemed to make it easier to put pencil to paper. This time I just decided to put pencil to the first page and of course a dragon showed up. But its almost a full bodied sketch so maybe college is doing more for my art then I think it is.

Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying going just not 100% sure what I am achieving besides a lot of drawings of skulls and nekkid people :p Having said that, I think that life drawing class is probably what is helping me when drawing things other then portraits and close ups. Easier to see how things are connected in the bigger picture, not just one area.

Possibly over analyzing what we are doing but hmm probably something I can't help doing. And in the end I will probably see improvement, (at least I would hope lol) when going through everything from start to finish. So I figure at the very least I will have learned to draw the human form better, at the very best have some drawings I like, and at the very worst have decided that going to school for art isn't for me. One or more of those options.

Did I mention its cold? No? Well it is, and if I knew more Scottish sayings about the cold I would write them here. But my luck they would probably get me into trouble or I would get angry emails about them. I can think of a few I heard in Canada describing the cold but once again would result in me probably getting angry emails so I will just say its cold and leave it at that. But its bloody cold out!

Question for readers :) Cold sayings where you live if it gets cold, and if it doesn't get cold can I sleep on your couch? (I cook and clean and could walk the dog :D :p)

Monday, December 07, 2009

Xmas Lights

A video showing some of the lights in town and for once its not me that swears in the video :p

And occasionally I am going to write things I hear at college:
Today; its like a row of penis's, and no I was not going to ask how that came up in the conversation :p (and I hate to think of the amount of spam I will get now. should save the spammers the trouble. no I don't want any magical blue pills or a boob job, or to accept payments to africa and no chinese website builders either!)

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Creative Space December 3,2009

My creative space for today. Gridding a horse for pointillism and trying to figure out what animal this skull belonged to. Sheep, goat, deer, alien from mars? No idea :p Even though the alien from mars angle would be a lot more interesting then your everyday sheep.

For more creative spaces head here

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Various College Work

Brought some work from college home yesterday, still have no idea where to put itall, as what I brought home isn't even half of what I did. We need another room in the flat. An art studio sounds like a great idea..hmm one day. A girl can dream.

The first drawing I did using the pastel and water technique. Neat effect that I want to keep playing with. I do like how it softens up the pastels and they blend together pretty well when water is added. Still have to deal with the dust from the pastels and they still can still smudge if they pastels are put down thickly.

Second attempt. Little more streaky then the last but I was using the pastels over the previously wetted down pastel layer. I think it might have worked better if I had of waited for the layer to dry, but I was just fooling around at this point trying to see what would happen.

And some quick 5 minute ink sketches :) I've been spending the last few classes sketching in ink, probably going to run out soon :p I knew before that I enjoyed drawing in ink, but I think if I had to choose between ink and coloured pencil, it would be a hard choice.

My schedule for classes changed. Just when you get use to where you need to go, you walk into the wrong class :p