Friday, February 28, 2014

Bosse #2


Started to shade Bosse, (think that is how its spelt....). The plan is to put a couple of light layers down and then darken the areas that need it. I don't want to go too dark too fast, yes it is so much easier to erase graphite over coloured pencil, but I find using an eraser too much takes away the softness of the work. And really, I would hate to spend hours working and then have to erase it all.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Owl Etching #1

This is going to take awhile to scratch all of those feathers on to this guy..,or girl :p

Actually went to college today, yay! and managed the whole day with a few doses of pain killers lol My neck is killing me tho from bending it to work on this. I zone out, not hearing the scratch scratch scratch on the plate and lose track of time when working on these. Its sort of like when working on pointillism, takes a long time to do but you don't actually realize how much time has past because you are so focused on working.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

No Fishing

Spent a bit of time this morning pulling prints of a few bird linos that I had been meaning to get better prints of, since the last time I tried to get some prints they were really patchy. This time I managed to get a few good ones :)

And made new business cards using the eagle from the other day:

Still needs work, but I like how its starting to look.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Blue Brain

blue brain 

And more art done from my MRI.Simple painting, but I still managed to get paint all over my hands, and all over the desk. I am not a painter :p

The board was actually painted a Neon orange, but it didn't scan very well, and even after messing around in Photoshop, it doesn't look right, so I am crossing my fingers there is enough light tomorrow to get a good photo to show the colours properly.

Almost a Month Later


And the cuts look OK.The red discolouration has gone down, still bruised and swollen in some places, but nowhere near as bad as it was at first.

My ear looks dirty :p Sort of hard to clean in front of my ear hard enough to scrub at dried blood since that area is pretty sensitive, but it does get cleaned lol This cut should fade away almost completely, and what might be left will just follow the curve of my ear.

I can eat soft food now, even chicken surprisingly but it just take a long time to eat. Sitting there an hour later eating noodles :p Good and bad news about the pins and needles feeling I am getting in my face; good news is that it probably means the nerves are waking up and my face wont be numb forever; bad news, it could go on for months. Last visit at the docs, I could open my mouth 2cms, which while not good, is better then the 1.5cms  I was at 3 years ago when I first went to see them.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Scottish Word of the Week


This weeks word is:

The last word, foosty, means that mouldy.

Eagle Etching


Actually I just messed around in Photoshop to make it look like this.Its does sort of look like its been through a press and gives me a really good idea what it might look like once it is printed.

Even if I don't get around to building or buying a press I can scan the plate and digitally alter it and put prints up for sale :)

Now back to etching another plate. 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Playing with my Brain

Cleaned up one of the MRI images and then decided meh, lets make a pattern with it.
I have no idea what to do with it, but it looks neat :) If I printed it as a fabric I guess I could use it for a Halloween costume.

And of course, I can't resist playing with the filters in Photoshop. Can't tell what this was originally, but it works better for a fabric or tile pattern.

Thursday, February 20, 2014


The dogs name is Boss, one of the many dogs in the area and I swear this guy has springs on his feet he bounces around more then Tigger. A Boxer with a long tail :D I love seeing them with their tails the way they should be and not chopped off.

I figured I should draw a few dogs and probably a few horses since I do like drawing them in graphite, but really don't draw them enough. This looks so odd without shading, and I can tell from the photo I am going to have to adjust the nose area a bit more before I start shading it. I probably don't have time this week to work on any coloured pencil work, but graphite is a lot quicker to complete.

Monday, February 17, 2014

This is My Brain

This is so cool!! I asked for a copy of one of my MRIs so I could possibly do something with the images for college,and I was given a disc today with the last MRI I had done on it. Lot of images, and I can't read them, but there are so many that I really want to make a gif out of some of them so people can see how the images progress as the machine scans.

I love looking at things like this. I find it so interesting seeing how things all fit together. From what I have read tho, I think that those 2 lighter grey areas on the left are lesions. I know I have one on the left side of my brain on/in my cerebellum. Which makes a lot of sense since that is the part of your brain that controls motor control, (which is a big problem for me :/).

And a top view where you can see all of the brain fold and more lesions, (the ovalish white spots). I want to try some image printing with these, so hopefully that works out :)

Music Monday

Muppets in Viking hats :D

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Finished Cranes

I need a better pic of this but it not small, so finding a wall I can stick it on and get enough distance back to take a photo is a bit of an issue.

Its just a bit smaller than A1, (A series paper sizes here). I might re-do the bottom crane, block the crane with fixative first and then put the background on, but I'm going to wait and have another look at it in a few days before I decide. Need to get it window mounted, pretty sure I don't want to use white matte board, probably some kind of red or purple maybe.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Well, I did want Snow....

Well, I did want it to snow :-P 

Seems to have stopped now,about 3 inches on the ground. John went out and had to help shovel snow away from a neighbour's car tires since it got stuck coming up the hill. The hill we are on is actually very tricky, it doesn't look that steep, but cars and some trucks do have problems with even a small amount of snow.  In the summer there have been a few times I have seen vehicles go rolling down the hill when the handbrake comes off and ours did it a few times before it was fixed :p

Working on the white feathers, which need to be darkened but I will probably finish the brown feathers first. I wish I had a few more purple/red polys, but reds for most of the coloured pencil brands just fade too much to spend money on.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Slowly, Very Slowly

Adding more feathers to the eagle but its taking a little longer then normal because of the double vision. I might have to call the optometrist and ask them if I need to get some different glasses until this numbness goes away or would it be pointless, just have to wait it out and see what happens.

And where is this snowstorm that was supposed to happen? We haven't seen any snow except for the little dusting last night. I want snow, enough to make a snowman :p

Stitches Out

Well actually they came out on the 7th, and I didn't feel a thing since my face is numb, so that was OK. Was itchy after that and is very hard not to scratch but I can move my neck now, so yay. I tried really, really hard to stick to soup, but I couldn't do it. I need something with a bit more to it, so have been eating these plus soup, not exactly healthy, but they are soft and easy to eat and add to the calories I get a day. Still not a lot, but better than 300 calories a day so not dropping weight as fast. (pic below of the cut with the stitches out, just to warn people if they are squeamish, no blood just 2 big cuts)

The shocking feeling is probably the nerves in my face acting up, normal apparently. Hurts tho, like getting shocked and kicked in the side of the head at the same time and it happens randomly.Trying really hard not to yawn, since I can't open my mouth enough to yawn and when I do yawn, it feels like something is pulling.

And yes, its almost 2 in the morning, insomnia is great :p Want to sleep, can't fall asleep tho, partly because of the zapping feeling, partly because my leg keeps twitching.

And now that the stitches are out, the surgery cut doesn't look as gruesome and the swelling has gone done a bit, almost normal now. Not sure how much of a scar I will have. The cut near my ear will probably be hidden, but I don't know about the cut on my neck. Can't put any lotion on them since they are still pretty sore to touch :/

I'm going to have to beach my hair again to lighten the shaved part to dye it red :p

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Scottish Word of the Week


This weeks Scottish word is:
1. foosty

Last weeks word, tassie, is a cup or goblet.

Friday, February 07, 2014

And Back to Work

Added some feathers to the eagle. The paper looks really warped when scanned from having used water on the neocolours. Once its done, I will either flatten it under something heavy, or wet the back and flatten it with heavy books.Glad I just bought a few heavy books, not originally for flattening art tho. (I bought too many books, need another book shelf or I could build a fort with them all).

The jaw is still tingling, and my vision is still all wacky since my right eye is sort of numb. Seeing double a lot of the time and its worse when I wear my glasses, so I don't wear them, which feels weird because I always wear them.Everything is fuzzy if it is more then 2-3 inches away. Its loads of fun.

Been told that on average people lose 10-15 pounds from jaw surgery. While I am at the 10 pound mark, not that I'm complaining about losing 10 pounds., but I don't think you are supposed to lose that much in 8 days :/

I either am full of a lot of pain killers and don't feel pain, or the swelling has gone done enough that I do seem to be able to open my teeth a bit ore than I could yesterday, Not back yet to what I could do before, but its a start I guess.

Time for another root beer float I think :)

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Jaw Surgery Pics

So, I have had a few people ask me what the stitches look like, and though what the hell, lets gross people out :p Wanted to give people the option to see them or not, no open wounds or anything but I am pretty swollen and its a lot of stitches. So here is a side view: an here is a 3/4ish view Its been cleaned up a bit, so its not so yellow now and the hole in my neck was where the drain came out. They did have to shave my hair a bit above my ear, not sure if I mentioned that, but thankfully I have a lot of hair and it covers that area. Looking at the side view, makes me realize I like my nose lol

Today its still swollen and itchy from the stitches, which thankfully are supposed to come out tomorrow. I don't know if its because the nerves are waking up or if its just something that happens, but the right side of my face feels like it is on fire. Now I'm use to that feeling in my hands and feet due to the MS, but its very odd and painful to have it on your face. I really should look that up or remember to ask the Drs tomorrow.

And one plus to the eating situation, I'm not stuck eating just soup. I can have spaghetti hoops if I mush them up :p We figured out that I am only getting about 300 calories a day....not that good. I wanted to lose weight, but maybe not this fast :p

Wordless Wednesday


Monday, February 03, 2014

Another Bird Etching in Progress

Which looks really odd right now since this is just the start of the etching, roughing in the shapes and directions of the feathers. I love making these, I lose track of time, and I love seeing the end printed result.

And since I don't have a press,(yet), really thinking about registering to use the print studio here. Scratch up a few plates and spend a few hours printing them up there.

January Book Wrap Up

I only managed to read 4 books in January, and only wrote reviews for 2 of them. Going to have to read faster if I want to get even close to my reading goal this year. I do have a lot of art books that I just bought for cheap that I will add to the finished list when I am done them, but not sure if people would be interested in reviews of books about artists.

Champion (Legend, #3)Champion by Marie Lu
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A series ending that didn't let the rest of the series down. I thought it was fast paced and the characters are true to themselves throughout the whole series rather like in some series when the characters end up doing an action that makes no sense with what we know of them. It does include talk of politics, which I can find boring, but it works here since it is viewed from a character who feels that same way.

Some of the questions were are left with from the first book are answered, like why one character was murdered, and just reinforces my thoughts that the murderer is week willed pushover. The author tries to makes this character come across as a sort of hero at one point, but its too little too late in my opinion.

We get to read about Antarctica, and how much different and advanced it is compared to the 2 main countries in the books. The people of Antarctica come off as very pompous, they are more technologically advanced and use that to their advantage. Would love to have an internet that was so interactive like theirs.

Eona: The Last Dragoneye (Eon, #2)Eona: The Last Dragoneye by Alison Goodman
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A story of Eon (Eona) and his/her (not really a spoiler that he is actually a she, you find out really early in the first book and its on a lot of the blurbs for the books), work to become a Dragoneye. The story starts out with a basic back story and some of the dragon lore of this world. I did find that very interesting and could see the links between the dragons in the story and a lot of different Asian cultures.

Really enjoyed this series. I actually enjoyed the second book more then the first, I think that is because I already knew the characters well and was looking forward to reading more about how the relationships between the dragons and the dragoneyes would develop. I found the series as a whole fast paced and the main characters were well developed. The secondary characters are also well written, and help push the story forward rather then just stand back and let things happen around them.

There was one predictable event that happens with the dragons in the first book, and isn't hard to figure out the reasons why it happens, but other then that I wasn't disappointed in the plot. I was entertained and interested in what happened to the characters, I wanted a few of the characters to really succeed in their goals, (there were a few character that I wanted to die :p but thats the sign of a well written villain). Would definitely recommend to anyone interested in dragon lore.

Started reading NOS4A2, by Joe Hill, and you can really tell that he favours the writing style of his dad, Stephen King. Not necessarily a bad thing, just hope he is better at writing endings. And then, I have no idea what I am going to read, probably just close my eyes and randomly pick something off of my e-reader. Hopefully it turns out to be something I actually want to read :p

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Out of the Hospital.....

and I am not going to post a photo of the stitches since the cut goes from above my ear to the middle of my throat, looks like someone tried to slash my throat :/ (Really, no one really wants to see that). Can't eat anything but soup since I can't open my mouth enough to chew anything, (going to get sick of tomato soup pretty fast :p). There was a drain in and contrary to what a doctor said when I asked him if it would hurt coming out and he said its a little uncomfortable, that was a little frikken more painful then uncomfortable. A obscenities were muttered when that happened.

I knew beforehand that my face would possibly go numb, so no surprises there, just feels odd to not be able to move the right side of my face properly.The numbness isn't permanent they say until after 18 months.....

No idea how many stitches there are, 15-20+?? They come out on Thursday so will ask then. Pretty damn sure I would not do this again, too painful and it might not have done anything to increase jaw function. Finger crossed it does after the swelling goes down and I go through physio tho.