Thursday, September 29, 2011

Creative Space Sept, 29 2011

I spent most of the day working on this creepy looking horse skull. I don't know if its the angle or the fact that its a horse skull that makes it look creepy :p Its pretty big, and I'm not 100% happy with it, so will probably work on it more next week.

No one has entered the giveaway for the scrapbooking software, so if you do, you have a pretty good chance of winning it ;p

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Flickr Faves

Its a fox! nah its the Finnish Spitz, which could very well get people yelling fox at you if you took one for a walk :p

1. <a href="">Finnish Spitz</a>, 2. <a href="">Where is my dinner?</a>, 3. <a href="">Finnish spitz puppy</a>, 4. <a href="">Jeppe running part II</a>

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Only 65 Rows to go....

I was starting to wonder why this blanket was taking me so long to do, as its not the hardest pattern in the world. I think I've figured out why. Instead of making the blanket 182cm wide...I've made it 182 inches. 15 feet. oops :p (its folded in the photo)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Paint up my Nose Again

But at least it didn't get in my eye. That really hurts :p The plan was to do this with grey and white, but I don't have any grey here, so brown it is. Another study of a horse's eye, not yet done. Needs a bit more work until I will be happy with it, but I think it looks OK so far :)
I realized when I was photographing this that I was drawing an owl this same time last year. How very odd.

I've put some more prints in my Etsy store :) Going to be adding more in the next few days.

Scottish Word of the Week

This weeks word:
1. galshachs

Last weeks word, lang-luggit means long-earred, someone who likes to eavesdrop. So Cindy had some of the word right with her guess :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Avert Your eyes....

nekkid people abound :p
Not that there really is anything to see. My life drawings are very sketchy when I use ink.
Trying to get the foreshortening of that damn bent leg was driving me nuts. Still not right, but better than the first time I tried lol
The standing pose I found easy, but there isn't any odd angles or really any foreshortening to deal with. Foreshortening is my evil nemesis when it comes to people :/
And hands. Really need to practice hands. Good thing I can draw from mine because I need the practice. Does make me wish I still had the extra finger. Would have made some neat drawings :p

Friday, September 23, 2011

Theme Work

So with horses my theme for college, I need to draw a lot of horses, or more accurately the parts of the horse. Hooves, ears, eyes etc. Might seem boring to most people, but I think it helps to study each part of the animal to improve your understanding of how it moves and how things are connected.
This eye was actually blue, and yes it is simple to draw but any kind of practice helps :)
And a very cartoonish blue horse, with odd ears :p

I need to do a few paintings, and this is a sketch for one.
Needs a bit of work, but the basic idea is there. :)

I am drawing a lot at college which is good, but by the end of the day my brain is ready for a nap. Who ever thinks that drawing is easy, really should try themselves. OK, I think the actual motions of drawing are easy, its the having to think about what you are drawing that can be hard :p All the measuring and making sure the angles are right, works the head. People often think that I sit around all day playing with pencils, and OK I do sit a lot :p, but I am doing a lot of studying, it just might not always be studying in a book.

Scrapbooking (contest)

contest closed
I could spend hours playing around with this scrapbooking software :) I've never used digital scrapbooking software before, but it is so much easier than the traditional method. Yes, you do loose the textures you might have with "normal" scrapbooking, but I really do think that being able to move the objects around and change their sizes makes up for the lack of texture.
Of course I had to use pictures of Sky to fool around with. I didn't know how to use any part of this program before I opened it, but I found it pretty easy to use. You can either use a pre-designed album or make up your own. Adding pictures was easy, you just click the box you want the photo in, find it on your computer and add it, pretty easy.
You can add all kinds of different embellishments to your pages. The software comes with a bunch of stuff already installed with it, but you can download some free kits at mymemories to add to your pages, or spend some money on a kit to get what you want. You can change the sizes of the images you use by stretching the box the image is in, and change the transparency of it as well, which is very handy. It was easy to install on my laptop, it does seem to take a bit long to load, but my laptop is 5 years old :p
Used one of the free templates for making up a calendar page for October, think this would come in handy for putting your art in every month if you didn't have a picture you wanted to use. If you have artwork for certain holidays and seasons, it might be a nice way to show it off.
I thought using a few step by step pics might work well against a coloured background, which is easy to change if it looks too busy or too plain. You can add text to the page, so if you wanted to add detailed descriptions it is easy to do. What ever fonts you have on your computer you can use. I added shadows to most of my text, it stands out more I find and it was easy enough to do.

The control panel for the program is on the right, and is easy to follow to find what you want to change. You can add your favourite embellishment to your favourites which makes it a lot easier to reuse images you will use a lot.

If you enjoy scrapbooking, or even messing around with graphics, I think you might enjoy this program. And its a plus if you don't have a lot of space for scrapbooking supplies (like me), it becomes a problem when you need an extra room (or 2 :p) for all of your stuff. There is so much more to do with this program that I probably haven't even found, but I like finding out new things when using something like this. I can see me really using it for not just photos but for art pages too. I might actually get around to making some travel pages now that I really don't have any excuses :p

Now onto the contest, if you would like the chance at winning your own copy (downloadable) please follow these directions: :) Leave an email to contact you if you do not have a blogger account.

For one entry, go to and choose your favourite layout or paper pack and post which one it is here in a comment

For extra entries:
1. Follow my blog, or be a follower already (let me know in a comment)
2. Tweet about the contest (let me know in a comment) (my twitter @fuzzydragons)
3. follow the mymemories blog (let me know in a comment) 

I will draw the winner randomly on October 7th, so lots of time to enter :)

"$10 off MyMemories Suite v2 Software and $10 in free products from Use Promo Code: STMMMS66531

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Flickr Faves Sept, 20 2011

The dog of the week is the (Norwegian) Elkhound. Don't know much about them, just like the way they look :p

1. <a href="">Elkhounds</a>, 2. <a href="">elkhounds & pups 02-03-08 370</a>, 3. <a href="">Norwegian Elkhound</a>, 4. <a href="">oliver in the grass</a>

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Dear Santa

Or should that be deer Santa? :p

I did this on watercolour paper with coloured pencil, and I really like how the pencils run over the grooves in the paper. For awhile, this looked like it was actually done with watercolours, but after I added a few darker colours, it started to look more like a pencil piece.

I am going to have to try with the paper and pencils again, I liked the look and as long as I keep the colours light, it will look like watercolours. The technique might work really well with small landscapes or if I can't find any water around to use with my paint. 

Months in advance and I get a Xmas picture done. Surprise even myself sometimes :p

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Friday, September 16, 2011

Dear Santa WIP

 It is not a secret I'm not a huge Xmas fan, I do admit to liking the lights everywhere (ooh shiny :p), but I really could deal without people rushing around, freaking out trying to find the perfect gift. I really believe that you don't need a specific date to give someone a gift. Even if I'm not a Xmas fan, the dragons are :) hmmm wonder what he wrote to Santa for? Maybe wants to eat one of the reindeer? :p

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Creative Space Sept, 15 2011

Yep, still working on this :p Have managed to complete 3 rows tho in the last week, but not sure if I can do that every week and still get all of my work done for college. I am trying to think of a way to use crochet for some college work, but with a theme of horses, I can't think of an idea.

And I really needed a hair cut, was starting to look really ratty :/
Much better :) and only cost £3

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Flickr Faves Sept, 13 2011

 If you let your dog on the couch, this one might need its own couch to lay on :p The Dogue de Bordeaux is this weeks dog :) Have a drool rag handy too :p

1. <a href="">Dogue de Bordeaux</a>, 2. <a href="">Dogue de Bordeaux</a>, 3. <a href="">Dogue de Bordeaux</a>, 4. <a href="">Thor - 4.5 months old</a>

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Tailgate 1, Jen 0

Note to self; move before the trunk gets shut :p Getting hit on the head bloody hurts, so a tad dizzy at the moment. Just hoping I don't feel like this tomorrow, since I am supposed to go to college, but my head hurts and its a little hard to concentrate :/

I was going to work on my cheetah, but the hit on the head put a halt on that. So hopefully I can work on it a bit more during the week. I have a few ideas for some horse drawings for college to sketch out too, have to include a unicorn idea. I think unicorns are overused, but they are one of the main things people think of when you ask about mythological horses.

hmmm this post probably doesn't make sense, blame the head injury :p

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Scottish Word of the Week Sept, 11 2011

This weeks Scottish word:
1. peeny

Last weeks word, whigmaleerie is a decortion or ornament :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Cheetah WIP cont....

Managed to get some more done on the cheetah. Still looks cross eyed :p meh, could make a title out of it being cross eyed I guess :p Need to fix the right eye, its a little too small....

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Little Light Headed

Used turps today, forgot how strong they are when you use them inside :/ Could almost taste them when I took a drink, blagh :/ So, this is a very abstract (for me at least), horse skull done with oil pastels and then moved around with the turps. I really like using the pastels with the turps, you can get some really cool effects. I would do it more, but I'm not too keen on feeling loopy :p

And keeping with the horse theme, a quick 10 minute ink sketch :) I can never use ink enough, if I had to choose only one art supply to draw with, it would be ink.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Flickr Faves September 6,2011

Its theme week again, tiny, small, little. The obvious choice is the chihuahua, but nope its going to be the Chinese crested. Another one of those dog breeds that you find either cute or really fugly :p

1. <a href="">Chinese Crested dog</a>, 2. <a href="">Chinese Crested Dog - 01</a>, 3. <a href="">Liska, our Chinese Crested Dog</a>, 4. <a href="">Chinese crested puppies</a>

For more faves, head here :)

Monday, September 05, 2011

Theme Time

We were given a sketchbook that we have to use for one of our classes, pick a theme and go with it. Easier said then done, considering I can't seem to stick with one theme. I start out with the best of intentions, but a themed sketchbook often ends up with way too much stuff, it just seems like a garbage dump for ideas. Which for me, is really what a sketchbook is. But I don't know if that is what the teachers want.

I am probably over thinking this :p So I picked horses for a theme (of course), but then I started thinking of all the other themes I could use instead; steampunk, circus, tarot, ancient egypt....the list goes on :p I guess I could use some of them with horses, combine them in some way.

And as easy as cave paintings look, not so easy to draw when you want to focus on detail :p

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Scottish Word of the Week September, 4, 2011

This weeks word:

1. whigmaleerie (don't ask me to say it :p)

Last weeks word, stoatin refers to being so drunk you can hardly walk :p

Friday, September 02, 2011

More Cheetah

One eye almost coloured in. Not going to do much more of that eye until there is more done on the rest.

And I have the plague, stay far away. I  venture out into the real world, and I end up with the plague. hmm that should tell me something.....:p