Tuesday, September 30, 2008


inked dragon Copyright Jennifer Rose PhillipCopyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

Finished dragon with only a few curse words on my part when my hand spasmed and I had to do a quick fix. Decide to just leave the belly of the dragon alone for right now, could always change it later. Now onto a horse thats been drawn since we went to Glamis Castle last year to the Country Fair.

So I have been doing a lot of reading about going to school here and am freaking out a bit and I haven't even applied yet. Its not the drawing part that I have a problem with, its the exams I would have to do that I have a problem with. I don't do very well with tests, and now with the meds I'm on I have problems remembering things, which doesn't help. And I don't have a portfolio of work I could use when applying.

I am planning on going to one of the open days to at least can have a look around. But if I am going to apply I better get off my butt and draw more art for a portfolio.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Its Alive!!

One working computer :D And no blood was shed in the process lol Mr.Fuzzy and his dad got the case so shiny, but neither of them are happy with it. They want it shinier :p

And yes I am using the old Singer as a hat rack :p I missed a chance to complete another one off of my list. It poured down rain today so I could have danced in the rain, crossed that off my list and gotten a cold at the same time :D

inked dragon copyright jennifer rose phillipCopyight Jennifer Rose Phillip

I am trying to finish old art that I put to the side for what ever reason. I think I put this away because the tape pulled some of the paper off on the sides. Couldn't sell it as is, but I can still make prints off of it. I might try to colour this digitally once the inking is done. Bright psychedelic colours. I started this over a year ago, lots of art to finish over the last year. But at least I wont be searching for something to do.

I'm torn. I know the dragon's underbelly needs more definition but not 100% sure how to go about it without the lines being too dark. I thought stripes would work well, but might clash with the spots. hmm ideas? (I will get a scan of this when I am finished, lots of detail is lost in the photo)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Computer Problems

So #67on my 101 list is put a computer together.

So all of this has to go here: (minus a motherboard)

Beginning to think putting this on my list is a mistake :p (but at least we can put Mr.Fuzzy's computer degree to some work :p)

Art tomorrow if I don't shock myself putting this together *knocks on wood*

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Virtual Sketch September

So I did a very very quick little art card for this months Virtual Sketch using Derwent Inktense pencils. Loose sketch with the pencils seen above and than wetted down.

Looks more like a green and pink blob :p Hopefully next month I don't leave it until the last minute :/

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

Friday, September 26, 2008

Orion ACEO

"Orion" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
2.5 by 3.5 Inches £8 plus shipping
Contact me if interested

So because I think I need a bit of practice with graphite, I am going to try to do at least 1 ACEO a week in graphite. I figure its a small enough format I will still get the practice and its not so big it will take forever to complete something.

So up first is a drawing of Orion when he was hanging out in a tree. He did seem to like being put in the trees and on the lawn, and it was a great photo opportunity. I was always outside with him, and if he was in a tree always under him and never let him get on a branch that I couldn't climb too. (I have had people ask me if I wasn't scared of him getting away. Nope. He was a lazy snake. And while I know he could have been fast, he never went any faster than a slow crawl. Even when the birds in the trees were near [free lunch! :p])

He never bit me, bit dad a few times :p He (or possibly she. Never had that found out), was a great low maintenance pet. Well low maintenance compared to a dog, but still needed work and care. While Ball Pythons do not get as large as most boas, they can be pretty hefty snakes and are notoriously picky eaters. Would love another one someday when we can afford to take care of it (and have a bigger freezer for feeder mice/rats. hmm don't think a frozen mouse would be mistaken for a pizza but you never know :p)

And we almost had a kitty the other day. I had one of the living room windows open and was just sitting practising knitting (its odd. I can purl stitch better than a normal stitch), and I look up and there is a black cat sitting on the inside of the window ledge. I jumped up and yelled "Cat!" (no its a dog >.<), and it jumped away. Day before when I was hanging up clothes outside I left the flat complex door open. The cat got in and I hissed at it and it ran away. Whats odd about that is the colour of the collar the cat had on. A purple/pink combination. Saw my little black furry friend today at Mr.Fuzzy's parents (she still drools when you pet her :p) and her collar is the same colour. And while I do know that its not uncommon for cats to have the same colour collars on it just seems a little odd that they are both small black cats. hmm Mr.Fuzzy thinks she is stalking me :p

more animals

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Deuce Finished

"Deuce" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
Photos taken with permission from here

I am not completely satisfied with this. Yesterday my hand decide it didn't want to work anymore and spasmed on me :/ The dark line next to his ear is a result of that. And his nose too. I would have just erased the marks but can't without that being noticeable.

When I look at this it looks all skewed. Maybe from looking at it so long. I don't know :/ I think I need to practice more with graphite. Which is odd because its what I have used the most, just out of practice using coloured pencils so much. I think I will redo this in coloured pencil. Never done a black dog with CPs so it should be interesting.

Normally I wouldn't post art that I think is messed up. But its always good to get advice on work you do and another pair of eyes can spot the mistakes you missed. So any suggestions I am more than willing to hear them :D (hmm back to school with me I think :p)

hmm this is kind of a negative sounding post.

I need to think of a SPT wearing my tiara again. Hanging laundry wearing the tiara? :p

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

2b or ...

not. I can't find my 2B graphite pencil. I swear I had it the other day, but I probably left it outside when I was hanging up the clothes. Had the pencil tucked behind my ear so it probably fell off as I was hanging up the dozens of socks. (for 3 days worth of laundry we sure clean a hell of a lot of socks :p)

So Deuce is almost finished. Need to darken the shadows more and work on all the fur on his ears. Lots of fur. Almost enough to braid :D

Even though I had paper under my hand, it still ended up black down one side. Good thing I noticed before I scratched my nose. Last time I was walking around all day with a black spot on my nose (black plague!)

"Cold" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
Original size 11 by 13 Inches
£60.00 (comment here if interested)

A scan of the owls and the narrow crop. Not going to cut it until I find a frame. I think you get a better idea of the colours and the texture of the background on the scan. I need to go through all the bird photos that I took and decide on which bird to do next. I wish I had some pictures of vultures. Birds so ugly they are pretty :)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Finished Owls

snowy owls Cold Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip"Cold" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
Coloured Pencil and Neocolours on Stonehenge

I think I am finished with the owls. Used a few oranges and an Indigo Coloursoft pencil to darken the shadows.

I need to scan this as the photo makes it look really washed out, but Mr.Fuzzy is busy killing evil things playing Diablo 2 so has the desktop tied up at the moment, (he gets like Dad when he plays a game. You know he has died as he starts cursing. Dad woke us up once he was cursing so loud, turning the air blue after he died playing Halo :p I get the same way too though. Many a brave mouse has died while playing a computer game R.I.P. poor mices)

Anyway, I need to decide on a crop. I don't have to trim it, but I do need to decide how to show it online.
First is a long narrow crop and then a square crop with the owls off centre.

I prefer the tall narrow crop but it might be hard to find a frame for if I decide to frame it.

Thoughts or suggestions?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

This is...

Roar! (photo from here)

what I want to be when I grew up. This weeks choice was from here :)

I wanted to be a lot of things when I was a kid. All ending in ologist :p Marine Biologist, Archaeologist, Zoologist, Paleontologist, Veterinarian. Ok so the last isn't an ologist :p

I guess if I had to choose I really really wanted to be a Paleontologist. Still would if I could. Nothing really stopping me besides finances and trying to find a school not too far away.

I think I draw so many dragons because I love Dinosaurs, even if I can't pronounce half of the names.

What did you want to be when you grow up/grew up?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Too Much Blue?

Blue Owls Copyright Jennifer Rose PhillipBlue Owls Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

*steals blog back from Mr.Fuzzy the pirate and hides the parrot feathers :p*

Finished the back owl and almost finished the front owl. I still need to darken up the shadow on the taller owl and put some more light feathers on the smaller one. Suggestion anyone?

The taller owl is about 3.5 inches tall, so not a whole lot of room to work with. I could try to add all of the feathers, but I don't want to drive myself insane :p I still need to decide on how I am going to crop the image. Either a long narrow crop, or a square crop so the birds are just off centre.

And I will admit I watch Strictly Come Dancing. I just love seeing all of the dancer's costumes and the fast dances. They look like a lot of fun, and I would probably kill myself if I tried to dance like that lol (I can't dance. At all) Makes me really want to take a belly dancing class. Maybe next year. Once I start doing pilates everyday I get in shape so fast. Just hard to get in the habit of doing it everyday. (and not eating candy helps too. I can walk past the candy aisle now and not even want to buy anything :p)

My favorite dance from last year :)

I will try not to post too many dance videos :)

Friday, September 19, 2008


Today be talk like a pirate day, so avast ye scurvy net lubbers and scrub thar decks or ye'll walk de plank! - Capt.Fuzzy as me wench is fair tuckered from too much of that there land trekking.
Arrr where be me parrot? I thinks the wench cooked it for her dinner....bah
she be back tomorrow if I decides not to keel haul her for cookin me parrot! >:|
Lastly bah me work has yon christmas tat in already, tis enough to make any mariner sick wi shame so t'it is. I should make them all walk the plank for such treachery!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Owl Update

Snowy Owls Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

So started to colour an owl today. Trying to get a really soft look to the bird, not a lot of detail just focusing on the feather texture. I still need to add a few more dark blues to get a few feather markings down, but I am going to try not to use too much greys. You can get some really nice greys just from using purple and blue colours. Hopefully have this almost finished tomorrow so I can get a better picture for here.

I started a few more things on my 101 list, but haven't finished anything else since last week. Getting a list of all the dog breeds in the UK Kennel Club and the Canadian Kennel Club. The list is turning out to be longer then I thought it would lol And I have never seen some of the breeds so not sure how easy it is going to be sketching them all.

I'm glad I have a few sketchbook laying around empty waiting to be filled with dog sketches if I find reference pictures for some of the dogs. If we hadn't put wallpaper on the wall I would have painted dogs on them :p

Monday, September 15, 2008

EDM #43 and More Adventures in Knitting!

Everyday Matters Challenge #43 Draw Something China or Ceramic Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip Everyday Matters Challenge #43 Draw Something China or Ceramic
Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

A Lilliput Lane figure from a charity shop. I really like looking at these, there is so much detail on some of them its amazing. Some of them are pretty large, but you can get little ones like these in charity shops sometimes if you don't mind not having the box. I really need to practice perspective :p (hmm

And the knitting saga continues. Slowly :p I think I have stopped making the stitches too tight, but now the problem is that I think they might be too loose :/ Not dropping as many stitches as I use to so that is good. Hmm at this rate I might get a scarf finished by my 30th birthday :p

And this week Scottish word:
1. kaleyard

Answer to last weeks Scottish word:
1. pump is farting. Might come in handy to know :p

Sunday, September 14, 2008

More Planes!

I swear this is still an art blog :p But for now we have some pictures from yesterday. Just too bad about the clouds (and the parking lot fiasco)

This looked like they had put a giant pink condom on the nose of the plane :p (was for a group fund raising)

And an Apache :D Love the look of this helicopter. They had a few pyrotechnics going off in a field when this was in the air. Made me jump the first time it went off :p There were clouds of black smoke after they were set off.

B-52 Huge plane. You never realize how large these aircraft are until you see them in person.

A lot of the tails were painted.

Really low plane (Nimrod). Looked like it would never get off the ground to me lol

Video of the Red Arrows going through a few aerobatic displays (they did as much as they could considering the clouds) Didn't think they would get to fly at all the clouds were so thick. Was really cool to see. I had seen the Snow Birds in Hamilton so it was really neat to see a different team flying. It always amazing when you think of how long it takes to be able to fly that well to do the things they do.

Another short video

And no Scottish event is complete with out bagpipers :) (and rain :p)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I'm Deaf!

We went here today. Took lots of pictures, some video and spent 2 hours and 15 minutes trying to get out of the car park *angry face* Was funny though when people started honking their horns one after the other. Was like a musical wave (and yes we honked our horn too :p had to add our displeasure about getting stuck there. They really need to rethink the parking system next year.)

The Vulcan didn't fly, clouds were too low but some other planes did manage to make a quick turn around.

More pictures tomorrow :)

Friday, September 12, 2008


Its a good movie when it makes me jump :p

I really, really liked this movie :D Make sure you speak Spanish or don't mind reading subtitles though. The subtitles don't take away from the action that is happening in the scene like some subtitles can. And if watching Cloverfield (another movie I really liked), made you a little ill from the camera moving around this one might too.

The suspense was kept up all the way through the movie and I will be very interested to see the remake to see if it is any good. (I am not sure if the ending would go over really well with an American market though)

So yeah lots of blood, lots of screaming, lots of things jumping out of the dark, good time had all around :p (Mr.Fuzzy didn't watch this. Not his kind of movie)

Red Sky in Morning...

Ok so its a pink sky, but its still really pretty. Only lasted few minutes and now there is no trace of the colour. All grey and blue.

There probably is some kind of atmospheric reason for the difference in colours here and where I lived in Canada. Yes you do get skies that are pink in Ontario, but it a different shade. That probably doesn't make any sense. Probably thinking I'm going loopy :p (probably :p)

Red sky at night; sailor's delight,
Red sky in the morning; sailor's warning

Off to an airshow tomorrow, rain or shine (hopefully shine)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Snowy Owl WIP Post#1

So I decided to combine the 2 owls in the same picture. This is Neocolours on Stonehenge again. I wanted to have the background to have an icy look to it so stuck with mostly blues.

First layer of colour with water added. I need to go over this again once it is completely dry (tomorrow), and than take a scrunched up paper towel to it to try to create a crackle effect. It worked well on the little piece I did in the corner so hopefully it works well on a bigger surface.

It is a big piece of paper and the owls do look very small, but I will probably crop the image so the owls are the focus. Any paper that I trim away I can use with a different project.

I find that if I work on more than one thing at a time I do actually get things done. And it does mean that I always have something to draw.

I completely forgot that I had the tiara on when a guy came to measure the back steps for a railing. It wasn't until I went back inside that the odd looks he was giving me made sense :p

SPT Sept,11, 2008

SPT Sept,11, 2008
Originally uploaded by fuzzydragons

Remembered to post an SPT today :)

Wonder how many odd looks I will get today from wearing the tiara :p

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dinosaurs! Run Away!

So I did end up shrinking the side of Deuce's head. It was way too wide (even if he has a big head), things were just not going to line up. The whole shading of that side of his head would have been wrong and made his markings wrong. But its fixed now :D

So when I can't sleep I draw dragon heads. The other night I was wide awake, so thought if I just quickly sketch something it might help. Well it didn't. Just made me want to start painting, and we don't have room for me to paint. And while paint fumes at 1 in the morning might actually make me pass out, they probably would had just made me really giddy :p (theres a little stick man yelling"Run Away!", next to the dragon but you can't really see it here)

Mr.Fuzzy is signed off from work for 2 weeks due to a chest/ear infection (someone help me! :p) so hopefully that does clear up because if it doesn't the docs have to do more tests on him. (he gets to be a lab rat :p)

Off to watch Jurassic park and then I will probably want to draw all kinds of Dinosaurs.

Small spoiler alert if you haven't seen the movie (but its still a funny short story)

So mom took me to see Jurassic Park in the cinema. Mom hardly ever took us with her to see a movie in theater as there is something about movie seats that just causes her to fall asleep. My sister and I went to the shows ourselves, but she didn't come with mom and I to see Jurassic Park.

So mom was sitting in the seat, her elbow on the armrest and she hadn't fallen asleep yet, kind of an odd movie to fall asleep to anyway. At the scene where the Raptors jump out from the electrical cables, mom was so startled that she jumped and her elbow punched me in the eye.

I actually was laughing too much from her getting scared that I didn't notice my face hurt :p It did after though.

And she was right, I think I will always remember this happening. Its kinda funny as she watched all kinds of horror movies but this one made her jump :p

So I made sure after that to sit on the other side of her when we went to see movies together so I didn't get knocked out :p

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

101 Task Update Sept,9,2008

So not off to a great start as I haven't crossed much off the list since I started, but I have started on a few so that says something lol I managed to cross off #87.Plant Dahlia bulbs in front garden on September 4,2008, hopefully they come up next year.

Things from the list that I started:
3.Draw 1 thing a week for a minimum of 6 months
9.Write commission list for art
36.Grow hair long again. Past waist (I could see me taking scissors to it myself before this one is finished :p)
47.No Candy for 3 weeks.started Sept 7,2008 (this on is going to be very hard, and more than likely I will have to keep restarting this one :p
63.Update website (updated the art, still need to add commission info to it and the code for my newsletter)
71.Learn how to use Gimp properly
72.Keep track of all the books I read list

Still lots of time left to strike off most of them :)

So the owl pictures aren't just to pretty up the post. I need to decide on which one to use in another drawing with the background done in Neocolours. Going to use cool colours to try to give the picture an overall cold feeling.

There is not a huge difference in the birds, just not sure which one to use. I could use both, combine the 2 into one. Too many birds for one picture? Maybe too much white? Any thoughts?

Monday, September 08, 2008

Bread of Death

Bricks for food? My first attempt at bread making. Could probably hit someone with it and knock them out :p Tastes all right though

Not sure if I posted this on here yet. The start of the drawing I am doing of Deuce. Lots more work to do on this. Finish laying down the first layer of pencil and than concentrate on the highlights. I think I need to put the left side of his face on a diet, looks a little too wide here.

If you don't hear from me in the next few days the bread killed me :p

Sunday, September 07, 2008

This is....

..absolute favorite band of all time.

This is really hard for me. There are so many bands I love that its hard to choose just one. If I wasn't an artist I would be doing something in the music field. Whether that was trying to play an instrument, tuning a piano, drawing cover art (well that is more of an artist thing), singing badly :p, music teacher or a groupie (joking, well maybe :p)

I love music and usually need some kind of music playing when I draw. Classical, rock, alternative, pop (don't laugh, lots of art has been from listening and hopping around to pop music), heavy metal, country, folk. Anything and everything.

So I am just going to list a few band videos of bands/artists that I love

Steve Earle

Our Lady Peace

Collective Soul

Janis Joplin

Alice in Chains

Kate Nash

Seether (I could have listed them is my favorite band if I really had to choose, but its like pulling teeth)

And P!nk doing Janis :D


Saturday, September 06, 2008

Spiky Spiky

This week Scottish Word:

1. pump

and its not what most people would think :p

Answer to the last Scottish word:

1. mochie

damp, humid weather. Haven't had much of that this summer and strong winds today where the bins were having races down the street again.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Swap Art

hmmm mutant tall dahlia plant? I honestly had never seen any this tall before :p I'm 5 foot 4 to give a height reference (well 5 foot 4 and 3/4 that 3/4 counts for a lot :p)

This was supposed to a SPT but I never got around to posting it. I would wear this hat more often but if it is even a little bit windy it goes flying off of my head and I look like an idiot running after it :p

I really really want to make this cake but I am the only one who likes peanut butter :/ I don't think I could eat a whole cake (well ok I know I could, I shouldn't though)

So I participated in an art swap over on WetCanvas and this is what I received.

A nice little colourful dragon :D

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Everyday Matters #44

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip 2008
Everyday Matter #44 Draw Something that Folds

I use to fold cranes out of anything. Scrap paper, book reports, money. I use to be able to fold other things as well but have forgotten how to make all but the cranes. I want to try to fold a dragon but can't seem to find paper that is big enough but still thin enough to fold so many times.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

Finished Halloween dragons yay! Just need to get a better picture or a scan and then I will have prints. Very simple drawing but I like it. Now onto a dog drawing (if I can find it) and a few horse drawings.

So last night I was reading in bed, Mr.Fuzzy was on the computer and we both heard this loud bang. I thought something had fallen in the bathroom, he thought something had fallen in the kitchen. We could not figure out what made the noise and went to bed. Well that was until I went to get some ice cream (diet be damned!) and saw this:

The loud bang was a can exploding. We forgot it was in the freezer so now we have this lovely mess to clean up. At least there wasn't a lot in the freezer. Ice cream, french fries and frozen chicken (we don't freeze a lot of food. Buy most things the day we need them).

The perpetrator. The tab just blew. Dad use to freeze pop all the time and it would only freeze when he went to open it so had to pour it very quick before it froze in the can.

So lesson of the day, don't freeze pop :p (this is the second pop that has exploded this week. The first was in the car, and leaked all over the mats (weirdly just a pinhole and usually they are fine, either go solid or freeze up when you open them....thinner metal more recently??...yep steel that now is as bendable as alu...sneaky :S >> Mr F) Hmm maybe its a sign to lay off the pop lol (yeah like that will happen - MrF) A few months ago one exploded when Mr.Fuzzy opened it after it had been sitting in the hot car all day (stupid) His ears were ringing for awhile after that (think loud bang aka bomb-blast in a very confined space, cool but potentially deadly / blinding - MrF )

Monday, September 01, 2008

Bad Little Black Furry Friend

So my little black friend was trying to get at the birds in the tree. Bad cat! :p She almost got some dinner but scared the birds when she went to jump at them. She started meowing at me to get her down but I was "you got up there, you get down" But if I had of had a ladder I would have grabbed her lol (and probably ended up in the hospital with a broken leg. that would be kinda embarrassing to admit to. Broken leg from trying to help a cat off of a shed roof while the cat could have just jumped down :/)

Posted my 101 list over at my LJ. Wish me luck :) A lot of them seem simple but a few I know are going to take awhile to do and get enough courage to do a few as well lol Already crossed one off. Made banana bread but haven't had any yet :p

I am hoping to get my Halloween drawing finished tomorrow and maybe sew another dragon. I really want to make a dragon puppet, just need to draw out a pattern.

Too Many Tentacles?

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

Almost finished :D And early too! Next big dragon piece will be a dragon Xmas with a background to boot. And I don't even like Xmas :p

I am thinking of doing another 101 things in 1001 days list. I did have a list going a few years ago but life really got in the way (MS crap mostly and moving overseas kinda put a stop to a lot of it). I did manage to complete about 25 things from the list, before I stopped and I have really been thinking I need to start another one to have some more goals.

It was very hard to think of 101 things to put on a list the first time, so I just need to think of a few new things to replace the ones that I finished.They are not all art related, many of them people would be wondering why I would put on a list of things to do. That I would never do them (and some I might not, but they are there as a reminder of something I want to try).

If I do start it would probably be tomorrow (1st September). Not picked for any reason besides that it is the first of the month. And just to keep things organized I will more than likely have the list on my LJ and post here when I complete things.

So check back tomorrow to get a look at the list and to laugh/roll your eyes/think what the hell is she on? ;)

(when I was reading this out loud I had this thick Irish accent. how odd lol)