Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just a Minute

almost finished
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Over at August Street you can see other people that are playing along :)

Making... the above :/ still lol I had hoped to get it finished but it was so nice out today we planted some roses

Watching... don't have a t.v. :p but I got hubby to watch Office Space as he had never seen it before. Also watched Crank which I really enjoyed :)

Reading... The Winter Mantle: Elizabeth Chadwick and Casino Royal by Ian Fleming.

The Champion by Elizabeth Chadwick
Be Careful What You Wish for by Alexandra Potter
Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury
The Scarlet Lion by Elizabeth Chadwick
(when I find an author I like, I tend to read everything I can find in the library by them :p)

Listening... Kelly Clarkson's new album and and various Seether albums


Applied to Uni ack! o.0
got my 2 bottom front teeth fixed, very odd having 2 normal teeth :p
did 30 days of cow, which was fun :D
planted a lot of seeds, but still no friggin cacti! *shakes fist* I really might have to break down and buy one that is already grown :/

Monday, March 30, 2009


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Only one photo for Monday :/ Flowers that are in the In laws front yard. None of ours have come up yet, looks like they will soon *fingers crossed*

I didn't get any drawing done today at all :/ But I did get my teeth fixed :D Only the bottom 2 on the front and its so odd trying to eat now. Because I was so used to using teeth that were ground down a lot its odd having teeth that are the size they should be :p lol I'd post picures of before and after, but I don't think people want to see that :p (and I forgot to brush my teeth when the pic was taken last night :p) Pretty boring day actually

Scottish word this week:


Answer to the last word:

1.pooch is a pocket :)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

origami dragon

origami dragon
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An hour later :p I need thinner paper. Was getting hard to do some of the folds with this paper. This was a little more advanced compared to the other dragons I have done. Feel like a try? Go here

To the dentist tomorrow to hopefully get my teeth filled. Not sure how that works, but at least my front teeth will look better.

This was going around Livejournal a few months ago and I meant to do it then but I forgot :p I'm going to take some photos but the twist is that they are of things that you guys want to see. So pick something you want to see a picture of (nothing racey or really rude obviously [Mr.F says damn no one is going to suggest anything now :p]), such as the flat, yard, a certain part of town, my left foot, contents of the fridge etc....anything you want to see and I will take a picture and post it here. Might not get any suggestions but I thought I would post it in case there was something someone wanted to see :)

Saturday, March 28, 2009


I'm not a shoe person. I have 1 pair of sandals, 1 pair of hiking boots (that I got married in), 3 pairs of wedge sandals that I don't wear enough and thats it. But I love how these shoes look. I would love to save up for a pair. There are so many things that I could do to them and I could probably walk in them :p

and heres a list of people I allegedly look like...not so sure myself (could have probably picked a more flattering photo :p) I only know who 2 of those people are lol

Friday, March 27, 2009

30 days of cow finished

30 days of cow finished
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I forgot to post this the other day. All 30 photos of the cow together :D If I thought I could do a 365 project with him I would, but not sure if I can think of that many ideas :p

Some more of the Dragons

drawing of easter dragons copyright Jennifer rose phillipEaster Dragons Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

Another update on the dragons. Slowly its coming together. I really do need to start these holiday dragons a lot earlier then a week before the holiday :p

drawing of easter dragons copyright Jennifer rose phillipAnd here is where it stands right now. Need to put the shadows in and finish one basket. Darken some of the values and then onto the scanner it goes :) Its not as vibrant as it is here, but once again I'm horrible at taking photos of art :p

drawing of easter dragons copyright Jennifer rose phillipMr.F found the oddest thing in the fuse box cupboard and its odd that we never noticed before :p

At least its not a really horrible card :p I just find it an odd thing to leave in a cupboard between the 2 halves sandwiched between the wood.

And useful Etsy tools if you are going to use Etsy as a buyer or seller

To find if you are in a Treasury or in one of the Gift Guides go here :)
To see how many hearts your shop and items have (and other info) go here :)

I have a couple of prints I need to put in my Etsy shop tomorrow and hopefully some prints of the Easter Dragons too. I am planning on having my newsletter come out next month. Haven't the last 2 months because I have been so busy with applying to Uni. Not sure if there will be a WIP or a tutorial this month but I will try to make something up for it :) And if anyone has any questions that they want answered please ask and I will include the answers in the newsletter :) (I've had lots of people ask me about coloured pencils, but I am always willing to answer any art/some types of personal questions :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

the end

the end
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oh no! anyone feel like playing Cluedo? Clue with added letters :p No thats what its called here. No idea why the difference.

Doves were back :D I have hundreds of pictures of them, and they are mostly sitting on the table or the trellis. very exciting stuff :p But it gives me a lot of reference photos of birds and their feathers. I just wish I could get a good picture of the Blue Tit that is in the yard, but he moves so fast that by the time I have the camera ready he has flown away. So while some people might get bored with all the dove pictures I like looking at them :)

And after 3 hours this is what I've done on the dragons. I love coloured pencils, I really do, just get kind of annoyed at how long they can take and this isn't even a realistic style of work (which almost makes it worse). What is done still needs work, but I'm not going to darken anything until most of it is completed. I wish I could scan this, might tomorrow because I am horrible at taking photos of my work. It might even be done tomorrow if I get up early (hmm considering I haven't been up before 10:30 all week, its highly unlikely :p)

Taken with the flash. Makes a huge difference in the colours :/

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

enjoying the sun

enjoying the sun
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Brief moment of sunshine before the sun decided to disappear and the wind pick up. One more picture to take of the cow. I thought about chucking him from the second story window and taking a picture as he fell, but not sure how that would go over with some people :p (or the cow). This whole time he has been without a name. I should probably think of one. Any suggestions? Not much point I guess since there is only one more picture to take. But you never know if he wont come back :)

I thought it was really odd when I saw eggs here have little stamps on them. Gives the origin of the egg and other info, i.e. caged, free range. Still odd

I think this is one of the coolest things I've seen in awhile, but I would just rather eat the egg :p

Monday, March 23, 2009

rainy day

rainy day
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Rain rain go away....:/

Easter Dragons 2009 Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

And we have art :D ok so its only a small art update, but its a start :) 2 more dragons to colour and then I can start on the baskets. Once this is done I need to start thinking of the next major holiday to draw the dragons celebrating.

Even though it really was only a few days that I couldn't seem to draw, its nice to be able to put pencil to paper again without thinking that the paper would look much better folded into a crane hanging from the ceiling. I've always wanted to make a crane mobile ever since I learned to fold them,...hmm maybe next time I get an art block I should start on that. Or could have a mobile of folded dragons, that would look cool :D

Mr. Fuzzy's head is still muddled and he had fun yelling at a telemarketer, which I think would be the only time a head injury comes in handy :p Bouts of anger taken out on the telemarketers that keep phoning us even though we tell them the person they are looking for isn't here, and the other person is probably dead but they still keep phoning *shakes fist* Getting a little annoying that they keep phoning even though we tell them the above and to STOP calling :/ I know people are just working, but give us a break :/

So yeah that was our exciting day :p Rain, wind, annoying telemarketers, some art, more wind, oh look there goes a flying cat, and a shower that made a horrible POP! noise and scared us half to death (people are coming to fix it, the inside of the shower case has black marks o.0). I thought Mr.F had actually hit his head on the shelf and had passed out >.<

Saturday, March 21, 2009


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Ever have those days (weeks) where you just can't seem to get any kind of motivation to draw/craft/do anything? Yeah this is one of those days :/ I have so many ideas, and so many things started but I just end up staring blankly at the paper :/ I bought a big ball of yarn and want to make some fingerless gloves, but I look at the pattern and have no idea how to start :p hmmm maybe I should stick to simple things like a scarf :p

Hopefully I get some drawing done soon because this blog is turning into a blog full of anything but art :p Just me complaining :p Got a letter this morning that really pissed me off, but we are not withdrawing the complaint we made. Just a bunch of lying people that pissed me off and closed ranks! *shakes fist* Not sure what will happen with the complaint now, but lets just say its pissed me off enough for me to want to hit something.

And Mr.Fuzzy has a concussion :( Hit his head the other day, blood came out of his nose but then stopped (a lot of blood o.0). Went to work but then went to the hospital today after talking to NHS 24 and was told he has a concussion and to take it easy :/ fun fun

I have a small list of art that needs to be done, but it seems like a lot:

1. easter dragons
2. white charger
3. drawing a gift for a friend
4. compass dragons
5. rainbow dragons
6. another dahlia

not a lot, just need to start on something on the list

Thursday, March 19, 2009

me and the cow

me and the cow
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A SPT and another picture of the cow. 6 pictures left to take and then I'm done with the cow. Might choose another thing to photograph, but probably wont put the pictures on my blog (unless they are really good :p)

Putting Vista back on my laptop, not really sure why and the installation is driving Mr.Fuzzy nuts :p But because of that I don't have my feed list in front of me and none of my links, so I will def. catch up with everyone tomorrow (and maybe tonight if it gets finished and Mr.Fuzzy doesn't chuck it out a window :p)

This weeks Scottish word:


Answer to the last Scottish word:

1. fooiver means however

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

black and white cow

black and white cow
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Climbing a mountain in the backyard. Actually a bunch of rocks/boulders in the back garden bed that Mr.Fuzzy dug up (and broke his digging fork, tine snapped off). Some of them as big or bigger then my head. At least we know now where the gas line follows so can finish digging up the rest of the garden. Taking awhile but the yard is coming together slowly (now to figure out a way to keep the cats out of the yard *shakes fist* I promise not to rant about the cats again :p [at least right now :p])

Easter Dragons 2009 Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

Started to colour in the dragons today. I'm starting to think I should have used a different paper because I always forget how fuzzy Stonehenge looks when I use it compared to other papers. I can always re-colour this in the future if the fuzziness really starts to bug me.

But its another step in one of the things on my 101 list. 13 things done off the list, not a lot but it could be worse :p And I have until Monday, 30 May 2011 to get as much done as possible. I've read 36 books since I started. And that could be more, should be more. Haven't really done any reading this week :/Now that applying to Uni is done (they just want to see my portfolio now and then will decide) I should really work on that list.

Monday, March 16, 2009

helping with the dishes

helping with the dishes
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Putting the cow to work. Can't be any worse then me :p Been awhile since I've broken a plate though lol

Today was a water day. The washer is fixed! but we had a few floods and one really bad one when the hose came loose off the machine and water went everywhere (the top of the fridge, the cupboards, the windowsill etc....). I can laugh now, but at the time we were standing in a puddle of water that was almost 4 feet wide and gaining in depth. Good thing we live on the bottom floor or the person below could have had a shower in their kitchen :p

Photos for photo Monday of down town. The Meffan is being worked on at the moment to make it more wheelchair accessible I think. Nice little gallery when its open (even if some of the exhibitions are not to my tastes [or as Mr.Fuzzy said"This stuff is crap" :p] I'll agree, it was crap :p) Lots of old buildings on this street, lots are listed buildings and more are ending up empty so down town is starting too look really sad in some places.

Some old church that looks like is caught fire at some point because of all the dark marks by the windows. This town has a lot of churches. Taken with my camera phone which was really dirty so the pictures are a little grey :/

Sunday, March 15, 2009

this is your problem

this is your problem
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bra wire (at least I think it is) in the washing machine.

Not mine, must have been the women who had it before us. Such a small thing causing a huge problem. Mr.Fuzzy spent all afternoon with a hammer and an electric screwdriver getting at this little piece. It was bent through the clip holding the heating element. Odd. The machine is mostly put back together and doesn't make a horrible noise when you spin the drum, so crossed fingers it will work. He figured he couldn't make the problem any worse so decided to operate. And if it does work it saves us some cash (which we don't have now after buying the bed)

Easter Dragons 2009 Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

Finished line art for the dragons :) Now to transfer onto Stonehenge (my last sheet finally! I can stick to using watercolour paper when I need to use white paper). But not sure if I can do that tomorrow as there is not room to take the lightbox out as things from the bedroom are in the living room. I'm thinking lots of pastel colours or bright colours to go with spring. Going to try to avoid a lot of pink though :p

Ikea is going to send us the proper slats for the bed so we can put it together. But since the mattress is 28cm thick its not bad sleeping on the floor. Will be nice to have the bed put together. I honestly thought that the mattress was going to blow off the top of the car with the winds being so high yesterday. Had to stop to switch the positions of the mattress and the headboard. I'm glad I didn't have to do that on the side of the freeway with cars going by at 70mph+ and winds strong enough to knock you over. I spent most of the car ride with my neck bent looking out the window to see if the mattress was going to fly (and possibly the car with it :p) Next time, bigger car :p

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Things in 3

deaf cow
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So people say things come in 3's So far this week:

1. the washing machine died :/ might be fixable but probably not (crossing my fingers it is)
2. the printer died :/ but at least with that we had coverage to get a new one
3. Went to Ikea today, and the idiot salesman told us to get the wrong slats. So we have to sleep on the floor tonight (on the mattress), and Mr.Fuzzy can have fun yelling at Ikea tomorrow. I have a love/hate relationship with Ikea. On one had I really like a lot of the things there, on the other I feel like a mouse in a maze when I'm there.

I really hope that is it, because all that happened in 2 days. I hate to think what might happen next :/

I'm so far behind on reading blogs I am going to try to get caught up tomorrow. Hopefully after cleaning the flat I will have time to draw because I am really falling behind on art right now.

hmm this is a negative post. need to think of a joke. hmm problem is I don't know any jokes that are not dirty jokes :p

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Doesn't look a thing like me

Doesn't look a thing like me
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#17 Everyones a critic :p

My creative space for March 12. The start of some Easter dragons, laptop, my little sketchbook, a bunch of coloured pencils (yes that is a knife in one of those jars. I don't remember what I was using it for now, but its busted anyway so can't use it with food [wouldn't want to anyway if I could remember what I was using it for. Probably used it with Scupley]) I need a bigger desk :p

More Creative Spaces here

Watched Meet the Feebles last night. It has to be the oddest movie I have ever seen o.0 Great review of it here def. not a movie for kids. Was just ...odd.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tourist Cow

Tourist Cow
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Playing tourist in a water fountain that doesn't have any water. You wouldn't know this was in town, could walk right by it if no one told you it was there or didn't like exploring towns. Its only a street up from one of the main streets in town but its surrounded by houses so you can miss it.

Shame it doesn't work, was probably really pretty when it did. There are a lot of old houses around it some 200 years old.

Really rough sketch of some Easter dragons fighting over some kind of candy. Haven't figured out what type yet. Most of my art starts off as quick sketches little like this and then I refine the sketch until I'm happy with it. To most people this just looks like a scribble but the simple lines are enough to make me remember what it was I was going to draw and the placement of objects on the page.

I don't do colour studies, but I probably should because it would help in picking colours and to set the mood of a piece. With something like this, picking colours is easy though. Simple, bright colours to bring to mind spring.

I haven't forgot about the horse or my other dragon ideas, just felt like drawing some more holiday dragons :)

Monday, March 09, 2009

Hang On!

Hang On!
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Very, very windy today. I tied him to the clothes line. Could have done the cheesy cow scene from Twister but couldn't think of a way to get him in the air where he wouldn't blow onto some ones roof :p

Cookies! :D Recipe from here. They taste pretty good. I added about an extra half cup of raisins because I like them :) Mr.Fuzzy thinks that they look like bird food and I should see if the birds would eat them :p I don't think the birds would be able to fly away if they did eat them lol bunch of fat birds in our yard. Might get the animal activist at our door for over feeding the local birds :p

New Bird

new bird
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A new bird to the bird table. Its nice seeing a bird that neither of us had seen before. Just not sure what it is. possible a Song Thrush but not 100% sure.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

dead cow

dead cow
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Portfolio pages? Not sure about the order and its not much to look at but it will have to do.

Going to put these on another page to bulk it up a bit, plus the dragon sculpture.

I hate when I get an idea in my head and can't seem to draw anything else. Of course the problem is that I'm pretty sure something like my idea has been drawn before and I don't want people thinking I stole the idea. I just can't find it. I was looking at a compass and the idea popped in my head, but then I thought that its probably been done before, and done to death. hmmm I might sketch the idea out and then go from there. I know its very hard to get a 100% original idea in art, but I don't want people to think that I'm a thief.

I need to find an old map of Canada......

Watched The Dark Knight last night. very looonngg movie. Good but long. Would never had made it through all of it in the theatre. Because Mr.Fuzzy has the week off, we will probably end up watching a few movies that we have had for awhile.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

!"%*$! migraine

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longer blog post tomorrow. didn't do anything today as I had a really bad migraine :/

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


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(10/30) Helping out in the garden and got stuck in a hedge o.0 Prickly bastard.

ACEOs Copyright Jennifer Rose Philip

ACEOs marked out. 2 peacocks and a guinea hen. The 3 on the top are from pictures we took in NZ. No idea where the one on the far left was taken, just a stretch of road where the sky and water were an amazing shade of blue, the middle is from a picture taken when we were at Whanarua bay. Gorgeous place but not much to do besides walk around and look at the scenery. Which after a whole day is pretty much all there is to do (and we didn't have much food so had to leave anyway). The right one is of the Moeraki Boulders, which Mr.Fuzzy saw when the tide was in and out. I only saw them when the tide was out :/ Could have probably spent a few days there, it really was such a great spot.

Went to the dentist today :/ no cavities so thats good. I'm getting some of my teeth fixed though to get rid of the chips in some of them as they are pretty bad from me grinding my teeth. I'm always chipping my front teeth on the bottom and top so it will be nice to have them without big chips or cracks. Not going to last forever, but can always get it done again.

Snow in the mountains. My phone can take nice pictures, but not when I zoom in. So hopefully I remember the camera tomorrow and can get some nice shots. There was hardly any snow on the mountains yesterday and today there where solid white in the background.

and how cool is this? A pink dolphin :D

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Cow Cooking

Cow Cooking
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Helping with the pastry to make a steak and potato pie. Easy and filling and actually tastes better then next day from the oven.

This weeks Scottish word is:

1. fooiver (I don't think I have had this word before but I might be wrong)

Answer to last weeks words:

1. hochmagandy is a term for sex, between people that are not married. I love what Leslie guessed. "guy from India that was into passive resistance." lol :D

2. bawbee is a silver coin or a small amount of money

Monday, March 02, 2009

Run Cow Run

Run Cow Run
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Is it sad that I know the number that Stitch is? :p I love the movie. The backgrounds are just gorgeous and it makes me smile. And thats what a good movie should do.

Unless its a horror movie. If I laugh during a horror movie its usually due to someone dying in an extremely far fetched way or just really bad movie effects. Sci-fi movies are good for a laugh too. When they are good they are good but when they are bad they are absolutely horrible (but still funny :p). This had the 2 of us laughing a lot, so if you have the time and want a laugh its worth a watch :)

"Camouflage ?" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

Frame mock-up (the matt would have to be a bit thinner if I did get it matted). I really like this green, would look nice in the flat :p I swear this will be the last time that I talk about this unless I decide to sell it, which might happen once I get it back.

Mini daffodils in Mr.Fuzzy's parents front yard. It so nice finally seeing colour on the ground and in gardens. Most of the seeds that we started have started to come up. But no cacti yet. I am determined to grow a cacti but over a year later no luck :/ I might have to break down and buy one.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Long Way to Grow Yet

Long Way to Grow Yet
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To be a full grown coo (7/30) hey I might even go further then the 30 pictures if I can think of more photo ideas. Didn't go mountain climbing today (well a mountain for him) as it rained and I don't want to slide down the hill. I'm sure it would be fun going down the hill, but since there is a garage at the bottom of one end of the hill and the edge of a cliff the other end I think I will pass :p

Def. finished. Just needs a title and for me to steal the desktop from Mr.Fuzzy so I can use Photoshop to piece it together :p Anyone have any title suggestions?

I didn't get any drawing at all done today as I washed the windows. What an exciting life I lead :p So hopefully tomorrow I get some ACEOs done and get my portfolio together. I know people might be getting sick of me talking about applying for school but not much else is going on right now. Not really going anywhere as we don't have a car, so can't show any pictures or video. If its nice tomorrow I will try to get some more pictures and possibly video. (Mr.Fuzzy wants to get a cheap little car, but not for a few months unless we win the lottery and then I will have to talk him out of buying a Aston Martin DB9 [very pretty car though])

Little birds have a blast in the backyard in the veggie patch Mr.Fuzzy is digging (the one where he hit the gas line) (more pointless video :p)