Monday, August 31, 2009

I think you drew the wrong animal :p

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Thank you everyone for reading that rant post and leaving a comment on it :)

Not sure if I will be posting a lot this week, I could but I don't know if I will have time to post everyday. Going to be hard enough getting a picture of the cow thought up and taken.

But I will be trying to draw at least one thing in the little sketchbook everyday. And even if it is absolute garbage I will post it and everyone can get a good laugh :p

Random Ranting

I did debate to myself whether or not to post this because I really do try not to talk about MS a lot but its been bugging me since it happened. Its really so small and immaterial but for some reason it bugged me.

So a few days ago I had to use the disabled washroom down town which you need a RADAR key to use. Yeah no biggie, would have used the normal bathrooms but they were locked but that is why I have the key to begin with if the bathrooms are locked. So when I went to leave there were 2 women looking at the locked gates and then they saw me. Looked me up and down like I was something rotten on the bottom of their shoes and whispered to each other "well she doesn't look disabled"

Now normally I would have either turned the air blue replying and gotten in trouble, or would have asked them if they would like my disability so they can be looked at the same way. But I was in too much pain from our walk and had to go meet Mr.F at the pharmacy. I was visibly limping and clearly in pain but not good enough for these ladies apparently.

Now I know that you can't always tell if a person has a disability, especially one like MS, but what gives them the right to look at me like that, to whisper to each other like I wouldn't hear or care, or to judge for themselves if I am disabled enough for them? No right at all.

And yes I shouldn't have let it bug me, but it did. Not 100% sure why, part of it is people looking at me like I am a freak, the other part is people looking at me like I am playing the system. Thats not all of the reason it bugged me, wish I could figure out why. Your damned if you are disabled and people see it and your damned if your are disabled and people can't see it.

Before it was people thinking I was drunk since I use to get tired walking really quickly and tended to sway and limp (getting better since we have been walking everywhere, but not perfect yet), I could kind of deal with that and laugh it off and say well this must be what it feels like to be drunk :p

I know it is something that a lot of people with MS have to deal with, the preconceptions and stares, but it does start to bug a person. I do try to educate people about MS and that does go along way towards helping, but there are sometimes when people just don't listen.

And it doesn't help when people think you are a hypochondriac and faking things when clearly not.

But I will say something. Angus College is being really helpful which is really great :)

ok so thats my incoherent rant for the month :p

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Eye Spy ...

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something soothing...

obviously not that drink :p that does the opposite and I don't drink them very often but once and awhile they are good (and really handy when I need to stay up and get something done...)

I find drawing soothing. Even if its just a simple sketch. I can let my mind go blank and not have to worry about anything other then what colour to use next. Not all the time, but when there is a connection to what I am drawing, the day just flys by and I forget what was bugging me, of course when that happens no cleaning happens :p meh who needs clean dishes

July Group Sketch #1
Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

A quick little sketch for the sketch group. Hopefully people can read the writing, as my writing is pretty hard to read at the best of times lol

For more Eye Spy check out here :)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Just a Minute August

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Watching: Merlin in all its cheesy glory :p I forgot to watch The Tudors! Need to catch up now so I can drool over Charles :p

Reading: Only managed to finish two books this month, Sandstorm by Michael Asher and Seven Ancient Wonders by Matthew Reilly. Neither of which were that good :p

Drawing: hmm I don't think I actually finished anything this month. Started a lot of things but never finished them. A few dragon pieces on the go and a horse plus I decided to redo my eagle piece in pointillism so I have been redrawing the line art for that.

Learning: Not much right now since College just started :p But we start with life drawing, expressive drawing, intro to painting, analytical drawing and 2D design. I think my arm will be dead by the end :p

Searching: For my little sketchbook I lost which is buried somewhere. And trying to find the perfect fabric to make a dress out of. I don't want it so thick that I pass out from wearing it but it also has to hang properly so does need to be thicker then normal....

Eating: Things I shouldn't :p Lots of cookies, trying out different recipes. I really want to make this :D I love peanut butter but since I am the only one here that does, and would have to eat the whole cake I probably won't be making it any time soon.

Making: A monthly drawing group :)

I'm playing along with Jenaveve over at August Street. For more participants check out her blog :)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Check Mate

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hmmm who's smarter? the cow or Mr.F? ;p I can't play chess, many people have tried to teach me, but while I understand the rules, I still can't play lol

I love looking at nice chess sets, some of them are works of art that I would be afraid to play in case they got broken. So while I can appreciate the design that goes into the look of some of the pieces, I don't think I will ever be a fan of the game.

So my time table for college has me there everyday of the week but Monday, which is fine by me. Gives me a day to sleep in :p I don't know how much art from college I will be posting here as I don't know if and when I can bring it home (and I really would hate for something to get wrecked on the bus), but I will try to post some of what I draw.

Which does mean that there will be nekkid people on the blog once we start life drawing class. oh noes!! nekkid people run away! ;p

I really cannot draw people. Well I can, but not very well :p So that should be interesting lol So some people might get offended by the art, but on the other hand I draw people so badly you probably won't be able to tell its a person and it very well could look more like an alien from a sci-fi movie :p

Thursday, August 27, 2009

creative space august 27,2009

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Todays creative space had me up at 6:20, on the bus at 8 and then at college for 9. I need a nap :p

So my timetable on the left and a horse on the right. Not much done on the horse since the last photo of it. Looks odd as a one legged horse at the moment :p Lots of muscles still left to put in that one leg.

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and now off to be lazy :p (ok maybe work more on the horse too)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Give Away Winners

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I put all the names into a hat, had Mr.F close his eyes (and moved away any tripping hazards :p) and pull out the first name. And the first winner is, Diahn :)

Got Mr.F to close his eyes again and the second winner is, Nancy :)

Congrats to you both and hopefully I will be able to have another give away soon. I have sent you both emails asking for addresses. If I don't hear back from anyone in a week I will do another drawing. :)

I have an induction day tomorrow for college, so not sure how much art I will get done in the next few days. I know that art done for school jumps ahead of personal art. Of course commissions will come before personal art as well, as they always do.

I have to get up 6:30 in the morning o.0 I am going to fall asleep on my feet :p better not fall asleep on the bus, who knows who I might end up falling asleep beside or end up missing my stop and end up in peter pan land.

Monday, August 24, 2009


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Had to go to the hospital today for my annual blood clinic because of having von willebrands. Didn't need to get any blood drawn today thankfully but I did leave with Tranexamic Acid and Naseptin because my nose will not stop bleeding so hopefully this helps or the next step is probably surgical :/ (but not serious surgery).

lol out take from today. I am sure people thought I was insane taking picture of the cow :p

It is probably wrong that I covet the chair they are going to let me use in college. You can pump up the back! It sad the things that amuse me lol And they are going to test me to see if I am dyslexic since I show pretty much all of the symptoms. Would explain a hell of a lot.

Made these yesterday. Double chocolate mint cookies. They taste pretty good, not too much mint and they were easy to make. Here is the recipe:

1 cup of butter
1 cup of brown sugar
1 large sized egg
1 tsp of Vanilla (I use more as I like Vanilla)
2 and a quarter cups of flour
1/2 tsp of Baking Powder
1/4tsp to 1/2tsp salt (depending on your tastes)
225 grams of chocolate, can never have enough :p ok maybe you could. use as much or as little as you want. I did half mint chocolate, and the rest dark chocolate

Put your chocolate into the freezer an hour before hand to help break it up.

Mix the flour, salt, and baking powder together and put to the side.

Take your sugar and butter and mix them together until smooth. Add the vanilla and mix well. Then add the egg and continue mixing. I find this works better the more you mix the wet ingredients.

Combine half the flour mixture to the wet ingredients and mix well. Once that is completely mixed, add the rest of the flour.

Put your frozen chocolate into a freezer bag and grab a rolling pin. This is the fun part and great to do if you are having a bad day :p kill the chocolate. You can hit it as many times as you want depending on what size chunks you want. I prefer pretty big chunks, but any size will do. Just be careful with the bag (and the rolling pin actually, watch your fingers!), the bag might end up with holes from the chocolate poking it, so have the mixed bowl near by.

Once you have killed the chocolate enough for you, add it all to the mix. Once that is mixed well, you can put it in the fridge for 15-30 mins. You don't have to, but it does make it easier to make the cookies on the sheet.

Heat the oven up to 180C. Normally I use a dessert spoon to make the cookies, placing them about an inch apart. This will make anywhere from 2 dozen to 3 dozen cookies, depending on how much chocolate you use. Bake for 12-15 mins depending on your oven. The are done when the edges are brown. You can cook them longer for a crispier cookie :)

I really want to try to make the next batch with orange chocolate. I think that would taste really good. I made these a few weeks ago and actually broke up cream filled cookies and used that instead of chocolate. They were good too, but I think next time I might halve the sugar if I make the again as they were pretty sweet.

well this is one long blog post :p

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Prince Charming?

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Maybe you will grow into the crown cow?

As I wrote yesterday, the Virtual Sketch Day is no more and I was thinking about setting up another group. I set it up today. Made a blog and set up a sight on Ning :) Since at the moment it is just me :p I put the date for the start of the first project on the 29th to give people the chance to join in. It is supposed to be something fun to do if you have the time, and the artwork doesn't have to even be finished when the week is up. Anyone can join in, and people of all art levels are welcome as well :) Hope to see people participating and having fun with it.

I didn't get any art done today at all :( Was so nice out, we worked on the yard as the hedge was getting pretty tall and out of control. I scratched my wrist up pretty good coming up against the thorns on one section :/ I really should take some pictures of the thorns, yes I know not the most exciting pictures but I think it would be the only way to show exactly how deadly the hedge is. Like hundreds of really sharp pins. You come up against it and you are going to leave hurt :/ Its a pain to cut but it works well to keep the kids out of the yard :p hmm I'd take a picture of the cow in the hedge but I'm afraid he would get stuck and I might have to perform emergency surgery to save his stuffing :p

And on that cheery note lol I am still going through some old art to sell. This is from 2004 and was drawn from a photo I took of a bird that one of dad's friends found in a field that just needed some time to catch its breath. He took it to a bird centre and it was probably released into the wild after it had recovered. He had thought it was injured but it was just really exhausted, was pretty young so might have just recently left the nest. I thought it was so interesting to see a wild bird, but tried very hard not to freak it out by getting too close.

One major thing I miss about living in Ontario where we did is the wildlife, and how easy it was to see raptors and deer walking around in the forest. I can still remember riding my bike on the trail and coming across a deer and her fawn but not having my camera. She just watched me for a few minutes, figured I wasn't going to eat her (can't stand venison anyway :p), and slowly walked away. Really wish I had of had my camera then, would have been lovely pictures. I don't fancy running across a deer here, pretty big compared to the deer in Canada.

Bird on a Branch
Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
For Sale £20 GPB/$30 USD +shipping
6.75 by 9.75 inches no border
Contact me for more info

Friday, August 21, 2009

Marble King

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Does anyone remember how to play marbles? I actually don't remember ever playing marbles when I was a kid. Sure we use to toss them around but we never really played any games with them or played for keeps (I'm sure many a kid got a marble in the eye with us throwing them around on the playground :p)

So the ladies over at the Virtual Sketch blog have decided to stop with the challenges, so I thought that maybe I could set something similar up. Once a month an image (or two) would be chosen from either images I have or images sent to the group to draw in any way a person sees fit. A date when all the finished, or almost finished work to be posted would be set and then everyone could see each others work. It can be a great way to get feedback and help with your art and it is always interesting to see how other people interpret an image. I would need to think of a group name if people were interested in me creating the group and I could set up a blog to help people stay connected. Its not anything serious, just something to do for fun and not meant to be stressful in anyway, so if anyone would be interested please let me know and I will start setting it up :)

And a little more work on the bucking horse. His face is a little finer here then in the picture, looks more like a mare then a stallion. meh thats all right, artistic license and all :p Need to finish this layer of pencil and then darken it. The first layer I usually just put in the basic shadows and highlights and then just refine those shadows with each darker pencil that I use. So hopefully finish this before I have to start college, which is sometime in the next 2 weeks but I don't know exactly as I don't have a time table yet :p Supposed to get one on induction day on the 27th.

hmm I wonder how odd I would look if I started taking pictures of the cow at college? :p

Still time to enter my give away :D

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Creative Space August 20,2009

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More painting. Need to touch up the white and redo one wall because the paint is peeling off. Who ever lived here before and put gloss on the walls, we hate at the moment. Its odd because the paint is sticking to most of the wall, even on some places that has gloss, but near the ceiling the paint is peeling right off the gloss that is left. Even with sanding it to leave something for the new paint to stick to its coming off. So now Mr.F has to take a heat gun to it and re-paint part of the wall. Glad we got more paint then we thought we needed.

Going to make a skirt out of an old pair of jeans that have a hole that would just look really odd if fixed. Just need to figure out what fabric to use. I love the really colourful fabric, but it is really busy, while the blue fabric is really a lot more relaxing looking. Any ideas of which to use?

And working on my graphite horse :) The line art transferred and just waiting for me to put the basic shading down. I always forget how much I like using other forms of media other then coloured pencils. I go through phases where I use one form for a few weeks and then get bored with that and switch to something else. But I always go back to coloured pencils. I seem to prefer them compared to most other forms of art, ok maybe using ink would be a pretty close runner up to CPs, but then I have to deal with getting ink over everything. hmm wonder how I could combine the 2....

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Well At Least No One Got Paint Up Their Nose

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oops :p Little bit of a paint explosion. ok so it looks like the can exploded, thankfully it didn't though. (I'm sure one of us would have probably got hit in the head if the can had of blown up)

So I finished the line art for the horse I started the other day. I would love to be able to go to a horse farm and take hundreds (ok probably thousands) of photos of the horses, but because I can't a lot of the time I have to look at stock sites to get some action shots of horses. I have hundreds of photos of horses that we have taken ourselves, but not very many of horses running around. So the photo I used for this I found at DA here :) hmm if I ever can afford a horse I think I would end up spending all my free time drawing it rather then riding lol

Refining the rough lines to give them more shape, so it starts to look more like a horse. His back end looks a little odd as he is kicking and twisting at the same time, which will come across better once it is shaded.

And the line art finished. Shock upon shock, I can draw the full horse, not just the head ;p I would love to actually draw a jousting match with running chargers, add it to the long list of art I need to do lol

Monday, August 17, 2009

Scottish Word of the Week August 17, 2009

I don't know what it is but 3 out of the 4 times we have walked up here, its rained (the only time it didn't was when Mr.F proposed on the top of the hill). Its still a gorgeous view down the hill and its a nice walk, just have to watch out for rabbit holes (and the odd horse/dog mess, and how they got a horse up there I will never figure out o.0 ) Night bright sky here but right behind us were really dark clouds that thankfully didn't open up completely on us, I don't fancy a case of pneumonia.

This weeks Scottish word is:

1. pokey-hat

Answer to last weeks word:

1. dunny is a cellar (and not a toilet ;) )

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Eye Spy ...

40/365 16.08.09
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something red. Very hard to find something red in our flat. Even though I look good in red, I don't actually have any red clothes. So I had to have a little search to find even one red thing.

Think the hat is a little bit too big for the cow though lol This hat fits but its so windy here that it usually blows off of my head :/

A little red jewellery box I bought when I was working at the dollar store (a job I actually did like even with the cranky old ladies who absolutely must have the perfect smelling lavender candle, or the little teenyboppers who kept trying to nick stuff and would go running out of the store because I would follow them around asking if they needed help so they wouldn't steal. [and really if you are going to steal, steal something other then $1 mascara and $1 scissors, because the makeup is going to stain your face and you will look like a raccoon, and the scissors were blunt :p])

A little red dragon that Mr.F's mom gave me as part of a set that sit lined up on the shelf and my foot :p Which thankfully isn't red.

Need to repaint the bathroom as the paint is peeling :/ so there is plaster dust all over the bathroom floor which I managed to track into the hall. We decided since the bathroom gets a lot of light that we could get away with a dark colour so chose this one :) Should go really nicely with the dark tiles on the wall, well at least thats the ides lol And Mr.F has gone prematurely grey from all the plaster dust floating around, looks good :D (but we are both sneezing and should have worn masks, oops and Mr.F wonders if plaster dust is cancerous[considering everything is supposed to give you cancer now] )

Hopefully art Tomorrow, been so busy this weekend really didn't get a chance to draw but if someone was to ask me what we did I honestly couldn't remember lol

This weeks theme was chosen by Ellieboo
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Friday, August 14, 2009

Give Away Time

Because it is my blog's birthday in 12 days I decided to have a little give away. :) 3 years of me rambling :p huh who knew I could find something to write about for such a long time :p

Met a lot of nice people online through blogging, and not just artists and craft people. The sense of community is what I really like about blogging, lots of helpful and nice people out there that I would never have met if I hadn't started up this blog. :)

Decided to have 2 give aways to celebrate. Rules are pretty simple, just leave a comment to be entered :) but if you want to have a few extra entries here is what you can do. For each of these that you do, please leave a separate comment so I can keep track of how many entries a person has :) )

1. head on over to my Etsy store and leave a comment here about an item you like (1 extra entry)
2. blog about the giveaway and leave a comment here letting me know you have blogged about the give away (1 extra entry)
3. Twitter the giveaway :) (1 extra entry) just leave me a comment sending me to your twitter page (1 extra entry)

Leaving a comment will enter you into the draw unless you tell me you do not want to be entered. The first winner will get the 3 prints that are labelled #1, the second winner will get the 2 prints labelled #2. Sorry no family members as I don't want to be seen as playing favourites.

Give away entries close at 23:59 (GMT) on the 24th of August 2009

*side note*I think I will cry if no one enters lol and feel unloved..jk ;)

*edit* I will need a way to contact the winners, so please make sure I can contact you. Either through your sign in name or an email. Thanks

Give Away is no closed. Thank you everyone for entering and I will announce the winners 2 days from now :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nom Nom Nom

NOM NOM NOM Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
Coloured pencil on Canson Mi-Tientes

Finished the little dragon. I like the little dragon but I probably could have done the cupcake differently, but its done :) I think it works well as a simple drawing, but if I draw this again I would draw it bigger so I could add detail to it instead of only being able to hint at things. hmmm I really need to practice drawing food, and that will be such a chore to bake and then draw the baked goods and then try not to eat them all :p

And the start of another drawing :) yes my sketches start out this rough and then I go and refine them. Any guesses as to what it is? (its probably pretty easy to tell)

Contest details tomorrow, so please come back and have a look :)

Creative Space August 13, 2009

37/365 13.08.09
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Making some granny squares or a little blanket for the cow :) It might look really rough but I I'm pretty happy that I got this far with crochet. This is turning out to be a lot easier then knitting, not having huge tension issues, still a little loose in some parts but at least it doesn't look like you could fit your head through the holes :p

Art hopefully later :)

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

*Sniffs Car*

35/365 11.08.09
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New car smell :p No its not ours, its Mr.F's parent's car that we had to borrow today to go talk to a surgeon. Who wants a second opinion. He doesn't think that is is a hernia, he isn't actually sure. Which I am actually all right with as I don't want surgery if they don't know what they are going to be looking for. I confuse doctors a lot lol

Worked on the cupcake dragon today :) Very simple and cartoonish but I like it :) Can a person have 2 styles and still be recognised as one artist? He needs to go on a diet :p Still need to burnish this to make him look a little slicker and then finish his wings. I have a few more extra smaller prints that I will either throw in with this for the give away or have 2 give away winners and split the prints up. Not sure which, thoughts anyone?

I put some prints (big and small ones) on etsy of these Halloween dragons :D I always liked this design. Still working on the house Halloween drawing, fixing the details and filling in the dragons. Still a long way until Halloween but I would rather get it done early rather then later.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Scottish Word of the Week August 10,2009

34/365 10.08.09
Originally uploaded by fuzzydragons

Lactose/milk free caramel squares :D pretty good and no we didn't eat them all. Most of it went to other people but at least we know we can make them without any lactose or milk in them now.

(I'm lactose intolerant, Mr F can eat lactose but not milk so something else in the milk doesn't sit well with him)

Anyway the recipe for it is right here

(Hopefully more recipes on a more regular basis this time, now I've jinxed myself though>Mr F)

(which reminds me...I need to fix the comment notification on the recipe isn't notifying me of new comments>Mr F)

My Stargazers finally blossomed :D I just love their colour, and I'm not a lover of pink but this flower is gorgeous.

And another Lily but I can't remember what type. I just love how its red and yellow. If we had more space I would have dozens and dozens of Lilies in pots all over the yard lol but would have to cement them down so the local brats don't steal them :/

Reid Hall with a nice bright flower display. It really brightens up that side of town especially with it being across from the store of evil :p

Its my blog's birthday in 16 days o.0 3 years later and I still use it lol So I was thinking of having a give away to celebrate and decided to draw a little dragon. ok so it looks more like an evil little dragon eating a cupcake lol but it works. Will be coloured with coloured pencils on Mi-Tientes paper. More then likely the give away will be a print of this unless I really mess it up :) I've never done a give away before so not sure how well this will go (might get only 2 people entering lol)

NOM NOM NOM Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

And its been a few weeks since I have done a Scottish word of the week, so this weeks word is:

1. dunny

Answer to the last word of the week:

1. vratch is a pitiable person

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Eye Spy ...

an inspiration.


ok seriously I don't really know what exactly inspires me. More then one thing does, and more often then not it is things that give me drawing ideas. Maybe its the artist in me but I do have a hard time not looking at something and not getting some type of drawing idea (which isn't a bad thing unless of course its something dead, and even then some artists find inspiration in that) , narrowing down a few things that inspire was actually harder then I thought it would be.

I love flowers, their shapes, colours and smell. Even the bees that use them for food are inspiring to watch. There are so many flowers I want to draw, just not enough time to draw them all.

The grace of birds inspires me and makes me want to have wings to fly. I would even love fake ones to wear lol hey that would be a cool project to try. Human sized wings made with fake feathers of course but different coloured ones.

And when I see the view around here it makes me want to paint it. The sky with the craggy mountains, and the dark clouds in the sky would make a lovely painting.

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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Going Camping

32/365 08.08.09
Originally uploaded by fuzzydragons

Mr.F made the cow a sleeping bag with some leftover scrap fabric lol

"Deuce" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

Deuce finished :) There are some things about this I really like, that left eye and things I don't like, the right eye :p I think it was a successful experiment for me as I did learn how to use this paper, and found out how the colours blended on it. Fur was easy to do on this paper as the rough texture really helps give a furry look. With experiments I am going to post them even if the results are not in my usual style of working and even if they are complete failures, might help other people. I know what is wrong with the right eye, its a little too wide. I did fix it a little but any more of a change and the eye will be completely placed wrong. The eyes are more yellow then brown which they are in the picture and I probably should have extended the bottom of his face as he kind of looks skeletal here :p

I really like the paper (Fisher 400) :D After the first layer which went down really scratchy and patchy, colour goes down really easily and I lost count of how many layers the paper took and it seems like it can take more; which would be a good thing for CP artists that like a lot of layers. Worked well for me when I needed to fix a mistake as the pencil erased easily but the dark colours did not completely go away, fading rather then erasing.

I found that with the first few layers, light colours would go over dark ones with no problem but not if the previous layers were laid down with hard pressure. The CP seems to naturally blend together without any burnishing. I found it to be more like oil pastels then chalk actually now that I worked on this more.

You can see how the pencils blended together here, and see the semi rough texture of the paper. It almost looks like paint here in some places. I found it really hard to get bright whites in the places that needed it unless there was already a light colour laid down. I only had one other problem with this paper. Smudging. lots of smudging. So if you use it make sure you place a sheet of paper under your hand but tape it to a board so that it doesn't move or you will end up with a piece that has had the pencils smudged all over it. Light colours will get effected by this more and you can see that in some parts of the eyes the blues and browns darkened the oranges and yellows a bit too much.

Its pretty much expensive sandpaper lol :D Makes me think if how drawing on fine sandpaper would work and how long it would last.