Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Not to the blog, to us :) Would it be wrong to admit I wanted to get married today so I wouldn't forget? ;p (joking.....maybe :p)

yes I was half asleep at this point

Friday, October 30, 2009

Quick Ink Sketches

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

If I had not had the 1 litre bottle of caffeine, I would have been a zombie today. Wait a minute that would have been perfect! :D

Some quick 5-10 minute ink sketches of I think a goat skull, I could be wrong though. Its some kind of herbivore. While I was supposed to be trying to get caught up with some class work, I did these at lunch instead. oops :p

Lots of art to finish and start this weekend and try to fit some sleep in between all that as well. hmm being a zombie artist might be a good idea. Do zombies need sleep?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Just a Minute in October

I'm playing along with Jenaveve's just a minute.

hmm this month....

Reading: I managed to get 3 books finished and I have 2 more on the go right now.Finished Sweet Nothings by sheila Norton, the Russian Concubine by Kate Furnivall, open house by jill mansell. 2 typical chick lit books, but the Russian Concubine was a really good book until the end, almost felt like the author couldn't figure out how to finish the book.

Watching: Actually there are 3 movies that have been on the table almost all week. Guess we are going to be watching a few movies tomorrow. Well at least there is some nice arm muscles to see in one of them :p meh who needs a plot line with muscles to look at (I swear its all for art to see whats connected to what and how the arm moves.....ok maybe not :p) I'll admit to being shallow :D

Drawing: More nekkid people :p Actually I used oil pastels to draw a horse skull and then we used turps on the pastels to move the pastels around. Pretty neat effect. The whole class was probably stoned off of the fumes though lol

Listening: Our Lady Peace who I have listened to since... wait never mind that just makes me feel old lol

Trying: To think of something to do with that pumpkin. Which weighs almost 5 pounds, heavy little thing. Too heavy to play hot potatoe/pumpkin with. Someone might end up brained :p (and covered in goo)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What am I Thinking?...

I tried to find a form to try to get some art into the show last year but no luck. Found one in the library this year. Nothing to lose entering so going to try to figure out what to enter. I think I know already, but have a week or 2 to figure it out.

Kind of freaked out lol but I do know you don't get anywhere without trying, even though it freaks me out :p

My blog/website idea isn't working so need to think of something else. I hate code :/ I know what I would like both to look like its just figuring out a way to do it without killing both.

Used soft pastels today so was sneezing orange and yellow, not to mention I got pastel all over my jeans. And probably in my hair. Cheap way to dye my hair I guess :p

New Cow Blog post

Skeebie the cow has made a new blog post about his recent trip to Fife.
Why not check it out here:

Monday, October 26, 2009

Scottish Word of the Week

So figured out what I am going to do with that spider web netting. Use it with the making if a messenger bag (like I need anymore bags :p). Have the skull fabric as the lining and the yellow/orange fabric with the netting for the outside fabric. Probably not get it finished before Halloween though :/

Copyright Jennifer Rose

Quick sketch for the Monthly Sketch Group. Not sure if its sad or funny that I created the group but have only been able to get really quick sketches done lol must try harder :) Anyone is welcome to join in the projects :D

Been way too long since a Scottish word of the week, so here are 2 to try to make up for it

1. craw
2. sugarallie

Answer to the last word:
1. pokey-hat is an ice cream cone

Eye Spy

something cuddly :) and my winnie the poo pjs :p We can't remember how to rotate the video so sorry for the cramped necks. (yes I am 28, why do you ask? :p) I tried to get this up last night but it wasn't loading :/

For more eye spy go here. This weeks theme was picked by Bek

If I disappear for a few days its because we are changing the net over, so cross your fingers that goes right when it happens.

Still trying to figure out what I want to do with my site. I have an idea for the blog that could mean I don't really need my site just the address but not sure if it will work. So lots of messing around with HTML coming up....Mr.F will probably get roped into helping again with that. Need to put that computer degree to work somehow :p (he says he is hiding)

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

I feel such a huge sense of relief that I have enough control back in my hand to work on this again. Been sitting unfinished for too long. Lots still left but at least the basic shades are almost put down now and just have to darken areas.

My hands aren't perfect, about 90% better, and I still don't know if its getting better or I am adapting. Either way is good :p My neurologist would probably have a better idea. Have an appointment with a giant magnet next week...yay :p Must remember to breath this time lol

But just because I have the feeling in my hands back doesn't mean the rainbow sneezes will stop :p I enjoyed using the soft pastels again (the wall is all kinds of colours now though TMI for the win :p)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Books Books Books

I love reading and if we had a bigger place I would have more books. I have I don't know how many at mom's which will probably stay there unless someone comes over here with them. I wish we had more space for books, but unless we want to be sitting on them instead of the couch its not happening (see I wouldn't have a problem sitting on the books, but I think other people might be afraid the tower of books they are sitting on would fall over and its not a good thing when guest need to be rushed to A&E with a bump on the head)

Decided to fill out this little meme type thing that I saw over at Jenaveve's blog :)

Do you snack while you read? If so, favourite reading snack?
I use to, big sweet tooth. but now not so much.

Do you tend to mark your books as you read them, or does the idea of writing on your books horrify you?
If its mine I sometimes mark it, especially if its an interesting part. If its a library book no, seen enough library books vandalised to not want to mark them (in what world is it funny to draw a penis in the margins of a book on knitting?)

How do you keep your place while reading a book? Bookmark? Dog ears? Leaving the book open flat?

usually a bookmark, but business cards work too. my actual library card works too if nothing else is around.

Fiction, Non-Fiction or both?
hmm usually fiction, but love reading about ancient history

Are you a person who tends to read to the end of chapters, or are you able to put a book down at any point?
If I fall asleep its where ever the book falls (often on my feet if I'm sitting on the floor with a loud thud). I try to read to the end of a chapter just so I'm not lost next time I read the book.

If you come across an unfamiliar word, do you stop to look it up right away?
sometimes. usually I can figure out any word I don't know by the words around it.

What are you currently reading?

um nothing right now....oh no wait started The Secret Life of Evie Hamilton the other day

What is the last book you bought?
We are broke so the library is our friend :D but it was Labyrinth for 50p from the charity shop.

Are you the type of person who can only read one book at a time or can you read more than one at a time?
Usually I have about 3 books going at once,  one for the living room, one for bed and one for school.

Do you prefer series or stand alone books?
Both as long as the series doesn't go on forever (hmm Wheel of Time springs to mind...too long)

Is there a specific book or author that you find yourself recommending over and over?
no actually. If I've read a good book I will tell someone, but usually only when someone asks. I might think a book or author is great but someone else might think they are crap :p

How do you organize your books? (By genre, title, author’s last name, etc.?)
where ever they will fit on the shelf :p

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Creative Space october 22,2009

107/365 22.10.09
Originally uploaded by fuzzydragons

Homework is todays creative space. Should have had this finished already but just got enough feeling in my hands back to hold a brush without the brush going flying in the air. The last thing I want is for someone to lose an eye from a random brush attack.

And patterns for the same class. I need to think of an idea for a litter poster (to try to stop littering). I think I know what I want it to look like, just can't think of any text. Supposed to be for a contest too, but to tell the truth I don't really care about winning a contest, just care about tying to pass the class. Which might not happen, I'm not actively trying to fail but if it happens it happens. 

I have probably put up some kind of block in my head that is stopping me from thinking of ideas for this poster. I can think of all kinds of design ideas for everything else but nada for the poster :/

On a brighter side its almost Halloween :D I miss Rockets though, but at least chocolate is better here ;p Still trying to find Tim Tams, use to be able to buy them but can't find them any more. The search continues for them....

oh and I would love this bag :D might get in trouble using it as some people might get offended but it would be perfect (and since I do have the tendency to swear a lot it wouldn't come as a surprise :p)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Meet Fred

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

 An alligator (I think), drawn for analytical drawing. Fred because I couldn't think of a name for the head and a classmate suggested Fred, its better then Bob :p

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

And this is what I drew with my left hand last week (obvs. not Fred :p). Personally it looks like scribbles, but the teacher liked it. And after a few more drawings with my left hand I could see an improvement so really want to keep practising with my left hand. And if my right hand gets cut off for what ever reason (and if it ever did happen it would be some freak accident that only could have happened to me :p Some days I'm amazed I don't kill myself I'm so clumsy), it would be handy to be able to draw with the left.

Halloween Dragon 2009

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

Happy Early Halloween from Fuzzy Dragons! :D

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Eye Spy ...

my/our bed.

Bought from Ikea. I have a love hate relationship with Ikea. Love the stuff there but hate actually going there. I end up feeling like a rat in a maze. Toss in dozens of screaming children, people pushing to get by, unhelpful staff, and trolley boys who hit you with the trolleys its my idea of hell :p On the plus side the mattress is really comfortable :D

And I love the colours you can get for the bed sets. One problem with that though. We had to stock up on bed sets last time we were in Canada as the sizes for the duvet covers are different here. And Ikea mattresses here are different sizes too, the only thing we can find to fit it comes from Ikea :/ But they are high thread count so are comfy too :)

And the matress almost blew off the car driving back :p Probably should have either rented a van or picked a day when the wind wasn't blowing at 70plus mph :p

More Eye Spy here :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Well not really. No idea why there were firetrucks in Dundee a few days ago. We were heading back to the carpark and there were trucks lined up by this building and a crane up to a wiindow. Since I've been trying to get photos of firetrucks for a long time but never have the camera when I do see some, finally managed to take photos. Had my camera phone this time so the photos are better then nothing :)

And finally see trees changing colour. The trees at the college :)

I just want to make a big pile of leaves and jump in it :p

I missed a day posting yesterday :( One day this month missed isn't bad. I forgot to bring home some work from college yesterday to show people, hopefully remember on Tuesday so people can see some scribbles.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

creative space october 15, 2009

100/365 15.10.09
Mise en ligne par fuzzydragons

Creative space for today, colour wheel theory. Not really what I enjoy doing as its really basic stuff that I've done dozens of times. But its mostly done, still can't write so the labelling will have to wait until I get more feeling back in my hands.

Look what Mr.F's mom bought me. The shiny spider web lace/fabric (the black, the orange I've had for awhile now).I love it, just not sure what I am going to do with it. I can see it ending up being one of those fabrics I don't want to cut up as I love the pattern. So more fabric to add to the do not cut pile :p (I will probably use it, just have to make sure its for something good)

And a £10 coat from the charity shop :) has a hood and lots of pockets. The furry piece on the hood comes off which is handy. No idea what the coat was worth new, but not from the cheapest of stores originally.
There is nothing at all wrong with it, so had to have it since I've been looking for a cord coat for awhile.

Off to bed as I am falling asleep on the keyboard. Keys don't make the best of pillows. hmmm that reminds me, I need more pillows. 5 is not nearly enough :p

For more creative spaces go here :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Would be the Perfect Place to Have a Halloween Party.....

If you could be certain no one wrecked anything. And actually since almost the whole place is on a hill, someone might end up falling down the hill :p I guess it would work if a few people came as Jack and Jill. And it might be funny to watch someone bob for apples and try not to end up rolling down the hill with the bucket of apples following them. I do like that I can walk here in under 20 minutes. Its a nice little place to kill a few minutes.

There are so many graves here with wonderful carvings :) I really need to bring some paper and do some rubbings of them before you can't read them at all.

Or before they end up buried like a lot of them were.


There are a few graves from the 1700's. Probably more then we can read, since there are graves where the whole front has eroded or fallen off.

And this one is a tad creepy since the face of the angel has eroded, perfect for Halloween though :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Hi, Name is Jen and I Like Hanging Around in Graveyards :p

More picture tomorrow, even though I know I've posted photos of this place before, we got some photos of stones we had never photographed before. Off to bed as I am going back to college tomorrow as I figure my hands are as good as they are ever going to get without time or enough meds to knock out an elephant (even tho I am not far off of that point now lol).

October Project Apples

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

So finished the pastel apples without too many rainbow sneezes, but we need kleenex now :p  hmm like the green apple, the red could use work. oh well next time. Ann suggested sanded paper which I luckily have since I ordered some to use with coloured pencils but didn't like the effect. At least the paper will not go to waste, even if there will be even more dust floating around. *must remember to get the jumbo box of tissues :p

Drawn for the Monthly Sketch Project :) Photo for the apples provided by Leslie

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Eye Spy ...

96/365 11.10.09
Originally uploaded by fuzzydragons

My favourite corner of the house.

The corner my desk sits in I guess would be my favourite in the house (ok maybe the bed would be my favourite but I might be saying that because I need a nap :p). Its where I draw, where a lot of my pencils are and where my laptop sits (and while I won't name a car, I am not against naming my laptop, haven't yet but if I could think of a name I would :p)

I need a bigger desk, but then again I would just end up with a bigger pile of clutter :p

Mr.F put up a bunch of shelves for my pencils and books. The books are starting to take over our small flat :p Soon not going to have room to walk. But I'm fine with that, a person can never have too many books :D (and could always just use the books as furniture).

The one big downside to this corner is that we turned my desk to fit the couch in the room (small flat, our yard is bigger :p), and now I look at a blank blue wall.

hmm need this on the wall, would be a lot better then the plain wall :D And would definitely make this my favourite corner over the bed :p

For more eye spy go here :)

*blogger is acting up for me right now :/ hate when that happens

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Thats not a knife, this is a knife...

95/365 10.10.09
Originally uploaded by fuzzydragons

ok so its a kangaroo that Pooh is holding, but they can do damage too :p

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

More pastel work. This time on black Stonehenge. Love how bright the colours are on this, but after about 3 layers of pastel its really hard to get more on the paper. Which I find really odd since you can get so many layers of coloured pencils on the paper.

Getting better with blending the pastels, and things go really quickly with them. This took less then an hour while I was watching Merlin. Don't really need to concentrate on the story (story, what story? :p) while watching so can still draw :)

Drawn for the Monthly Sketch group. I might get a chance to work on the other picture but that all depends on if I get this and college homework done.

Friday, October 09, 2009

cookie or biscuit?

94/365 09.10.09
Originally uploaded by fuzzydragons

The feeling in my hands is coming back *dances, trips over table*. Its not perfect, I'd say about 50 to 60 percent better but its a start. My hands still are numb, and do give a little spasm once and awhile, hence the few odd marks below, but at least now I can hold a pencil without dropping it every 30 secs.

I know it is going to take some practice getting back to where I was art wise over 2 weeks ago, so things will probably look childish for awhile. But I am just glad the feeling is coming back. Well its either coming back or I am getting use to the lack of feeling in my hands and am adapting. Either way is fine with me.

So did manage to get some work done on the Halloween dragon. Need to darken the carved out parts of the pumpkin still and then if my hands are better enough tomorrow, take water to it and see what happens to the paper and colours.

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

Just because the feeling is coming back to my hands doesn't mean I will stop using the pastels. I forgot how much I liked using them. Used them all the time in high school for pet portraits for teachers who paid me in chocolate (hmm maybe thats where the chocolate addiction came from :p). I like the look you can get with them and I think they are great for studies but I know you can get detail with them too. Its a very simple style for me but I like it. Just need to remember to work bigger if I want any kind of detail in what I am drawing.

*its a biscuit*

Thursday, October 08, 2009

creative space october 8,2009

Originally uploaded by fuzzydragons

More pastels :)

ok next time use bigger paper or I am not going to get any detail. And how in the world does a person get so much pastel dust up their nose? I swear I'm sneezing rainbows :p

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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Probably crazy

92/365 07.10.09
Originally uploaded by fuzzydragons

In January I am taking a belly dancing course because I have wanted to take one for ages. I really want to make some of the outfits I've seen, they are gorgeous. And hey its good for the abs :p

And...also taking a dog grooming class at the same time. Plus college. I think I need help :p

Not sure what I will learn at the dog course since I did work at a dog groomers. Probably learn how to finish a dog ,since I've only roughed them

Rough groom to get rid of the worst of the mess. Bathed and dried, trimmed and nail cut. brushed and express anal glands (look it up not explaining it here ;p). And that beats almost anyone in the gross department.

It was a hard job, and even harder when you saw the abuse of some of the animals, didn't happen a lot thankfully, (in some cases, people just didn't know). But some of the dogs made it worth it.

Fred the huge Basset Hound who would roll around on the floor and play but barely fit in the tub :p I remember playing with him waiting for his owners to show up and Fred managed to pin me to the ground right when they did show up. Heavy dog :p Loved his ears :D

And of course the worst dog I ever bathed was ours :p He freaked out when the tap turned on and jumped on me for safety. And when a 100lb dog jumps on you, you notice :p And then when I didn't help him he decided to go for the wall and put holes in it with his paws :p Eventually he got use to the water, after a few more tries....

Said dog looking innocent :p

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

no we haven't and never will name the car ;p

91/365 06.10.09
Originally uploaded by fuzzydragons

I forgot to post some pictures on Monday and since I've been dealing with dead hands, me taking pictures is almost out of the question. I tried taking some video and its a good thing I had the camera cord wrapped around my hand, because about 5 seconds after me pushing the button to start the camera my hand lost muscle control and all you can see is the room and cow go rushing by at an odd angle as the camera falls, and hear me cursing in the background :p So fancy pictures are out this week.

So have 2 pictures of the car :) Don't think we got a bad deal, and Mr.F's dad said the rust can be painted over and it should help prevent it from getting any worse. Big advantage to Mr.F's dad being a painter (not a house painter :p). Not a lot of rust, don't think that.

And the back and the big boot. Could fit a body in there.....

And heard back from my MS nurse. She had talked to my neurologist and he wants me to have another MRI :/ damn. But this time once I see the results I need to remember to ask if there is a way that I can get a copy of the results. And then of course put it here :p Then  everyone could see that
a: I do have a brain :p
b: the effects of cans of relentless on the mind
c: all the white spots. which are actually a bad thing, but still interesting to look at :)

Set up an ArtFire store today. Can only list so many things, but will rotate prints. I figure it never hurts to have more options. :)

Hopefully art tomorrow. I want to see if I can draw a horse with the pastels. Could possibly end up with something that looks out of a science fiction movie :p