Sunday, November 29, 2009

Just a Minute in November

I'm playing along with Jenaveve's Just a Minute :)

Reading: Read a few books this month; the wise women by philippa gregory, good at games by jill mansell, The Traveling Vampire Show by richard laymon, cancervixen by marisa acocella marchetto and another book I forgot to write down and don't remember, so must not have been that good :p

Cooking: cookies! :D

Drawing: more things for college which I can start to bring home tomorrow. So people can see how bad some of it is and get a laugh :)

Listening: To Three Days Grace and Breaking Benjamin

Full of: Caffeine. lots of caffeine. bounce bounce bounce good thing I don't drink coffee, would be worse :p

hmm off for more caffeine to try to get some drawing done.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Mess With Your Eyes Time

Mr.F made me a huge messenger bag :D I love it and the colours are really bright. Wont lose me in a crowd lol Just wish I had more of this fabric so I could make a little change purse or wallet.

Huge zipper and pocket on the outside, flap covering the top and a zippered pocket in the inside. I think its official now. Mr.F has used my sewing machine more then I have lol but it does mean that if a pair of jeans gets ripped he can fix them now instead of waiting for me to get time to :p

If it doesn't snow like everyone is saying it will tomorrow, I will get some pictures of it in the sun so people can see how bright it really is :) And if it does snow we can make a snowperson and it can model the bag :p

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

One green horse finished. I haven't yet decided that my style loosening up due to college is a good thing or a bad thing. On the one hand I am a lot quicker, but on the other its really really scribbly :p

Copyright Leslie Hawes

Blog friend Leslie sent me this drawing of Luka :D I love it, just need to find a frame now and hang it on the wall.

I am so glad its the weekend soon. Need to sleep in for a few hours and then get caught up on some drawing. Well thats the plan. Things seem to have the habit of changing....

Monday, November 23, 2009

On Fire

The horse. Not me thankfully.

I took a short blog break on the weekend to try to get 4 drawings done for expressive drawing. But like most times, life gets in the way so I managed to only get a start on one.

I had never thought to use pastels and then water before. Its an interesting effect that I want to spend more time playing with (just need to find the time). This still needs a lot of work. I'm trying to soak the pastels and then make them run off the page, but I think I might have used the wrong type of watercolour paper to get the effect I want.

So hopefully have this finished soon and then on to the rest (that need to get done by Wednesday :/....)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Pretty Puppy Packaging

124/365 20.11.09
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So a very lovely wrapped package arrived while I was in college. Love the wrapping paper, its very cute.

The nosey cow couldn't wait and opened it before me. Impatient little thing.

And this was inside :D Nice and warm from Cindy and the trio :) Now it just has to get cold out. ok cold but no snow. I could live without the snow :p and stop raining all ready! I don't want to have to swim to college next week.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Creative Space November 19,2009

123/365 19.11.09
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Went to the library today since I read the last lot of books. I seem to be reading more now that I'm in college, probably a bad thing :p But in my defence some of them are art books ;p

Since my creative space for the week is usually college its hard to show pictures of that. I need to take pictures of the college since we are not supposed to have cameras in the studios as there are nude models. My drawer is pretty much full of art so in a few weeks I would assume I will have lots of art to post and people can laugh at it :p

I do have lots of drawing to do this weekend, most of it for college too. I have this really cool idea so I am crossing my fingers that it works even a little bit.

Thank you everyone for your comments on my last post :D Feeling a lot better now so who knows what caused me to black out, its very strange.

For more creative spaces head over here :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


122/365 18.11.09
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last night was interesting. I have never blacked out in all my life (ok I probably have now that I think about it, but it was usually because I fell off my bike or got hit playing games when younger. yeah my friends and I were pretty stupid sometimes lol). Anyway blacked out 3 times in about 6 minutes. lots of fun :p

So Mr.F phoned NHS24 because I was pretty dizzy and feeling ill. The nurse on the phone asked me a bunch of questions and then was "ok do you want an ambulance or a doctor" I'd prefer the doctor, but she said nope, sending the paramedics. Then why ask?! lol

Anyway they showed up, did a bunch of tests and the conclusion is that its probably the bloody labyrinthitis again :/ I've been doing some reading, this could be a chronic thing. ok its official, if I was a horse I'd be shot :p

So no college today :( which is a shame because its expressive drawing. And while I wasn't too keen on the class at first I really like it now. i'm going to ask the teacher if I can take some paper home to try to catch up on the weekend.

And the cow returns, hopefully I don't miss anymore days of taking pictures. This is an ink set we got at college. Its a good thing I can't find my pen nibs or I would probably end up using the set for non college work lol

Monday, November 16, 2009

Scottish Word of the Week Nov,16 2009

This weeks Scottish word:

1. haun

Answer to the last words:

1. craw is a crow

2. sugarallie is liquorice (hmm wish I had some red liqourice now....)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Robin Sketch

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

Been so busy trying to figure out code, straightening the flat and working on a commission that I only had time to sketch out the little robin. hmm kind of evil looking :p but they can be evil little things, so it might work well :p

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Creative Space November 12,2009

My creative space. Printing, printing, swearing at the printer, printing, drinking fake diet red bull, more printing, wanting to kick the computer, ooh that printed nicely :D

I feel so much better today, still feeling tired and run down but no where near as ill as I was. I just hate that I missed almost a whole week of college. I'm going to be doing a lot of catch up on the weekend as there is only 2 weeks left in this block and I still need to complete a painting. At least I know what I am doing. Its simple, but I think it will work well :)

I think my next wildlife Xmas drawing will be of a robin. When I first saw one here I was amazed at the size difference. Small little things but full of attitude lol

For more creative spaces head over here :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cow Xmas

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
A4 size prints for sale. £10 including shipping

Finished coo :) Makes me want to actually do a series of Xmas themed wildlife drawings now.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Moo but not Oink

yeah so I guess I spoke/wrote to soon. What ever I thought I had thrown off last week seems to have reared its ugly head again :/ So was told not to go to college for at least 48 hours and then if I still feel like this go back to the docs. oh the joys of a stomach flu....

Copyright Jennifer Rose Philip

So not a whole lot of drawing was done today. Did manage to get a bit further on the Xmas cow and not a lot left now. Just a few ornaments and then I think it will be done. Simple but I like how it looks :)

Sunday, November 08, 2009


Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

Quick little post of progress on the skeebie. i have found out that skeebie must be a regional word for a highland cow because people in class had no idea what I was talking about. But I have also found that common for other Scottish words. Some people have no idea what some words are. Especially words that Mr.F's grandparents generation uses. I couldn't even start to figure out how to spell some of the words that Mr.F's grandfather uses. And uses just to get a confused look on my face :p but its funny all the same :)

Monday, November 02, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

116/365 2.11.09
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But always have time for a cookie :D A gift from Mr.F's parents for our anniversary. Combining 2 of my favorite things, cookies and Halloween.

Need to get a lot of drawing done so why am I still blogging? I'm addicted ;p

Drawing list:
1. ACEO commission
2. skeebie drawing
3 some robin drawings
4 xmas dragons
5. feet and hands for life drawing class (Mr.F's hands and feet. Not drawing my feet with its twisted toes. hmm then again that might make an interesting drawing)
6. try to work on that horse
7. and then if I have time work on my messenger bag
8. finally work on site

I hope to get at least one of these done, more would be nice but since I have an MRI tomorrow, having one completed would be all right with me.

off for a cookie........ok who ate all the cookies?

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Eye Spy ...

115/365 1.11.09
Originally uploaded by fuzzydragons


I'm not really a shoe person. If given the choice of a bag or a pair of shoes, I'd take the bag. I don't know how many bags I have, they are stuffed everywhere :p

I have...5 pairs of shoes and only wear 2 of them :p 3 wedge pair, this is one left foot of one pair, a pair of sandals and my work boots I was married in.

I would love to wear these, but they are pretty shiny and tall :p I can hardly walk in my sandals. hmm maybe one day I will wear them and cross my fingers I don't fall :p

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