Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Just a Minute in June

Tawny Owl making a lot of noise :p

Heard this owl during the week but couldn't get a good shot of it. If we hear it again we have to remember to turn the video on so people can at least hear what the owl sounds like :)

This month went by pretty fast, hardly remember what went on lol


Finished a few books this month;

Sepulchre by Kate Mosse
Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood
Mr. Darcy's Diary by Amanda Grange
Futuretrack 5 by Robert Westall

Really enjoyed the Atwood book, very good and interesting read.

Art: I didn't manage to get a lot done artwise. Finished a tattoo commission and started on a few things. Have so many ideas sketched out or written down I don't think I will run out of things to draw for a few weeks


Who's Line :D Something to watch while drawing

Music: Actually my music player has been on shuffle all month. Not really listening to anything in particular,. A bit of this, a bit of that :p From Kate Nash to Nickelback (and I admit to liking them. As much as people say they don't listen to them, they lie :p Same thing with James Blunt. Some people say they can't stand him but you hear them singing along to the songs when they think no one is listening :p)

Gardening: We are going to be eaten alive by all of the onions. Somebody send Bunnicula to help

Going insane: still trying to figure out knitting :p Seen these gorgeous crochet blankets that really make me want to try to learn to crochet again and try to make a blanket. I get the idea and technique behind crochet, just can't seem to make my fingers work right :p

More Just a Minute players here :)

Chrissy sent me some paper :) Thank you! Velour and Fisher paper to play with. Not sure what I am going to draw on them, but as soon as I finish the Foxgloves I will use this paper. hmmm thinking something fuzzy :p

Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday photos of the week June 29,2009

Originally uploaded by fuzzydragons

More flower pictures for this Monday. People might be sick of seeing them but I love all the colours :D And I forgot the camera today going for a walk. Not that I wanted to be standing around in this heat taking pictures. Very very humid out :/

Red rose Mr.F bought me last year, the flowers are getting pretty big on it. :)

Friendly little bee on a pink rose. Well probably not that friendly :p Only been stung twice and that was more then enough times for me :p

More Daises :D
This weeks Scottish word:

1. doup

Answer to last weeks word:

1. sair heidie is sponge cake

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The numbers are driving me insane....

OK I am not good with numbers. At all. Which can sometimes be a problem but as long as I go over things a few times (more like 20 :p) I can get things figured out. I was never good at maths and my maths teacher in grade 9 only passed me because he was sick of teaching me and seeing me draw on the chalkboard :p (His fault for seating me next to it ;) ) He really did tell me this lol (yeah could also have something to do with a game a few of us use to play in class, but in my defence I never started it :p)

The whole point of writing that is because I have spent the last 2 days going over forms for funding for College and am still not done with the maths parts :p But it will kill 2 birds with 1 stone because I can get my taxes for last year done at the same time :) So I haven't gotten a lot of drawing done, but almost finished the tattoo commission (had to redraw a part, wasn't hard and now it looks better :) ) and spent an hour working on the Foxgloves.

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

So here is one bell pretty much completed. I really would love to darken up the inside of the bell, but the paper will not take any more of the pencil pigment and is actually going to start digging into the paper if I tried. So things I have learned so far with using this paper:

1. Make sure you put really strong highlights down even if not called for as it can be hard to get them over the other colours after they are put down. Much easier to just darken them later then try to lighten them. Light colours are really sucked into this paper and seem to fade easier.

2. I think the pencils actually act like chalk pastels on this paper rather then acting like they normally do. Its not a bad thing, just have to go back to using the pencils differently.

3. You do get a soft effect like with the white Stonehenge but it is more subtle.

4. I don't need to burnish, seems to happen on its own really fast with this paper. After about 8 light layers I started to see the slick shiny look and also started to have a wax bloom problem :/ So things are really shiny (and I don't mean in the Firefly way ;) )

This is good practice for me though as I normally do flowers that have very defined petals. Speaking of practice I am going to start drawing people. Shocker! ;) I need to start practising different perspectives to prepare for life drawing classes. Not sure if I will post them all, but will probably post a few so people can get a good laugh ;)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Foxgloves WIP Post One

Not a thrilling blog title but here is the start to the Foxgloves on the black Stonehenge paper that Vic sent me :) The flowers drawn out and transfered and with the very basic highlights put in. There isn't a very strong light source for this, its very subtle so don't need bright white highlights on it.

Put in some light pink/peach where the spots are. I am not going to draw everyone of those spots (I don't feel like going insane this week, maybe next week :p), just want to suggest them.

Starting in on the petals, deco pink first (last one :/) and then a few layers of peach and yellow. So far I actually like this paper. Much better then white Stonehenge, it does take a lot of layers but the colour seems to go down quicker. Once I am done I will write a longer report on the paper.

Some of the colours used. Mostly Prismacolors but I'm using a white Coloursoft and the Royal Purple Coloursoft.

And where I am at the moment. I need to darken the inside of the bell, the spots and add more pink shades to it, possibly a little yellow if the paper will take more colour once the pinks are down. This is going to take awhile I think, so I will be jumping between this, my eagles and getting the tattoo commission finished up :)

And look what Lynsey from Cuteable sent me! :D Lots of paper to play with, so will be getting my watercolour pencils out in the next few days. I need to put a shelf up for all of my supplies now. Running out of room lol I would love to have a studio, and it wouldn't have to be big. Even just the size of our living room, which isn't big at all. But it would be nice to have a place for all of my supplies and stepping on dropped pencils forgotten on the floor isn't good for the feet :p (but I do have a pencil piece in my hand from almost 20 years ago and it hasn't killed me so don't think another one would hurt :p hopefully....)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Creative Space June 25, 2009

Originally uploaded by fuzzydragons

These have to go somewhere in the yard. Running out of space for them, but I'm sure we will find some little corner that does not have any flowers in it. These are from the Inlaws. You know how sometimes when you plant seeds not very many come up so you plant a few extra to make up for the ones that do not grow? Yeah well this year almost all of the seeds germinated :p So there were over 200 Livingstone Daisies :p and a lot of other plants. I love the Daises but I am running out of room for them all lol

So todays creative space is working in the yard and then I need to get some drawing done. I have to transfer the foxgloves to the black paper and work on my eagles from a few weeks ago.

This container only had 5 daisy seedlings in it but its has exploded it seems :p

Sweet peas :) We have a few more plants that haven't flowered yet and they so far seem to be different colours. I think the Inlaws have the blue variety so if it does flower I need to get pictures of it.

So art later I promise :) I will probably do the Foxgloves as a WIP and then cross my fingers it works out. It should but you never know with a new type of paper.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday photos of the week June 22, 2009

Saw this flower walking to a grocery store, not as bright as it is here but still very pretty. Wish I had something to cut it with so I could try to get a cutting to grow :)

It rained. No wait. It poured down rain for a good chunk of the afternoon. Little rivers in the street the rain was coming down so fast. But it makes for some nice photos once the sun come out :)

Only the one plant has the white flowers on it, shame as they are really nice.

And more fuchsias :) This pot is going to be just a explosion of purple and red when all of the buds decide to bloom.

And Mr.F's tomatoe plants. One or two have died but the rest seem to be doing well. We did have some of the pots on top of the big drain lid to the left, but when the builder came to check the drains he said we are actually lucky that they drain lid didn't blow. Could have had tomatoe plants go flying 6 feet in the air :p And while I would think thats funny, I don't want to explain to the council why there are tomatoe plants on the roof :p (Mr.F suggests aliens)

Scottish word of the week:

1. sair heidie

Answers to last weeks words:

1. pow is a head or skull

2. jaup is a splash

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Black Paper

Look what came in the mail on Saturday! Black Stonehenge paper from Vic :D plus a lovely little card and a really nice little art card. Its shiny :p

I really do love how people that I have only met online are willing to share things with me, and I don't just mean material things like the above. So many people are willing to help when I have questions and ones that are not just art related. :) And the comments I get when I am feeling like crap are really really appreciated.

So expect a review of the black paper in the coming weeks. I already know what I am going to be drawing on one of the sheets, and I figure might as well draw the foxgloves on this to put the paper through its paces.

Eye Spy ...

a sign. This week theme was chosen by Jenaveve over at August Street

Signs from our walk the other day, just your everyday signs nothing special (and trust me, I looked for odd signs but couldn't find any).

The bane of almost all the drivers in the area. They don't slow people down, and you get the neds in their cars seeing how fast they can go over them and how much air they can get. I did have to laugh though when one went over a speed bump on their moto and did a face plant :p serves you right

I've actually seen a caravan parked here so the sign doesn't work :p

What are they killer lorries? Going to run us down for blood?

I don't want to! :p

I will have to ask Mr.F if these are the buses that have a habit of catching on fire o.0

Kirriemuir, better known to me as Peter Pan land because I can't pronounce it :p So its either on the right or its in hell, one or the other :p (its actually a really nice place :D )

I wish there was the same thing for cats :/ Not that this sign does any good either. Its not hard to take a bag with you when you take your dog for a walk people! And then take some hand wipes or gel with you. Sorry bit of a pet peeve with me. I think if you have a dog you should be willing to clean up after it.

And just to confuse people even more when they are first time drivers here :p

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Creative Space June 18,2009

Creative Space June 18,2009
Originally uploaded by fuzzydragons

Decided it was about time I started to finish up that pencil wrap I started weeks ago :p Need to measure out the spaces for the pencils and re-do the the binding because I messed it up :/ Hopefully I can can find the right thread. I think its in the big box of fabric and if thats the case its probably been eaten :p

I am still working on the tattoo design, hopefully get that all drawn up tonight and then start shading it tomorrow :) Yes its a fast turn around rate but I like to get commissions done as soon as possible so I don't lose them :) And I do love drawing tattoos for people :D I am going to ask the lady who commissioned me for a picture once it is all healed, which I might post here :)

A few years ago I had someone contact me on Elfwood asking if the could use this for a tattoo. I said sure :D I am honestly fine with someone getting any of my work done as a tattoo. Its nice when someone asks but really there isn't much I can do if someone decides to get my art permanently on their body. Go to their house and chop off the offending part with my art on it?

nah don't think so :p I love seeing pictures though as I always like to see what the tattoo artist did with it (but I do stress that none of my art can be used in flash books, that does cost money :p).

I don't ever know if I will ever be happy with a design I draw for myself to get a tattoo and where I want it might not even be possible due to all the freckles :/ but its fun drawing them.

I have so much art I should be doing so here is a list so I can keep track (well thats the idea anyway :p)

1. Tattoo commission
2. CP Eagles
3. Compass dragons
4. Dragon/scarab
5. another sculpey dragon
6. this pencil wrap
7. a big bird pointillism piece (i am pretty sure I am going to be doing a peregrine falcon, just need to put a few pictures together for the drawing. I am insane to try this :p)

I think that is it, but I am probably missing something hmmm. ok off to draw :D

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Watercolour Paper

I have used a lot of watercolour paper as its easy to find in most stores, its a nice white paper to use and because there are so many variations in the paper both hot and cold press, I don't think you could ever run out of paper to try. I have found that a lot of watercolour paper is pretty soft so you have to be careful when it comes to scratches or marking the paper because it will show when coloured over. There are huge differences in textures between hot and cold pressed paper, and even between different companies. You can either get sheets of loose paper, bound paper in spiral books, pads that are glued together at the sides, and sketchbooks of different sizes. I prefer buying loose sheets so I can cut the paper to the size I need, but for travelling I actually prefer the glued pads over the sketchbooks as I find them more sturdy and they last longer for me. I just drew some simple shapes for examples and only am posting the paper I have examples for.
Langton watercolour paper

Daler-Rowney Langton

I have used the extra smooth hot pressed type of this paper. It has 2 sides to it, one with a slight texture to it and the other is really smooth. The smoother side works better with coloured pencils, its a little harder to blend the colours together on the other side. I can get about 8 layers of coloured pencil on this paper before it is a struggle to get more laid down, but the colours blend together easily while you can add more to the paper. A light touch is better with this paper to get the colours to blend together and so that the pencils do not dig into the paper. I really never see the need to burnish on this paper as the build up of colour gets a really smooth look on its own. If you put down watercolour before you use CPs on this paper there isn't any problems, it actually helps the coloured pencils adhere to the paper better. Its a nice smooth paper, with a good weight to it, 140lb, so can take a beating without crumpling. Using CPs over areas that have been wetted down and then dried doesn't work that well. The colours can be hard to blend together.

Yupo Paper

Yupo Paper

ahh Yupo paper. The paper that most people have no idea what to do with ;) I do know its not for CP work on the whole. It takes the pencils but the first layer can be really streaky. Any layers after that are better put down with a rounded pencil rather then a pointed one as the point leaves very obvious lines on the paper. I do like what happens after you have a few colours laid down. When you put another colour over the first few layers, it picks up the pigment from the previous layers. I thought that this would really bug me but it actually really helps blend the colours together. Its a nice white paper, but you have to be careful about fingerprints or marks as they can show up in the work (the white lines above as an example). I think for sketching this paper would be all right, but on the whole not for coloured pencil use. If anyone finds any work done with CPs on this that really blows their mind, please let me know :) I'm really interested to see what other people do with this paper (and Ingrid sent me some more to play with, which I want to do more then draw an apple on :p) I haven't tried using CPs on this paper over an area that has been wetted down, but I would imagine that any pencils that I laid down would pick up the dried colour and not blend in as there wouldn't be anything to blend into.

Winsor and Newton paper

Winsor & Newton Cotman Cold Pressed Paper

This paper has a textured surface to it. Its not so rough that the pencils have a hard time filling in the grooves but its enough of a texture to leave spots on the drawing. Its a nice heavy weight paper so can take a bit of abuse from the pencils and from you if it is dropped. You have to work a little harder to blend the colours due to the texture, either using extra layers or a heavier hand but they do blend together with a bit of work. You don't want to push too hard on the surface of the paper because it can actually make it harder to get more colour on that area. I actually lost count of the number of layers I got on this paper, more then 10 I do know that. I think if you kept a light hand you could get probably a lot of layers on this paper. I don't have problems using a wet medium and then CPs over that on this paper once the surface has been completly dried. If the paper is even a bit damp, the pencils have problems digging into the paper and blending together.

Winsor and Newton paper

Decided to burnish this with a light peach colour to see what it would do as I had never burnished anything on this paper before. It helped a bit to get rid of the white spaces but it ended up looking really fuzzy :/ I think I would just keep layering the pencil colours to get a shiny look, rather then burnish over them with one colour.

Fabriano 5 Watercolor Paper

Fabriano 5 Watercolour Paper

The watercolour paper I use the most (their site is not really working at the moment so can't link to the paper, didn't want to link to a store). Hot pressed, 140lb really white paper. Very smooth, has 2 sides but the difference between the 2 is really hard to explain without having a sheet in front of a person. One side is a bit smoother then the other, the other has a slight texture to it; if you run a finger across the 2 sides, the side with the texture feels a bit softer. The smoother side I find is the better side to use as the CPs don't end up looking really fuzzy and you can get more layers. The pencil colours blend together well on either side, but you can usually only get about half a dozen layers on the side with the texture to it. On the smooth side I have gotten about 20 layers, you could probably get more on the paper but I have never needed to. The CP colours stay bright on this paper. I would spray the finished piece with fixative to help stop the pigment from getting smudge around because it can do that if the paper is brushed up against a lot, or you don't put something under your drawing hand when working. Combining watercolour or Neocolors and CPs with this paper works all right. The pencils will go over the wetted areas, but have a habit of sticking into the paper rather then gliding over it, and you can only get a few layers of pencil down after its been wetted. If you don't need a lot of layers or its not a very detailed drawing using the wet media with the pencils will work.

Up next, random things to use coloured pencils on :)

Part One
Part Two

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday photos of the week June 15, 2009

This month is just flying by! 15th of June already o.0

It poured pretty much all day today :/ Great for the flowers and veggies but not so great for wanting to get fit walking around town. I could just use an umbrella but its been so windy that the umbrella ends up inside out and that defeats the whole purpose of the umbrella :p meh its only rain I'm not going to melt (well at least I don't think so.....). Short blog post today of some of the plants in the backyard.

The veggie patch from the stairs. A couple potatoes, beans and the lots of onions.

The strawberry plant and then the peas which have started to grow pods :D so will have fresh peas soon. and hopefully some strawberries if the birds don't get to them first.

A few of the fuschias that we were not sure survived the winter but thankfully they did. I love the pink and white one, the flowers get huge on it :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Eagle Update

Clematis in Mr.F's grandparents backyard. Taken with my cell phone so not the best picture as the lens was pretty dirty :/ I thought all the petals were gorgeous, never realized there were so many types of Clematis. His grandparents have been married 50 years. o.0 almost unheard of now.

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

I have been drawing, just things that I can't post as they are for a commission for a tattoo design. The idea for the tattoo is a good one, well thought out. Not that there is anything wrong with getting a tattoo design that is from a flash book, but I think it means more when its something that you have taken the time to think about and either draw yourself or get an artist or the tattoo artist to help you draw. Might lessen the chances of running into someone who has the same tattoo which I think would be embarrassing. And why spend the rest of your life with something on your body forever that someone else has? (ok not forever with surgery but even then the scars might never fade)

So small update on the eagles. So small its probably not noticeable :p Put down a few light brown layers, and lightly drew in the brow ridges. Lots left to do and the bird still looks odd to me. hmm still hoping that with more feathers things start to look right. Can always start again if things don't start shaping up properly. I will try to work on a few pieces at the same times as these eagles, I think if I don't I will end up bored with this and never finish it.

Speaking of tattoos I just had the coolest idea for one that has to do with all the scarabs I have been drawing and dragons :) I don't think I will ever make up my mind about any of the scarabs that I draw as to what one I want as a tattoo, but they still make neat looking designs :)

*edit I am going to be continuing my paper posts later this week. I need to get a few examples of CP work on watercolour paper because I could not find the past work I have done on most of the types of paper (more then likely in boxes in Canada). So hopefully I will continue the posts by Wednesday :) Sorry about the delay :)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Comment System

Dinner for tonight :p No not really but this was pretty good :) It was such a nice day out today that we spent it in the yard, weeding and planting some more plants. Mr.F put his pumpkins in the ground so they will either die or take over the whole garden and we will get eaten by the mutant pumpkins :p I could think of worse ways to go out, but I think being killed by veggies would by high on that list :p ok so technically a pumpkin is a fruit, still would be an embarrassing way to die. I could just see "Killed by rabid pumpkin" written on a gravestone with little pumpkins with sharp teeth carved next to the inscription :p I can't imagine what someone would think seeing that 200 years from now. Maybe that the veggies at dinner time fought back?

I have had a few questions about how to use the comment system on the blog now so I thought I should make a quick post explaining how :)

You don't need to sign up with JS-Kit to use it, you can sign in as a guest :)

The only information that is needed is a nickname and an email (that no one can see) if you want to get replies sent to you, and as long as the nickname is not some swear word and really crude anything goes :p You can use your blog URL and a few others that are listed in the drop down menu under where it says leave comment as.

I should have art tomorrow *crosses fingers* I have been working on those eagles but I am really taking my time with them. I have a rough sketch drawn up for another big dragon piece and have some more ideas for some smaller pieces. I really do want to draw more dragons. I use to draw them all the time and its about time I started drawing them again. I need to find some fairy tales or stories with dragons in them and draw some scenes from the stories (preferably ones that I would not get in trouble for drawing from)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

White Paper

Continuation of my paper list. White paper today, not including watercolour paper. Not much that I can write about white paper, its white :p Ok so when using white paper you don't have to worry about the colour of the paper changing the final colours of your pencils, what you put down is what you end up with. Generally easy to transfer your drawing on white paper either with transfer paper or a projector, unlike with coloured paper where you sometimes have a hard time transferring your image onto the coloured surface so your lines will show up. Most people have some kind of white paper around so its easy to find in the house or in a store. You can have problems sometimes getting proper values on what you are drawing because there is not a base colour to work from and it can take longer to colour your drawing because you might need more layers to make up for a lack of paper colour. I generally tell people that ask me what type of paper to use and they are just starting out with CPs, to stick with white paper until they know how the pencil colours react to each other. After a person figures that out, then move onto the coloured paper.

And now for a blast from the past ;)

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
(this was done in 1997 o.0 :p and I still have it lol)
Printer Paper

Printer Paper

Just your everyday printer paper that does come in different thickness'/weight. And there can be a difference in how white the paper is as well. The paper is smooth and the pencils are easily blended on it. Not recommended for really important work though as the paper can be pretty easy to wreck and crumble and can yellow really easily. For sketching (or a really naive 16 year old :p) it works well. Because there isn't much of a tooth to the paper if any at all, you can't get a lot of layers of pencils on it so building up colour can be a problem. To get ideas how the colours interact with each other it works well as you generally only need a few layers to figure that out, but on the whole its not a paper that is generally recommended.

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
Strathmore Bristol paper

Strathmore Bristol

I have used the 300 series vellum finished bristol. Nice clean bright white paper. You can get smoother paper but I can't imagine using CPs on it, as this paper is hard enough to use on this series. It takes the pencil pigment no problem, I just find that you can not get that many layers on it and because of that it is really hard to get any kind of dark value to a piece. There is literally no tooth on this paper. You do get a nice smooth finish to your piece, and it is really easy to burnish areas that you want to as long as you have enough coloured pencil laid down before hand. There isn't a problem blending colours as long as you can get more layers to do so, and what you lay down on the paper will be the colour you end up with in the end. I prefer to use this paper for ink work because it is so smooth the ink just flows over the surface.

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
Robert Bateman Sketchbook paper

Robert Bateman Sketchbook

This is my favourite of the white papers that I have used that isn't a watercolour paper. I really wish you could get sheets of this paper instead of having to buy the sketchbooks with their coil binding. Takes about a dozen layers before you have to struggle to get more and the pencils glide over the paper surface. I find that you really do have to push your values with this paper or things can look really washed out. The pencils blend easily on this paper, and you can wet the paper down a little bit if need as long as you don't soak it. Its a sketchbook paper, but its of high quality and I have pieces that are over 10 years old done on it and they are not showing any signs of yellowing or the colours fading on the paper. Not as smooth as the bristol paper, but still pretty smooth to the touch and if you want a smooth look to your work this paper will work too. Because there is a bit more tooth then the bristol paper, it gives you a bit more to work with so you can creat your own textures on it.

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
Stonehenge paper


I could have put this in the watercolour section as you can use it for wet media, but since it is what a lot of CP artists use and is a white paper I decided to put it here. You can get it in different shades, but I haven't been able to find any (and I really want to try the black paper). It takes A LOT of layers which has its disadvantage and in advantages. I probably sound like a broken record because I have said it before, but I really do think this paper is overrated :/ Yes you can get lots of layers when using it, its a high quality paper, and the colours will stay bright on it. But you can also get that with other papers and I really do not understand the appeal of spending hours upon hours on one small section with multiple layers when you can get the same effects with less time on different paper. Sometimes you do need to use a lot of layers to get the proper values of what you are drawing and this paper is one to use, but if you use too many colours you could end up with a paper that looks like its covered in mud. I find that using a sharp point on the pencils work best compared to a rounded or dull point. You can get a nice soft effect with it but that also means that sometimes you will have problems with the pencils smudging or smearing on the paper. I know this isn't that paper for me, but lots of people do love using it. I do like it combining the pencils with Neocolors as you can wet the paper to no ill effect and the combination of crayons and pencils cuts down on the time needed to complete a piece. Because it is a very soft paper you have to be careful about scratching the paper's surface as even the smallest scratch can leave an indent on the paper :/

Part one Coloured paper

*I will be making a post soon about the new comment systemand how to use it :)