Thursday, April 30, 2009

Crap :/

Various WIP ACEOs Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

So didn't get in to Uni and oddly I am all right with that lol Mr.F's mom thinks I'm strange for being all right with it, but honestly since the whole MS diagnoses (which has come up a lot lately, I will try not to make it a focus of the blog I promise), I really have stopped caring so much about things that can't be changed. Hard to explain, might not make sense to some people.

It was always a long shot with them only taking so many students and lots applying :) Not going to stop me from drawing and that is all that matters.

But what I should have done was apply to the college at the same time, but stupidly didn't. So might try that but might be too late to apply. Going to figure that out tomorrow.

3 ACEOs above that still need some work. One angry rooster, one little lily and an inked dragon that still needs a lot of work. I forgot actually how much I like using ink. Just using lines to shade things, not relying on colour to give something shape.

Got rained out today, so only managed to get 4 pots planted, some corn (which I will laugh if it all grows :p) and a few anemones :D

I'm redoing my blog. Need to redo the header image, and since its a template (which Mr.F hates but I don't know enough code to make my own[he hates them because of the fixed width and security holes :/]) it shouldn't be that hard for me to tinker with. Yes it probably would be easier to customize if I made the whole thing myself, but I don't have 10 years :p lol I could always use it as a starting point and go from there. Trying to take into account everything that everyone commented the other day about my site. I want to make the blog have lots of greens to get away from being either too bright or dark, but don't want it looking acid green and it makes your eyes melt :p :/ Wont publish it here until I know it works but if things look odd the next few weeks thats why.

Creative Space April 30,2009

little veggie patch
Originally uploaded by fuzzydragons

So the sun decided to make an appearance today, but the mountains are still hidden in harr so who knows how long the sun will stay around. Yesterday we spent the afternoon working on the front garden, weeding, getting rid of garbage that neds toss in the yard :/ , general yard work.

Mr.F used his azada to dig up his other veggie patch to plant potatoes in. That thing is deadly looking o.0 Looks like an ax. I should probably take a picture of it to show people. Saved him a lot of time though (even if I refuse to touch it because I am afraid that I will chop my foot off :p)

So today the back garden is our creative space :) Because of all the rain we have been having the last 2 days the onions are growing like weeds. I have no idea who will eat all the onions (I can't eat onions, horrible heartburn the taste, they just don't like me. yeah TMI :p) The strawberry plants are doing well and growing new leaves, the peas seem to be surviving (just :/) and the radishes on the other side look like they are doing well.

See there is one problem though. Neither of us really eat any veggies :p Your staples like potatoes, carrots, peas, corn (not growing any though), lettuce but thats about it. And Mr.F doesn't eat any :p So last year with all the beets he grew his grandparents had enough beets to last awhile :p And he made borsch. Which I still say smelt like sweaty gym socks

We could have planted flowers in this little border, but knowing that we grew something we can eat is really nice :) Not going to starve if the swine flu wipes out the world :p (I am getting really sick of hearing about the swine flu. Yes its a big deal, but the media is hyping it all up. People die from the normal flu all the time but you don't have the media freaking out about it! Either its going to be a pandemic, and if that is the case there really isn't anything that can be done but try to find ways to cure it or the resulting illness' from it or, it will be like any other flu and life goes on. I think it really has been over hyped by the media and people are starting to panic without being fully informed. Fine if you want to panic after doing some reading (nothing better then being as knowledgeable about something as you can, and then start freaking out because of what you know :p oh why did I go and read up on the bubonic plague), but don't start believing everything the media reports. 4 different news sites and they all say different things but all manage to make it seem like the world is ending :/ ok I'm done ranting :p) jeeze that got long.....

I didn't think any of the anemones would be budding now, but this one seems to be doing well. I really liked these flowers last year but all the red ones were beaten by the heavy rain we got. Hopefully this year we get some other colours then purple.

And my foxgloves :D all 27 of them. I need more. I just think they are gorgeous. Never mind that they are toxic. Probably will not flower this year, but should next.

So back to the backyard. Pots need to be planted and seeds put in the ground. Need to go through all the bulbs we have to see which ones are still good and haven't rotted. And then hopefully I can get some drawing done. :)

I know Mr.F wants to grow a giant pumpkin so might get the ground ready for that. Just no idea what he is going to do with it. I am not living in a pumpkin! :p

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Just a Minute April

Originally uploaded by fuzzydragons

Ok so its not over yet but its close enough :p

Cooking: lots of cooking :D and lots of bread. Made cornbread finally *above* Took forever to find any cornmeal. Mr.F thinks that it taste like a cake full of sand :p Tastes fine to me lol Made toad in the hole and it actually turned out. Amazing what a stove that stays hot will do :p

Reading: Only managed to get 3 books read this month :/ Bluebeard by Kurt Vonnegut, The Naming of the Dead by Ian Rankin (ack only one left to read in the series. Its odd reading a series for so long you begin to miss the characters when they are gone), and Life before Man by Margaret Attwood. The last book started out so well, and the last 60 pages were crap. Which is odd because I usually really like what she writes. I really should be doing reviews of all the books I read.

Art: Finished the horse! *dances* but now I have no idea what to draw :/ So many things but I think I'm a little burnt out art wise and I don't have time to be. I should just put drawing ideas into a hat and pull on out and start from there.

Making: curtains for the kitchen and still trying to figure out the knitting thing well enough that I can make some fingerless gloves. They might be done for next winter lol

T.V.: We don't have a tv (most of the stuff on is crap anyway :/), but I am watching Heroes on line and the last few episodes have gotten a lot better. Almost back to the first season eps,(could have dealt with out having them bring in the baby aspect though. Almost turned that ep. off. You know a show is grasping at straws when they bring in the babies :/ [has the opposite effect for me. I stop watching it :p]) I don't think we watched any movies this month, I think the last one I watched was Crank, which I actually really enjoyed in its cheesy action glory :p

Listening: Amanda Palmer, the whole album. I blame my friend Rob, since he posted about her I listen to it almost everyday (its driving Mr.F nuts :p)

Health: One case of labyrinthitis that turned in a MS relapse so had to start taking steroids. Sadly they did not cause me to be able to lift a small pony :p but they are working so that is all that matters. Mr.F got something in his eye which ended up scratching it so he had a patch on it yesterday for a few hours. just needed a parrot and he could have been a pirate :p His eyelid is still yellow from whatever goop they put on it. And another broken little toe for me :/ Not blue any more and the swelling has gone down, but can only stand on my left foot for a few minutes before I have sit down from the pain. Jeeze if I was a horse I would have gotten shot this month :p

Waiting: still waiting to hear about Uni. I just want to know either way now. Waiting for one of us to get a job. Not much going around at the moment though and I really don't want to have to go apply at McDonalds (did it once, really don't want the job again. Would probably end up chucking a milkshake at someone).

Addicted: to twitter :/ which is a bad thing. But not as bad as being addicted to these :D lol damnit I want candy now :p

Feel like playing along :D

Monday, April 27, 2009

White Knight Finshed

"White Knight" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
Coloured pencil on Murano paper
For Sale Here

*dances* :D :p I am so gald this is done and I'm really happy with how it turned out. Sometimes it does pay to re-do a piece when you are not happy with the original.

I should have bought more paper this colour but I still remember what it is called so will def. be picking up some more when I can.

There are so many tack variations I could do the amount of horse heads I draw is really only stopped by me getting bored with them, which is unlikely to happen :) I don't think I will ever get sick of drawing horses.

I spent most of the day working on finishing this up, organizing all the print copies (of all the art I have for sale) that has to be put on disks so they are a bit more organized. Now that I am done applying to Uni I am going to throw myself into my Etsy shop and try to be a "proper" artist. Have really been slack and can really do a lot more to try to sell art.

So after we work on the garden tomorrow and Mr.F goes to get 2 cavities *sound of the drill can be heard in the background*, I hope to have a few ACEOs up for sale here first and then put them on in my Etsy store (cheaper prices here as I don't have the fees to pay). Yes this is a shameless plug :p I do promise to not turn this blog into a sales blog, but I don't want to add anymore blogs to the ones I already have (and keep forgetting to update)

The flat still smells like bread :D lol and he is still cooking more. Mr.F is getting better and better with his bread and it tastes so much better then store bought it isn't funny.

Monday photos of the week April 27,2009

I swear this little bird is taunting me. It doesn't move for minutes and as soon as I get him in focus he bloody flies away! I am determined to get a good shot of him, if I have to stare out the window for hours and the neighbours start thinking that I am insane....

Rained all day today :/ So nothing to take pictures of but the bird table again as its right outside the window.So kind of boring shots this week.

The 3 Stooges

The pigeon again who always looks like he is flying drunk. I swear he is! He is a horrible flyer. Always flying into things or misjudging landings :p One day we are going to hear a loud thud and smash and end up with him in the living room :/ (and I have been told you can eat them, I just don't know if I would....)

And while it doesn't look too pretty, it taste pretty good :) Raisin bread that Mr.F made. But it is more like a cake because of the sugar which is fine with me :p He hates raisins so I have to eat it all.......:p

And this bowl. Which I think is Monart glass belongs to Mr.F's grandparents. I just think its so pretty but can't find anything to give me a date for it :/ I could be wrong with what type of glass it is, but I have been watching a lot of antiques stuff and it does look a lot like what they say is Monart on the t.v. Its more of an orange colour then the peach it looks here.

*art post later tonight*

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Eye Spy a....wip

eye spy....wip
Originally uploaded by fuzzydragons

Another picture of the grey charger. It really does feel like I have been working on this forever. Just a bit more of the neck to colour and then the tack. Which should be easy as its just basic browns and yellows with the odd bit of blue thrown in for shadows.

More Eye Spy here

So up next is either another dragon piece, the draft horse I started a few weeks ago that is covered in fancy tack, or a bird. Probably the bird. There are a few dozen pictures of Raptors that I took last year that I could use. Of course I could just end up drawing another horse, but if I do I will at least draw the whole body not just the head :p Prove I can to people lol

And broken toe number?...actually I have lost count how many times I have broken the little toe on my left foot :/ Its twisted so bad that I am walking on the side of it (actually I just looked at it. I am pretty much walking on the nail :/) Can't put any weight on it. Made a nice loud crack! when I hit it off the tub. Mr.F heard it in the other room, sitting besides his desktop with fans that make a lot of noise. No point taping it to other toes as I don't have the force to straighten it and no point going to the docs because they can't do anything but tape it (not effecting me walking so no reason to re-break a little toe)

I am such a clutz :p

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Virtual Sketch for April 2009

Virtual Sketch for April
Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
ACEO Coloured pencils and Neocolors

Very quick one for this month :) This week has gone by so fast it isn't even funny. Neocolors for the background and Prismas for the flower. I might redo this at some date so that it is more then a half hour piece of work as it is a very nice photo.

The photo was taken by Jeanette Jobson.

Go have a look at the other participants this month here :)

Picked up my portfolio today, wont know either way until the end of the month. But I seem to have forgotten my password so am going to have to phone UCAS Monday to get it figured out if I can't remember. So when I found out the blog post is either going to be titled Crap :( or Holy Crap! :p

I wont post the pictures but I think these are so cool! :D Moulds of my teeth. I so want to make something out of them but need to keep them incase my bit for grinding my teeth gets wrecked. I could make copies somehow and work with those. Some people might think its morbid to want to make things out of them though, but I just think its so neat that you can see so much detail on them. Would probably work well for a drawing.

secret garden stairs?

secret garden stairs?
Originally uploaded by fuzzydragons

There is a door in there somewhere :p

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Reid Park

reid park1
Originally uploaded by fuzzydragons

Short walk today to try to build up my knee and hip from the relapse. That and it looked like it was going to rain (but never did :/). This is part of Reid Park. Gifted by this guy. Nice park to take a walk around on a good day. Once my knee is up to the challenge I will walk around the park and back up to the war memorial. Would now, but don't think Mr.F would be able to carry me down the hill :p

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

Almost finished after 3 hours today :/ lol *crosses fingers* that this gets down tomorrow (still needs work on his chin). Taking a little bit longer then it should. I need to work on being faster if I am ever going to go anywhere with coloured pencils.

Since I haven't been able to really draw this past week I spent most of the afternoon drawing out some ACEOs and working on this to play catch up. I did spend the week making notes about what I want to change with my website. The site has been long neglected and needs some updating. I like the layout of the site, they way the galleries are set up (just needs a bit of tweaking), the general look of the site I like. I think the graphics just need to be updated. I honestly want to know what people would change for my site. If anyone wants to have a look please do :) It needs a major art update which I am hoping to get done in the next week. I really think that a bit of a change might be good.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mystery Revealed

david's doorway
Originally uploaded by fuzzydragons

Some people might remember when I was taking photos for a month a while ago that I mentioned there was something under a mat at an old store but could never see it.

I walked by it when the mat was up last month but didn't have the camera. Brought the camera with us downtown, but the mat was down :( Asked one of the shop ladies if I could lift the mat and take a picture of the tiles. She kind of looked at me like I was a crazy tourist but said sure go ahead :p

I can understand why its covered to help protect it, but its a shame a lot of people probably don't know its there.

Flowers in the yard next to the In-laws :)

New pavement downtown. Exiting stuff :p It really does look a lot better then it did before, just wondering how long it will last. And they are still working on it.

Its a shame that that part of downtown is starting to look like a ghetto :p

Lots of stores are missing letters in their signs, boarded up to try to protect them from vandals, or are already broken and closed :/ kinda sad to see

This weeks Scottish word:

1. ging

Answer to last weeks word:

1. scutter can means lots of things but I have heard it used to mean doing something messily or crappy :p

Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday photo of the week April 20

Originally uploaded by fuzzydragons

I had no idea what I would have to take a picture of today as I am still a bit too dizzy to go for a walk. But we had to get some groceries (fun walking around the parking lot. Probably looked like I was drunk :/ )and Canine Partners had a little set up in front of the one of the grocery stores.

If we had a fenced yard we would seriously consider fostering one of their dogs. And once we can afford it going to get a dog from the Dogs Trust. I miss having a dog and even if we had to give the dog back I would feel nice knowing that we did something that will really help someone in the future.

For some reason I am really full of energy, never mind that it is 10:19 at night :p Last time I felt like this I went and pierced my ear. You can't see it unless I start playing with the jewellery, it sits so far in my ear, (had both ears done but lost the jewellery on the plane to NZ for the left). No money to do that now *sobs* and I am not going through that much cartilage myself *ouch* Was the only piercing I have ever had the piercer say to me that it will probably hurt. It did, but hurt more when a dog got his claw hooked in the jewellery when he freaked out when I turned the tap on at the groomers and he pulled on it (run on sentence o.0)

yeah apparently I am in a rambly mood. I choose to blame the meds :p

Hopefully have some art tomorrow. Vision is getting better enough that I only really see double when I move my head really fast. Which also makes for a really trippy effect :p Could probably paint some really interesting pictures if I felt like making a mess lol finger painting for the win! (I refuse to grow up, and make no apologies for it :p)

ok I will stop rambling now :p maybe.....

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Eye Spy....

A magic elixir :D Mint hot chocolate in a creme egg cup. One could also argue that a creme egg is a magic elixir gooy goodness :p Theme for eyespy this week was chosen by badskirt :)

"Dragon heads" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

So the steroids seem to be helping the double vision and tingly face to go away, still hard to draw. Can't do detailed work but nothing stopping me from sketching dragon heads :D Which all look the same :/ I need to work on that. I think because I have gotten so use to drawing them a certain way they all end up with similar characteristic. Which makes me able to draw them really fast, but doesn't make for interesting dragons when they all look the same.

No side effects so far from the meds. Which is a shame as I was looking forward to being able to lift a car or a small pony :p Not looking forward to extra hair and unless your bald who is? On the odd hair front. I have grey/white hair which isn't odd but its odd that some of the hairs are half and half. The bottom was white and the hair closer to my head was brown. kinda odd. Mr.F wants to pull all of the white hairs out but I'm fine with them as they are growing in as a streak. And would save on bleach if I wanted to lighten my hair to dye it pink again :p

Friday, April 17, 2009

creative space april 16

creative space april 16
Originally uploaded by fuzzydragons

a day late oops :p

Since I can't draw, the start of sugar cookies :D Nice and simple to make and lots of sugar :p

And the finished cookies.Cinnamon and sugar on the left and normal ones on the right (with a few with oats on them for Mr.F)

Mr.F dropped off my portfolio today at the Uni since I can't move without wanting to be ill. So hopefully hear back about that soon either way. He had to take a bit of a detour, up a steep hill,up 3 floors and a lift and then along a corridor. Would have gotten a laugh watching him lug around my big portfolio which he ended up just bringing back anyway and leaving the smaller one :p And it was his birthday. So happy birthday :D

So I have to take steroid pills because the ear thing has caused an MS relapse. Lovely pins and needle feeling in my face and my tongue is all tingly: Double vision is probably from the relapse too. So random bouts of facial hair and being able to lift cars to look forward to (joking I hope :p)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Seeing Double

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

The paper is not as red as it looks on my screen. More of a dark maroon colour. Here is a scan of what I have finished so far. Not a whole lot since the last update on it.

I had every intention of finishing this today but after about an hour I had to stop as I started seeing double. Which might be caused by me having labyrinthitis. Yeah I had to look it up to figure out exactly what it was. Hopefully it gets better sooner rather then later :/

But if I disappear for a few days it is because staring at the laptop monitor really messes with my head. If I was a horse someone would have shot me by now :p

And why did I not think to start a blog about candy? Been reading that blog on and off all afternoon. Have had to cover one eye up with my hand to focus though. Too bad I don't have an eye patch. Actually be glad I don't. If I did I would be talking like a pirate all the time and walking around with a parrot on my shoulder :p Arrr! And I would have a sword. I'd either be really good with it or utter crap :p Cut my own leg off. I'd really look like a pirate then. Eye patch, parrot and a peg leg :p

Monday, April 13, 2009

Pics for Monday April 13,2009

Originally uploaded by fuzzydragons

Entering Forfar :) First time I saw the view I was like its pretty :) MIL said I guess it is, Just seeing it everyday you get use to it.

We are pretty much in a crater :p Surrounded by hills and mountains on most sides. Trust me the pictures do in no way capture how pretty it is. There is still snow on the mountains in the far back. One would think that I would get bored looking at the mountains but they look different everyday (when you can see them. The past week the haar has been so bad you wouldn't know there were mountains there).

Scottish Word of the week:

1. scutter (I might have done this one all ready)

Answer to last weeks word:

1. dux is the top pupil in class or the school

Trees in front of what use to be the Guide Dog Training School but it is now empty :/ (they moved to another part of town).

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Eye Spy....

a surprise. just not one that I could get a good picture of. I tried getting closer to it but it flew away :/ Would have been nice to get some good shots of it in the wild.

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

Slowly getting finished. He looks like he is sleeping :p hey it might be done in time to put in my portfolio to drop off on Friday. Which can go either way. If I get in I get in, if not I will have lot of art to get rid off :p (more art then I have room for. Running out of space under the bed in flat containers and I don't have the money to frame a lot of the ones I would like to keep)

I have honestly have had nothing to blog about the past few days. I'm clutching at straws trying to think of things to post about :p life has become pretty mundane and predictable. Weather has been too crappy to go for a walk and take pictures.

Spent the day planting flowers and some strawberry plants in the yard. Got a few strawberries off of the plants last year when they were in pots so hopefully we get some more now that they are in the ground. This year though we are not going to have 20 tomato plants, but lots of onions if they all grow. Anyone want some onions? :p And Mr.F got a plant from his mom, but we have no idea what it is. All I have to go on is that when it flowers the flowers are pink :/ that could be anything :p

Mr.F quit his job, which sucks because he did like it but he wasn't going to put up with the bull****. Wasn't worth it. So back to job hunting and if I don't get into Uni I am going to look for a job. On the plus side gives him lots of time to work on the garden :D

If I had a bigger kitchen and a food thermometer I would have made these :D Since I can't get Peeps here :( I want to make my own one day. There are very few sweets that I miss from Canada, Rockets and Peeps being some of them. Most of the candy here tastes better :p

Friday, April 10, 2009

Grey Charger Take 2 WIP

The start to the white charger. I put down a base brown colour for the eye and where some of the highlights go. Sometimes I leave the highlights for last if I am using coloured paper because working with coloured paper I work backwards compared to what I do when using white paper. I find using coloured paper and CPs is more like painting. Hard to explain. Probably due to the fact that you have a base colour to colour over and your mid values are all ready there.

One eye almost finished. Once I am finished more of the horse I will go back and darken it if needed. I don't want to make it so dark it looks like a big black hole against all the white.

I don't normally work section by section when using CPs. Just easier in this case because of the spaces between the horse's tack. A couple more hours work on this section and it might be done :p

Already I like how this one looks compared to the first. Could be the paper colour. I need to put more colour down but I don't know how saturated I want to make the paper. I like that the horse is a strawberry roan and the paper colour showing up underneath the coloured pencil helps to give that effect with out me marking all the colour ticks myself (and that would drive me nuts. straight jacket time crazy :p).

And then I need to think of a title. I'm horrible at that. I think "Horse number 465 give our take a dozen" doesn't go that well with it :p

*side note* I really want to red0 my site. I want to have my site looking something like this, obvs. not a copy but I like the idea of having one big site with everything on it. Would be a good way to combine everything, art, blog, photos, etc. I'm going to have to do a lot of reading because I know I don't have the codeing skills for something like that and while I know Mr.F will help I think I should know how to fix things incase something goes wrong and he is at work. I could use a template but even that would take a lot of code to get it looking the way I wanted.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Creative Space April 9,2009

april 9 creative space
Originally uploaded by fuzzydragons

Not much different from the last pic :p just a new drawing. Found some paper that is pretty close in colour to the paper I used for the bay charger. Not the same brand but the colour is close enough for me. *crosses fingers that this drawing turns out* I need to add a few more warm colours to it this time. I think last time it was too cool so looked really odd next to the warmer looking bay horse.

More creative spaces here

Some more daffodils in the front. The ones we planted finally flowered. Must have been all the rain we have had this week. I make a blog post saying that it doesn't rain all the time and its rained everyday since :p

Cold day today out at Lunan bay. Gorgeous sky but I was shivering the whole time we were there. *brrr cold* Still too cold to wear sandals on the beach :p

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Coloured Pencils

Originally uploaded by fuzzydragons

Rose is participating in 31 Days to Build a Better Blog and I thought it might be a good idea for me to do the same. So todays lesson is about lists. Making them, reading them and how they can help your blog.

So I need to make a list. Problem is I had no idea what type of list to make. I don't really think that I know enough about one subject (well unless a list about dog grooming would be interesting [and not sure how interesting that would be. brush dog, bath dog, brush and blow dry. ok so there is more to it then that :p but still not that interesting. surprisingly it was only little yappy dogs that bit me[!%^&*£ Yorkies! always a Yorkie :/]. never a big dog....]) But I thought that I know a bit about coloured pencils and the supports you can use them with so thought that might make a decent list.

Types of pencils I've used (I was going to list all the types of CPs you can get but thought I should just list the ones that I have personally used)

1. Prismacolors: The pencil that a lot of CP artists use. Soft and very easy to blend. I have noticed a sharp decline in the quality though. I could be getting bad pencils, but dozens of pencils with broken leads, off centre leads, and grit set between the lead in many pencils makes me think other wise. Lots of colours to choose from, which is a big plus when trying to get certain colours in a drawing. If you can buy open stock do, sets have more of a chance of having been dropped and damaged in transport. And buying the individual pencils will probably save money because you are only going to be buying the colours you need (I have yet to use the neon orange pencils :p neon orange striped Zebra anyone?) A lot of the books that are written for CPs use Prismas for there tutorials but there are colour charts out there to find out the nearest colour match when using other types of pencils. Outside of Europe these are probably the easiest pencils to find.

2. Derwent Coloursofts: Derwents answer to Prismacolors. I actually prefer these. They are just as soft if not softer for me and I have had no breakage issues with them. Not as many colours as Prismas though so that might be a problem if a person has problems blending colours. The pencils are thicker so will not always fit in pencil sharpeners that can not change the hole size of the sharpener. They tend to cost more then Prismacolors :/ Some people do not like how soft they are and say they act more like chalk but I haven't noticed this yet.

3. Derwent Artist Pencils: I used them once and rarely again after that. They were too hard for me, and I felt like I was drawing with sticks. Couldn't get them to blend for me. I do know people like them and use them often but I only have negative things to say about them. And don't have any right now to try again and see if my opinion has changed.

4. Prismacolor Verithin Pencils: Good for outlining and signing work but not much else. With a really light touch you can get them to blend together. But I find them too hard to use for big pieces of work and they have a habit of scoring the paper. But for outlining they work great and for getting highlights to really show up :)

5. Prismacolor Art Stix: Work really well in covering large areas and getting solid background colours down. Haven't used them for anything else. They can break but they are not that hard to use broken. You can use them like pastels or chalk.

6. Prismacolor blender: clear blender used to blend the pencils you have laid down and to help eliminate the paper showing through the colours. Works best the more pigment you have down. If you don't have enough initial lead down you can get a streaky effect and the paper can show through. Works well to get a really smooth look. Has a tendency to cause wax bloom (but this is a common thing with wax based pencils). A wipe with a soft cloth or toilet paper sometimes helps get rid of the bloom. I really only use this with things I want to look shiny :p Or when I am using Stonehenge paper. You can get the same effects if you use a lighter coloured pencil and often using the lighter pencil will blend the colours together better ex. light blue if most of the base colour is blue.

7. Derwent Graphitint Pencils: These are easy to use and a neat idea. Add a bit of colour to graphite. I haven't actually used these wet. Used them dry and they work fine. Just like normal graphite. So the question would be is it worth having the added colour? Not sure as I can get the same effect if I go over graphite with coloured pencils. I guess you would be loosing a step time wise. Limited colours but the colours they do have are nice earthy shades.

8. Derwent Inktense: Very bright pencils. Work really well in laying down background colours and base colours for what you are drawing. Other pencils go easily over them once dry or before you wet them. If you use them over normal CPs they will fill in any of the empty spaces left from the pencils when the Inktense are wetted down. The colours blend together easily wet or dry. Should use them on paper that will take being wet but you don't have to. I've used them on normal sketchbook paper and they worked perfectly fine. Besides the colours being brighter I haven't really noticed a huge difference between these and watercolour pencils.

9. Crayola Coloured Pencils: First kind that I ever used. Perfectly fine to learn with and easy to blend the colours, but not the best in quality terms. Lots of colours to choose from which is nice. Never had any problems with grit in the lead or breakage. Colours do have a tendency to fade (but this can be said of a lot of the artist quality pencils too). Best thing with these is they are easy to find.

hmm better stop before this list gets too long lol :p I could include pastel pencils, watercolour pencils and Neocolors but that probably should be another list. I think I will make another list soon about supports if people would be interested as I don't want this to be too long.

There are a lot of pencils out there that I want to try I just can't find them in open stock and I don't want to buy them to find out that I don't like how they act. (hmm this is a really long list, if you make it through it have a cookie :D )

Monday, April 06, 2009

Monday photo(s) for the week

Very grey day today. And now its raining/pouring out. It doesn't always rain like some people think and it depends on what side of the coast you are on as to how much rain/sleet you will get. The weather here is influenced by the North Sea as its pretty close (you can see it from certain parts on the highway and its only 20 mins away). It is green almost all year round which I found odd the first winter. Fields were still green where normally I was use to seeing them brown and muddy. So to answer your question sis, no it doesn't rain all the time :p Think of Southern Ontario but not as hot or cold, the weather patterns are pretty similar.

I am still trying to get the pictures together for when I asked what people want pictures of. Can't seem to find a fireman but Mr.F reminded me I had seen a fireman when they thought the Co-Op was going to burn down. So might have to go find those pictures.

This weeks Scottish word:

1. dux

Answer to last weeks word:

1. puckle means a few

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Eye Spy ... a new development

yellow daffodils
Originally uploaded by fuzzydragons

Is it sad that I am only now figuring out how to use the different modes on our camera? :p

2 years later and I find that I can pick only certain colours to photograph. Neat effect that I will probably over use :p

I have said before that because we were not in this flat last year we really have no idea what is planted where. So its a really nice surprise when flowers start popping up. These are not on our side of the drying green, they run all along and stop when our part starts. odd. We are the only people in the building that actually use the drying green to dry clothes. And with the wind blowing strongly like it is today, often a few socks go flying :p

We planted a bunch of daffodil bulbs but they haven't blossomed yet :/ but the hydrangea is growing more shoots and limbs :D Probably wont flower this year because we moved it but it should next year.

For More eye spy people go here :)

Saturday, April 04, 2009

no cacti

no cacti
Originally uploaded by fuzzydragons

I really should have bought one of the cacti I saw in Ikea, but I am not going back there for along time and not just to get a cactus. I think if I go back to Ikea any time soon I will kill someone (and it would probably be the first kid that decided to push me out of the way to jump on a bed. [which they broke jumping on] who lets their kids do that in a store? o.0 and wreck a piece of furniture that isn't cheap).

I am having no luck getting a cactus to grow :( This is the third attempt. Those empty cells are where the seeds are but nothing has even tried to grow. I don't know what I am doing wrong. Everything else seems to be thriving. I make sure there is enough water, but not too much. Its a good soil and the area gets lots of light. No idea what is going wrong.

Chrissy gave me this award :)

I need to list 7 things that I like. hmmmm ok :)

1. sugar. which is bad, but candy here is so good :p lol surprisingly my teeth are not horrible
2. lilies I love looking at them and drawing them. so many different colours and shapes. I have no problem growing them, unlike the *!$% cactus :p
3. swimming but I hate bathing suits. Much rather just go in shorts and a t-shirt. or naked!!
4. dragons duh :p I wish I had more space to have more dragon items. I still wish we could put this dragon in the yard :D
5. baking I love baking cookies. Which isn't a good thing when you are trying to watch what you eat. I need to find some root beer extract so I can make root beer cookies. (hubby thinks root beer smells like Germolene [an antiseptic])
6. arm muscles :D I'm a sucker for really nice arms on a guy. Good thing Mr.F works at a garden centre and lifts heavy stuff all day. Has the muscles to prove it.
7. Eeyore :) I have more Eeyore stuff then dragon things lol stuffed animals, socks, p.js, underwear, bags etc. you get the idea :p

The past 2 days have been very odd. yeah just odd :p

kidding about the naked swimming :p