Saturday, November 29, 2008

I think I like driving Myself Insane :p

"Car Wash" WIP Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

Very frosty outside *brrr* Almost cold enough to make me wear a scarf (almost). Haven't fallen on my ass yet this year, so hopefully I don't this winter :p

Too busy?

I'm hoping once I start colouring this it is easier to see what is going on. And the blue and red colours scheme will probably mess with peoples eyes.

And this weeks Scottish word:

1. owergyaan (yeah don't ask me to say it lol)

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Friday, November 28, 2008

Car Wash WIP

"Car Wash" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

Started the heavy horse drawing today. This is just the start of the first layer of probably 5 or 6 of different hardness levels. I'm hoping to have this done this weekend, but I have to work on my application for Uni so it might not get finished until later this week.

I was going to have a few stuffed dragons to post today, but I broke another machine needle trying to sew the wings and tore the fabric too much to fix :/ So hopefully tomorrow. Pissed me off because I don't know if I have enough fuzzy green fabric to do another green dragon. I need to sew more. I always forget how much I do like sewing. If my hands were a bit more steady I would do more embroidery as I loved doing that too. I really like adding different designs to already made clothes and bags. Add such a personal touch to things.

And a boring rambling video from last week when it snowed. 6 minutes and 52 seconds long and as usual I swear :p (but no ponies :p)

And yes I do say stupid things like what are said in the video many times a day :p I really am not daft :p

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Book Review #1

I am going to review some of the books that I read. Either ones that are given to me to review or ones that I think other people might find interesting.

First up:
Ariel's Journey by Doug Kane and Christy Wood

When I was younger I was obsessed with horse of every shape, size and in some case colour. If only a real horse was green with orange hair.

This is the story of a group of girls and their horses (don't call them ponies as you will soon read). Icelandic horses, who have all the heart of horses much bigger than them and more. Its a little hard to review without giving away a big plot point but here we go.

I'm always hesitant to read books written by 2 people. Sometimes the book can end up really fragmented and you can tell who has written each parts and sometimes things just don't make sense. But thats not really the writers faults, thats more of the editors fault. I didn't have that problem with this little book. Everything flowed really nicely and the pacing was good. I would have liked a bit more character development with some of the characters in the books, at times they are almost like sterotypical cut outs, but I would guess that they would be developed in the rest of the books.

The girls, Emily, Kim, Darcy, Laura and Andrea are on a trail ride trying to learn to all get along and get past their differences when they are set on an adventure. They have to help rescue a princess and along the way they find out that they have things in common, fall in love, and end up doing things they never thought they ever would. Your typical plot line to a young adult book, but the horses add to it and make it enjoyable to read.

I do like that this story takes place in history and in a place the horses are from so it ties the horses to the story besides them just being the girls mounts. It was a quick read, and I found myself really interested in how the story would end. I am really glad that there is glossary in the book because some of the things in the story I had no idea what they were or how you would pronounce them (some of them I have no idea how to pronounce even with the glossary. Hornafjordur. say it 3 times fast ;) )

I don't think boys will like this book as much, as it seemed more marketed towards the young girl market. So unless the boy is really into horses it probably wouldn't be the right book for them. There isn't enough action I think to keep someone reading who doesn't have an interest in horses, there is enough of a story but in some places might be too sappy for young boys. (then again I'm a girl, so I could be wrong). There is one part in the book, that might get young kids asking some questions (and how they react to it, will probably depend on what you have told your kids and what they know), but its not a major thing in the whole story and would probably not be picked up by really young children (I was reading books like this since I was 6, would have have figured it out? hard to say).

This is a book that I would have definitely picked out when I was younger to read as I love anything to do with history and was a huge horse fanatic.

I will be looking for the rest in the series when they come out, to see what happens to the girls and their horses. And maybe learn a few more words I can't pronounce ;)

All in all a quick enjoyable read.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dahlia Finished!

Dahlia drawing in coloured pencil copyright Jennifer rose phillip"Endless Petals" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
Coloured Pencil on Canson Mi-Tientes
For sale here or click on the image

Breathes :p As much as this made me want to pull my grey hair out at times, I want to do another dahlia drawing lol I think they are called Cactus Dahlias, but I could be wrong. Thank you Tina for the comment in the last dahlia post, good title :)

Here is an extreme close up showing the pencil pigment on the paper. Up close it almost looks like a painting. :)

And a framed version if I ever have the money to frame it (if it doesn't sell) After I use this in my portfolio to try to get into Uni I will be selling it.


My little peacock ACEO is in this lovely treasury by AlwaysAmy :D

Monday, November 24, 2008

Almost Done!!

Untitled Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

Only a few more petals left and then on to something different.

When you see the greyscale you can see a little better what areas need to be darkened so the petals don't look too flat.

The petals need to be darkened inside and I am going to try to add a bit of blue to the sides of the petals. Other than that I am pretty happy with this.

Need to think of a title. Anyone have a suggestion?

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Our drying green is by the hedge. Its not a lot of snow, but its a start :) ugh why am I up :p

Friday, November 21, 2008

I am Slowly Going Crazy....

Untitled Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

123456 switch, Crazy Going Slowly am I 654321

I have no idea where that came from. I tried looking up on the web, but can't find where it originated. The first time I said that Mr.Fuzzy looked at me like I was crazy. So mission accomplished :p

I guess its just a phrase you pick up. Like *hit on a stick, or Christ on a cracker, havater (have at her). Mr.Fuzzy thought I said half adder (like a snake:p). And Eh! Yes I say it, but I don't say aboot :p

I know there are a few more that I say but I can't think of any. hmmm *off to phone sis*

hmmm she can't think of any. hmmm both of us are stuck.... oh crack your noodle..thats one :p oh Mr.Fuzzy found this :)

Anyone have any sayings of their own?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Beads Beads Beads

There is a huge contest going on over here. Lots of nice shops to go through and so much too look at its hard to choose.

tooaquarius has so many lovely beads to look at, I want them all :D My wrists would be covered with bracelets made with the beads from that shop.

I love the purples and blues in these beads :D

Flowers and butterflys not your thing you can string up some citrus fruits. Just don't try to eat them lol

And to have a bit of colour around your neck or wrist, this are really nice :D

Music and Art

Untitled Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

I love music. Well thats actually an understatement. If I didn't have art, music would be my whole life. I can't sing to save my life, and can hardly remember how to play any of the instruments that I learned to play, but it still is a huge part of me. hmm I'm sure the neighbours loved it when I played the trumpet :p

Growing up we were surrounded by all kinds of music, from Buddy Holly to Steve Earle, to the typical pop music kids listen to (NKOTB for the win! gods I feel old now that they are singing again :p) and then Gwar :p Not really my taste in music really but mom started to listen to it when I was about 12. There was usually some kind of music playing in the background, and I would still much rather listen to music then watch tv (there really isn't anything on anyway :p)

I haven't been to a lot of concerts mostly because I'm broke. Mom does tell me that we went to see Dylan. Why take a 3 year old I have no idea :p So that doesn't count lol I do remember seeing Steve Earle playing in Wonderland and Nickelback when they played in Lethbridge (I spent 3 plus hours in line by myself buying tickets for people....). I'm sure there are a few more that I am forgetting (any ideas sis?)

Music on the whole doesn't influence what I am drawing. I do have a habit of listening to really angry music when I am pissed off but I don't think it shows in the art. I've tried to draw angry dragons but they end up either looking bemused or sleepy :/ hmmm If I start drawing chained or tied up dragons again then be worried :p No, I just like chains :p I have a bunch of dog collars laying around, they were from dogs I did own so I didn't just go and buy them :p then again....:p joking I'm more of a whip person (joking again!)

Music seems to help me focus on what I am doing. If I don't have any playing I get bored really fast with what I am doing. But I am sure I am going to go deaf with the volume :p

Anyway, a scan of the dahlia. The red here is showing up so much more vibrant then real life. I like it actually even if its not true to life. Once it is done I am going to have to do a lot of work in Photoshop to get it as close as possible.

Anyone have a favourite band they have to listen to?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mystery Drawing Revealed

"Heavy" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

So its a horse of course :p I want one. Not sure where it would live, I doubt it would fit in our living room (no, I don't agree with keeping them in houses :p). And I think our drying green is the same size as this horse, so I guess will have to stick to a large dog (well not as large as the couch). If it wasn't for all the cats in the area I could get a bunny. Actually Mr.Fuzzy's parent's neighbours have a bunny that beats the cats up, so maybe if we got one we wouldn't have a cat problem here :p

So fun and excitement in the street today. Well not really. More of an annoyance then anything. Fighting, swearing and people trying to break a door down. ah the fun of Scotland :p And hey does no one work on this street?! Well ok I don't. But I don't spend all day riding around in circles, yelling at people and trying to break doors down, and don't fix up my car exhaust really loudly to try to prove I have a dick :p (and these things happen almost everyday. No I'm not kidding. Jeese I grew up in a city and it was never this bad). Having wrote that though, there are lots about the country I do like. I just wish people wouldn't put up with crap like that on a daily basis. Well someone called the cops today. But most of the time no one does.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Mystery Drawing

Untitiled Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

hmm now I remember why I don't do flowers that often :p

We had to replace the cd/dvd drive in my laptop (again....but the warranty was up this time), so now its a shiny slot loader that makes a really horrible sound but works. First time I put a disc in I thought it was going to break in 2. Hopefully this will be the last time we have problems with it. And of course after the fact we find out that it is a problem with this laptop. Other than that though I haven't had any problems with it. Ok there was Vista, but I don't think thats really the computer makers problem, acually I guess it is, since it was sold with it on the computer :p But that was fixed when we got rid of it and put Linux on it.

Well not a huge mystery, but anyone want to guess what this will be? :) The start of my drawings are this loose, and then detail is added over time. Might be why it takes me a long time to do some drawings, but it helps me get the image placement and proportions as close as possible.

*disc goes in, disc comes out, disc goes in....* ok I will stop now. Don't want to wreck my Firefly DVDs :p

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dahlia Update

Untitled Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

Some more of the petals coloured on the dahlia. Lots more to colour, but I like the way this is looking so far. I might have to spray this with fixative when it is done to try to help with the fading possibilities, but the reds might change colour. That might be a good thing though, brighter colours might look good. I'm not sure if a few of the pencils I am using would change colour as I haven't used them before lol Well at least they are getting used now.

And a close up showing the texture. With this paper I find its more like layering paint. At least for me, that is how it acts.

And I haven't forgotten about my 101 list, still working on a few of them. No sign of life with my cacti. I planted 12 seeds hoping that one might grow lol If not it looks like I am going to have to buy one that is already started. But thats cheating :p

Friday, November 14, 2008

Scottish Word of the Week November 14,2008

This week we have an audio word of the week :)

Answer to last weeks Scottish word:

1. cranachan is a dessert made from whipped cream, honey, oatmeal and some kind of fruit. I haven't actually had it though.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hmm Maybe I like driving Myself Crazy

Untitled WIP Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

So from dozens of dragon scales to dozens of flower petals. I have a few sheets of this red paper, but had no idea what I was going to do with one of them. This flower is actually pretty pink and purple so I thought the warm paper would work really well. I'm burnishing the petals with Lavender and a Deco Pink (yeah I know. Not really light fast, but as this isn't probably for sale, I'm not that worried about it), and a bit of Deco Blue (my last little stub). A lot of the petals on the right have the sun shining right on them so they have a lot of yellow in them.

I have 3 other pieces of artwork on the go right now: a waterfall and 2 horse drawings. Not sure if I will get all of them done and if they should go in a portfolio. I do need to draw a few different things just not 100% sure what.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Next Time Open More Windows

*stands up* "Hi, my names Jen and I'm addicted to blogging" :p I think the only way I will actually spend more than 2 days not blogging is if the net dies :p Jeeze even when we went to Ontario last year I blogged :p

I forgot it was a full moon tonight, very bright. Could almost read from the light.

The coolest thing happened today when we went to get groceries (hmm maybe eating something other than pizza would be a good thing :p). When we were in line to get a refund a lady tapped me on the shoulders. I must have had an odd look on my face, I thought that I had dropped something or she had but no. She says "Fuzzy Dragons". o.0 Yes. She is a friend of a neighbours whos dog I drew last year. She has a Rottie too. I just thought it was so cool! :D Ok so I had John's Canada hoodie on (I stole it :p), and there aren't a whole lot of people here from Canada (could be wrong, and there might be more Canadians than I would think there would be), but still neat that someone asked. Made me feel really good. So thank you lady, (whos name I forgot to ask sorry. If I see the neighbour I will ask). It really made my day :D

Been trying for the last few hours to update my site but the program keeps crashing. So either its a graphic card issue, or something that is installed is messing the program up. hmm might have to fire up Windows tomorrow to try to upload it with Dreamweaver.

Stuck the dragon in the oven tonight with minimal damage. A bit of a fin broke off, a tail fin tore but they are pretty thin parts. I was actually pretty worried that the tail would break off but it passed. It had all ready broken off so I wasn't sure the fix would hold. Def. going to have to paint it as it did go pretty grey in some parts. I probably will try to find some kind of glossy coating for it and some masking fluid so his eyes and the rocks don't get painted over.

I don't remember the stuff stinking so bad when I baked it before. It didn't burn, but it might have been the smaller kitchen. I've always baked Sculpey in kitchens that are almost as big as our flat :p We had almost all of the windows open too, and its was frikken cold out :p

Thank you everyone that emailed and commented here asking if I was all right. Means alot :D

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Scales are Driving Me Insane!!

Got another treasury on Etsy today :) Needed the colour after the grey day we had here :/

So I started to put all the scales on the dragon :/ I'm glad this isn't bigger or I would have probably not put scales on it :p Lots left to do. More scales, more rock piles and the face. He looks a little blasé here so I will be adding scales to his face, maybe another horn, and using a needle to give him a nose and a scowling mouth. I'm hoping that his head doesn't actually fall off as I didn't stick any wire in it and then stick that into the body to help support it. It shouldn't fall off as I attached it with lots of Sculpey, so fingers crossed :p

Now the question is do I leave this after it has been cooked, paint it white, go get some acrylics, or get some kind of gloss medium to use either over the white or the colours?

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Scottish Word of the Week November 8,2008

I did nothing today but clean :/ oh the exciting life I lead lol so here have an old picture of me and my partly pink hair and the Scottish word of the week. I miss the pink hair, if I could bleach my own hair it would be pink or blue right now :) and black. I love when my hair is black. hmmm that is probably the reason my hair was fried :p

Scottish word:

1. cranachan

Answer to last weeks word:

1. breenge is pretty much to clumsily rush something

Friday, November 07, 2008

Its not Dandruff its Sculpey

Taking a bit of a break on the Aztec dragon. So from one dragon onto another.

I would post the sketch for this but its honestly a few quick scribbles just to remind me. So here is a very quick little armature made out of tinfoil. I don't have any wire so had to use this to help flesh out the main shapes. Yes that is the bottom of a Pyrex measuring cup :p

So here is the little cartoonish treasure chest almost finished. I am not going to be putting any major detail on it until I have more of the rest of the area finished as the detail might get lost if my fingers or tools come up against it. Can you tell that there is a skull at the base?

I am adding some rocks that are whole and that I had Mr.Fuzzy attack with a hammer. I don't have any paint so thought this would add some kind of colour to it.

Oh and the phone call went all right :) Said that I can write my own reference and that if I get accepted after a portfolio review that I should come in and talk to the disability people at the Uni. So I really need to draw a lot now lol I think once I figure out what I want to put in the final portfolio picks I will post them here to see what people think and if they have any ideas.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Aztec Dragon WIP Continued

"Camouflage" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

I think the head needs more blue. I'm not sure. I like the way the tail looks but the head still needs a bit more detail, which might be a problem is I think I am running out of tooth on the paper. Almost done the dragon now, then on to darkening the values and the stone. For spending all day on this, there isn't much to show lol

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

We are Under Attack Again!

And today is the day where all the neds try to blow each other up :p Yep its Guy Fawkes day. And while I know that there are people that use fireworks safely, they don't live here :p :/ It will be a good day if the papers this week don't report that animals have had fireworks tied to them and no one gets a firework through their letterbox. Yeah I know that sounds really negative, but its true. Which makes it sad :/

Anyway a visit to my neuroligst today (10 mins maybe :p). Who wants me to try to only take one 25mg of amitriptalene a day to see if I am not a zombie. The combo of what I was taking 50mg of amitriptalene and gabapentin can and do make me a sloth for most of the day. And I need to lose about 50 pounds. Which I knew anyway but he said that might be also making me slothish (hmm didn't know that was a word :p). I promise not to turn this blog into a weight loss blog. It is on my 101 list, which I really need to work on :)

"Camouflage WIP" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

Started filling in the dragons face. I still need to add a lot of reds to him but not enough that he looks like he is bleeding :p His head isn't symmetrical but I'm not worried about that. I want to add a bit more yellow or orange to the right side of his head so it looks like the sun is shining on him.

This is very stylised which might become a problem if I start drawing my semi-realistic wildlife like this. Would be an interesting look just not what I would be going for :p

I am hoping to be done this soon so I can start on a few landscapes. I figured out what I want to draw, a few of NZ and one from Canada. I think a drawing of the lake would be interesting.

I am supposed to get a phone call from the Uni with info about getting or waiving a reference. If I have to go to the college first I will, just not sure how it would get funded. So fingers crossed that its helpful :D

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Another Trip Down Memory Lane

I like to mix this blog up a lot. It jumps around from art to ramblings to photos of Scotland and back to Canada lol

Today we have some pictures from the first year that I was here in 2005. I was looking through these pictures trying to get ideas for drawings, found a few of the skeebies that might make cool drawings.

Here is the war memorial in town. Its a bit of a hike to get up to it one way but there is an easier round the back way if a person isn't up to the hill *raises hand :p

Part of the path to get to the memorial. I had a friend see this picture and say "Oh my god, you live in the ***king Shire. o.O" Looks like it some days :p

The view from the top of the hill. We had to cut our hike trip short as a storm was coming. And coming fast. Hey you can see our flat :p The views from here on a clear day are gorgeous. You can see the Airlie Memorial Tower when its a clear blue sky.

So we leave Forfar and unto Glamis Castle.

John's family had never been even though its only 10 minutes away lol I had to cut the castle tour short as I wasn't feeling well but we spent the day walking around the gardens and looking at the Skeebies.

Next day trip was to the Arbroath Abbey. Was a really interesting place. I would love to go back one day and just take hundreds of pictures of all the gravestones. Some of the detail on them is amazing.

And the Arbroath cliffs. Can get really windy, but its a nice day when the sun is shining.

There was a chick sunbathing topless on the cliffs so all the guys were almost pushing each other to get a look :p

It was very hot that day so we needed ice cream :p No he didn't eat all of this, I think I did :p

And a skeebie taking amuch needed rest :p

Back with art tomorrow :D

Monday, November 03, 2008

Anyone Have a Spare?

So today I was supposed to go to one of the open days at the Uni but then this happened. And it wouldn't have been too bad if it had of been the one tyre but this happened to both on the passengers side :/ Clipped the curb, blinded by the sun. I probably shouldn't have found it funny but I did. It was just one of those days nothing was going right. So back to the bus for us and walking around again, which isn't a bad thing. We need the exercise :p

I am going to try to see if I can even just look around the school sometime this year. If not it doesn't matter that much.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

This is....

a favourite recipe i would like to share. This weeks This is theme was chosen from Strawberry Kisses. For more "This is" visit Three Buttons

I love peanut butter cookies but don't make them here as I am the only one who likes peanut butter. And while I could probably eat the whole lot I probably shouldn't ;)

And you can never go wrong with adding chocolate to the cookies. hmmm I can't actually think of anything that would go wrong with chocolate :p Mr.Fuzzy added cinnamon and chocolate chips which I thought would taste odd but were really good.

I think this was my dad's moms but I am not 100% sure on that. It looks more like an old treasure map than a recipe :p

*I sent my newsletter off the other day. If there were any problems please let me know :) *

Saturday, November 01, 2008

4 Stitches!

"Everyday Matters #166" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

4 stitches seems like a lot for one mole. I took a picture because I'm morbid like that. But don't worry I wont post it here (well maybe :p). We had to go up to the minor injuries unit in town today because I was extremely itchy! It was really hard not to scratch it and rub up again the walls to try to make the itch go away. It was driving me insane. Well there must have been something in the glue of the bandage as it was very red and irritated. It is supposed to fade away but I was told not to put any kind of bandage on it, just gauze. hmm so thats surgical tape I am allergic to and now Elastoplast. I'm screwed if I cut myself lol

"Camolflauge" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

So I finished the basic colours of all the feathers. The plan tomorrow is to work on this and try to get as much finished that I can. Well thats the plan anyway :p I finally decided to make the dragon a very purple/red so he stands out from the cool colours of some of the feathers.

Mr.Fuzzy has put a new version of Ubuntu on my laptop and just when I had finally figured out how to use the last one lol But it runs a lot faster with Ubuntu than it ever did with Vista. And I can use the desktop if I ever need to use Photoshop or play a pointless game (I am so glad I won't be able to afford a game when Diablo 3 comes out. I would never draw again :p)