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Poor Neglected Blog

I haven't posted in 10 days, *hangs head in shame*. Nothing to post about though, just been trying to get over my art block (and failing). Usually when this happens drawing dragons helps, but I can't even seem to be able to do that. :/ Hopefully that changes tomorrow. Been reading a lot lately, just finished Eragon by Christopher Paolini. Not a bad book, better then I thought it would be (not just because it has a dragon :p) and only took a few hours to read. Have to get the sequel now, might even go see the movie :) Reading all the Discworld novels. Almost finished book number 24, good thing John's brother has almost all of them I think he is just missing the new one. Great books to read before going to bed and to kill time, really enjoy the ones that involve the City Watch. No snow yet, even though when I looked out the window this afternoon I thought it was snowing. But I think someone was vacuuming their car across the street and the dust was flying into the air (dirt

The Cat Came Back 2

Outside the grocery store again. The day before it was inside sleeping on a newspaper stand, but of course I didn't have the camera. Pretty plump kitty. Chopped off most of my hair yesterday. Change is a good thing, and it was getting too long. Plus we will save on shampoo :p And the vacuum cleaner will not have to eat anymore hairballs off the floor (well not as many) Feels so much better with my hair being short. :)

*cough cough*

Everyone in the house has a cold. Well except for John because he gave it to everyone else. Its really hard to draw when every 5 to 10 minutes your sneezing or coughing your lungs out and trying to reach for a tissue before you sneeze all over the work you just finished. So not much drawing has been done this past week, lots of line art but if I had of sneezed on that it wouldn't have been a big deal. Sneeze on a coloured drawing that took me 10 hours or more and I would have cried. Getting cold here, no snowflakes yet. Thought it was going to snow last week, there was snow in the hills. If it doesn't snow I'm fine with that. Don't really want a repeat of last winter trying to shovel the driveway (in ontario) while it was snowing so that the snow doesn't get over 2 feet deep and we get stuck at home. Should have updated sooner, but with being sick there really wasn't anything (and still isn't) to write about besides a list of the movies and Stargate epis

Carousel Horse

For a project over at WetCanvas, I drew this carousel horse, completely from my head. Hence the bad horse anatomy hehe. I really like the sketch and its been sitting around for probably a month so I decided to work on colouring it today. Here is the sketch: Not really sure I like how the colouring is going. Probably should have used some reference pictures. Oh well, I can always try again tomorrow and try to improve it. Don't really like how the eye looks and not too sure about the colour of the horse but that could change once more is coloured. (yes I complain a lot :p)(purple horses would be cool though) I know that carousel horses are not always the most realistic looking things in the world but I usually try to draw horses as realistic as possible. Its hard to draw something cartoony or simplified when you try to make them as perfect as you can. Ok enough complaining. :p I really want to go draw a realistic horse now, hmm maybe this horse will be put aside again for ano

We are Under Attack!

Well, not really. But it sounds like we are. Not sure why people think its a good idea to set fireworks off in their backyard (very small backyards some of them) and then cross their fingers that the sparks don't set fire to a neighbours roof. :p Was our wedding anniversary on Halloween :) Time seems to have flown by. And really kids need to make an effort when they go out trick or treating. Your school uniform does not count as a costume. *rolls eyes* I know Halloween is not really a big thing here, but make some kind of an effort. But we didn't have the lights on and were not giving out candy so its strange that anyone even rang the bell. Hopefully have art tomorrow. :)