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Stuck Song Syndrome

<p><p>II <br></p></p> I can't stop listening to this, wish I had a copy on my phone

The Sound of Puffins?

Since I have started this I have been wondering what sound Puffins make :p

Creative Space June 28,2012

My creative space todays was full of little green fuzzy circles.....kill me now? :p For more creative spaces, head here

Only 61 more to go....

60 of those little green centres to crochet, yay? :p Very hard to get a good pic of the flower on the right, its a shiny pink. Didn't think of even attempting a flower bag, but I found this really great tut for one that shows everything step by step with pics and video so I am going to try to make one. And more on the Puffin before my hand went numb :p hmmm going to have to try to get a photo of this when it is finished as I can't seem to get a good scan.

Puffin WIP

Bit more work on the Puffin. Still need to darken the values on a lot of it, but that will wait until there is some colour on its beak. I don't want to go too dark and then it just turns into a mess.


Inuit dog puppy :) There were 2 of them making it almost impossible to get a photo where they were still :p Half an hours worth of work later, spent all afternoono at a town dog show taking pics so didn't get much done on this.