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More kitties

I had posted in my livejournal awhile ago that there were two kittens that were showing up in the backyard, no matter how many times we tried to chase them off they came back, thinking we were playing a game. I would see the black one sometimes when I was hanging up the laundry, all you would hear was the jingling of the bell on his collar and then he would be standing beside you. Pointless to try to chase him off because he just sits there, or comes running back to you. I haven't seen the grey tabby for a few weeks now, hopefully it is alright. We only chase them off because they make a mess in the garden and can get into the bins. The black kitty showed up today again while my brother-in-laws were hanging up the laundry, almost stepped on the cat because he snuck up behind one of them, oops. He jumped onto the windowsill and if it had of been open a little more he would have gotten into the house. No biggie, just pick him up and take him back outside. The kitten had no fear of a

Cough cough

I'm sick, :/ so I really didn't draw today. Coughing every 5 minutes gets annoying after awhile when you are trying to colour small little cards. I'm watching "Who Do You Think You Are" and I really want to do a family tree now. I always wanted to, not really sure why I never did before. Not even sure where I would start now, must get more names from people. I'm just curious as to where people came from and maybe why they left. I think someone in the family started a family tree, but I might be remembering that wrong. A photo of the hills and some of the town from a walk yesterday. If its nice this weekend (and I'm not still sick), I might try to get some closer pics. :)

Halloween ACEO #1

2.5 by 3.5 inches on white Stonehenge I had this done yesterday but John had to replace the motherboard in the computer so I couldn't post it. I was going to do a WIP but I got carried away colouring and didn't scan any progress shots, oops. I am going to try to do 3 more, maybe 5 if I can think of more Halloween things to draw. I have no idea how people get sometimes 3 or 5 of these little cards done in a day. 1 takes me atleast 4 hours to do one. lol, I draw really really slow it seems. Hopefully get faster at them the more I do, and even if I only get one done a day, its better than having a month between art updates for the bigger pieces. And I HATE candy corn. I have no idea how peolpe can eat the stuff. Its vile! Went to the dentist today and they said my teeth look pretty good (I get too keep them all this time :P). Which comes as a shock considering all the sugar I eat, they just said floss more and then nothing at all would be wrong with them. yay! So they are all

Evil games

Ok I had every intention of drawing today. Pumpkins and candy and broomsticks and dragons. Got a little sidetracked. Devil May Cry is very addictive. Great for anger relief. I'm not angry (really I'm not) but if I was, I would spend a few hours playing this game. Yeah its old I know but I don't generally play games so thats my excuse. I really want to bake muffins or cookies. But the oven god demands a daily sacrifice. Many muffins have lost their lives already. Oh well I guess if I make cookies I could just eat the dough. :) I have a slab of Sculpey I really want to use, but I think I read that if it burns the fumes are toxic. :( Here is a picture of my current art supplies to sort of make up for the lack of art. I tried to find a case for my pencils but decided hey why not recycle. :) The different sized jars work just as well as an actual case and were free. The supplies are sitting on an overhead projector from my brother in laws workplace, it was surplus. Works very

Rooster Finished

Title: Wake Up Call 9x12 inches white mi-teintes paper I like how this turned out. The feathers are not the most realistic compared to the head but I like the effect. :) I can't sign my name straight to save my life. Next up are the Halloween art cards and Halloween dragons. :) Not both at the same time though, unless I do nothing else tomorrow. Technorati tags: coloured pencil , colored pencil , art , rooster

Rooster Update

Worked for about 4 and a half hours on this (coloured pencil is soooo slow). Doesn't look like I got a lot done, but I had to re-do some of it to make the feathers go in the right direction. :/ Atleast the feathers are all layed out and partly shaded. I wasn't going to post this because it is at the ugly stage with coloured pencils where it looks really flat and lifeless. It isnt actually that orange in person, lol. I can't get the picture uploaded on blogger so its on photobucket for the moment. hmmm strange, the net seems to be having problems. Technorati tags: art , rooster , coloured pencil , colored pencil

Sunny Sunday

For the middle of September the weather was quite nice today. Dead as a doornail downtown, but Tesco was packed. One would have thought that there was a tornado coming with the amount of people pushing and shoving trying to get the last cookie/biscuit/cracker whatever you want to call it. (do you get tornados in Scotland?? I don't know, I should look that up, probably a dumb question) Sadly I don't think the cops where called last night. lol Doesn't mean someone will not call them tonight on the singing drunks. Worked on one of the Halloween art cards (43 days until Halloween!!), and if I scan the piece enough during the colouring stage I am going to try to put together a little animation of it from start to finish. *crosses fingers* Tommorow I plan to work on that and try to get that rooster done. It is sitting on my art board calling out to me "colour me now!!" I should get it done, but one never knows with art. It could take longer then I think or I might mes

Luka finished

A couple of hours late, but its done. It is a lot darker than this, might try to get a better scan or photo outside in the morning. The scanner is having issues. *grrr* but for £30 it does the basic job. When I look at it online I see a few anatomical errors but in person it looks alright. Thats just the way he tilts his head. lol 9x12 inches Graphite I really have to finish that rooster, the break from it did me good. I want to finish it, even though the feathers are not going to look that realistic. And Saturday nights there is always some shouting or dancing, or fighting on the street. Its amusing (the drunken singing) but annoying (the random death threats across the street). Makes for interesting gossip in the morning though. :p oh the cops might be coming! Why go to bed? It almost as good as tv. lol Technorati tags: art , rottie , rottweiler , graphite , dog

Backyard Spider

The spider in the backyard, about the size of a canadian penny. I have been told that Scotland doesn't have any poisonous spiders, and I can't find any info really saying there are so I will believe people for now. hmmmm Technorati tags: spider , Scotland , Photograph

Weekly update

Should have updated this sooner but nothing has happened to write about. :) Took some cool pictures of this spider in the backyard, might post them. He/She has managed to make a really nice web in the back. The drawing of Luka is almost done, just have to darken up a few spots and then scan it. :) Almost had to start again yesterday, I was brushing eraser crumbs off it and had the pencil in my hand along with the brush and the pencil left dark streak lines on it. :( Managed to fix them (I think atleast), so hopefully no one can see them now. Moral of the story: stop holding pencils when you brush the eraser junk off. I already ruined 2 coloured pencil pieces because of dark red streaks caused that way. Plan on starting a few halloween art cards tommorow. Having a hard time thinking of halloween things that would go on an art card. Candy corn, pumpkins, black cats, skulls, witches, spiders, after that my mind goes blank. :/ And I can't get half the candy here that I could get i

Super Kitty

Took a photo of the drawing of Luka, didn't want to take it off the board and take the tape off if not necessary. Lots more to do, lots of more shading. I really like the way it is turning out, the left side of his head looks a little funny right now because his neck isn't drawn. :P You can see the picture I am using of him, looking at me hoping I have some kind of treat in my pocket. (I miss him :( ) I always wondered how the cats here got up on to the windowsills and the overhangs on the doors. Didn't believe that the cats climbed up the walls, which are covered in harling. Until today. Climbing down, didn't have the camera as he went up. He just jumped on the wall and climbed right up, kinda strange to watch. Little black dot on the windowsill. He was trying to get into the window but he couldn't get ahold of it. There are too many cats around here. :/ I can't count them all, there is always a new one plus the usual 10 or so just on this street. Keeps the

Halloween Dragons

Halloween dragons for 2006. My scanner is making very scary sounds. o0 Not sure if its going to start on fire or eat the artwork. About 10.5 by 10.5 inches, going to be coloured pencil. Maybe for Halloween cards if I get it done in time. *crosses fingers* 1 down 10 more holiday dragons to do. lol *runs to get fire extinguisher :P* Technorati tags: dragons , dragon , halloween , art , sketch


I really need to post here more. Been busy all week sketching line art for bigger drawings. Started on a few Halloween drawings (50 days until Halloween! :P), and a big cat on black paper. Going to do a few ACEOS (little pieces of art 2.5 by 3.5 inches) for Halloween too. Not sure if I will try to sell them or just keep them. Depends on how they turn out I guess. The big cat will hopefully be part of a serious, (yeah like I need more work to add to my project list, but better then having artists block), probably consisting of atleast 4 drawings, all cats but not all big cats. ok off to draw so I can post art here instead of ramblings. :P

The cat came back

Went for a walk today because it was really sunny out, not too sure how many more sunny days are left. Stopped at the grocery store and saw this when we left: Just sitting by the entrance and people were not even batting an eye. In a Canadian grocery store (at least where I lived), people would have been screaming "rabies" and "oh no! Its after the lunch meat!" *rolls eyes yeah thats bad I know :p * and chasing after the cat, causing more destruction then the cat. At the very least people would have freaked out and called animal welfare and animal welfare would have still caused more damage trying to catch the kitty then the cat would have in the store. People here were walking by and petting it on the head, I think one lady even gave it a treat. Smart cat I guess. A few weeks ago it was in the store (not a small store mind you) sleeping in the free newspaper stand, that was next to the customer service desk. People still were just walking by. I didn't have

Rooster WIP

So this is taking longer then I thought it would. I had what you see here done 2 days ago, but had to go back and fix something, mostly darken up some areas. I still have to put the feathers on him, and after that probably go back and lighten or darken areas as needed. It was supposed to be of a friends pet rooster but I changed some features in the colouring so its just a generic rooster. :) Prismas on 9x12 Mi-Teintes I have so many things to draw, but its a good thing. I was getting annoyed with my artists block. All the new art supplies must have broken it. :) I might try to get a small set of pastel pencils, see how they handle. I used to use chalk pastels all the time for dog portraits, found them great for getting the right fur texture. Technorati tags: colored pencil , coloured pencil , rooster