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Donkey Ears Finished

Copyright 2007 Jennifer Phillip Coloured Pencil 10 by 15 inches Canson Mi-Teintes paper I like the way this looks. Not super realistic, but I still like it. Its a change from my usual style of trying to be as realistic as possible (for me) and it really only took about 9 hours to colour, compared to the weeks a drawing can take me if I go for the realistic approach. I will either leave the background rough the way it is or smooth it out, but I'm thinking I will leave it as is. I need another white coloured pencil. I never used to use the white pencil, and I had 4 of them from all the sets I had bought. Now because I have been using coloured paper more often, my white pencil gets eaten. Probably will just get the white as a Coloursoft, shipping for individual pencils from North America is horrible, and I find the Coloursofts to be just as soft as the Prismas. Technorati tags: horse , coloured pencil , colored pencil , art

What Time is it Mr.Wolf?

Added the current time here in Scotland to the blog. I though it was a neat little add on and I can't remember what blog I found it on. I remember playing that game when I was a kid, and getting hurt. But that was why it was fun (not so much the crying and bruises but somehow still fun), like a lot of the games we played and got hurt in the process. Lots of bruises and a few bloody noses, and that was just from playing tag. Maybe add a slide show if it doesn't slow down loading time too much.

Lazy Sunday Art Update

Copyright 2007 Jennifer Phillip I think the neck is finished now, lots left to do on the rest. I have to remember to make a colour chart on all the different coloured paper I have with the pencils I use the most. Some look better on coloured paper then others and it will come in handy in the future when trying to use colours to set the mood of a piece. And 2 months later, most of the candy and chocolate from Xmas is gone. Only the stuff that no one likes is sitting in the cupboards. It actually lasted longer then I thought it would. (and my clothes still fit after eating a lot of it. ) Technorati tags: horse , coloured pencil , colored pencil , art

Donkey Ears Update

Copyright 2007 Jennifer Phillip Laid down most of the colours, basic highlights and shadows. 10 by 15 inches once finished, but I'm not sure if I will crop that or leave it as is, depends on how the background turns out. Canson Mi-Teintes paper, the Buff colour, even though I have never heard buff applied to a colour before. Very long in the face horse, but I like the way it looks. Technorati tags: horse , coloured pencil , colored pencil , art

Donkey Ears

copyright 2007 Jennifer Phillip Line art for a future coloured pencil piece. Not sure yet on how big it will be though. I either make ears on horses either too big or too small :P I want to make the ears here really fuzzy like a donkeys, but with paint markings. I'm hoping the fog lifts soon so I can go take some pictures of the Grampian Mountains, would make some really nice landscape paintings. If it rains again tomorrow, we will probably go to The Meffan (I just realized they probably had to take that picture of the Gallery standing in one of the exhibits, its not a huge place). There is a new exhibit that looks like it has some nice art *crosses fingers* And if you get the BBC, watch Life on Mars. Can't say why you should watch it, but it has a really enjoyable plot and some good jokes, and John watches it for all the classic cars (rust buckets). I normally can't stand cop shows, but I really like this one. They are Americanizing it, but I'm not sure if the plot


Not completely finished, but I have to put it away for a bit (but more then likely it will end up in the unfinished artwork pile that is under the bed). Now I remember why I don't often draw anything this big, I get bored with it, end up rushing and ruining it. Oh well, live and learn. Not too keen on the little lion, the side of his face it messed up. But I do like the way the bigger one looks. Off to draw something else. :) copyright 2007 Jennifer Phillip Technorati tags: coloured pencil , colored pencil , art , wildlife

More of the Lions

copyright 2007 Jennifer Phillip I'm hoping to be finished with this tomorrow *crosses fingers* but there is still a lot to be coloured and darkened. Not completely sure what I am going to do with the background, probably something simple. I think I'm done with fur for awhile. lol Feathers for the next drawing. The weather here has been great, more like the start of spring then the middle of winter. :) *edit: All the scans of this have been different colours, its a little darker then this in person* Technorati tags: coloured pencil , colored pencil , art , wildlife

Anatomy Be Damned

copyright 2007 Jennifer Phillip This is starting to look very stylized. I really like it actually. :) But I do have to try to fix the muzzle on the little one. Its little lop-sided and make the colour a little redder. Technorati tags: coloured pencil , colored pencil , art , wildlife

Picture Post and A History Lesson

Short and sweet post today, a few pictures. Was really nice today (until it rained), went for a walk downtown. Some random building opposite The Cross (called that as the town market cross used to stand there) (John tells me it used to be the Registry office [used for civil marriages]). Looking up towards East High Street. Lots of the buildings in that part date from the 1700's or before. The town was established in the 11th century, then partly burnt down by Oliver Cromwell in the 17th Century and rebuilt gradually....though in the 11th century most of the town was under water :P (they drained the loch (lake) several times since then). Forfar also was a centre of witch hunting in Scotland, in a way that made Salem seem tame in comparison. School being renovated, would have made a great huge house. I did work on that lion drawing today, but not enough to really post and don't want to keep risking taking it on and off the board to scan. I would cry if it ripped. Technora

Happy VD

Oh the joys of having to listen to the drunk neds down the street kick the crap out of the garbage bins and each other. Problem is, if the cops ever show up, the neds will scatter and hide in the alleys. Cops showed up, 3 vans and a car, makes me wonder how many people phoned the cops for that many cops to show up. They had one of them under arrest and he did a runner.(yes I am turning into one of those nosey ladies that sits and looks out the window to see what goes on in the street) And I didn't think I would have anything to post today. Definition of a ned

Day in Dundee

I have walked by this sign at least a dozen times, and until today I had never noticed the monkey. I think people thought I was a nutter, when we were taking these pictures (but come on, its a monkey!). Pictures of the monkey are a little dark, not enough light. Its a board with posters of events going on. The Murraygate (street that runs through the centre of Dundee). Was so nice out today we were walking around with out jackets on, in February (I hope the snow stays away). I managed to just look at art supplies, refrained from buying anything and did buy some new clothes. Every time we go to Dundee there is a guy playing Nirvana songs on an acoustic guitar. He is not half bad, better then the trumpet/bagpipe players. Technorati tags:: Photos , Scotland

Another Small Art Update

copyright 2007 Jennifer Phillip I'm taking my time just so I don't mess up. Been too long since I have finished anything, but I would rather this take me a few more days then rush and make a mess of it. :) *note to self, drop right ear down somehow, its way too high* Going to go to Dundee tomorrow to buy some clothes, well thats the plan. If I don't find any clothes, here come new art supplies (I really should get some clothes though, must try to avoid the art store). :p So probably no art tomorrow, but maybe some pictures if we remember John's phone. :) Technorati tags: coloured pencil , colored pencil , art , wildlife

Another Lion Update

Just over an hours worth of work today. Need to really darken things once this is finished. Oops, his nose is way off centre :p I might be able to fix that, if not, oh well. :) I really like how the fur in his ear is turning out. copyright 2007 Jennifer Phillip Technorati tags: coloured pencil , colored pencil , art , wildlife

Another Rainy, Snowy Day

Horrible weather outside, not as bad as some places though. Windy and wet. Probably going to be ice all over the sidewalks and the roads. Is it spring yet?? On the plus side there isn't enough snow to have to shovel (unlike last winter where we were shovelling the drive way while it snowed so we wouldn't get snowed in. No art update today, unless I start colouring now. Worked on my website all day today. Took a little longer then I thought, but considering I really have no idea what I am doing it didn't take that long lol. I had to resize a lot of pictures and make thumbnails for the galleries. I put very few pieces actually on the new site, anything that was really old was taken off. I'm horrible with writing any kind of text about myself and I'm having a hard time trying to come up with something to put on the front page. Hopefully I will think of something. *crosses fingers* Not sure when the site will be online, I have to double check links and spelling before

Lion Update #3

Another 2 Hours of work. copyright 2007 Jennifer Phillip This is going to take forever. lol Once the basic browns are layed down, I will probably go back and darken what needs to be darkened with some greens and blues. Still not sure what I will put in the background, but that is a long ways away. Need to finish this lion and then work on the smaller one. Been working on the new design of my website. Its really nice having a husband with a computer degree for when I can't figure out html. ;) Its a very simple design, which should be easy to navigate and easy for me to update. Technorati tags: coloured pencil , colored pencil , art , wildlife

Sticky Snow

So I guess I was wrong, the snow decided to stick around. Not that there is much of it on the ground. You can sort of see the mountains in the background. Will probably melt before it gets dark. Too bad its not enough to make a snowman (or even a little snow dog). Technorati tags:: Scotland , Photos

Lion Update

2 Hours later copyright 2007 Jennifer Phillip For all the anatomical flaws this has, I like the way it is turning out. Still looks flat and just laying down the basic colours, will go back and lighten or darken where needed. Its snowing here, not enough that it should stick on the ground, but probably enough people will panic and run over the last remaining big red phone booths. Really cold though. I shouldn't be saying that, its colder in Canada! I should be used to minus 30 celsius weather, now it gets to minus 4 and I just want to crawl under the covers with a good book. Technorati tags: coloured pencil , colored pencil

Every Castle Needs a Flag

Page 2 Moleskine Sketchbook (colour altered in photoshop) 13 x 21cm copyright 2007 Jennifer Phillip Seems strange to put a little copyright notice on a sketch, but I want to get in the habit of doing it for all the artwork that I post. This wouldn't scan straight on the scanner, probably because the page wouldn't lay completely flat. And you can't have a castle without a badly drawn moat monster (nessie?). Another quick sketch were I'm just trying to be really loose with a pencil. I was going to draw little stick men attacking on the bridge waving little stick men swords in the air, but sadly I did not. There is always next time! And completely unrelated and probably too much info, I have a huge bruise on the top of my right hand from where they tried to put an IV in and the vein collapsed. There was lots of blood. Kind of freaked me out. And it itches which is strange. Technorati tags: Sketches

Dragon Heads

Page 1 of Moleskine Sketchbook (colour altered in photoshop) 13 x 21cm Nothing on that page took more than 5 minutes to draw, I just wanted to do quick little drawings to get back to art after a few days absence. For some reason the first page on almost all of my sketchbooks are filled with dragons. I like this little sketchbook, nice and light-weight and fits in my bag with room to spare. The drawing on the top right and the little one below it are supposed to be rough website page layout designs. The text would be in the middle of the design but I'm not sure if I could even do that for a website (John just told me I could, so at least I know its possible if I wanted to). Trying to learn how to use Dreamweaver is going to make me greyer, way too much code to mess with. At least if I get really stuck trying to re-design my site, I can ask John for help. Technorati tags: Sketches , dragons

Is That Supposed to be Food??

Haven't posted the last few days because I was in the hospital. The doctors sent me home with out knowing what was wrong with me, nothing showed up on the tests they did. And I can say that hospital food in Scotland and hospital food in Canada are equally horrible. That is probably true at most hospitals though. (I really don't want to test to see if that is true , I'm done being a pin cushion and not sure my stomach could handle it)