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Which has turned to slush and mud now :/ But there are daffodils coming up in the inlaws front garden, so its a sign of spring :)


So MrsF (and possibly yours truly if I get my arm bent into it...hmmm) is starting a Vlog. Did a couple of practice videos but as yet, still needs some work...practice practice practice. So any ideas for video topics? The bikini / swimsuit weather reports or tour videos concept is still under consideration by MrsF, I'm hoping I can talk her into doing them, perhaps some of you lovely viewers can help convince her that its a good idea? Also suggestions for Scottish locations for said videos also welcomed :-) ...hmmm perhaps a poll would be a good idea?? Oh its also snowing, started overnight and as of now...2.30pm its still snowing....about 1.5 inches...and increasing...This winter has been cold cold cold....perhaps Scotland is drifting north....Global Warming where did you go? (I was counting on a temperature increase...I loathe winter....warm weather is much more my cup of tea) So yeah back to Naval studying....lots of facts and figures to memorise :|, hopefully on the day I don&#

Small Art Update

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip Small update on the dragon. Started to fill in the wings, and then will move on to the tail feathers :) hmm still needs a bit more purple on the dragon itself since there will be some purples in the feathers, and I think it would look better with similar colours, and help with the snake colouring I was going for.

Stuck in a Big Metal Tube...

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip ...that made horribly loud noises and vibrated. And sadly it wasn't a roller coaster :p ("or a submarine">> Mr.F) Had another MRI today, but this time for my jaw, which makes a horrible noise when I open my mouth. Sounds like crinkling tinfoil on the right side, and can be pretty painful. So to try to figure out exactly what is going on the dentist/doctor ordered the MRI. I really hope I never end up in another one again (but probably will :/). My idea of a fun time is not having a flat surface less then 3 inches from my nose and not being able to see anything but that surface. (*thinks of happy thoughts of henry cavill to stop panicking*) But on the bright side I think I am finished with the green part of this design for the moment. I will probably go back and darken some areas once more of the logo is coloured. I really need to remember to try to get a picture of this during the day, but even then the sunlight can be tricky to catc

Wordless Wednesday Feb, 17, 2010


I Rattle when I Walk :p

Me, trying not to drop all the pills I have to take. Need an extra hand to hold them all lol The theme this week for the photo of the day was clouds, but yesterday the sky was one huge grey mess so took some photos today of the clouds in the mountains. I want to get up to the mountains, but now that we don't have a car its not going to happen for awhile :/ See any shapes in the clouds? now, off to draw *crosses fingers*

Ink Poisoning? :p

Mr.F wrote on my arm, much cheaper then a card :) but now I'm afraid I will get ink poisoning and die :p (well since I've had a piece of graphite in my hand for almost 20 years and haven't died from it, I think i will be ok). I'm not a huge valentines day fan. I really don't see why there has to be a specific day to celebrate your love for someone, it should be everyday. Yes that sounds sappy, but its true. the discount chocolate after the day are nice tho :D (foof is a nickname, you know little rabbit foo foo :) )

New Books

No I didn't go and buy anymore :p (no room for more books :( ). The latest haul of books from the library, and for once I am trying to read one at a time instead of reading them all at once lol, which surprisingly doesn't get confusing unless I fall asleep reading (but I'm usually woken up when the book either falls on the floor or falls out of my hands and hits Mr.F when it falls onto his side of the bed :p) I did draw a bit more on that dragon logo but even after another hour of work, you really would not be able to tell. The joys of coloured pencil. Spend time working on a piece, but nothing to really show for it :p (of course then the question could be asked, why spend so much time on a coloured pencil piece?)


Couldn't see any flowers when I needed to for the photo on Monday but happened to see some Snowdrops underneath the hedge yesterday. I didn't actually think these were going to survive after the bulbs accidentally were cut up when Mr.F was using his azada (dangerous looking thing), doing some gardening last spring. oops but we buried the cut up bulbs and hoped for the best. Nice to see some flowers, and can't wait to see if my lilies survived the snow we got. *crosses fingers* And the first few layers on the dragon logo. This is about 2 hours worth of work and still needs a few more colours and layers. A few purples and some more blues. I want to get a lot of colours on the dragon part to have it look like the colouring on a boa (which I would love to have again, but sadly do not have the funds or the space right now). No idea how long this will take. I could get a sudden urge at 2 in the morning (or just have more anxiety attacks), can't sleep and decide to finish it,

Scottish Word of the Week Feb, 9, 2010

Wondering how the kitty got on top of the door? Didn't fall out of the window. Climbed up the wall, but I didn't get the camera out in time. The cat doesn't even live there lol, it lives next door. A lot of cats around here can climb the walls (can't find a old post on the topic), its not as rare as a lot of news places like to think it is. This weeks theme for the photo of the week is flowers/hearts, chosen by Mary . There aren't any flowers around right now, and spring time can't come soon enough, and I don't really have a lot of hearts in the flat either. But here is a little trinket box with a heart on it and a claddagh ring . One of two that we bought when we were in New Zealand. Need to tie string around the ring so it doesn't fall off. This weeks word: 1. ingin Answer to last weeks word: 1. to rax is stretching a part of the body, or to sprain a body part


No drawing lately, but have some cake instead :D And a person can never have too much icing sugar (good teeth be damned! :p)

Creative Space February 4, 2010

My creative space for today. Picking out the colours for the scarab logo and trying to get started colouring it in. I was going to try to use up some of my yellows, but since green is my favourite colour I figured I better just stick to cool shades. And trying to stay warm. Inside.With the heat at 20C :p It did snow last night, but its all melted now :/ For more creative spaces head over here

Scottish Word of the Week Feb, 2, 2009

Photo of the week is supposed to be the view from the window, which I have shown before but here is a new one. You can sort of see the mountains in the back a bit better here. And the other view. Dead foliage, exciting stuff :p This weeks Scottish word: 1. rax Answer to the last words: 1. haun means hand