Scottish Word of the Week Feb, 2, 2009

Photo of the week is supposed to be the view from the window, which I have shown before but here is a new one. You can sort of see the mountains in the back a bit better here.

And the other view. Dead foliage, exciting stuff :p

This weeks Scottish word:

1. rax

Answer to the last words:

1. haun means hand


  1. Nice window pics, Jennifer! I hope you're feeling a lot better now ~

  2. Marvelous view of the mountain, Jennifer. I have lots of those "twigs" in my yard now too. Will spring ever come?

  3. I can see the mountains, but where did all the snow go?? Wow!! Dead foliage here too, but that's because we have had no rain since the beginning of November!!

  4. hey you got mountains! fun seeing out your window.

  5. Lovey view of the mountains. I am very interested in the "Scottish Word of the Week"...I'll keep popping over to your blog for more...Shelly

  6. Nice view of the mountain! Atleast you have the palm trees to add a bit of green- I still can't get over palm trees growing there'
    Rax? Hmmmm....maybe an impressive pair of tatas?

  7. Rax...plural of rakes.

  8. most of our twigs and dead stuff is covered with snow still... sometimes you wonder what might surface in the spring..... several years ago it was one of the neighbourhood cats. Actually I was exonerated when it did finally show up...becuz I was the prime suspect. my hubby called me at my sister's house while I was away for the week.. to tell me he had found Oliver's remains... it was deemed a coyote kill...down the block in another neighbour's yard. good riddance though...he was a horrible cat that killed many baby robins and bunnies in my yard. If I could have caught him...I would have done the deed myself.....

  9. What a beautiful view of the mountain!

  10. thanks serena :)

    mary, I hope spring shows up really soon. :)

    cindy, most of the snow in the foreground has melted, but there is still a lot in the back :)

    sandy, i just wish that tree wasn't in the way blocking the view :)

    linda, lol!! love the guess :D

    leslie, nope :)

    vee, o.0 well at least you were exonerated! too many cats around here :/

    it is very nice view shashi and michelle, one perk of living here :)


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