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I should be Drawing...,

but I was reading a post over at Black Dog Diaries and it reminded me of what Luka would do with sticks. Carry them around and than eat them, but rarely play fetch with them. He would play fetch with any stuffed toys that were in the back yard. Would jump over 6 feet in the air to grab them and than he would bring them back and start again. You knew he was done when he decided he needed a nap, laying down on the toy; or when he ate any squeakers out of them, then he thought they were boring. didn't even get a chance to toss it here, he jumped right up for it lol Would chase balls but lost interest in them pretty fast. Just drool all over them, and crush tennis balls with one bite. He crushed a Kong that we had filled with peanut butter, he loved peanut butter. Smart dog, he would bring the toy to you when he wanted more lol. Loved oranges too which I thought was weird until the neighbour told me that her Rottie loves oranges too (from everything that I hear, the dog was euthanize

What's in a Name?

All sewn, just needs stuffing. And a name. I have no idea what to call it. Suggestions? (no more inhaling fur and hacking up hairballs like a cat [joking, but it is ending up in my food when I eat if I don't pay attention], does a little dance) Number of times I stabbed myself with a pin, 13. Number of times I stabbed myself with an embroidery needle, 2. And the one time half of the needle went into my finger, and that frikken hurt! I did have video to put online today, but either the router crashed or the connection reset because it didn't finish loading (after 2 hours). So no video today and a really short post because I have nothing at all to write about :p

Flickering Lights

messy Originally uploaded by fuzzydragons click on picture to get notes written on it :) I'm sure everyone and their uncle has read/heard/seen that there was an earthquake in the UK. Honestly people are acting like its the end of the world. It was a shift in plates, that is all. Not an act that means that the world is ending and it wasn't an act of god. Having said that, the lights keep flickering here and they went out once for about a minute. Pain in the arse when you are trying to sew. I did manage to get the part that caused 2 needles to snap sewn, after John flattened it with an iron for me. (I only use irons for art purposes, very handy when you need to melt wax off of fabric). So hopefully I get the rest finished tomorrow, don't want to start to sew and than have the machine jam if the power goes out. I sewed the feet on wrong so have to cut out some more feet (I should keep track of everything that has gone wrong making this fuzzy) Click on the above pictur

Is it Cursed??

So managed to sew the hole shut and if you didn't go actively looking for and it knew where it was you would never have known I made a screw up. The eye is a little higher than the other but it looks cute. Of course I get the wings sewn, the spikes finished and get almost the whole upper body sewn when the needle snaps at the thickest part, into 3 pieces. *curses* New needle, use the thickest one I have (I need a leather one lol). Start sewing from the other end because I can get a better grip on the fabric and snap! *more cursing* I give up. Try again tomorrow, as there is only less than a centimetre that needs to be sewn. I am beginning to think the fuzzy is cursed. I wonder how much fake fur a person can inhale before their lungs fill??

Blog Award from Ann

Ann over at Blue Bird Hill has given me an award which is really nice of her. :D Go read her blog, lots of nice art to look at :D "So the rules are that if you get tagged (and you want to play) , write a post with links to blogs that you love, and link to this post so that folks can easily find the exact origin of the meme." hmm I can't seem to get that link to work so not sure where it originated at. hmmm need to think of some blogs to tag *goes to look at blog feeds* Well for now I will tag Leslie Always love reading her blog and she is a good friend :D Deuce for being so damn cute! :) KMC Lovely Duct tape wallets and bags! Poor Wally! (looks a little better now) Abi Great pretty bags and clothes I will try to think of more, there are so many I like to read I asked on the UK sellers thread on Etsy if anyone had any solution to the hole in the fuzzy, people suggested a patch, or buttons. Both would work but it was pointed out the stitching of the patch might show u

One Eyed Bunny?

Ok so I didn't draw today, we went walking around down town Dundee in the rain in search of pipe cleaners. Needed them to put in the ears on the above fuzzy. Was a nice afternoon window shopping too, even with the rain. I can only sew in the evening during the week so decided to start on another fuzzy dragon. Got the ears sewn to the neck and face and decided to use brown eyes. Well in the struggle to get the brown eyes set in the fabric, the eye hole stretched so I had to use the bigger blue eyes. One went together no problem, the other hole stretched too big and the eye fell out. *angry face* So now he is a one eyed fuzzy unless I can somehow stitch the hole closed and get another eye put there, without it being really noticeable. (evil safety eyes, they mock me) The pipe cleaners work really well. I taped the sharp ends so that anyone that bends them doesn't get a nasty little jab from the bright pink pipe cleaners. *crosses fingers I can fix it* ** picks white fur out of ha

Things that Need to be Done

A list mostly for me so that I know what I need to finish Easter dragons * finished * lino fuzzy dragon *started* tote bag messenger bag *started* colorfix flower *started* horse head close ups *started* Harly drawing *finished* Harly and Luka drawing *started* Graphite dog *started* Graphite cat Coloured pencil crane * finished * fruit pastilles coloured pencil drawing * started * sew 2 fuzzy dragons 1/2 *second one started* finish website (need to add art info and links) find Pj trouser pattern and alter it into culottes I think that is it. I will probably remember something else during the day. Off to get blown away down town. Art later :) and maybe fuzzy sewn dragon.

Finished Hawk and Windy Video

"Hawk" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip Coloured Pencil on Canson Mi-Tientes paper 2.5 by 3.5 Inches For sale here So this is the completed ACEO. Put in the brightest feathers with white and cream, than alternate dark brown and Burnt Ochre, and dark Umber over the light feathers. Than add more white and cream over that layer so the highlights are made brighter. It might seem strange to go over the white with the brown but I find it helps give the illusion of feathers when I over lay colours like that. And a quick video of the beach at Montrose. It was very, very cold and windy. My skirt threatened to fly up a few times (but it didn't so don't worry I didn't flash anyone. :p) The wind is making so much noise its hard to hear us lol I have about 20 minutes of footage of us driving around different places but don't think people would sit through 20 minutes of me rambling :p (John says put it up anyway, so maybe tomorrow :) ) And the picture that got the most vote

ACEO Update

"Hawk" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip This is actually finished but I wanted to post a little WIP. I always start with the eyes, and I didn't intend for this guy too look so pissed off lol. The brightest parts are done next and I colour the beak with different shades of grey and a light blue. Than burnish the colours so it gives the beak a slick look. I used solid black to outline the eyes and to mark the darkest parts of the beaks instead of mixing colours to get a black. Short blog post today because nothing exciting happened :P

It Lives!!

So some people might remember that my Ipod died last year and we took it apart to see what the inside looked like and maybe see if we could fix it. Well,... John fixed it!! He gutted it and replace some parts and it works better than it actually ever has :D (and yes I have Eeyore PJs. They are fuzzy and warm. :p I have a lot of Eeyore stuff. I look evil here lol) Now I can continue to try to make myself deaf and block out annoying people ;p A drawing of a hawk transferred on ACEO sized paper ready to start plus another Everyday Matters Sketch. "Everyday Matters #28" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip I will write what is written there because even I am having a hard time reading my own writing :p "Electric Kettle?? One thing I hope to get a better eye for perspective. This kettle is on more than a dozen times a day. I'm surprised its still alive. I don't drink tea any more and HATE coffee after working at Timmys. Miss Timbits though. Fried doughy goodness. :p"

In the Jungle the Mighty Jungle

"Lion's Head" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip Graphite on Rising Stonehenge paper For Sale Here I have that song stuck in my head now. Well better that than George of the Jungle lol. (thinks of Brendan Fraser as George....) I need that movie now lol. And I made a meat and potato pie the other day and couldn't stop thinking of Mrs. Lovett's people pies. :p

Dragon Eggs and Book Reports

Please click the colourful little eggs :) The more clicks, the quicker they hatch ( I think, not really sure just thought it was a cute idea) Click or the little eggs die :( *sobs* ;) And I decided to add a little side bar listing the books I just finished and the books I am reading (I usually have 2 or 3 books being read at one time). I was never any good at writing book reports so I am going to make it short and sweet. If the book is crap, thats what I am going to write. If its worth reading I will try to think of something good to say about the book. I think there has only been one book that I haven't been able to finsih and it was so bad I can't remember what it was called. :p Even if the book is crap I keep reading in the hope

Ow! my Abs

So my abs hurt. Its my own fault for not doing pilates for 2 months, but still ow. I did about 5 crunches and that was it, I am weak. Damn candy! So re-did the blog layout. I like it white like this, but it might be really bright if people have the brightness of their monitors turned up all the way. The 3 column design does make it easier to read without having to scroll all the way down to see everything that was on the right. (I spent almost 2 hours trying to get the header to work properly and I had just forgotten one little line of code. Evil blogger code it laughs at me) So a picture of another ACEO that is going to be done in graphite and pink felt ears. Guess what I am going to make out of them? Come on guess, I dare ya ;p People will never guess, well people will probably guess but I'm trying to build suspense (yeah not suspenseful at all). Well they could be ear muffs for elves. Or covers for really pointy eared dogs.

Flying Fur and Fruit

I really didn't do anything today worth blogging about. Read some more of the book that I am reading "Mister B. Gone by Clive Barker", which I am really enjoying reading. Cut out some white furry fabric (inhaling a lot of it and getting it in my eyes. It sticks to everything), and cutting out paper for art cards because I didn't have any white cards to draw on. Just took a chunk of skin off my knuckle (TMI?) *goes to get band-aid* I spilt some salt, isn't that bad luck. My dad throws salt over his shoulder, I think its the only superstitious (yay I spelt it without having to use a dictionary ;p) things that he does. The photos above and below are of Fruit Pastilles . I want to do a drawing similar to the gumballs that I drew last year so need to figure out the best arrangement and figured I would see what people think. The last 2 are pretty much the same but the candy that is on the mirror is a little different. The subjects in the photos are long gone, but its

It Wasn't Me!

"It Wasn't Me!" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip Derwent Coloursofts on Murano paper Buy a print here or contact me for Information about buying the original :) Finished the crane today, now on to my Easter dragons picture. I am not 100% sure about the crop of this. Wasn't sure whether or not to crop it about an inch above where it is cropped here. Thoughts?

Dundee Video

Video from yesterday :) It does get a little bit dizzying when John flips the camera around.

Another Lazy Sunday

"Red sky at night, sailor's delight Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning." Photo of the sky tonight. A gorgeous orange and purple that changed to this. We had parked to take this pictures and left the hazzard lights on so no one would hit the car in the dark. We get back to the car, and turn the keys. Nothing. The battery had died. We were not that long. I laughed, thought it was funny (not sure why now though). John's Dad came and gave the car a boost. John and the car are cursed. Someone keyed the passenger side door when we got the MIL's book today. We were only gone for 5 minutes. Bad start to the afternoon. But today was sunny so we took some more rambling video in Dundee. Once one of us gets it short enough to put online we will post it. Managed to work a little bit on the African Crane, hopefully finish it tomorrow. Decided my green stone pendant needed a new cord so I used some thin crochet string and tied a row of square knots. The stone looks

More Rambling Video

"Red Dragon #2" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip Graphite and Neocolours 2 For Sale £5 plus shipping Leave a comment if interested (all comments are monitored :) ) Another quick little dragon ACEO drawn over Neocolours. I'm trying to go with the shapes that are left over when the wet Neocolours leave when they dry. And more video of me rambling while we were walking down town and just driving around (thrilling stuff :p and a little bit dizzying at some points).

Lion's Eye

"Lion's Eye" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip Coloured pencil on Canson Mi-Tientes paper For Sale here Another eye done. So thats 3 out of...well a lot. Not sure how many species of cats there are. This looks a little pink on my monitor, but its either the scanner or a problem with the monitor because other people tell me it is tan.

Everyday Matters Challenge #137

Everyday Matters Challenge #137 Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip A really simple (crap :p) drawing of the wall socket. My hands are really stiff today, and while I don't like using that is an excuse, today any detail drawing was not going to happen. I still forget to turn the socket on still (and 20 minutes later wonder why I don't have toast or smell burning toast). I watched Atonement today. I read the book awhile ago and had the same feeling when I finished the book. I actually didn't know what to think, what was the point of it. I had to make myself finish the book because I honestly was bored about half way through but wanted to finish it in case the ending was good and maybe I just wasn't seeing what other people had. I didn't hate it, but its not something I would recommend if someone asked me for something to read. The problem is I can't really give my honest opinion of both of them without giving away the ending. The movie was really nice visually and wa

Here be Dragons

Well on the top of the steeple at least. I've taken pictures of the weather vane on the top of the steeple before, but this is probably the clearest picture of it. I really want to make one :) but not sure where I would put it. I would probably fall off the roof trying to get it installed :p ("In the news today, a short Canadian fell off the roof trying to install a weather vane in hurricane type winds. Was heard yelling "I can fly!" before landing and cursing like a pirate".) Down town today with the steeple in the background. It was actually busy, people were out in the nice weather. View of the foothills still covered with snow Was really too nice to not go for a walk so I didn't get much drawing finished. Started on another cat's eye ACEO. This time a lion, a lioness to be precise. Probably do a leopard or jaguar next. Lion's eye WIP Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip


African Crowned Crane WIP Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip Now he looks cross-eyed :p Worked on the head feathers. I wanted them to be a bit brighter but I will leave them until I get more of the body feathers coloured. That right eye still looks a bit odd. It looks fine when I look at it, and when I see it in front of a mirror, but seeing it on the laptop makes it look a little too big, or maybe a little bit bug-eyed. Not much I can really do to fix it, just going to see what it looks like later. I need to think of a title for this. Suggestions? And more funky fabric to mess with your head :p Probably going to make a messenger bag with it. Definitely wouldn't be easy to lose. I have lots I should be sewing. Hopefully go for a walk down town tomorrow and get some pictures. Having written that though it almost guarantees that it will snow. But then I could have a snowball fight :p And finally, Print of this image up for sale at my Etsy Shop here Links: Crane info because some people

Letham Part 2

More video of me rambling like an idiot on the way home from Letham. :p Part 1

More Lopsided Animals

Untitled WIP Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip I fixed the right eye after I scanned this so it doesn't look as lopsided now. I'm using Coloursofts on the Murano paper. On this paper its more like I am painting than drawing, it is hard to explain. But definitely not the type of paper for other people that use coloured pencils to use if they like using lots of layers. For the head feathers I am going to lay some white down first so that the yellow is really bright in certain places. Just in certain places, don't want him having a huge bright halo. Its probably going to be just a little bigger than an A4 piece of paper. Part 2 of the trip to Letham will hopefully be up later tonight. *crosses fingers*


Trip to Letham part 1! Yes its 6 minutes of your life you can never get back :p

Long and Black

I could probably make a really crude joke with that title, but I will refrain :p Does a person really need a car this big?? I can't imagine how much it must cost to fill it up. And a little dragon :) Green Dragon#1 Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip For sale here

Sunny Saturday

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip Drew a couple pages of line art for some different projects. This years Easter dragons and an African Crowned Crane, which looks like he is wearing a really wide rimmed hat at the moment. I didn't see the point in drawing all of those feathers on just a quick little sketch. The dragons took almost all day to draw. I kept changing the whole layout and the position of the bunny. I think it looks good this way, just have to transfer it and start colouring. I did try to start a picture of Harly, but I hardly have any pictures of him. The ones that I do have he is turned away from the camera or barking at me. He hated cameras and would bark whenever one was pointed at him, or run away if he could :p I will probably have to combine a few photos to get a good drawing. And the weather is screwy. +10 degrees Celsius and its February??!?!?

Salty Dragon

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip Quick little experiment. The dragon is graphite and the background is done with Neocolour 2 and some salt. Well there isn't any salt left on it, that got brushed away. I wanted to see how the wet Neocolours would act when salt was placed on it, if the same effects that can be achieved with watercolours will also work with this medium. So I laid down a few scribbles with the crayons and used a bit of water and than a lot of salt (it fell out of my hands, oops). Too much salt and not enough water so I wasn't left with a speckled effect. There was a huge blotchy effect where the salt had clumped together in a pile so at least I know I can get the crayons to look that way :p. I used more water the next time and just a pinch of salt and the effect turned out much better. Not perfect but it did produce a speckled effect that you can sort of see near the top of the card (much more noticeable in person). I'm sure that if I used actual watercolour pa

Fun and exciting Wednesday

Got sidetracked today and went to the Letham craft store. The place is a literal Aladdin's cave of all manner of arts and crafts stuff. (vid of the car ride there to follow) Also the Co-op store almost burned down, (burn baby burn....we dont need no water let the m*fo burn!! LOL jk) here's a short vid clip (has swearing on the sound track and for once its not moi....hehe. No one was hurt, but as usual management made people go back to work once all clear was given for a 5 whole minutes.

Where's my Oscar!!??!

Kidding ;p Leslie has given me an award! :0 Which is really nice of her. So go read her blog, its full of great writing and wonderful art. :) I promise to have art later, I still do draw, really!

Fabric Day

I didn't draw today :( But I did get some really cool fabric that I want to make into a bag and got a new hat. :p Put him up for sale on Etsy

Everyday Matters Challenge #19

Quick drawing of the cake topper for our wedding cake. It looks much better in person as shown here: (I need to get better pictures of it) Dad's dog Harly died last week. He was getting pretty old, either 14 or 15, no one can remember. Yeah he was a like a cranky old man but he was Dad's best friend and he was a good dog. I really need to draw him now. Yes I know I spelt sculptures wrong *blushes* *Plug* Custom ACEO