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Small Art Update

"Mr.Angry" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip Small art update. Starting to put in the spots, which actually don't take that long. I don't really worry about how many or the exact placement of them, as long as they follow the shape of the face and body that is all I care about. Using violet blue, dark green, and black grape for the blacks. I find they give a really nice deep black that doesn't look flat like plain black can. Technorati Tags: art , colored pencil , coloured pencil , Leopard


Rained until 6 yesterday evening so didn't get any pictures of the dolphins, I'm hoping that we can on Sunday, but now that I have said that its probably going to pour. So what else does a person do on a rainy day? Play computer games. The light show playing Command and Conquer 3 when you have 40 tanks and get attacked is very pretty. ;) Here is a photo of the little black fuzzy visitor trying to figure out how to get at the birds in the bird box. The cats would climb and sit on the top of the box, so John's dad put a piece of flexible board on the base and now the cats can't sit on the top. They climb the pole still, but either can't get their paws around it or fall off because the board can't take any weight. I'v seen 4 cats sit around the base scheming to try to get at the birds, each taking turns to try to climb to the top and failing. You can just see the frustration on their faces. Technorati Tags: Cats , Photographs

Rain, Rain go Away.....

"Mr.Angry" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip I was going to take some pictures of the flowers that are starting to grow (and hopefully someone that reads the blog knows what kind of flowers they are because I have no idea what got planted where), but it rained all day today. I'm hoping that it doesn't rain tomorrow because I am going to see if we can get a glimpse of the dolphins that are hanging around the Tay. Hopefully get some pictures, even if its just a blob jumping around in the water. But I guess the dolphins do come pretty close so you can get a good look at them. I have to refrain from singing the Flipper theme tune if we go. More done on Mr.Angry, this light grey paper is working really well with the fur colour of this big cat. And now the Flipper theme tune is stuck in my head. Could be worse I guess, could be the George of the Jungle theme tune. Technorati Tags: art , colored pencil , coloured pencil , Leopard

Mr.Angry Can Breath!

"Mr.Angry" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip Very small update, my hands are playing up :( This is definitely going to be a piece of art that is going to look strange until I add the whiskers. :) Didn't make and indentations for the whiskers so I might end up using paint if I can't get them to show up. Technorati Tags: art , colored pencil , coloured pencil , Leopard

Mr.Angry Eyes

"Mr. Angry" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip Hands have been sore the last 2 days, so have been reading a lot. Thinking that I should start doing short simple book reviews for days I have no art to post. The eyes for a new coloured pencil work. Based on a picture from a stocksite (must look for the picture later to give proper credit). Need to add a highlight to the other eye or make it darker so it looks a little more realistic. I just loved the angry intense stare on this cat, gorgeous eyes. Don't want to be on the other end of that stare, pretty sure I would be lunch. Technorati Tags: art , colored pencil , coloured pencil , Leopard

Dragon Banner Finished

Dragon Banner Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip Coloured Pencil on Stonehenge 11 by 8 Inches Quickly finished :) Really like the way this turned out. Decided to just keep the painting he is making simple, if I want to change it later, its not that hard. Been awhile since I have drawn something that was for me and not for my portfolio or a commission, was nice. MRI was lovely. Not really, but considering I wasn't poked or prodded it could have been worse. Just hoping that something shows up, and they don't end up having to do a lumbar puncture. Ouch, everyone that has had one that I know, has said it hurts. :( Technorati Tags: art , Dragons , colored pencil , coloured pencil

Blue Spikes

Dragon Banner Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip Coloured Pencil on Stonehenge 11 by 8 Inches There is actually a lot of purple in those spikes, just not sure how well they will show up on various monitors. Seeing this in greyscale, really is helping me to see the areas that need to be darkened so it doesn't look so flat. Slowly being completed. Just a few belly scales and then the canvas he is painting on, and I am not sure what to put there. Originally I was going to just cut and past some of my previous art in Photoshop on to the canvas, not so sure now. Maybe draw a little boat or a simple house. What do you expect from a dragon drawing with it's tail?? The next Mona Lisa?? ;) Technorati Tags: art , Dragons , colored pencil , coloured pencil

More Doctor Visits

Didn't post or draw yesterday due to having spent a good portion of the afternoon waiting to see a Doctor. My vision went all screwy, hard to explain really. Flashing lights, couldn't see things to my right, very strange and a little freaky. Doctors had no idea, but they did say it probably has something to do with the numb hands and feet. I guess they are going to be a little faster getting my results finished now. When we got home, we got a call from the MRI people saying there was a cancellation on Friday, so going to get my head scanned by a giant magnet. hmmm... hopefully I don't get too claustrophobic and panic. So drawing today, even though my eyes are still a little wiggy, but I'm crossing my fingers I get something done. :)

Rainbow of Colour

Dragon Banner Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip Coloured Pencil on Stonehenge 11 by 8 Inches Not talking about the candies, even though I really want some fruit flavoured candy.... Anyway, coloured the headdress on the dragon. Love using as much colour as possible and in this case it doesn't look too garish. Darken everything once its all done. I really want to try and make a stuffed animal dragon. Used to make them all the time in school. Not that we need any more stuffed animals, I swear they take up more space than we do (you are never too old for stuffed animals). The giant Eeyore was sitting on the bed and when the lights were off, it looked really creepy, made me jump a few times when I saw it out of the corner of my eye (ok, more like a couple dozen of times). It wouldn't be hard to get or make a pattern of a snake and then alter it to fit the way I wanted. Just add different coloured pieces of felt for the headdress and the back spines. Simple. Just need to find the time

Another Feathered Dragon

Dragon Banner Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip Coloured Pencil on Stonehenge 11 by 8 Inches Started to colour the banner idea. Most of the body is done, might darken it once the other colours are layed down. Looks a little more evil than I intended. oops. I really like it for a design on a business card, so might print off a few just to have a couple different ones. One day this will be mine... A girl can dream (and wish on all the falling stars she sees[hopefully none of them fall on the house]), can't she?? ;) How does this sound for a bio?? Too simple? Not simple enough? Not enough info? I am a Canadian born artist currently living in Scotland , spending my time drawing wildlife and dragons. I use coloured pencils as my preferred medium as I love the assortment of colours and the ease of clean up. I am also skilled in other mediums including acrylics, charcoal and pastels and I revel in sampling new mediums that become available to me. Technorati Tags: art , Dragons , colored

Pink Daisies

"Pink Daisies" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip Watercolour on Daler-Rowney Hot pressed paper 3 by11 Inches When I do watercolours I use a very quick loose style. I mostly just concentrate on getting the colours I want and am not too worried about realism. Been a really long time (10 years!) since I have done anything with watercolours, so this is basically a warm up and a try out with my new brushes. Wasn't worried about covering the pencil lines, or looking like a finished piece. Once again though, I like the unfinished look. Not really sure why though. I really like this paper, its really smooth and I'm even thinking of trying coloured pencils on it to see the effects I can get. Technorati Tags: art , Flowers , Watercolour

Odin Finished?

"Odin" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip 7 by 6 Inches Graphite on Card Stock Finished, but I don't know if darkening it made it look funny or made it look better. Practice makes perfect. :) I like the sketchy look, but I realize its not for everyone. Had fun drawing him. There is a huge spider sitting in the corner of the bathroom, about the size of a pound coin. Been there all day. Kinda creepy, and completely pointless to write about. In other animal news, I was hanging out the laundry and standing right by the bird box, when the blue tits that are trying make it a home were flying in and out. Just surprised me because I was less than a foot away and I was moving, but they didn't seem worried at all. Either they know I am not going to hurt them, or they are so used to me hanging out laundry that am just another lawn ornament for them (which goes to show how much laundry I hang out). Too bad I didn't have the camera with me, would have made really nice pictures. T