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Mystery Plant #2 Solved??

The mystery plant from this post has flowered. Gorgeous colours that really do not show up all that well with a photo. I am pretty sure that Leslie correctly identified it as a Gaillardia. So far only one bud has opened, the others look very small and if the weather gets cold fast than I think they might never open. Ok so here is the start of the Shire work in progress that I have been saying I was going to post here. This is the line art which looks very odd without any colour and those empty spaces on the mares face are going to be a space to put her forelock, which was over a foot long. And here is the eye on the foal pretty much finished. I try to get the eyes done first and make sure that they look all right and as lifelike as possible before going on to the rest. If I can't get the eyes looking right, the rest of the animal just doesn't look realistic enough. This is definitely not going to be a quick WIP. When I work with Stonehenge paper its a very slow colouring proc

More Cherries

"Cherries" Copyrighted Jennifer Rose Phillip ACEO 3.5 by 2.5 Inches Coloured Pencil on Stonehenge paper I ended up deciding to burnish the cherry ACEO. I used a colourless blender on the cherries and a Deco Blue Prismacolour pencil to go over the blue background. Shame the Deco colours are no more, they are great colours to use. The whole card seems more vibrant now. :) I also decided to leave the white line around most of the cherries, for no particular reason besides me liking the way it looks. The answers to the last Scottish words posted after a long wait... 1) peever is a game of hopscotch and so is the stone a person tosses during the game. I never see kids playing hopscotch anymore. Makes me feel old :p 2) pirn is a bobbin for holding thread. Todays Scottish word: 1) burn and it has nothing to do with anything flammable. ;) Links: Cherry post #2

And we Are Back

So finally back and after a week of no net I did manage to get lots of art done (hmmm, so thats the solution for getting lots of art done, turn the net off :P). But I'm not going to show any of it until my next post later today because I still need to scan it all. :) My website isn't fixed yet, not 100% sure when that will be fixed. Hopefully soon, because its not a good thing that it is down. *edit* the site is working at the moment but probably will not be later this day due to migration issues. Nothing exciting happened this past week except John's brother getting into a car accident and ending up in a field. No one was hurt, just scrapes and bruises. The car (and people tell him he is very very lucky he isn't hurt more) More later today, art and the answer to the last posted Scottish word because I'm sure the suspense of knowing what peever and pirn mean is killing people. I'm going to have to go look that up actually, I have forgoten

Be Back Soon

well, be back in 3 to 5 working days. Net service is all screwed up and my site isn't online either. Hopefully everything will be worked out sooner rather than later. At least this way I can get the Shire WIP close to being finished and should have some more art to show.

Bowl of Cherries

"Cherries" Copyrighted Jennifer Rose Phillip ACEO 3.5 by 2.5 Inches Coloured Pencil on Stonehenge paper I apologise for not having any horses to post today. I spent almost all of today designing business cards and doing other business stuff. I was getting ready to go to talk to my business advisor at the Business Gateway, so I had to make sure I had all the paperwork in order. Almost everything is done now, so I can almost breath a sigh of relief. I will post the cards tomorrow, I really like the colour scheme, but I do know its not to every ones tastes. I'm hoping that all the paper work and forms are filled out correctly so I can apply for a grant without any hassles. If I get the grant it would be great (YAY!) but if I didn't (BOO), I would just have to see if there are any other grants I can apply for. Doesn't hurt to look. :) I'm definitely getting faster at doing ACEOs. This one took just over an hour, probably would have took less time it I had of le

It Lives!

Cherries WIP Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip Our computer is fixed now. Yay! So now I can scan art and post it here. So this is another ACEO that I am working on. Very simple, but I have found that if I want to get one of these little cards done in less than a day, I have to choose something simple. This should be finished tomorrow and I will also be starting the WIP of the Shire horses that I said I was going to a few posts ago. It is all ready to start being coloured and I have been itching to start, but I was refraining from colouring any of it until the computer was fixed so I can show more steps in the process. Todays Scottish Word: 1) flyte Answers to the last posted Scottish words: 1) hoose means "house" 2) cleek is a hook I'm actually learning a lot of different words by posting Scottish words. Can't pronounce most of them to save my life though.

Scottish Words Together #1

List of Scottish words posted so far (august 18,2007) 1) Awa an bile yer heid= Simply "Get lost, shut up" (isn't that charming....) 2) Peely-Wally= "Sick looking" /"Pale" 3) Coo= "Cow" I was going to write it is pronounce "moo" but thought that would give the answer away. :) 4) Cuddy="Horse" and sometimes a "Donkey" I had thought that it was a cow, but I was laughed at and told what it was. But I am not the only one who thought it was a cow, I have met a few Scottish people that thought it was a cow as well, so I don't feel like that much of an idiot. 5) poke means "bag" Leslie guessed it right :) 6) Loupin means "Gross" it can also mean "leaping" The first time I heard it was when I had John try peanut butter. Yeah that didn't go over very well. ;) But I feel the same way about haggis. That is definitely loupin. 7) Tattie bogle means "Scarecrow" Heres

Run Away Ball

I don't remember being this bad at bowling. But at least I didn't have a ball go flying threw the air and take off someone's head. But I did really really bad (67-97, which are scores I should probably keep to myself :p). lol. I really need to start lifting wieghts, I could just barely pick up a 10 pound ball (and I used to be able to pick up dogs that weighed more than 120 pounds. damn flabby artistic arms). Our computer is still not working. Got a new motherboard but it isn't working 100% yet. But I am hoping it is in a few days so I can post some art. If it isn't I am going to hook up the scanner to this computer and hopefully this one will work with the scanner attached to it. Todays Scottish Word, there are 2 because I forgot to post one for the last entry: 1) "hoose" 2) "cleek" Answer to the last Scottish Word: 1) "gean" is a wild cheery or a cherry tree I'm going to put all the words that have been posted in one post jus

More Computer Problems

So the motherboard on our computer died dammit. So because all of the editing programs and scanner were hooked up to it, there probably will not be any art posted until we get a new motherboard. As long as thats what is the problem. I can type on other computers in the house and post pictures still though. So hopefully be back very soon with art posts. :)

Random Stuff

Untitled Dragon Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip Coloured Pencil ACEO Very quick little dragon head. Wish I had of moved the head over a bit to the right of the card but this was just practice to warm my hands back up from the stay at the hospital, so its not the most prettiest thing in the world but it did the job. :) Took about half an hour to finish. I plan on doing a few more ACEOs tomorrow, already have them drawn, just need to colour them. I have started to draw a picture of 2 shire horses. One little foal and its mom looking out of a stall door. I'm not too sure if the mother's head looks too big. I put 2 pictures together that were taken at the same angle and in the same light, so things should be the right proportions. Her head seems gigantic compared to the foal's. I remember her being a huge horse (I felt like if she swung her head around, my head would have been crushed), but not sure if it looks too big. She was gorgeous though and let everyone touch her and her

Hospital tests

Hi. Jen is in the hospital for some tests. So she asked me, John her husband to provide the meaning of the Scots word from the previous post - "scrievin" means "screeching" This post's Scots words are 1) stoor 2) midden Also she was working on some stuff before she went in for these tests, which weren't planned so she didn't get a chance to finish them. Don't worry, she will be back soon enough so don't go anywhere. Normal service will be re-established as soon as possible John

Stripes Finished

"Stripes" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip Graphite and Coloured pencil 6 by 7 Inches on acid free card Finished and sprayed so the graphite wont smudge. Learned that the fixative I have doesn't change the little colour that I have used (I sprayed this outside and still got a strong smell of the fumes, can't image the buzz I would have gotten if I sprayed it in the bathroom :p). I should colour up a few charts and than see if the colours are affected on a bigger scale. Not sure I should have put the stripe underneath the chin, but I needed something to make the chin stand out more, so decided a stripe might work. I think this was the first time that I have used a 6B pencil, its definitely one of the longer graphite pencils I have. I like how rough this looks, I do know though, that isn't every ones preference. Answer to the last Scottish phrase: 1) "Loupin" means "Gross" it can also mean "leaping" The first time I heard it was when I h


Tiger Work in Progress Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip Started to add the stripes and shading to the tiger. Decided to colour the nose, but not too sure if its too pink. I can always add some dark purple or blue to it to make it darker. I need to fix that far eye so it is darker and not so big, looks a little cross eyed at the moment. The ears are too big compared to the size of the head, but I like them that way. Going to try to make them really fluffy. :) Any hints or suggestions are most welcome. No idea what was going on this morning, probably be in the local paper in a few days. Todays Scottish word/phrase: 1) Loupin 2)Tattie bogle Answer to the last Scottish phrase: 1)"poke" means "bag" Leslie guessed it right :)

Boring Rainy Friday??

Well not boring with 4 cop cars on the street, well 4 that I can see. The area has been taped off and people are having to go around another way. The cops keep looking at something on the street, but I can not see what it is. John says that something must have happened like a stabbing or a shooting. But thats all just speculating. yes I am turning into the nosey old lady looking out of the window, searching for gossip :p Last time something like this happened I had said someone must have died, and I was right. (not that I was happy about that)

Business Card Tiger

Tiger Work in Progress Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip Started to work on the tiger that I will be using as part of some different business card designs. Going to do the eyes in coloured pencil and the rest in graphite. I'm torn on whether or not to do the nose in coloured pencil too. Todays Scottish word: 1) "Poke" And its not what you think ;)

Mystery Plant #2

This is another flower that we have no idea what it is. I actually thought it was a huge weed a few weeks ago, but than a flower bud started to grow and now there are 2 buds on it. So I was lucky last time and the wonderful people that read this blog have a good knowledge of plants and helped me out and now I know the creepy vines are actually food and very pretty flowers ,(I have yet to actually eat any part of it). So anyone have any idea what this could be? If the buds flower than I will take a picture and if I can't find any help by searching I will post a picture and see if I can get help from here. :) Trust me, we have learned our lesson with planting flowers. LABEL the pots. ;) And I love these flowers. I swear the only reason we are growing flowers is so that I can get some nice pictures of them for reference photos. Answer to the last Scottish phrase: 1) Cuddy="Horse" and sometimes a "Donkey" I had thought that it was a cow, but I was laughed at and to

Gumballs Finished

"Run Away Gumballs" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip Derwent Coloursofts on Daler Rowney Murano paper Roughly A4 Finished the gumballs. I would love to darken up certain areas, but the paper will not take any more coloured pencil with out ripping. I do love this paper, but because it can only take at the most, I have found 5 layers, I really have to choose where each stroke goes well before hand. I do really like the way this has turned out. I am tempted to try colouring this again in a few months to see if I have improved with reflections by then. Usually keep the line art for any coloured pencil work I do, just in case I mess up at any stage of the colouring, so I would just have to transfer this and start again. Of course I could try drawing some other type of candy, but trying to find one that won't get eaten in the drawing process would be really hard. Damn sweet tooth and my love of sugar (and chocolate. Chocolate here taste a lot better than it does in Canada. Even

Gum is Going to Drive Me Insane

"Runaway Gum Balls" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip Another gum update. I still have to work on the remaining gum and the values, make some of the gum balls darker so they recede more. If I didn't hate gum before, I would now. Even though I guess it could very well be marbles in the picture, not too keen on marbles either. I usually end up stepping on one and end up flying through the air and landing on my butt. The temporary joy of flying is soon broken by the resulting crash and the bruise on my behind (damn gravity). Todays Scottish word: 1) Coo (this is actually a pretty easy one, said exactly the way it is written, like boo) Answer to yesterdays Scottish phrases: 1) Awa an bile yer heid= Simply "Get lost, shut up" (isn't that charming....) 2) Peely-Wally= "Sick looking" /"Pale"

Run Away Gum Balls #2

"Runaway Gum Balls" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip More of the candy still life. This is helping me a lot with perspective and reflections, both of which I need a lot of practice in. The paper (Murano) is actually not as dark as it is in the picture, the paper colour is called midnight. Its close enough to black for me to use and really easy for me to get my hands on. And I love the bright colours it comes in, especially the Lagoon colour, which would be really nice to use for some kind of seascape (and I think I have the perfect picture to use that we took when we were in New Zealand). New Feature! I'm going to pick some Scottish words or phrases every post and see if people can guess what they mean. (No cheating using google ;) ) And I will try to keep them as clean as possible, which might get hard after awhile. Scottish word/phrase of the day: 1) Awa an bile yer heid 2) Peely-Wally Links: Gum Ball #1

Tongue Tied

We went for a ride to Perth and up around the glens today. Beautiful scenery and gorgeous skies. So short picture post because I just want to climb into bed and pass out. And some tongue twister town names. Some are easy to pronounce and others are not said they way you would think they would be. Post a comment if you try to pronounce them and I will tell you if you are right or not. ;)

Runaway Gum Balls

"Runaway Gum Balls" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip So here is a small look at one of the current works in progress. For being done on black paper it is taking longer than I though it would. Possibly because I have never done that many reflections before. I can already see a few points in the reflected gum balls that need to be changed. It actually looks better upside down, I guess I could always hang it that way ;) I think the only reason I managed to do a still life of candy without eating the subjects, was because I can't chew gum without it either sticking to my teeth, ending up in my hair, or on the bottom of my shoes. Thats always the worst; ending up trekking gum through the house while you pick up every stray dust bunny and crumb with the dog following behind trying to eat the gum and crumbs off your shoes (I have had some really weird dogs). Simple solution for getting gum out of my hair was usually to cut it, or just pull it out (along with a lot of cursing). An