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Thumb meets car door

Long story short, was going to the docs to get a prescription, closed the car door at the same time as John closed the back door. The back door closed on my thumb. Took a few seconds for my brain to realize that wait, don't move, your thumb is now attached to a car. After much swearing telling John to open the door frantically, he realized what had happened. I just thought it was funny, painful but funny. I was laughing and crying. Atleast it happened at a medical clinic. It's not broken and surprisingly not really bruised. Just a bruise on the back and front where the door pinched shut and a bruise on the palm of my hand. Hurts to bend it, and you can hear a clicking when I forget and do bend it. *crosses fingers that tomorrow I wake up and don't find a black and blue thumb* *or a black and blue nail, that would really be a pain* I'm glad it was my left hand, wouldn't be able to draw if it had of been my right. I did manage to draw today, one of the projects o

Project list

So I did decide to make a list of all the artwork that I have to do and when I look at the list, it seems really long. Oh well, I'm not going to be bored atleast. :P In no particular order at the moment because nothing is due to be done at any set time. Going to update this list when things are completed, any progress is made, or new drawings are added to the list. Animal alphabet. Still need to pick animals to draw. Trying to figure out if I should pick a specifc country's animals or just use any animal. Chineses Lanterns. Completed 0/2 Boats on the coast. Completed 0/2 Series of New Zealand Drawings. Not sure how many I am going to do yet. Candy series. Completed 1/5 People Portrait. Need to choose picture or get model Dogs in cars series. Completed 0/4 Picked 2 pictures to draw from, need to look at other pictures I have taken and pick the dogs. Macro Flowers. Completed /4 Have all pictures picked out just need to draw them

Ugly Duckling

My most recent piece of art. A project in the wetcanvas coloured pencil forum to colour something white without using any greys. 8 by 11 inches on Light Blue Canson Mi-Teintes paper. I really enjoyed this project and it was the first time I used this paper. I love it! It doesn't take as many layers as other paper that I have used but I love the effect I can get with it. Next on the list is definitly more birds, I forgot how much I like doing feathers and different colour patterns on them. I should actually make a list of the projects I have to do, would probably make it easier for people and myself to keep track of. Technorati tags: colored pencil , coloured pencil , art , swan ,

First post

So I'm a sheep :P Decided to make this blog to deal with any and all art that I produce. Keep my Livejournal just for friends that already read it and for the communities I am a member of. I will post art on both places, but this blog will focus more on the art side of my life. Hopefully it doesn't take me too long figure out how this blog works. I just have to customize a few things and put some more links on the side and I think that is it.