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Watching You

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip Start of a cheetah face. The eyes look a little lop sided at the moment, I'm hoping it looks more even once more of it is complete. I also need to try to make the eyes look a little more glassy and than work on all those spots. :) The scanner has a hard problem scanning the yellow coloured paper, makes it a bit more orange than it actually is. I actually found Root Beer here the other day. I knew I could get it, but just had never seen it before. John hates the stuff, can't stand the smell, I love it. His parents both took one whiff of it and declared that it smelt like Germolene , an antiseptic cream. Well thats better than John saying it tastes like Germolene (not sure how he would know what the cream tastes like, don't think I want to know). Now if only I could get All Dressed chips and Rockets here. No Scottish word today because I can't find my little dictionary, hopefully I find it tomorrow *crosses fingers*

I Need to find My Thick Sweaters

"Ice Cream" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip Its very cold out, so I have no idea why I decided to draw ice cream. Just made me feel colder :p Todays Scottish word: 1) stob Answer to yesterdays Scottish word: 1) kye are cattle. Its the plural from of coo.

Yellow and Ice Cream

"Ice Cream WIP" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip So another of the mystery flowers has bloomed and its a really nice colour. Still no idea what type of flower that it is. Not sure if the above card looks like ice cream yet, hopefully by the time it is done it will. There is another little kitten prowling the area. Maybe 4 months old at the most. Cute little tabby with gorgeous eyes. Kept trying to jump out from behind things to grab my legs but as soon as I saw him, he went the other way and would pounce on the clothes pins when they fell to the ground. All he wanted to do was play, no fear of people so I doubt he is feral. I'm going to try to get a picture of him, but he moves so fast sometimes it probably will be hard to. We used to have a tabby cat that we called "M-Head" for the markings on his head. Yeah, we had a hard time naming him. But he was a cool cat, would shake a paw like a dog. Its getting really cold here, but I still am wearing my sandals outsid

Silly Kitty

I was going to have an update on that Shire piece, but I really did mess it up. Meh, you win some and you lose some. I need to practice my backgrounds. I will be doing it again, but I think next time it will be done in graphite. And before anyone asks, its not fixable. :( Thats one problem with doing artwork in stages online, nothing to post if the piece gets wrecked. So instead of some horses, have a cat. :p *edit* Todays Scottish word: 1) fower Answer to yesterdays Scottish word: 1) laich means low

Shires on Black WIP #4

So I took the last 2 days away from Blogging so I could try to get the Shires finished. Here is the adult Shire pretty much completed. I need to work a bit on the neck area, (make it darker) and her forelock, it looks a little too neat for me (brushes are over rated :p). Another close up of the paper and you can see the texture a lot better in this one. I think that maybe next time that I use this paper I will use Pastels, considering thats what it was originally for. So the next update will be a completed picture with the stable coloured and than any touch ups that I notice finished. If any one sees anything that needs work, please let me know. Its a lot easier with the paper to lighten anything, but trying to darken something is almost impossible once the paper has become saturated with colour. Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip Its a little weird that it is so green and its fall. I don't think that I will get use to the trees still having their leaves and the grass being so green.

Shires on Black WIP #3

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip Added the headcollar to the young horse. It looks so much better now that the empty spaces are filled up, his head doesn't look so oddly angled. I still need to add a few shadows to the headcollar, and fix the thickness of a part of it that lays against his nose. I am including a few close-ups so that a person can see the texture of the paper and try to see how the colours blend together. In the close-up of the collar, you can see how little colours are actually used. I think I used 4 different shades of blue with a bit of brown to try to make it look a little dirty, and 3 greys for the metal parts. Once there is about 3 layers down, the pencils start to blend together like I was using a colourless blender, but there is less wax bloom happening. In both of these you can see the directions of the pencil strokes, which go along way in making the horse look realistic. Normally you might not see the horse's eyelashes, but in this case I left them in


Its Talk Like a Pirate day today. Arrr!! Links: Talk like a Pirate Lingo

Shires on Black WIP #2

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip So here are another 2 progress shots of the Shire horses. I finished up the white face on the young one and started to put his/her fuzzy forelock in. I can tell a few places that need to be darkened; the side of his face, and areas of the hair but I might wait to do that until more of the picture is finished. I made sure to follow the direction the hair grew when filling in the white areas, it really helps a lot to make the horse look less flat. I had to redraw the right ear, I messed it up in the original line drawing so had to change it a little bit. You don't notice it when the hair has been roughed in, but you can see the changes I had to make in the ear above. Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip When trying to get the fluffy/fuzzy look I kept my pencil strokes very loose and messy. The horse looked like it hadn't had a brush near it's head for weeks, so I was hoping this would look the same. I still need to add a few more messy layers and ad

Shires on Black WIP

So I decided the colouring on the Stonehenge paper was taking too long and decided to switch to using Daler Rowney Murano paper. Its not a true black, the paper is called "Midnight" but it is close enough for me. I do remember writing that more than likely I would end up switching paper, and I did really try to do this picture on the Stonehenge, but the time it was taking me to do a small area was driving me insane, so hence the switch. I can always work on the other piece in the future and than compare the 2. Shire WIP Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip So here we have this version on the black paper coloured up to the point of the last post on the Stonehenge paper. It is a bit of a different look, and it takes less time. About an hour compared to the 3 it took on the Stonehenge paper. The paper will take about 3-4 layers before you sometimes have a hard time overlapping colours, but that works really well with my style. For some reason I really feel like I am painting when us

Todays Scottish Word

Only one for today: 1) hap Answers to yesterdays Scottish words: 1) doup is a person's butt. 2) coorie means to nestle or snuggle. There will be a post on the Shire WIP tomorrow (hopefully I don't actually finish it too quickly), so come back and see. :)


"Peregrine Falcon" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip Coloured Pencil on Canson Mi-Tientes 2.5 by 3.5 Inches SOLD Decided to just leave the background colour alone this time, I thought it went well with the bird as it was. I might do a few more bird ACEOs, we did take a couple hundred pictures of them when we went to Glamis so I have plenty of reference photos to use (yeah, we were a little camera happy). I'm enjoying drawing the different breeds and tying to capture the different characteristics of them. My lilies flowered. I didn't think they were going to this year, a few weeks ago they were only about an inch long and I think the heat from the last week really helped them grow. I had actually forgotten what type they are, but I think they are oriental lilies, I could be wrong though. Links: Currency Converter

Scottish Words Together #2

Round up of the words posted since August 18, 2007 1) hoose means "house" 2) cleek is a hook 3) flyte means to scold someone or a dispute. I have no idea why this means what it does, it doesn't really make any sense. I would have though it was related to flying, or possibly birds. 4) peever is a game of hopscotch and so is the stone a person tosses during the game. I never see kids playing hopscotch anymore. Makes me feel old :p 5) pirn is a bobbin for holding thread. 6) burn means stream or a brook. 7) neebur means neighbour 8) haud is to hold something. So you were really close Leslie :) 9) oot means out (seems kinda obvious now doesn't it? ;) ) 10) Teuchter is a term to refer to a person from a rural area. It can be derogatory. 11) Stovies is just potatoes and meat mixed together. :) Really nice when covered with pastry. 12) freen is a friend :) 13) semmit is a vest or a coat. Yeah, another one that had me stumped. lol 14) fash means to trouble or

Too Much Spinach?

Popeye still sitting where he usually sits in front of the store (still as fat, if not fatter than ever). The school kids were petting him every time that they entered, but as they were petting him as they quickly entered it was more like a blow to the top of his head. Poor cat. You could tell he was getting more mad by the second, his ears were going right back and he had a look on his face that said, "The next kid that does that, is going to lose a finger." Didn't see if he did manage to nail any of them though. Todays Scottish words: 1) doup 2) coorie Anwer to the last Scottish word: 1) wallies are false teeth (which I'm going to need sooner rather than later if I don't stop grinding my teeth)

Baldy Finished

"Golden Eyes" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip Coloured Pencil on Canson Mi-Tientes 2.5 by 3.5 Inches £5 plus shipping Contact me at if you are interested in purchasing Finished the eagle ACEO from the other day. I burnished the green background and it looks a lot better now that it is smooth. I was trying portray that really intense stare that eagles have, I think I have succeeded on something so small. The green on my monitor is actually darker than it is in person, but the bird is pretty close to what it should look like. I didn't post a Scottish word yesterday, so expect 2 later today to make up for it. :) Links: First Golden Eyes post

Mutant Seagulls

5:11 am. Everyday for the past 3 weeks the seagulls start screeching. I don't mind the other birds making noises, its the damn mutant seagulls that have eaten one too many crisps and one too many leftover fish supper and have gotten huge that have this horribly high pierced shriek. 5:39am Repeat the screeching. *goes to look for earplugs* *badly drawn gulls* (sounds like a band name :p)

Bald Bird

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip Short post today and another little ACEO. Just roughed out the feather placement, and put the background in. This might be another one of those cases where I thought the background would be nice looking but it turns out that it isn't. I think I will end up darkening it so that the bird stands out more. I am going to use lots of purples and yellows in the feathers, colours you probably don't expect to find on a raptor, but if you look closely they are there :) And I had never been drooled on by a cat until the other day (she was purring so much drool was falling on my lap, she was healthy don't worry about that, just very very happy :p ). Bitten ( I have the scars to prove it!) by cats plenty but never drooled on. Todays Scottish word: 1) wallies Answer to yesterday Scottish word: 1) tawse is a leather strap with 2 or more thongs on the end. Like the belt people use to get in school.

More Shires

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip Well, part of a single Shire. Some more done on the piece that I have been working on the last few weeks. Very, very slow going. This little part is still not done, but I am moving on to another part and will come back to it later. Not sure what this will look like on different monitors, hopefully it is not too light you can not see anything. Definitely at the ugly stage when using coloured pencils. Where it needs a few more layers and a few changes in values before it looks like what a person meant it to look. When finished it is 8 by 8 Inches. Todays Scottish word: 1) tawse Answer to yesterdays Scottish word: 1) ronepipe is a drainpipe that runs from the roof to the ground Links: 1st Shire post

Bagpipes from the Countryside Festival

Have some bagpipes! (4 minutes of them). But be warned if you watch this you might end up hearing bagpipes in your head for days. (and yes that is me in the bottom corner, I thought John was behind me, but didn't realize that I was going to be in the video :/ ). I was still hearing the bagpipes and drums once and awhile in my head yesterday, I thought they were playing outside (which does happen when people get married in the church down the street), but no it was all in my head. If anyone has any idea the name of the song they are playing, please let me know :) Todays Scottish word: 1) ronepipe Answer to yesterdays Scottish word: 1) fash means to trouble or annoy (no one here had ever heard of it before,...strange...) Links: Countryside Festival

Take a Bow

"Take a Bow" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip Coloured Pencil on Canson Mi-Tientes paper 2.5 by 3.5 inches Sold I really like this card, the yellow seems to glow. I'm really starting to get addicted to colouring ACEOs, its nice to finish art in less than 2 hours and they make really nice colour studies for larger pieces. I was going to have a video of the bagpipes from Saturday, but its taking over an hour to try to upload it to YouTube, so I will try again tomorrow after trying to make it a little smaller. (unless it uploads in the next 15 minutes before I go to bed :p) Todays Scottish Word: 1) fash Answer to yesterdays Scottish word: 1) semmit is a vest or a coat. Yeah, another one that had me stumped. lol

New Business Cards

Just to let people know, that images are appearing and disappearing on Blogger, its very frustrating* "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip 2.5 by 3.5 Inches £5 Plus Shipping Contact me at if you are interested in purchasing So I redesigned my business cards and designed a banner for my Etsy shop . Went with a simple white background. I did have the background a dark blue but some (a very few) said it was a little hard to read so I decided to change it to be easier on the eyes. Used the tiger I drew a few posts back and of course the dragon I drew a long time ago and use on a lot of business related designs. This is the front of the card, without my number on it at the moment. Don't want people calling me offering any number of things I don't need (no, I don't need any insurance, no I don't need a free ipod by signing up for 20 different other things, nor do I need any kind of drug that will help me [dammit I'm

Nifty Little Gadgets/Widgets

"Petals" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip Coloured Pencil on Canson Mi-Tientes 2.5 by 3.5 Inches £5 plus shipping Contact me at if you are interested in purchasing I never remember what the difference between the 2 is. I think these are some neat ones that I'm sure lots of people already use, but just in case I'm going to put them here. :) If you have an account with Feedburner you can make a little headline widget to post anywhere you want. 1. So after you sign up with Feedburner you go to the section labelled Publicize. 2. Click on the text to the left that says Hideline Animator 3. After that add your feed URL and the rest is simple. Just change things to your liking and you end up with something like this displaying the last few headlines you have made. ↑ Grab this Headline Animator I can think of a few places to put something like this. On a person's website, a different blog, or even if it is allowed, in a signature on a message b

4 Little Dragons all in a Row

Are they stuck in prison? Eat one too many maidens and now on death row? And why is it that its always the maidens that get eaten or sacrificed? I would think there would be more meat on a knight, a maiden seems like a small snack. So this is what the Inktense pencils look like after they have gotten wet. Love the green and how bright the pencils are after they get wet. These have been drying for a few days and have not faded, not 100% sure of the light fast qualities though. Green Dragon Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip Ink and Derwent Inktense Pencils on Daler-Rowney Extra Smooth Watercolour paper 2.5 by 3.5 Inches I did make a few mistakes where the ink ended up outside of the lines but I think it adds character to them (thats what I am saying at least ;) ). There is a quarter inch border along all of these so who ever has them can get them framed, I can cut it off though if needed. They do look really nice framed together this way, I imagine though they could be framed in any orde

More Wonderful Horses

More Photos of the Devils Horsemen performing. We have video, but it is more than 9 minutes long and I am not %100 sure I can put it online. So enjoy some more pictures. We took over 700 of them during the whole day. The joys of a digital camera :) The horse got up with him on his back. And he was doing some other very nice tricks with the horse, whos name I have forgotten. This shows the speed the horses were running at. The rider had to knock a little piece of wood off its peg while galloping by. You can see it flying just over the lance. And its the Black Knight in the distance. I was cheering for him :D Actually a lot of people were cheering lol. He died in the end though. Boo Fight medieval style. Todays Scottish Word: 1) oot its an easy one. Just say it the way it is written a few times and people might get it :) (nothing to do with an owl ;) ) Answer to yesterdays Scottish word: 1) haud is to hold something. So you were really close Leslie :) Links: Countryside Festival The De

Inktense Dragons

Ink on Daler-Rowney Extra Smooth Watercolour paper 2.5 by 3.5 Inches Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip I decided to try out my Inktense pencils on some dragons. I had the line art from previous colouring attempts at these designs, so I just transferred it onto the paper and inked the outlines. There are 4 different designs, all supposed to look like they are trapped in the art card. I thought that they could be matted together in one long frame in the order of the colours of the rainbow. Like ROYGBIV. (red,orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet), because each dragon has a main body colour that would go in that order. Anyone else have any other way to remember the order colours go in a rainbow?? I really like this paper. The ink flowed smoothly over the surface and didn't bleed through the other side. The Inktense pencils also laid down very smoothly and were easy to blend. It does also work very well with watercolour pencils and normal watercolours. This is the pencils laid down

Another Day at Glamis

So today we went to the Countryside Festival at Glamis Castle. Had a really nice time and took lots of pictures. I don't think I have seen so many different breeds of dogs together outside of a dog show. There were lots of birds of prey, and we took lots of pictures to use as reference photos. We missed a bit of The Devils Horsemen performing their Cossack riding demonstration but what we did see was wonderful. :) Had a looks at all the merchandise stalls there. Some of the stalls were very well put together, others seemed very crowded. I know that a person should have lots of stuff in their stall but its too much when one person has a hard time turning around. I liked the craft tent, seemed very well laid out, and if I had the money I might think about trying to sell there. I can see there are lots of people at the festival but I did only see a few people selling art. Most of it was hand made things, such as bags and jewellery so I am not sure how well it would sell there. Dog ar