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Happy Halloween!!

Here is our craptastic (its a word, it is....)gingerbread house. Yeah its from a kit but I am not sure how to bake gingerbread so we cheated. lol It was fun to do, its still in one piece. Maybe start to eat it tomorrow. I did plan to have a Halloween dragon picture done for this year, but my chest infection took a few days out of drawing so it isn't done :( Just a few pumpkins to finish and some gravestones. If I get it done, I might post it but it seems wrong to post it after Halloween. Don't rot too many teeth with all the candy you eat. :) I will post the answer to the last Scottish word posted on Friday. I think I am just going to post them every Friday. Going to run out of words to post if I post one every time I make a blog post. :)


So I had meant to post this yesterday, but I fell asleep at about 5 in the afternoon and spent the rest of the day in bed :p (which isn't a good thing, but it probably helped the chest infection). Here are my Moo cards that I ordered. I really like them :) Ordering was very easy. 1) Just upload your pictures that you want to use, you can upload 100 different pictures or just one. Example, if you upload 4 like I did, you will get 25 of each design. Make sure they are high quality images (I used images that I had already made print proofs of) and possibly make them a little lighter than they normally would be. I have read of some cases where the cards are very dark, so to compensate lighten the images (but not a lot). I didn't lighten my images and my cards turned out perfectly fine. 2) You can move the images that you have uploaded around a bit so that they look the way you want in the box marked for being printed. The images can be rotated so they fit either the long way or

Pretty Colours

Back from Canada. We had great weather, it only rained one day and that day was spent mostly on the road getting lost on the way to London. ;) We took lots of pictures so I will probably post some of them during the next week or so, but for now have a few pictures of the falls lit up at night. The Canadian side was pretty much covered in fog and mist so its really hard to get pictures of them at night. I didn't actually get to draw, but I did manage to pick up some kind bug/flu so thats fun :/ I have a lot of reading to catch up on now. :) *edit forgot to add a Scottish word to the post* Todays Scottish word: 1) hack Answer to the last Scottish word: 1) inby means inside

Guess where we are??

Hi I (John aka Jen's husband) have taken over this blog for today, in light of the awful photo Jen has chosen to use today :P Jen deems I smile strangely (or doesn't smile at all - Jen) in photos so she is trying to manipulate a "proper" smile out of my face :P I'll give you guys a clue.....We're somewhere in Canada......but where exactly is for the guessing. ok......another clue somewhere with lots and lots of water. We have video also, but Jens language is a tad foul so we might try again today. Anyways going to go and do some sight seeing, eat more junk food and act more like tourists :P

Going Away

Be back in a week with pictures, more Scottish words and hopefully some art. :D Please come back then :) (of course this is unless I buy too many candy rockets /fuzzy fabric and it stops the plane getting airborne :P I'm addicted to candy rockets) Not sure if will have net access back in the land of snow, moose and beavers eh! :P Apologies if you send me a message and I don't reply then the above should explain (or that I have been maimed by some possessed deer). *starts signing Canadian anthem* wait....I can't remember the words :P

Dragon Lino

Carving a lino block. I forgot how much fun it was. Sometimes a little dangerous when the blades get a little close to my fingers, but luckily that doesn't happen that often ;) (maybe I should go and get some more band-aids). Lots of work left to do, probably will not get finished until after we come back from Canada. :/ Probably lose a bit of the detail in carving it, but the basic design will still be there. Don't have a printing press (nor the space or the money for one anyway), so using ink on it and just pressing it onto paper will have to do. :) I remember trying to move the little press we had in High school. Weighed a ton!!


I don't usually use watermarks on images that I post online, because if someone really wanted to and had the patience a watermark can be taken off. I do sometimes put them on my finished dragon pieces just because those are the pictures that I have the most problem with people taking. So not that I will be using it that often I still decided to make one. I took a design I made for one version of my website and just added a copyright notice to the bottom. Was very easy to do. It a little fuzzy right now, but I can change the settings of it if I ever do place it on art. Opened up a Flickr account, not sure why I didn't before. Here it is :)

Devil Dragon

"Halloween Dragons 2007" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip Part of a bigger Halloween dragon picture I am working on that when finished will be 14 by 11 inches big. I can't seem to get a good scan of this, not really sure why though. Once it is finished I will take it to get professionally scanned. Its neocolours and coloured pencil again. Using the neocolours saves so much time its not even funny. John wants me to make caramel squares (shortbread, caramel and chocolate on top). They are very good, and you can make them in the microwave :) The ones I had when were in Looe where huge!! I did try to make them at dad's and while they did get eaten, they probably could have been better. Todays Scottish word: 1) inby Answer to the last Scottish word: 1) a toorie is the pompom on top of a hat, can also refer to the hat itself :) *edit and a plug* Added some ACEO donuts to my Etsy store. 2 for 1 deal :)

Big Red

"Big Red" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip 2.5 by 3.5 Inches on Murano paper £5 plus shipping Contact me at if you are interested in purchasing before I put it up on Etsy I based this card on a picture of my friend's pet rooster. She raised it from a little chick after it showed up in her yard and by the time she found it's mother it was imprinted on my friend. He turned out to be a gorgeous bird. This is the second picture that I have drawn of him, the first one looks more like him, and I will probably draw a few more. He has beautiful plumage. Not sure if I mentioned it but John and I are going to Canada for a week starting the 21st, getting back the 26. Its a very quick trip with not a lot of time to spare. So I will definitly take pictures and if the weather is anything like when we got married the area should be really pretty with the trees all different colours. I added the tiger that I drew for my business cards to my Etsy store toda

Little Evil Kitten

I really need to dye my hair again. The roots are horrible lol :p So we managed to get a picture of the tabby cat I was talking about a few posts ago (he looks bigger than he actually is in these pictures, he is pretty small). He is all fine and purring away and than wham!! attacks my legs. Its actually kinda cute because because all you have to do to get him off is say OY! really loudly and he bounds away and than bounds back, jumps on my lap to be petted again. :p He just gets a little too hyper. lol I'm going to be known as the crazy cat lady soon :P Been working on art, lots of line art, dogs, dragons, and birds. Hopefully have some finished art to post tomorrow. :) I really want to make a stuffed dragon. I found some cool little patterns that I really want to try. I think a technicolour fuzzy dragon would look cool :) Todays Scottish word: 1) wean Answer to the last Scottish word: 1) nowt is a bullock, moo!

Neocolours 2 Experiment

So here is my quick little experiment using the Neocolours and coloured pencil together. First I put down a single light layer of the neocolours. I wasn't sure how much of the crayons to actually use, but remembered reading that you didn't need that much. I used vermillon as the basic colour for the tomatoes and added a bit of orange. The shadows were done using violet and ultramarine. I added water to that layer. Didn't need that much water and it didn't dry very fast, giving me more than enough time to push the colour around with the brush. It only took maybe an hour to be completely dry, but I left it overnight just to be sure it was nice and dry before I added any coloured pencil to it. This was done on Stonehenge paper and didn't buckle and the water didn't soak through. I wouldn't recommend if you use this paper to use buckets of water, but for light washes it works well when you don't have any watercolour paper around. And here is the finished pie

Neocolours 2

I got my order of Neocolours 2 today. I love them. :) Nice colours and really easy to work with even when they are wet. I will post my little experiment with them tomorrow. Have to wait until they dry to do the next step. :) Todays Scottish word: 1) chap Answer to the last Scottish word: 1) kist is a large chest

What are you Looking At??

"What are you Looking at?" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip Coloured Pencil on yellow Canson Mi-Tientes Roughly 5 by 6 Inches Finished the cheetah for now. I might come back to it in a while to see if I need to add anything to it, but for now it is done. The paper colour is almost impossible to scan correctly, and its too grey outside to take a photo of it. :/ I know it looks a little flat right now, but I honestly need to put it away for a few days/weeks until I work on it again. Now onto my dragons and probably a few ACEOs. :)

Cheetah Update

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip An update on the coloured pencil cheetah. I still need to add more detail to the cheeks and add the neck to it so he doesn't look so lopsided. Also make the fur look a little spikey in some places, add and darken the spots. I would have had it finished but my hands are hurting when I hold a pencil and can only draw for a few minutes at a time. Seem to be getting better so I am hoping to get this finished tomorrow and work on my bigger Halloween dragons drawing :) I need to find a saying to put on one of the tombstones on the dragon picture. Has to be only a few lines and of course no cursing so I can sell it to all age groups. I can actually change it digitally if someone wanted their name on the tombstone :) I can use something like the following, I will try to think of my own, but I'm horrible at rhyming. :p Sayings like these: "Here lies Clyde Whose life was full Until he tried To milk a bull"

Inked Dragon

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip A dragon for my website re-design. I am planning on trying to colour it with my tablet, but that might take awhile lol. There are a few little inking mistakes, but you don't really notice them and I'm hoping that once it is coloured they are not noticeable at all. I need to find a few pieces of code for my site and then try to figure out how it all goes together. I want to try to make the new site by myself (and that will add more grey hair to my head, goes to get box of hair dye), but I'm pretty sure I will end up going to John to ask for help. Any news updates are going to go above his tail, and the menu will go to the right of his head. I like the colours I have picked for it, but I have a habit of picking colours that are way too bright for most people (get the sunglasses out). Once most of it is done, I will post it to get peoples opinions about it and any hints. "Fancy New Hat" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip A better scan of

Fancy New Hat

"New Hat" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip 2.5 by 3.5 Inches on Murano paper £5 plus shipping Contact me at if you are interested in purchasing before I put it up on Etsy Another little ACEO dragon. I really like the Coloursofts on this paper, they glide across the surface. I will try to get a better scan tomorrow, the colours are off in some places :) I ordered some neocolours 2 so hopefully they arrive sooner rather than later. I have seen such lovely art produced with them I really want to try them for myself. Just not %100 sure on what paper to use with them. I was thinking watercolour paper at first and than see if I can get my hands on some kind of art board in the future. Now I just have to find some drafting film to try out Added the Candy Corn to my Etsy shop . Only thing there at the moment, but I plan on adding more ACEOs and other artwork to it when they are completed. I added my Etsy Mini to the side of the blog so people can see what

Halloween is Coming

"Candy Corn" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip 2.5 by 3.5 Inches on Stonehenge paper £5 plus shipping Contact me at if you are interested in purchasing before I put it up on Etsy tomorrow I love this month. Mostly because of Halloween. Its not just the candy that is really cheap the day after, its seeing all the cool little toys that are made to scare people :). Halloween is starting to turn into a big thing here slowly. There are now aisles in the stores that are full of Halloween costumes, candy, and Halloween themed items. Even compared to last year, its a huge jump in the amount of things available. Kinda cool. :D I have to remember to put my Halloween lights in the window and get another pumpkin to carve. They are really small compared to the ones I am used to, but better than carving a turnip (really hard on the hands I have been told). Yeah I know its still a few weeks away but its one holiday I really love (and its our wedding anniversary). :

More Cheetah

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip Added the nose and some of the markings to the cat, sort of looks like it is sneering a bit. I need to fix the bridge of the nose so it is a little more even. I now have a desk which makes it so mush easier to draw. Hunched up on the floor is not the most comfortable position in the world. And it was put together with a minimal amount of swearing and no one ended up stepping on any screws (or a trip to the hospital, which is always a plus when putting together furniture). Found my little Scottish dictionary, so here is todays word: 1)peenge Answer to the last Scottish word: 1) a stob is a post