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Over the next few days (hopefully days not weeks) I am going to be finishing my website. I need to update the art, add commission info and add links. Now this is what I need help with. I need some more links. You don't have to link back but if you want your link here and on my site just let me know :) Also if you have any interesting art or craft links those would be helpful too :D I like the how simple my site looks I just need to work on updating it and seeing if all the code works properly :) so send me your links please (preferably stuff that isn't going to send people screaming and running away lol) If you have a site banner even better :D Which reminds me I should probably update my site banners


Some yellow flowers from yesterday in the front yard. No idea what they are, just think they are really pretty. Ignore the dead weeds in the back, had to spray them with weed killer because nothing was killing them. Even if we thought we had dug out all of the roots they still grew back. Not the best for the ground but the weeds were killing everything else in the bed. :/ Poured down rain this morning. Monsoon like :p I'm sure the plants liked it though. John mistakenly bought squash a few weeks ago even after I told him I don't think anyone will eat squash (I can't stand the stuff). Well it is growing very very well in the greenhouse (along with a lot of other things). Which would be a bad if we ended up with tubs full of squash that no one will eat but, John didn't realize that it is ornamental only so I guess I can use it for still lifes :p And no I haven't stopped working on the dragons or the eagle, I just thought a break from coloured pencil might be good fo

Bored Bored Bored

Did nothing today but plant flowers and there are only so many pictures of dirt I can post before people get really bored :p Sad but true :p (found here )


There have been a lot of snails in the yard lately. Probably due to the weather. Picked this little guy up and he went immediately right back into his shell and no matter how still I kept he wouldn't come out. I remember collecting snails with my friend when I was a kid and keeping them in a tub with plants for them to crawl over. I can pick up snails but can't pick up slugs. ugh they creep me out which is weird considering snails are just slugs with shells. Worked on the eagle some more. Added more feather which is just a lot of layers of pencil strokes over and over again. I need to add more brown to him, he looks a little too red for me. And a grey scale so people can see where I need to darken the values. Mostly darken the picture around the back of his head and his neck area. Suggestions for a title anyone?

wind turbines

wind turbines Originally uploaded by fuzzydragons Went to Perth today to get wallpaper for John's parents. Gorgeous weather here :) John took this last night and we really didn't notice the wind turbines before, and I probably wouldn't be able to see them even if I had of known they were there (I have horrible eyesight now). Really nice colours in the sky, very dramatic. Turbines at Ark Hill?? I did take some video of me rambling on the way to Perth, complete with more ponies! (I originally thought they were Dartmoors, but now I think they are Exmoor Ponies), the odd cow (seeing long-horn cow was kinda odd in Scotland),us almost getting side-swiped by people not looking before they pull onto the road and lots of green scenery. But the video killed the computer so I will try again tomorrow with the video :) oh and don't forget the Name My Cacti contest! :D

Name My Cacti

*edit* Going to have this contest run for 2 months because that is how long the seed packet said it might take for something to sprout. But if after 2 months nothing comes up I will still pick a name and try again growing a cacti :) I have gotten some really nice names, but the more the better :) And instead of 1 ACEO I am going to be giving away 2! So we went out and bought some more cacti seeds, but we still don't know where the ones I bought 2 weeks ago went. We planted between 4 and 7 seeds in each of these 2 pots. So hopefully something starts to grow (I will have to separate them if more than 2 decide to sprout in each pot). So I am going to have a little contest. For a month I will take names to name the cacti. Depending on how many names I get, I will stick the top 5 names into a cup and pick one from there. You can enter how many times you wish, (well 100 is probably overkill :p). What ever name I pick, the person who suggested the name will get an ACEO of a cactus :) So e

Family Tree SPT

Family Tree SPT Originally uploaded by fuzzydragons I was going to post a picture of a starter cacti but I can't find my seeds to start one. I have looked everywhere, and its starting to look like the incident that happened with the Foxgloves last year (missing seeds but those are starting to grow now). hmm and I know as soon as I go and buy some more seeds I will find the first ones. If I can find them I was going to have a naming contest for the growing seedling (is that what little cacti are called?). Pick the best name from suggestions and the winner would get a little cacti ACEO. Yes I name plants :p Probably a silly idea but I thought it would give someone a little piece of art. :) This is a really quick SPT. I want to start a family tree and I have a feeling its going to take a long long time. And finding my mother's maiden name relations might be a problem because I don't speak Hungarian lol Dad's side is easy for a few generations but after that it is

Bread of Death

John made bread today. This actually looks really good in person. He put cheese on the top to try to stop the evil oven from burning the top. Haven't tried any of this yet, the other bread is edible so this should be too *crosses fingers* :p Small update on the eagle. Filled in a few feathers and thats about it. Really don't want to rush this and possibly wreck it so I am taking my time. :) Once he is all coloured I will go back and darken the values so he sticks out from the background a little more. And started on the dragons from the other day. This is only after about an hours work. I am working pretty fast with this paper (Fabriano 5 Watercolor paper). I really think that if I need to use white paper for a project I will be using up the white paper I have now, and than switching to the Fabriano paper for white projects. *off to try a piece of the death bread so if you don't hear from me for a few days the bread has put me in a hospital bed :p*

Pentacle Dragons Lineart

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip Didn't get much drawing done today besides refining the sketch of the 2 dragons. Just need to decide on the colour scheme. The dragons can't have a lot of red, orange or yellow on them if I am going to make the pentacle those colours. Suggestions?

I am not Happy

Normally I do not use this blog to really complain, yes I do sometimes but I still try to put all the major complaining over on my Livejournal. But I am pissed off. The surgery that I was supposed to have happened tomorrow has been cancelled because once again there were problems with my notes. They were not read properly so they did not know that I had VWD and need to have my levels checked before and after surgery. I phoned up the Haematology department to ask if they had been contacted as they were supposed to and they had not. They said to me that I should not be having it done at the hospital the appointment was booked at, but it should be done at the hospital in Dundee because they are equipped to deal with any emergency that might happen. So the surgery is not happening today. Not sure when it will be happening. And I am still left in pain. I'm pissed off and running out of pain meds that I can take that will work. Stupidly I should have phone Haematology a week ago and t

6th Finger Picture

Happy Birthday Originally uploaded by fuzzydragons Mom sent me this picture and you can sort of see my 6th finger (have to click on the picture to see it better). Wasn't very big so its hard to see in pictures. I should make a hat like that for my next birthday and wear it around town. Well I would if I didn't think some kid would try to knock it off my head with a stray bottle. :/


"Eagle WIP" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip Close up of the Eagle I am working on (too dark for a good photo). Started filling in the feathers. So far I have just lightly placed where the main feathers are and used some lavender and light blue to help define the feathers. I need to define the feathers a little more then start filling in the areas. Probably take a few hours to get a small area finished. You can see the little outline around the bird that was left when the Neocolors dried. I wanted a really rough colourful background so don't think that the outline really distracts from the bird. Well I am hoping it doesn't :p John bought me a Rose bush today. Love Roses but have no idea how to grow them lol. Its been put into a bigger pot, probably going to just keep it in a pot for now. Not sure where it would go if we took it out. Not sure if I mentioned it (I probably did). I have to go to the hospital on Wednesday to have exploratory surgery done. So probably not

Blast from the Past

I drew this in 2003 o.0 Figured it was about time that I drew an updated version. I always did like this picture and I have gotten some really good comments about it. :) So instead of one dragon, there is going to be two :) This is a rough sketch, I still need to refine it so the basic details are there and than figure out a colour scheme. If anyone sees anything with this sketch that might need to be changed, please let me know :) I printed out a bookmark and I'm trying to see how much abuse it can take. If it survives I will be offering them in my Etsy shop (so far so good). I will definitly draw a few more fantasy style bookmarks, probably a few horses and some other animals that I think will look good in this format. And just for a giggle a picture of me and my sister. I have no idea how old I am here. (if you want your face blurred, just let me know sis). Makes me want to go and get bangs lol I really wish I had the pictures of me where you can see my sixth finger *hint hint*


see more crazy cat pics (proper post later :D )

Coloured Zebra

"Colourful Zebra" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip For sale here Quick little ACEO today. Drawn from a photo over at Morguefile. Nice stock photo site. :) And I forgot the Scottish word of the week yet again lol This weeks word: 1. horny-golach Last weeks Scottish word: 1. puddock is a toad/frog There was a letter to the editor in the paper today about Popeye (scroll down to see) 3/4 of a pie left in the freezer :p

Pie Post!

Pies before they were cooked. We actually ended up making 3 pies (yeah thats right 3 pies in a household of 5). We didn't think there was going to be enough filling so doubled the recipe and ended up with too many. 1 pie eaten, 1 pie left, 1 went to John's grandparents. Still a lot of pie lol. But they taste good so really thats all that matters. I left 2 of the pies without meringue on them but I love meringue so had to have at least one pie with it. They are a little sour at first but than your tongue gets use to the sourness lol I think I will try make a lemon pie next :D Listed an ACEO print of this on Etsy today :) Now that I know my printer will take this paper I will probably do a few more cards in the future.


:( There was an article in the paper about him too today.

Everday Matters Challenges

Everyday Matters #124 Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip Everyday Matters #124 Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip Some more Everyday Matters Sketches. 10 minutes on the drawings, no more than that to try to improve how quick I sketch. Some things turn out better than others :p I am going to try to make a Key Lime Pie from scratch tomorrow for John's Birthday. He couldn't have picked an apple pie, or even a Devils Food Cake. No. Pick something that I have no idea how to make and I can't even get Key Limes (I actually didn't know that there was a difference between Limes, learn something new everyday lol). Well I like baking and I am hoping that the evil oven doesn't want a sacrifice, so fingers crossed the pie is edible or I will be going to the shop to buy a ready made pie :p Put the Unicorn I drew in my Etsy shop :) I have been debating on whether to sew a few bags like these and list them in my shop. I don't have any of that star fabric left, but I do have some oth

Very Cold Day

Next time we go here I am bringing a thicker coat. I was freezing (I get almost no end of grief for this being from the Great White North :/ dammit I was cold eh :p) It was very pretty, a little bit windy though. Next time we go we have to remember to bring a quid to get in (had it in my bag today) and something to drink. There were some kites being flown around and some dogs and horses running around (the horses had riders they weren't wild horse stampeding on the sand, even though that would have made great video :p). Maybe bring my little sketchbook to do some sketches of the area, just have to tie the thing to my wrist so it doesn't blow away and end up in the sea.

Broken Toe Number...?

I actually don't remember how many time I have broken my toes now, but this one is definitly broken. hmm So only my big toes are left unbroken...*goes to run into the door to break them all* :p (no I wont post a picture of my twisted toes, don't need people running away in horror :p) hmm...might have dropped a few stitches lol I am getting faster so that is a good thing (just have to try to bite my tongue when I do drop a stitch and not turn the air blue) :p And some of the pots that are in the greenhouse. Nothing has sprouted yet but the marigolds and I think the rhubarb was from last year. More little heads popping up, just don't know what they are yet. I should transfer the tall flower into a bigger pot soon.

Finished Scarab

Finished this up today. Left the tail feathers pretty plain, didn't want it to be too hard to look at. I will try to get a scan of it in the next few days, so you can get a better look at it. :) Drawing this has made me really want to ink some more work. I had really forgotten how much I enjoyed it, even when my hand jerked or someone walked into the table and caused a mistake. Need a few more pens, but after I finish up that eagle, I will definitly be inking some more drawings, not necessarily tattoo designs. I loved doing wildlife in ink, usually in pointillism. It can make me go cross-eyed looking at all those dots though :p

I Have Absolutely Nothing to Write Today

Which is odd, because usually I have something to write about (even if it doesn't make any sense :p) So here is an invention that I am sure many dogs owners would like when their arms get tired tossing a ball

Answers to Guess What I am

Coloured in the eye and added some bright yellow to a few parts. Not sure if I am going to tone down the yellow yet. Compared to the background it really isn't that bright. Not sure how I would tone down the background if it over powers the eagle when its finished. I could try to burnish it but not sure what that would do to the Neocolours. I don't want a shiny look to the background, which tends to happen to me when I burnish. So as promised the answers to the photos I posted a few days ago :) 1. Snowy Owl (One of my favourite birds) 2. Guinea fowl 3. Mouflon 4. Peacock (yeah that was an easy one) This weeks Scottish word: 1. puddock Answer to last weeks Scottish word: 1.meggy-mony-feet is a centipede (Leslie got this right) They really creep me out! And Osprey lays 50th egg :)


Well I guess technically this isn't a spt because you don't see my face :p Over on Flickr a bunch of UK people *waves* have been posting video of them saying a few words and some have videoed their flat/house. So here is my clip (don't have a pro account on Flickr to put it there), and I forgot one of the words. oops Yeah and the Furby makes an appearance too! :p (yeah I swear in this too, just to let people know [regular readers/viewers probably all ready know that :p]) Apparently I live in Africa :p

Scarab Update

Almost half of the scarab finished. Definitely going to run out of ink, my biggest size pen was almost completely used up filling in the one side of the wing. The little round things at the top of the wing were not supposed to be filled in like that. Meant to look like the others with little dots but my hand jerked and I had to fill in the space to cover a little out of place line. Still not sure how I am going to fill in the tail feathers. Cross-hatching maybe. And the eagles beak almost finished. Just need to burnish it with a few light greys to give it a smoother look. I really do like how this looks in person. There are a few more flowers growing in the little containers, just not sure which ones lol but at least this year more seem to be growing. :)

Guess What I am

I really have nothing to post today, made cookies, went to find a bike for John, drew a little bit and vegged out in front of the TV watching Holby City (yes its cheesy, but I like it :p), so in order to make up for a pointless blog post I am going to post some pictures and people can try to guess what they are. I remember at the back of a magazine when I was younger (never thought I would write that :p), that there were little images of normal objects, and animals and you had to guess what they were from the little close up image given. I can't remember if it was Owl Magazine or Chickadee magazine. Or I could be completely wrong and it was some other magazine all together :p Anyone know if its one of them? So here are 4 images, they are all animals :) I will post the answers this Friday with the answer to the Scottish word of the week. (don't think I have a prize, but if someone happens to guess all of them I will see what I can do ;) ) 1 2 3 4

This is Going to Take A long Time...

The scarab outlined and started to be filled in. Not sure when this will get finished, I don't want to rush it but I want it done :p I already messed up a line, but its easily fixed when I fill in the sections next to it. I do really like inking drawings. Yes it can take a long time but the end effect is usually worth it :) But I will probably go through a few pens inking this and if I run out it might be a few weeks/months before I can get any more. And the eagle flattened and with a layer of coloured pencil over it. I have blended in the pencil as much as I can and am going to start on the bird now. At first the really dark lines bugged me, but they have grown on me and I really like the dark effect. I just have to remember to have dark values on the bird so he stands out from the background. Use lots of purples, browns and even pink to help him stand out. Dark and dreary day here :/ Rain almost all day and than there was a gorgeous blue sky in the afternoon. No more snow though