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Grey Horse

Felt like drawing a horse, and saw this photo on wetcanvas, and it needed to be drawn :) Still needs a bit of work before it is finished but that shouldn't take very long because of the blue coloured paper, which helps so much with the values of a piece. Thank you to everyone for their fairy tale suggestions, lots to work from and I already have a few ideas going around in my head. hmmm now to get some reference material together...wonder how hard it would be to get people to pose in a wizards hat? :p

Cheating Cont...

Finished gridding the drawing of Sky, now to transfer this to different paper and colour it in. Might take awhile with all that black that needs to be coloured :/ I could just do it in graphite, but thought trying CPs might be a little more interesting. I want to work on my portfolio, so thought that drawing fairy tales from different countries would be a good idea. So my question is; what are people's favourite fairy tales? It doesn't have to be from the country you are from, any fairy tale will do :)

sky in the snow :)

sky in the snow :) Originally uploaded by fuzzydragons She loves the snow, very funny to watch her play in it :)


Ok I'm addicted, its official :p Can't seem to stay away from the blog. But it snowed! :p and enough that I would classify it as snow lol Still not enough for people to panic or go slamming into telephone poles but enough to make a decent snowman or have good snowball fight. I so wanted to go sledding in the park last night. But since it was midnight, there are no lights in the park and my luck, I would end up flying in to the bandstand, I resisted :p Did go play in the back with the dog. You are never too damn old to play in the snow!

New Hair

Really like this red :) and at £8 at the college, you really can't beat that. Well a box is cheaper, but I end up with dye everywhere o.0 I mean everywhere....the ceiling, my nose, somehow in the hall.... Do need hair cut tho, getting a little long. I apologize in advance if I am a little absent on commenting and here, have a lot of drawing to do so need to concentrate on that right now. :)

Flood Again!!

and this is why :p

What the? continued

ok, def not Sky, any more guesses?


Today was Sky's barkday!! One year old and still crazy. She was so cute the day we got her (besides throwing up all over me in the car)........ much bigger now lol I really wanted to put a birthday hat on her head, but I am pretty sure she would throw up all over me again just to get revenge :p


Some people find this cheating, others think that its just another tool, but here is the dreaded grid. Personally I think its just another tool that artists can use, one that doesn't always make the drawing any easier, in fact it can sometimes make it harder. I don't use a grid very often, I like eyeballing a drawing, but I wanted this drawing of Sky to be as close as possible, so thought I would try to grid it first. Still need to fill in a lot of the squares, and I might just end up getting pissed off, tearing the paper up and eyeball the whole thing anyway :p and the mystery drawing isnt Sky ;)

She listens so well!! :P

What the??

I can guarantee that no one will figure out what this is going to be a picture of :D hehehe If someone can, they can have a print of it when its finished if they like :) *if no one guesses correctly I will put all the names in a hat and draw one out to win at the end of the week :)

Scottish Word of the Week November 8,2010

This weeks words: 1. bluim 2. fardel The last words: 1. snaw is snow 2. garret is a turret

Finished Rose

Done with the drafting film for the moment. I do like how see through the stuff is, and how you can work on both sides of it, but I find the pencils don't blend very well on it the way I work. This is a scan with blue paper behind the film, which I prefer as the colours are not so bright. Scanning the drafting film with different coloured backing paper can change the whole mood of the piece, which can come in very handy when the colours of the pencils don't turn out the way you first intended. Now onto a curious kitty (don't say C.A.T. in front of Sky, She goes mental. No really she does. I think she wants a fluffy snack o.0), and some Xmas dragons :)

Giant Nuts

Not 100% sold on the drafting film yet, but I do like how you can put the lineart under it and then colour that. Saves time having to transfer the lineart and doesn't leave any noticeable lines on the film. I actually prefer this with the rough lineart behind it, not sure why tho. Those brown things are dried up conkers from the park. Not sure what I am going to do with them, throw them at the junkies as they walk by perhaps? Wheres the ball? Sky practising her dance moves?

New Pencils

Ok, so I have dozens, and dozens of pencils (should really count them one day), but one can never have too many :p I haven't used Polychromos' before and since I was ordering mat board, ordered some pencils in colours I would use. Will be curious to see how I like them and what surfaces work the best (yes I am an art geek, why do you ask? :p) And this is an older piece that needs a name. I have no ideas what to name it, but candy#3 doesn't sound right and I need a title to fill out a form. Any ideas?

Drafting Film Rose

My camera seems to hate drafting film :/ Can't seem to get a good photo of this, but here is the start of a rose. hmmm not sure what to think of drafting film. On the one hand, its fast to use, but the pencils act really oddly on it. Seem to work better once there is a few layers put down and then the pencils seem to grip the film better. I really want to see what turps do with the film, which will either look really cool or turn into a big colourful mess :D