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Ural Owl Finished

Copyright Jennifer Phillip Coloured Pencil on Canson Mi-Teintes paper 8 by 11.5 Inches Added the background. Not too keen on the outcome, doesn't look that much like snow. But it was a learning experience, and now I know I can't do snow with coloured pencil and to stick with paint when I need a snowy background. I was going to do a still life of little candies next, but... I ate the candy (very good and full of sugar, my poor teeth), so that will have to wait a few days now. :) Technorati tags: Art , coloured pencil , colored pencil , owls

The Oven Gods Have Been Appeased

Baked muffins today and the evil oven of doom decided to only kill a few. Turned out rather tasty :) (The picture is a little yellow, they are not really that yellow in real life) Time will tell if I have poisoned us all. Technorati tags: Baking , Muffins

Feathers and Tight Shorts

Copyright Jennifer Phillip The feathers are pretty much done. Possibly darken a few areas once the background is completed. I really like how the texture of the feathers look, very fluffy in some parts. I'm going to try make the background falling snow, probably easier to use pastels then coloured pencil but I'm going to try the pencils to see what kind of an effect I can get. And cross my fingers the owl doesn't get too lost in the snow. I have problems scanning coloured paper. The colours don't seem to be as light as they are in person, not sure why that is though. So I am hoping that once this is done I can get a nice picture of it on a sunny day. And I am really not a James Bond kind of gal, but after seeing Daniel Craig in his little tight shorts, I think I'm going to have to watch that movie again. Links: Ural Owl Information Technorati tags: Art , coloured pencil , colored pencil , owls , WIP

Owl Update

Copyright Jennifer Phillip After a few hours, this is starting to look more like an owl. I still need to lighten up a few areas on his head, and spend a few more hours on the body feathers in then the bird will be done. The branch he is sitting on should be easy but I still haven't figured out what I want to do for the background. Technorati tags: Art , coloured pencil , colored pencil , owls , WIP

Ural Owl WIP

Copyright 2007 Jennifer Phillip Coloured Pencil on Canson Mi-Teintes paper 8 by 11.5 Inches This is actually the second time I have done this today. The first time I had the outline done and had just started on the beak when I noticed there was a stain on the paper that I couldn't cover up or remove so had to transfer the lines again (and now I'm out of transfer paper, trip to the art store I think is in order,[if they have any]). Small part of a bigger drawing. Not too sure yet what I am going to put in the background. I thought about a blizzard type background, but I'm not entirely sure how to go about that with coloured pencil. I could use a light wash of paint, and try to see if that will work. It might if I water it down or use light enough paint. I love using this paper for feathers. I don't need dozens of layers (the paper wouldn't take it anyway) to get the soft feather look. Not sure how much of a WIP this will be. I tend to work really fast on this paper

Day with the Animals

A couple of pictures from today at Camperdown Wildlife Centre. I got some really good detailed photos, sadly the bears were no where to be found (sleeping?). They are renovating the whole place it seems, so some of the animals were not where they usually are or were missing in action all together. Still a nice sunny day out :) Barn owls Goat saying hello (hoping we had something edible[same look our dog used to give us]) Golden Eagle. I got a few dozen shots of this bird, most of them turned out so I have lots of reference material now. There was another one in the tree but all you only saw the tips of its wings when it exercised them. You don't realize how big this bird is until you are 4 feet away from one. Big bloody bird! I love the colours. Links: Camperdown Wildlife Centre Technorati tags: Photos , Animals

Bouncy Ball??

Haven't had a stable net connection the last 2 days due to John replacing the router. After getting one that just didn't work (the manufacturer said it was a dud), he had to get a new one and now the net lives *insert evil laugh*. I remember having to fill page after page in high school art class with spheres. It was so boring, but good practice I guess (still boring though, no wonder I fell asleep a lot, but no one noticed so I must not snore that loudly). Off to the wildlife park (it says they are open *crosses fingers*) to see if I can get some good pictures of the animals. I really like their bird section, some nice looking owls and I'm hoping I can get some clear shots of the bears. I need to draw some pictures for showing and would rather use reference material of my own (and in some exhibitions its a requirement). I'm hoping to have more to post soon besides quick little sketches. Technorati Tags: Sketches

Card Ideas

Trying to get rough ideas for making up some business cards. I am not sure if I am going to put a phone number on them yet, depends on if my phone decides not to die. I like the colours of the giraffe card, but I'm not too sure about the font yet. I might see what the picture looks like with a frame or a different wildife picture all together. It might look a little empty but simple can be good (and cheaper to print). I really like the dragon design. Very colourful and easy to read. I am going to try to make up atleast 5 designs, a few with small images and probably just a plain black and white one for a really simple card. Technorati tags: business cards

Tiger Reflection Update

Copyright 2007 Jennifer Phillip More than 20 layers later and the water is still not done. And it looks more like a sky than a pond. But in my defense I have never tried to portray water with coloured pencils(atleast that I can remember), maybe I should have done it in watercolour first. I still might try this in watercolour, I have the line art I can copy onto watercolour paper. I'm not really sure if the paper will take that many more layers, but I can try. Live and learn I guess. Going to put this away for a few days and work on something different. Maybe try out the inktense or pastel pencils I have. Technorati tags: coloured pencil , colored pencil , art , Tiger

Attacking Aardvarks

I found this link while reading another blog. Its a neat idea and I ordered 2 of them. Whether or not they get shipped here, time will tell (and I haven't gotten an email saying they wouldn't ship them here), but it didn't cost me anything so I have nothing to lose. Not sure what I should do with them if they show up. Thought about turning one of them into a dragon aardvark, I have some sculpey laying around that I could use to do that. Or I could just paint it, but not sure what to paint (tie-dyed aardvark??). I guess I have time to figure out what to do with them.

Tattered Dragon

Copyright 2007 Jennifer Phillip A break from the tiger picture which was supposed to be a simple tattoo design, but now it is a little bit to big for me to even think about getting it as a tattoo. The circle will not be in the final version, I was going to have the dragon wrapped around a sunburst or starburst but I am not sure now. If I decide to colour this with coloured pencils, I will make scans of it at various stages. But if I am feeling adventurous then I might use my tablet. Completely unrelated,I really want to bake muffins. Not really sure why, just want chocolate chip muffins. But the evil oven of doom will probably demand a sacrifice and I would end up scraping most of the muffin away. Or the middle will still be gooey, which is alright for cookies but not really sure what raw muffin mix would taste like. Gooey burnt muffins, yum. Technorati Tags: dragons , Sketches

Sprinkles 2

Sprinkles II Copyright 2007 Jennifer Phillip 2.5 by 3.5 Inches Coloured Pencil on Stonehenge More baked goods with sprinkles :) I'm probably going to draw one more little card with sprinkles on it, but not sure what dessert to draw. Good thing I am not an a diet, after drawing these little cards, I really want to bake and eat a cake. The plan tomorrow is to plant some bulbs and then cross my fingers that they actually grow. Then I will have lots of flowers to draw and they are a lot easier on the waistline (can't eat them even if I wanted too, some are poisonous) First sprinkle art work : Pink Icing Technorati tags: coloured pencil , colored pencil , ACEO , art