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Tiger Tiger

"Tiger Tiger..." Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip Coloured Pencils on Canson Mi-Tientes paper For Sale Here Another ACEO. Love looking at cat's eyes. There are so many colours to be found in them. And they are really nice to draw, use colours I don't get to use that often. Today I had a Doctors appointment that I have been waiting for over 3 months to go to and when I get there the Dr. says he has no idea why I am there. So I am a little mad at that, I do seem to recall I said I was a little pissed off and I don't mean drunk. Some notes are missing (not the first time this has happened), so I have to wait more time for the problem to be looked at, or even for the Doctors to find the problem in the first place, which I thought was written on the missing notes (thats a lot of commas in that sentence :p). A complaint about the missing notes and other things is being written up and sent for me to sign, but honestly have no idea what, if anything it will accomplish. Ok

Crazy Dog

Been busy drawing and sewing, so sorry to not have posted the last few days. So to make up for it, have a video of a crazy dog in Canada trying to escape (not really, he has always pulled and run around with the rope. He has pulled so hard, he pulled the door frame away from the wall). John does swear once in the video just so people know, and for once its not me swearing :) lol And this is news to me, didn't think the blog would be this smart. lol :p


"Wave Dragon" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip ACEO 2.5 by 3.5 Inches Coloured Pencil and Graphite on Stonehenge paper For Sale £5 Contact me at or leave a comment here, if you are interested in purchasing Spent today working on a few different ACEOs. I think I have to have a set task for each day so that I get more done. Like today I spend all day drawing ACEOs and tomorrow I cut fabric and patterns for dragons and bags out. Its either going to work wonderfully or backfire horribly. :p It is freezing here. People keep saying to me " You're Canadian you shouldn't be cold". Yeah I'm Canadian, not a bloody Polar Bear :p Listed a print of the Gum balls in my store :)

This is Going to Take a Long Time

This is all I have done on my scarf so far. The bottom looks a little rough but as I am progressing its starting to look better. Not sure what colour I will use once I have finished with the red. Maybe white, and make a Canadian scarf :p It would match my coat lol. Doesn't have to be perfect, but I think its always good when a person learns a new skill. (still crossing my fingers its done by the end of winter ;) ) I have been listing to the Seether's new album "Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces" a lot . I really like it and recommend it (but I have been known to have weird tastes in music). Its loud but not too loud (that probably doesn't make any sense). If you listen to the whole album and not just the single "Fake It" which is very catchy, it is a well written album with great instrumentals. Lots of art to finish and more art to list on Etsy. Going to work more on my site tomorrow and hopefully it is finished soon. :) Listed the Teddy Bears I had dr

Shake a Paw?

"Shake a Paw?" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip ACEO 2.5 by 3.5 Inches Coloured Pencil Rain, rain and more rain. The last 3 days have been what most people think of when they think of Scotland, plus its cold. Apologies for the lack of updates. There really hasn't been anything happening to write about. I'm starting to look like a pin cushion , and I changed my mind about the fantasy creature I am drawing. I really want to draw a gryphon, just need to think of a different bird species than what is normally used and possibly a different cat too. The more colour the better though. :) Suggestions welcome. A Leopard and a Secretary bird? Not very colourful, but not your everyday bird.


I am drawing but don't really have much to show because I am working on so many things at once. The lab from a few posts ago, the fantasy creature from my poll, 2 horse drawing, a few art cards, and another stuffed dragon. So once again I apologize for the lack of art. I promise to post art tomorrow, I am hoping to get the Lab finished and an art card and if I get more completed than great :) I also learned to Crochet today (my back is killing me). I'm trying to make a scarf, but after almost 2 hours I have only 2 and a half lines done and its only about 7 inches wide. It might be done by spring :p lol I used to read the Mr. Men and Little Miss books when I was a kid and they have this promotion going on there where you can get a couple of the characters from the books. So here is Mr. Happy watching over my pencils and an art card I am working on. (and I believe a person is never too old to have toys or stuffed animals, life is too short to be serious all the time and not hav

Lazy Saturday

Not much to post for today so here, have a few pictures. Luka, wondering what I have in my hand and if he can eat it :p I think he looks really cute here. And a picture of me holding a reptile in Niagara. He weighed about 30 pounds but felt like he was heavier. The keeper told me to hold him that way and the reptile didn't seem to mind. I was looking at his claws here I think (and really glad at that moment the reptile was friendly :p) I remember what type of reptile he was, but for the life of me can't spell it. So the few votes I received in my little poll say that I should draw some fantasy creature. So should I draw a unicorn or some really far out creature off the top of my head? I haven't drawn a unicorn in awhile, but an original creature would probably be fun.

Horse for Sale

Listed the Shire horse that I had drawn a few months ago. :) I remember reading the pet section in the paper and seeing all these horses for sale; "Its only a pony! It will fit in the backyard!" :p (I still do that but this time its for a dog "It won't get any taller than my hip! I promise! :p" Its very strange. Its freezing cold out, there is frost on the ground and puddles freeze up, but there are still apples on the tree in the backyard.

Commission Info

Information that I am going to have on my site once the design work is all done (and the re-inking of the dragon ;) ) Does anyone think that a deposit of %50 is too much? I have had people try to get out of paying and people not giving me the full price before (not because they didn't want the finished piece either, I was stupid and gave them the piece on faith the money would be paid), and would prefer not to get ripped off. But I wasn't sure if the deposit was too high. Commission Info I can draw your family pet from the ones with fur to the ones with scales. Any kind of wildlife you would like and fantasy characters. If you have any questions or would like to talk about arranging a commission please contact me All commissions are done with the finest art materials. If you have a specific paper or surface you would like the work to be on, please contact me to see if it is available. For pet portraits, clear well lit photos are required. Send up to 5 photogr

Moo Finished!

So full of stuffing, a seam burst. oops. That was easily fixed though. I really like the way he turned out. Next time I will maybe add some spikes to his back and tail. :) And he still looks really startled. I was trying to get a better view of his wings. If the weather is nice tomorrow, I am going to stick him in some trees and take some pictures. I am sure the neighbours will look at me funny. :p Now to beat him up to make sure he doesn't fall apart lol. Probably not going to sell him, but the next one that I make will be for sale. :) (but really if someone wants him I would be willing to part with him.)

New Website Design

So what do the people that read this blog think? Too green? Too bright? The green is bright on my screen but it doesn't hurt my eyes. But I wont to know if it does hurt anyone's eyes or if you think it might turn people away from the site? It will of course be bigger and there will be a news box under where it says news and between the dragons tail. I will add my Etsy store to the for sale section because I think for the moment it will just be easier for any potential buyers. Any suggestions are most welcome!

Spotted Head

The head for my stuffed cow/dragon. :) He looks really startled. I only managed to get the head finished this weekend. The weekend just flew by and it was another one where I can't seem to remember what I did. I know I did things, just don't really remember what. Very confusing. The eyes are safety eyes, supposed to be hard, if not almost impossible to get apart. They were almost impossible to get together :p Took a lot of pushing and brute force (which I have little of). Crossing my fingers that I get the rest sewn tomorrow, if not the whole thing finished. Listed the Peacock ACEO today, finally got a good picture of it. Yesterday was so grey I couldn't get any nice pics. And I started playing with my Facebook account that I have had for awhile but never did anything with. Now that I am using it, I can see that I can and probably will be spending a lot of time on the site. I went and tried to see if any of the people that I went to school with were on there. Found a few,

Christmas cards

Soooooooo I have 3 very very cute Winnie the Pooh themed Xmas card to send and no one to send them to. (I don't normally send Xmas cards so I am quite impressed that I have used all but 3) So would anyone I know like one? Email me if so - jenniferphillip @ (spaces inserted to thwart nasty spam sending thingys) First come first served Normally I am a Scrooge at Xmas so this is an event for the books. :P Bah Humbug!! Answers ASAP thanks due to mail service reasons pref by Monday or Tuesday.

Ready to Strut

"Ready to Strut" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip 2.5 by 3.5 Inches Coloured Pencil on Canson Mi-Tientes £6/$12 US plus shipping Contact me at or leave a comment here, if you are interested in purchasing before I put it up on Etsy tomorrow The promised peacock from a few posts ago. I wish the green was a little brighter but it won't seem to get any brighter :( Not sure if that is because there isn't enough tooth on the paper left, or the green pencils that I have are just not bright enough. I could use my neon green, but that might be too bright lol. Still really like it though :D Going to try to get a picture of it tomorrow outside so the colours show up better. We actually had snow last night. It didn't stay around, but the wind did. Needed lead in my boots to stop me from blowing away. And my eyes arrived today. Blue,brown and green. Going to sew a cow print dragon tomorrow. John cut out the fabric pieces for me and while he didn&#

Update on an Old Post

*Rant ahead, ignore if you will. Just a warning* :) Some people might remember awhile back I wrote about an attack on a local wildlife centre , well this is what has happened and it doesn't surprise me at all. *angry* I know there will be a lot of angry people over this, and I personally think that the youths (not to label them, but probably neds) really should have been punished for what they did. I don't tend to get angry or publish my personal views in this blog, but saying that there are concerns about why the youths were out alone so late at night is a bunch of bull****. I see kids as young as 5 out by themselves on the street, either yelling or breaking things. Its a common thing so I don't know why that is a concern when the damage that they, ok might have done, is not really a concern. People have tried to change and help people like the ones that are talked about in the articles, but its hard to change people when they don't want to be helped or change they

Don't Actually Throw Rocks at People

Leslie gave me this link to a fun little game because the subject of signs saying "No Boys Allowed" came up when girls start a club. Kills a few minutes, but be warned, there is a bit of cartoon violence but its not like if you were to watch an episode of Itchy and Scratchy :p I put a print of my swan that I had coloured awhile ago up in my Etsy shop. Swan print. I want to put original art there as well, but I'm not sure if people are willing to pay as much as I would like for them. I might list this piece first and see what happens. If I get time I might start another ACEO, this time of a peacock. I have noticed that I have been drawing a lot of birds. I just like drawing them I guess. All the different species, and colours make them really interesting to draw. My sewing of the pink dragon went all right. I ended up not being able to get the head attached to the body, but the problem was solved by making the pattern bigger. So I am going to sew another one, but may

Pink Fur up my Nose

Finished cutting up the fabric for my pink dragon. There was pink fuzzy fabric everywhere!! It sticks to everything:hair, carpet, the laptop, even my face. Started sewing it together, not expecting a perfect stuffy for a first try with this pattern but at least it will let me know how hard or easy it is to sew. Went with the green eyes and they look nice :D Changed the tail so that it is more spikey, it was too round for my tastes. And it sounds like we are being attacked again this year. At least the streets are not filled with smoke like I have been reading has happened in a few places. :/ Drew a little thank you dragon to put on stationary and on cards. Very simple and very quickly done. I think its kinda cute. (apologies for the watermark) *coughs up pink fuzz*

Actual Art

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip The start of a small drawing of a Lab done in graphite. Its about 3 inches square so shouldn't take that long. I do often forget how much I love drawing in graphite, sometimes it is so much simpler not having to think of what colour to choose next. I think I have just used a HB pencil so far, might have to go darker once it is completely finished. For some strange reason I have an urge to draw a rabbit, its kinda strange. Bought some fabric today, not 100% sure what I am going to do with all of it, but the pink and the cow print are definitely going to be turned into dragons :D Dragons can be pink (and look like cows after eating too many knights) :p *edit* blue or green eyes with the pink fabric?? *end edit*

Ack!! Needles

Today Scottish word: 1) aglee Answer to the last Scottish word: 1) a hack is a crack in your skin that is caused by cold I don't talk about me having MS here because I really don't want it to seem like I'm fishing for sympathy, but I have decided to mention this. Today I was taught how to give myself a shot I have to have 3 times a week. It is called Rebif , which is supposed to help reduce the amount of relapses that I might have. The MS nurse that was helping me, was very nice and understanding. Took her time explaining how to do things and than had me try a few times with empty needles before I used a filled needle on myself. I haven't had any of the symptoms that could have happened, which is a good thing and the injection area looks perfectly fine. Didn't hurt and because of the auto-injector I don't actually see the needle touch me, which I'm not sure if I would have a problem with. I have had so many needles it shouldn't, but it might be diffe


There really isn't any reason for this post beside showing off the stuffed bear I just got from John. Its very hard taking one's own picture. And a picture from Port Dover, so bad its not funny....... And thats my hand that Scorpion is on. I wasn't afraid it would sting me, the guy there said it wouldn't hurt that much (not sure if he was telling me that so I would hold it), and I figured he wouldn't have let me hold something that might have killed me :p. It did start pinching me though. That didn't hurt, but it was noticeable and more like what are you pinching me for?. The guy there laughed and said that most people would have flung it across the room if that had of happened to them.