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365 Photos Update

So, so far I have only missed 4 days of taking photos , but thats better then I thought I would do lol. Thought I would stop after a week, and while I have forgotten a few times to take a photo and am running around the small flat trying to find something to take a picture of (don't think a picture of a freckle would be appreciated...hmm wait a minute, is that a normal shape? :p), it is starting to become a habit. Which helps take my mind off of other things. Just need to remember to take the camera with me so I can get pictures outside of the flat. I have come to the conclusion that I miss playing a musical instrument. Not that I would have won any prizes playing, but I did enjoy it. Too bad most instruments are not cheap :/ No room for a piano, not sure if I could make a noise with a flute anymore (and don't want to deal with the bandcamp jokes from people), and a trumpet isn't always the easiest thing to play to hit those high notes. Would love to learn to play one of th


Mr.F has given me the plague . ok not that plague, but I do feel like crap. It would be really nice to catch a break. If I believed in god, I'd be shaking my fists at the sky in anger right about now :p I'm hoping to at least get some sketching done tomorrow, even if its just quick little thumbnails. I really want to do a CP piece of a Jabberwocky, but its going to take a lot of planning to pull off what I want to do. So hopefully get some work done on that. So far nothing to really report about using the crazy pills. But it could take a few weeks for any sign. Well I could just go with the stereotype of the crazy artist :p Thank you to everyone who commented on the previous post, means a lot (I promise to reply to them tomorrow) :) (Don't worry.. I've hidden the knives so she can't do a van gogh :P >> Mr F)

Bats in the Belfry

So I'm insane :p Ok maybe not really, but not far off. Been certified severely depressed. See, I don't know whether to laugh or cry at that. So many things have probably caused this, but the neds/ignoramuses smashing the car windscreen didn't help(which we had to sell..( it failed the mot :'( ), and being ill so much hasn't helped, and maybe the MS diagnosis has finally hit me (even tho its been a few years since diagnosis). Who knows, there are so many things that could be and probably are causing me stress right now :/ Of course not really sleeping since last Tuesday probably doesn't help much either. So since I haven't wanted to really do anything, one sign of depression I now know, it explains the lack of blog posts and the general lack of art. So I'm going to try to fix that, even tho the Dr. has signed me off from college for a month to see how I react to the crazy pills :) I don't promise to ever talk about it again, I don't like talking

Brr cold...

well thats what Mr.F says at least. I wasn't getting out of the car lol (I wasn't being lazy, I wasn't feeling well). And it had started to rain by the time I was there, and I forgot my umbrella, and my boots have holes in them (thank you so much windscreen smashing hooligans), and....ok maybe a little lazy :p but it was cold even in the car with the wind howling. You can see how rough the sea had gotten and the tide was coming in so if we had of stayed down there much longer the car would have gotten a free car wash. This gull spent a few minutes staring at us, almost like it was saying "feed me or let me in from this damn wind!" Yes, having an older car sometimes means you don't cry at a new scratch (a scratch tho, will cry at a smash job), but I think I would draw the line at letting a gull into the car. Don't want to think of the mess that would make. I haven't been blogging, just can't seem to think of anything to write down so have some choc

Contents are Bigger then the Box

It fit in the box, so it has to go back in :p If we do manage to get it in the box we have to remember to take pictures so we can do it again in the future (but for the moment, actually the last week its been like this lol) Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip And I know its way too detailed for a logo, but I'm going to colour it anyway :) Lots of blues and oranges I think. One day I will eventually design a simple logo and a simple enough tattoo with a scarab in it, but until then I will just keep drawing the ones that will kill to get as a tattoo :p Well this is a bit simpler and once I refine it, will probably just be a solid colour, unless I go wild with the inks :D


(a cookie for you if you can read this lol)

365 Photos

So I've decided to try another 365. But this time I'm not going to focus on one theme, I figure if I just make it a goal to take one picture a day it might be easier to actually take 365 photos. Thats not to say that the cow wont ever make an appearance, but its not going to be another attempt at a 365 with the cow (which worked well for 100 pictures and then trying to think of an idea was starting to be a struggle). I probably wont be putting all of the photos here, so I set up another journal here to put them on. I actually like the way that site is laid out, easy to use and lots of nice photos from other people to look at. Really hoping that all the melting snow and ice has a chance to disappear before it freezes again or we will all be using skates to get food. And while I can skate, its been awhile. I'm sure it would at least be amusing to other people trying to watch me learn again :p (until they realize I've forgotten how to stop and I start taking people out li


windscreen Originally uploaded by fuzzydragons So this plus a broken mirror is what Mr.F found when he was about to go to the gym. I should have wrote pissed off as a title. On Friday night we heard 2 loud bangs but didn't really think anything of it as almost everyone on this street slams their doors (which I will never understand) . Mr.F did look out the window but didn't see anything, but all someone would have to do is duck behind the hedge to be hidden. Why do I know it was done on purpose? I heard 2 males laughing after but again didn't think anything off it because on a Friday night there are drunks laughing. I feel stupid actually that I didn't go and check the car. What really pisses me off is that its not just deliberate, its a threat. Don't phone the cops or it will happen again.This isn't me jumping to conclusions. Its a fact around here and anyone who denys it is blind. So we are now out £50 we did not have, but a part of me is thinking whats the

Odd Kitty

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip The line art for a cat drawing, looks pretty odd right now since a lot of the cat is fluffy fur and I wasn't going to drive myself insane drawing the line art for that lol Thinking of using Neocolors for the background again and CP for the cat itself. I have been using CPs in college for sketch work and in life drawing class but I really miss doing personal art so hope to start this soon. And some of the mixed media samples I made up. There is 6 more pages in the book so far with 3 more sheets to cut up and paste with notes. I don't know if what I'm doing is exactly right for the class but even if its not, I learned how certain things react to each other. Really like how vinegar and ink react with each other, gave me some ideas for bigger pieces. I'm cold. I've become de-acclimatized to the cold. Alberta -30C, Ontario -20C. Here -8C and I'm freezing :p (inside with the heat on lol with a blanket on and slippers :p) The snows prett

Vision in Red

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip A quickly drawn bear done in soft pastels on Mi-Tientes paper (Took about 20 minutes to draw). Not so much dust caused by using this paper. Not sure whether to be glad or sad that I didn't end up with rainbow sneezes :p

First Monday Photo of the Week

for this year. I really have to remember to write 2010 on things now, always takes awhile to get use to the new number. Could just write MMX and confuse people :p Posting a photo a week is continuing this year :) I didn't manage to post every Monday but enjoyed seeing people's photos that where posted. The above photo is the view of the mountains we have looking out the living room window. Which would be better if the tree wasn't there :/ So we've had snow. Lots, well not blizzard conditions but its a lot for around here. I want to make a snowman, but theres more then an inch of ice on the ground so the chances of me falling are pretty high. If I had skates I could go skating down the road... and still fall :p I don't know if you can see how much snow, but its about 3 or 4 inches of snow :) Off to draw and make more rainbow sneezes :p

College Work, but no Nekkid People :p

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip Some more college work. Oil pastels and spirits (I think). I still prefer the effect you get when you add water to soft pastels, its a more muted look. I've decided I need a skull collection. An odd revelation to make and no where to put any skulls as it is. At least if I was stuck for something to draw I would have a skull to draw. A deer probably, or a cow since they would be easier to get legally,(Mr.F "Alas poor Yorick I knew you well"). I am trying to be a good girl and not blow birthday money on art supplies, or books that I probably don't need and should be buying some new boots instead. But one can never have too many books (we have a book maze in the living room :p), or art supplies (said as I get buried under paper :p)

Happy Hogmanay / New Year :-)

A Happy New Hogmanay / New Year from Me, Mrs F and the Cow :-) Hope everyone has a great 2010 and that only only good things come this year (Hey one can wish :-P ) Anyways since Mrs F and I have become old people....We're off to the land of nod ZzZzzzZZzzzz