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Nothing to really post today. It was one of those days where you know you did do something, but can't remember what it was. Been really warm here; the sun is shining and its not even cold when the wind blows. Can go outside with a long-sleeved shirt on and be perfectly fine. Tomorrow of course, it will probably snow like it did 2 weeks ago: View out of the bathroom window And a picture of me with my short hair and our messy room (I have tried to keep it clean I really have). I look really tired, I was up reading until 3:30 finishing a book. Which really turned out to be not that good of a book. :/ Oh well, hopefully the next one is better, or I don't think I will finish the series. Because really how much trouble can 2 people get into before it starts to get boring? *edit* I guess the series goes on for another 5 books if I manage to finish this one, yeah probably not going to get that far. One can hope though :)

Lion Eyes

Worked on colouring the sketch from yesterday after I copied it onto different paper. The eyes are a little more yellow in person, not so dark orange. Lots of work to be done.

Website Troubles

So my site isn't working right now, so until I can get a hold of someone who can help it's going to be broken. *edit* John says the server is down, hopefully get it all figured out when he gets home

Evil Kitty

The cat in a tree drawing wasn't going the way I wanted, so I decided to work on something else. 20 minutes later horribly proportioned lions (bad patch job in photoshop). Roughly11 by 15 inches The smaller one looks alright, but the bigger looks really short and thin in the face. I really need to sketch more. lol I will try to colour it, fill out the face a bit and try to correct the little anatomy errors. I'm not going for realism, I end up getting bored trying to get every little hair.

Anyone Lose Anything?

I kept meaning to post this but kept forgetting. Very strange (link is from the bbc news site and doesn't have anything gross or offensive) Has to be some kind of dare. Thats the only thing I can think of. I love the look on the guy's face holding the evidence. I really hate it when I want to draw, go to draw and my hand acts up, GGRRRR! So no art today, hopefully tomorrow. :)

Stuck in a Tree WIP (floating head syndrome)

Only spent about 40 minutes on this today, so not much to see. Its a start though. Just laid down the basic colours on the head which is just over an inch square in size, still need to fix the ears. I actually like how simple this looks, the colours are not so muddy in person. Its a little awkward right now with the head looking too big for the body that is there, but crossing my fingers that when it is done it looks good. Supposed to be a leopard in a tree, but it looks more like a mountain lion so I am going to refrain from the spots until it is almost complete. If I keep up the pace on this, it might be done tomorrow. *crosses fingers and toes* This will probably be the only work in progress shot though. I don't want to risk taking the paper on and off the board. I can just imagine the amount of cursing coming out of my mouth if I ripped it. Technorati tags:: Art , Coloured pencil , Colored pencil

Template Changes

In between trying to draw another sleeping creature, I'm going to try and mess around with the layout here. Just a heads up if things start to look a little funny. Also going to go back and use the blogger labeling system for past posts. Might make it easier for me to find certain entries when needed. So hopefully art later :) *edit* Got the labels done, now to draw *edit #2* Changed some of the layout, but I'm not sure what I think of the white. Might change it. Still want to mess with the template and add more colour. Looks really plain right now

Street Pictures

I haven't posted here for awhile, because have not had anything to write about. Haven't been able to draw, my hands are still acting funny. Some days it doesn't bug me, others I can't control the pressure of the pencil. I'm sure that if my chosen medium was oils or acrylics my hands would not be that big of a problem. The doctors have no idea what it could be. So it just might have to be something that I have to learn to live with. It is annoying though when my fingers go really numb and its hard to hold a pencil. Having said that, I am going to try to draw everyday. Figuring that the more I try, that eventually my hands will act the way I want them to. Once I get a little sketchbook that is light enough to carry with me I (hopefully soon if I get it for the price I bid on Ebay), I'm going to try to draw outside(of course that all depends on the weather). I'm going to try and post here everyday (as long as I have a net connection). Might not be art everyda

Happy Birthday to Me :)

Picture of the pavlova that we had, sticky toffee flavored. It was really sweet, lots of sugar. Store bought, just because it is so much easier then making one yourself (ok maybe its just being lazy not making one from scratch ) Nice simple birthday. I don't really celebrate my birthday, but I'm not sure why.

Happy New Year

Big storm last night, a lot of the celebrations were cancelled, not that it mattered to us, we were staying home anyway. Way too windy to go outside without the chance of losing your head to a flying piece of metal. :/ Was so windy, part of the fence blew down in the backyard (it was rotten in places though), looked like a car went through it. One of the neighbours little sheds blew down too, good thing the wind didn't catch it and send it into a window. And the view outside of the bathroom window, on a clear day the hills in the distance really stand out. I was going to make a resolution this year to sketch every day and post the results here. Problem is, my hands are acting all funny. My fingers are all tingly/numb, and it is really hard to control the pressure of a pencil, let alone hold a pencil sometimes. Its actually really frustrating because I finally get over my artist block and I really want to draw but I can't. Can be many things, more than likely its just bad drawi