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Start of an Eagle

"Golden Eagle" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip The above image is the Neocolours laid down dry. You don't need a lot of the pigment, a little goes a long way. :) Start of a Golden Eagle. Well thats what it is supposed to be :p Been going through all the pictures we took last year, and there are a lot of birds. So I'm going to become a bird lady soon and only draw birds. No, I'm kidding but it will probably seem like it :) First wet wash. I didn't really like the colours, so decided to do another layer. Lots of water used here. Probably going to take all night to dry. The parts of the paper that are drying now look very neat. Going to try to get a stencil brush tomorrow and put a layer of coloured pencil over this and blend with the brush. I really am just fooling around with the Neocolours. :) Parts 4 and 5 of the car ride on the 26th 6.13 mins 3.47 mins Part one Part Two Part Three John bought me one of these and one of these . Going to try to plant them in

Scottish Word March 30

I keep forgetting to update the Scottish word of the week, so sorry about the multiple posts today :) Last weeks word: 1. purvey is the food provided at funerals, weddings etc. This weeks word: 1.meikle


I do have a few pictures of him as a puppy. Cute little thing. Not sure what this is in his mouth. Could be a sock but not sure who would have had bright orange socks lol. I remember I had a purple and bright orange bathing suit (what was I thinking :p I wish that picture would get burnt and will kill anyone who posts it :p [I'm brave and stupid enough to...shame I don't have it >> John :-D ]) Who grew up to be a big Lab. Yeah that was a lot of snow. The big furry dog is Cujo. Great big furry dog, father to Loch (which as previously mentioned I don't have many pictures of). And this is M-Head. See he has an M on his head :p We couldn't think of a name. And all grown up. I miss having a pet *sobs* One day we will have a pet again. :) I just like these 2 pictures because its almost the same pose and he was probably trying to get some treats in both of them (or sharpening his claws on the stool) And here ends the trip down memory lane lol

Meet Lyle

He was terrified of this little Westie down the street (the little dog is always barking!!!). He is a puppy for the Guide Dogs . Wish he was mine, but when he is older he will hopefully help someone in need. I might even get a helper dog if my MS got really bad. Hey thats a good thing about it lol. (I hate talking about my MS because I don't want people to think I am fishing for sympathy) Always ask for permission to take pictures or pet a Guide Dog, even if they are in training or are this young. /end public service announcement :p Makes me miss having a dog. I need to see if I have any pictures of First. Not sure if I have any.... And you can tell its spring here! If this blossoms tomorrow I will try to get some pictures :) Flowers in the front yard. And I found my Foxglove !! Just have to get a big pot to plant it and put it in the far part of the garden so no one brushes up against it and gets a rash/ill. Its very pretty to look at but toxic. I really enjoyed doing the cat eye

Cat Eye Tutorial

"Clouded Leopard" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip Coloured Pencil on Canson Mi-Tientes 2.5 by 3.5 Inches For Sale Here I have a set of Prismas from when Berol was making them, and while I am sure most of the colours can be found in the new sets, I don't seem to be able to find matches. So if the pencil that I use is a Berol one I will list the number in brackets. :) Sketch your drawing first so that you know it will fit on such a small space. You can skip this step if you want, I just find it helps to have a rough sketch so I don't end up with half the drawing off the card (which can sometimes look really nice though) Transfer the sketch, simple enough. I used Tracedown paper, which is pretty much coloured carbon paper. Cat eyes are generally the same shape, so once you have the basic shape you just need to figure out what species you want to do, where the markings should go and what colour the eyes usually are. This is supposed to be a Clouded Leopard, some cats are


oreos!! Originally uploaded by fuzzydragons We found normal sized Oreos today! So now I'm full of sugar :p (notes on the pic if you click it). And there are shockingly some still left! Still can't find corn meal though!! No one knows where I could get some. hmph Didn't really draw as I hurt my hand, so its awkward trying to draw without my wrist laying on the desk. Probably pulled a tendon :/ hmm if only I could draw with my left hand. Part 3 of the drive on the 26th (and I still don't think there was enough snow to go Snowboarding) 8:20 minutes Just lots of video of snow Part one Part Two

Puffin Finished

"Puffin" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip 2.5 by 3.5 Inches278 Coloured Pencil and Neocolours on Stonehenge For Sale Here Finished another bird. I really like the background effect with the Neocolours. Would love to see them in person one day (this is drawn from a stock photo). Would also love to see the dolphins in the river, but not really sure what time they show up. Going to be doing a WIP of a cat's eye because a person on WetCanvas asked :) Hopefully have that ready in the next few days, just have to think of a cat breed to pick. Grouse!! :p And part 2 of the drive yesterday (11:28 mins) Yes I am easily amused :p Part one


Went for a drive yesterday, didn't know where we were going so its a shock that we didn't get lost lol. Took lots of video but having problems getting it online *kicks uploader* So hopefully post some of the video over the next few days. SNOW! We were up pretty high actually, people were out snowboarding and sledding down the hills (too many rocks for me to do that, can't have been comfortable going down the hills every time your arse hit a rock *ouch*) It was very pretty, and very cold. Would love to go back when the snow melts to get some pictures. And this is what it looks like where we live (well minus the pheasant and its not exactly where we live, but pretty close). We hardly saw any snow this winter, which is great because I hate shovelling it, but its also sad because I wanted to make a snowman (and probably get in trouble for making it anatomically correct :p) HA! One of the clips worked!! :p (just over 5 minutes of me rambling again, I don't actually know why

Baby Sheep!!

"Puffin WIP" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip How come whenever I draw a puffin it looks like a cartoon character? Not so much here, but the rough sketch would have fit right into a Disney movie. :p Didn't go to Camperdown. The weather was crap. Nice and sunny but windy and cold, hopefully next week. So instead of pictures, heres some more video of me rambling like an idiot :p (for 17 minutes!)


Sadly it has melted away, and I didn't eat all the cookies I made. hmmm Mint Areo cookies (could maybe use another half bar of chocolate). Lots of fun hitting a frozen chocolate bar, great for stress relief :p Love horror movies and to laugh, check out this blog No art for me, I think learning how to knit killed my shoulder so it hurts every time I move. Hopefully its better by tomorrow, and hopefully it doesn't snow tomorrow either *knocks on wood* The plan is to go back to Camperdown to take some pictures and just walk around.

Jumps for Joy!!

knitting Originally uploaded by fuzzydragons MIL taught me to knit! I have had people try to teach me before, but I always ended up with a huge knot and pissed off teacher :p Reading tizzalicious's Blog made me want to try again (and the fact that artists block seems to be setting in). So while its not much to look at, I'm realy happy that I learned how to knit (and every time I slipped a stitch I cursed and the air turned blue :p !*$&) So I don't think there really is anything else that is crafty that I want to learn. I already know how to: crochet knit (about time!) cross stitch sew draw screen printing airbrushing bead work ceramics lino block printing paint embroidery cake decorating finger painting (ok so that should count :p) I have the green thumb of death so plants are out. Hubby always has to help me :p I can't think of anything else that I know how to do. Any suggestions of things I could try?? (not too expensive :P)

Fruit Pastilles Finished!

"Fruit Pastilles" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip Coloured Pencils on Murano Paper Slightly smaller than A4 Original still available Print Available Here Finished finally :) I just hinted at the reflection of the white container, not because I was being lazy I just like the way it looks. I don't think I will be able to look at another Fruit Pastille for a long time lol Spent all day on this so have nothing to write about. No one wants to read about the weather or what I had for dinner (fries/chips). :p hmmm go try to adopt a penguin :p

Blown Away

"Fruit Pastilles" WIP Very, very windy today. Things have been flying around in the backyard and I had a car door fly into my chest when the wind caught it (that fricken hurt). Had snow but it decided not to stay around. (dammit not going to be able to make snowmen! *sobs*) The moon is really bright tonight, I really should see if I can get a tripod for cheap at a market or charity shop. Would take some really nice photos tonight with it. Worked more on the Fruit Pastilles. Finished the 3 on the "mirror" and laid down the flat colours for the candy in the little container. If anyone notices anything that needs to be changed let me know :) Hopefully have this finished tomorrow so I can start on a few more graphite drawings and try to get my website finished. (that is if I don't kill the whole site by messing up the code). And Steve Earle covering a Nirvana song is not something one would think would sound good, but it does :D I like Steve Earle though so that mig

Happy Easter SPT

Happy Easter SPT Originally uploaded by fuzzydragons No I don't have a lot of time on on my hands. Why do you ask? :p

3 for 1

Prints available here 3 posts in one day. Almost a record for me I think on Blogger. Finished the drawing of Harly. I think it is harder in some ways to draw a dog that you knew well (well knew well enough that we tolerated each other. He was def. a one person dog, but if you had cookies he was your friend :p), compared to drawing a dog for a customer that you only know either from pictures or a brief encounter. You get to know the dog's personality and sometimes it can be hard to draw them they way they actually look, compared to how you remember them being. That probably doesn't make any sense. I would love to draw a picture of Loch, but I have even less pictures of him than I do Harly. Any that I don't have are possibly in Alberta. I don't think I would have a problem drawing him because he really was just a big furry goof. Also finished that Hawk ACEO I was working on. I'm not 100% sure its a Sparrow Hawk, but thats what I am going with lol "Mr.Angry"


When did cats start eating peanuts? What?


I think its a Sparrow Hawk. Any other idea anyone? I will post the ACEO later today once I get it completed. :)

Tea and Toast

Well no tea. Too late for tea, would be up really late with the amount of sugar I put in tea I drink (3 spoonfuls). I don't generally have artwork around food (learned that the hard way with chocolate and a dragon drawing, big chocolate thumbprint right in the middle of the dragons head), moved the artwork right after the picture was taken. I have no idea what kind of bird it is, might have to do some searching, some type of hawk? And a picture of my hair. Doesn't look red in this pic. It is red, but its more noticeable in natural light. Have to get a pic outside in the next few days (if the wind dies down, I can try tomorrow without the risk of a pop can flying at my head). Would love to have fire engine red hair but I would have to bleach it so it was light enough to dye. And I don't want to fry all of my hair. And I hate pants shopping. I keep forgetting that pants are underwear here and people always give me odd looks when I ask where the pants are when I have underw

Another Killed Cow??

"Harly" WIP Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip The bathroom once again looked like we had butchered a cow in the shower today. Dyed my hair red again, and this time it doesn't look so orange. :) Pictures tomorrow if I don't look so dead (this of course gives me time to try to get the rest of the dye off of my ears :p) Managed to get a lot done with this drawing of Harly. I forgot he had a really big head. He either looked really angry all the time or he drooled and blew bubbles all the time when you had food that he wanted (dad had him trained that when he was drooling a lot, he would lick his lips to pop the bubbles). Definitely a one person dog. Still need to darken the values a lot and than spray it so it doesn't smudge.

Everyday Matters Challenge #138

Everyday Matters #138 Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip Haven't posted an Everyday Matters Challenge for awhile. Today was a gorgeous day so I gave myself the day off as I didn't have anything due this week. But instead of going outside I played video games all day :p The window was open at least :p

Scottish Word 14/03/08

Forgot yesterday to give the answer to last Fridays Scottish word oops. Last Fridays Scottish word: 1.wyme means belly or stomach. I have never heard anyone here say it and John has no idea what it meant. John's grandparents would have probably known. They use words that John has no idea what they mean, and sometimes John's parents don't know either. Dieing language? This weeks Scottish word: 1. thraw

More Scars!

Well not today, but the Doctor wants me to have a laparoscopy to see if the problem can be found. Not sure when that will happen, probably a few months. If they can't find anything than it starts to become a guessing game. Hey! We could play an organ version of Guess Who ! Is it the Gallbladder? Nope, don't have one. Kidneys? Wrong side. :p Started on a graphite drawing of Dad's dog. Don't really have that many pictures of him because he would run away from the camera or bark at it every time the camera was pointed at him :p I know the rough sketch looks a little funny around his nose, but I fixed it when I transferred it onto the Stonehenge paper. I am going to do another one of Harly and Luka sleeping on opposite sides of the couch in colour, but thought doing a head shot of just Harly first would be nice. I'm going to be seeing spots by the time I am done :p I'm going for a really loose/messy effect with the fruit pastille drawing. Trying to make a bumpy, sug

SPT 13/03/08

"Easter Dragons 2008" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip Coloured pencil A4 size Print for Sale Here I really didn't get much done today. My head was killing me and thankfully it feels a lot better now. Took a SPT today of me dead :p (theres notes on the picture if you click it) dead me Originally uploaded by fuzzydragons Off to sleep and do some reading before I have to go to the Doctor tomorrow (I swear I should just set up a tent in the parking lot :p)