Couldn't see any flowers when I needed to for the photo on Monday but happened to see some Snowdrops underneath the hedge yesterday. I didn't actually think these were going to survive after the bulbs accidentally were cut up when Mr.F was using his azada (dangerous looking thing), doing some gardening last spring. oops but we buried the cut up bulbs and hoped for the best. Nice to see some flowers, and can't wait to see if my lilies survived the snow we got. *crosses fingers*

And the first few layers on the dragon logo. This is about 2 hours worth of work and still needs a few more colours and layers. A few purples and some more blues. I want to get a lot of colours on the dragon part to have it look like the colouring on a boa (which I would love to have again, but sadly do not have the funds or the space right now). No idea how long this will take. I could get a sudden urge at 2 in the morning (or just have more anxiety attacks), can't sleep and decide to finish it, or it could take a few weeks :p


  1. Spring must be on its way!!
    Is that boa as in feathery neck adornment or constrictor????
    Nice logo work, I love the colours
    and the layering!!

  2. I really like the beginning of this dragon.

    You and Mike were so clever to find little flowers I guess i need to start looking at the little things in my surroundings

  3. Did you ring the snowdrops? You are supposed to ring (as in a little bell) the flowers of the first snowdrop you see and it is supposed to bring you good luck for the coming year :)

  4. Must mean spring is coming... :-)

  5. You are so lucky to have this floral harbinger of spring. It will be months before we have any. When I was growing up on Vancouver Island, there were almost always blooming for my Feb. 1st birthday!
    I look forward to seeing the progress of the dragon.

  6. Yes! Make sure everybody knows just how long these cp drawings take! Little do people know.
    I've tried snowdrops, and they never survive ;-(
    then I do it all over again.

  7. I LOVE snowdrops - I'm so glad yours survived. Thanks for the reminder that spring is coming. Eventually, LOL!
    That dragon is going to be spectacular, no matter how long he takes. Wowee!!

  8. cindy, the snake type :) thanks

    thanks linda :) I really was looking out and getting pissed off at the amount of garbage people have dumped in the hedge when I saw the flowers lol

    Lynsey, I'd never heard of doing that. Going to have to next year :)

    I really hope it does mean spring is coming michelle :)

    jenifir, I was so use to seeing brown and grey everywhere, its odd seeing green this time of year :)

    ingrid, I know! People seem so shocked when I tell them how long cp can take. Wrong kind of soil maybe for the snowdrops?

    judi, thanks :)

  9. Wow, that Dragon looks promising. I shall need to pop back for the update.


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