So MrsF (and possibly yours truly if I get my arm bent into it...hmmm) is starting a Vlog. Did a couple of practice videos but as yet, still needs some work...practice practice practice.

So any ideas for video topics?

The bikini / swimsuit weather reports or tour videos concept is still under consideration by MrsF, I'm hoping I can talk her into doing them, perhaps some of you lovely viewers can help convince her that its a good idea? Also suggestions for Scottish locations for said videos also welcomed :-) ...hmmm perhaps a poll would be a good idea??

Oh its also snowing, started overnight and as of now...2.30pm its still snowing....about 1.5 inches...and increasing...This winter has been cold cold cold....perhaps Scotland is drifting north....Global Warming where did you go? (I was counting on a temperature increase...I loathe winter....warm weather is much more my cup of tea)

So yeah back to Naval studying....lots of facts and figures to memorise :|, hopefully on the day I don't end up going "ummmm" or "errrrrr"..yeah that wouldn't go down well at all.

Hmm might go and make a pirate hat for the cow and possibly a miniature paper boat so he can play pirate :P Yo ho ho and all that ;-)


  1. We here in Canada seem to be getting the warmer end of climate change. Yipeeee!!!!

  2. Oh I loathe the Summer and long for Winter!!!

  3. It's snowing like crazy in southern and central Ontario....

    The Vlog sounds like fun. If I could afford to get myself a decent camera (everything for the MAC costs a little more!) I'd take people out to the abandoned houses in my art.


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