I Rattle when I Walk :p

Me, trying not to drop all the pills I have to take. Need an extra hand to hold them all lol

The theme this week for the photo of the day was clouds, but yesterday the sky was one huge grey mess so took some photos today of the clouds in the mountains. I want to get up to the mountains, but now that we don't have a car its not going to happen for awhile :/

See any shapes in the clouds? now, off to draw *crosses fingers*


  1. My skies have been a solid grey mass for awhile, too, so I'm having to post photos I took during the summer for this week! Yours are lovely. I don't look for figures and shapes in the clouds like I used to, but I still am addicted to watching them!

  2. Sorry you're sick...dontcha just hate to mess with all those meds?
    Your clouds must tell a story...Shelly

  3. Sorry to hear you are unwell, hope you get better soon. That sky one on the bottom looks like a little grey man is holding up the blue in the sky. I love looking at clouds and trying to find pictures in them.

  4. Nice cloud pics! In the bottom pic, I see a rooster with the comb on it's head standing proud. I could pass for a peacock with it tail down but my first thought was farmyard bird.

    Yuck on having to take all those meds but, it they help, it's worth it.

  5. Oh you looks so sad, I hope you get some happiness inducing sunshine soon.

  6. Hope you feel better soon and hope we all get some sunshine..I love the bottom pic, I see someone waving...always...Judy

  7. There have been some awesome cloud formations in the last couple of days....I am beginning to wonder what is about to dump itself on us!!
    FOOF hah ? ;-)
    I don't think I shall comment on the number of pills, I have a family member that gets upset about a similar issue ~ and despite good intentions, somehow I always manage to say the wrong thing!

  8. I thought about posting old clouds pics too mary lol :)

    thanks sandra :)

    thank you shelly :)

    Teresa, thank you :) it does look like a man actually :)

    serena, sometimes the meds help, other times not so much :/

    cindy, was a bit sunnier today, still cold but the sun made an appearance.

    judy, thank you :)

    chrissy, i actually think its funny the amount of pills I'm taking, could be a lot more :) yeah foof :) could be worse (tuesday, wednesday's sister :p) the council has been gritting the roads, so kind of worried we are going to get more ice and snow :/

  9. Clouds always look awesome over mountains.

    I so know what you mean about all the meds. You're stronger than me- I just couldn't take it anymore and quit all my docs and all my meds.

  10. Aw, Jennifer, I'm so sorry you've been sick, and I hear you about the solid gray skies - it is time for spring for sure, LOL!
    When you say "off to draw", I am hoping you mean on that magnificent dragon...?

  11. Sorry to hear that you are not too well. Take care. The cloud formations look awesome.

  12. I must be reading too much mythology. Lower cloud, Thor and his hammer. Upper cloud, a giant ship, like a viking ship with sails.
    And I didn't need meds for that vision either.
    On a serious note: hope you're feeling better soon. You've had some rotten luck and manage to always sound so chipper.


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